Private Cemetery

Miami Township , Cass County ,

   Approximately ½ mile south of the Hooverville portion of the Hamlet of Adamsboro. On west side of Adamsboro-to Cass-station Road (which road here forms the boundry-line between sections 24 and 23).

In fractional N. E. ¼ of Fractional Section 23, T.27 N., R.2 E., 2nd P.M.

   (Skinner’s large old (1862) map [of Cass County] shows cemetery as being just north of S. E. corner of N. E. ¼ of N. E. ¼ of section 23, But Kingman’s map [of 16 years later] does not show this cemetery at all)

   This report by R. B. Whitsett, Jr., L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association, Logansport , Indiana . Oct. 24, 1940.

   This now unidentifiable and long practically forgotten cemetery (Having no tombstones at all) is approximately 1/8 mile south of the “T” formed by the Miller Road’s going East (between secs. 13 and 24) from the Adamsboro-Cass-Station Road [at the point where the “Adamsboro Community-House” and the Mt. Calvary Cemetery are now situated], but is a bit south of, and across the A-to-C.-s. road from, the Mt. Calvary Cemetery , and is about 150 feet North-Northwest of- but across the road from—the home of Mrs. David M. Flory, or less than 50 ft. N.W. of the Flory [modern] log-cabin.

 Reed cemetery shares with Mt. Calvary cemetery the distinction of being on Sentinel Bluff, which commands a marvelous view of the Lower EEL River Valley .

Reed Cemetery is on a knob-like projection westward of the Terrace rim of EEL River .


REED, NANCY [Mrs. Abraham Reed]  b: 6-4-1800 d: 10-8-1835 (noted by: T.B. Helm)

   REMARKS: NEE Cox, born near Dayton , Ohio

REED, ABRAM [or ABRAHAM]  b: 10-12-1799 d: 9-4-1846 (noted by: T.B. Helm)

   REMARKS: Historian Helm says Abraham came from Poughkeepsie , N.Y. , and lived for a time near --------- Battle field in------county, Indiana, and was Father Civil War soldier Wm. Reed of Logansport .

REED, WILSON  [Authority: Historian J.Z. Powell]  No dates or remarks.

   **The Reeds were later removed to Miami Baptist Cemetery , half a mile East.**

PASSAGE, Mr. Died “between 1840 and 1860

PASSAGE, 3 children [Children of the foregoing Mr. Passage. D: during decade of 1840 or 1850 [Authority: Historian Powell]

   REMARKS: Said by J.Z.P. to have been “Father of Dr. Passage of Peru ,” by whom I presume is meant Dr. Henry V. Passage, sometime State Legislator, and a native of Dayton , Ohio , though moved to Indiana when one year old. Said Dr. H.V. Passage is said to have had ancestors who came to America with Lafayette , and fought in Am. Revolut. War with Perry on Lake Erie in War of---illegable---.

  **Special comment: in searching deed records, I “catch” a “John and his wife Mary Passage” who in pre-Civil War (and Civil War) period, owned a farm near New Waverly (a couple of miles east of the Cemetery). [E1/2 N.E.1/4 sec.22, 27-3-E, 1857 to 1871. Also a lot in town of New Waverly .]

 KAUFFMAN,  (2) [Authority: Historian Powell.]

MOORE , (2)

“and other families”

and also it is said, a rather large number of the workman who dug the Wabash & Erie Canal (westward from Peru to Logansport) and also of the workman who later (circum 1853-6) constructed the Wabash [Steam] Railway (likewise westward from Peru to Logansport),  two great transportation-routs which, side by side, passed only about one mile south of this cemetery (and at the point-or tiny hamlet now known as Cass Station). [Authority: Local Histories]

   When the Adamsboro-to Cass-Station Road was straightened, widened, or made to run on the section line (between sections 23 and 24), a number of skulls and other bones are said to have been inadvertently exposed, but to have been respectfully re-interred just west of the present road, an occurrence, however, which may have helped cause the Reeds to remove the members of their own immediate family to the Baptist Churchyard Cemetery,  [Authority: Mrs. D.M. Flory, other inhabitants of this vicinity and Judge C.O. Wild.

   [End of Report]

This report was transcribed by Sadie Cunningham for the Cass County INGenWeb Project in September 2006.

Added 17 September 2007

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