12 miles S.S.E. of Courthouse, Logansport , Cass County , Indiana or

1 & 3/4 mile E.S.E. of hamlet of Deacon in N.E. DEER CREEK Township , in southern CASS County , INDIANA

A long-ago abandoned & almost forgotten pioneer-day cemetery is at the S. edge of the Clarence Robinson farm aka “the Old DeHaven Farm” In the S.W. corner of the N.E. 1/4 Section 10; T.25N., R. 2 E., 2 Ind. P.M. or just N.E. of the very center of Sec.10. On April 10, 1941 at the time this report was made, there was a very large tree lone tree which over-shadowed the cemetery among the cultivated fields.

R.B.Whitsett.Jr. said “The tree may have died by now.”

He also says that a former history book referred to this cemetery’s location as being in the S.W. corner of the S.W. 1/4 is in error & puts the cemetery 1/2 mile west of it’s true location & due to the fact that the history has been used as a continuous source, felt compelled to correct this error. The N/S. public Highway shown on maps along the mid-line of section 10 [as late as 1940] is wrong in that this was abandoned a third of a century ago & today not even a lane leads near or into this little abandoned cemetery. 

Yet here once stood the very earliest house of Christian worship ever erected within the limits of [this very agriculturally rich] Deer Creek Twp., the little old Log-church erected in 1851/2 by the Salem Methodist Congregation which organized about 1845. This was at a time when large numbers of Miami Indians were still living in a village 3 miles south. In about 1876 this little old historic church was abandoned & razed. In 1840 The Salem Methodists have a fine, modern brick [1909] brick church-edifice, with stained-glass windows just 1/2 mile N. & 1/2 mile W. of the original church site; only the burial ground remains to mark the original little church-yard plot.

Skinner’s 1862 map of Cass Co., indicates that the Old-Log-Church stood near the S.E. corner of the churchyard-plot; fieldwork indicates that the cemetery stood to the west of the supposed church-site. A N.W. flowing creek which is part of the headwaters of the Widow [one map says “Willow”] Creek passes just E & N. of this little churchyard plot which is defined in a deed record as follows: From the Center of Section 10, go N. 15 rods [less than 1 city block], east 8 rods, south 15 & west 8 to place of beginning. On 10-15-1859 though selling farm to John DeHaven, James Campbell carefully excepted this churchyard-plot, though stipulating that it should revert to the adjoining farm if ever it ceased to be used for church and burial-ground purposes. Though not having been used for even burial purposes for many decades, the cemetery is still reverently “detoured by tractor-driving plowmen.

Surveyor’s Office maps apply the name “S[amuel?] TONEY Ditch Number Two” to the small stream which flows past this cemetery, and which later joins Widow Creek, which is now known as BIRD Ditch.    

On April 10, 1941 R.B.Whitsett., Jr searched for this cemetery & found a dense “jungle” of 5 ft. high briars or bramble patch which could be penetrated only with a great deal of damage to ones flesh & clothing. This patch was at a point where the level table-land began to slope slightly N.N.E. toward the tiny creek. An exhaustive search did disclose at least 6 or more sunken places which were either unmarked graves or disinterment-scars. Only one recognizable marker, a little slab though bravely upright but in such a dense tangle of briars that we were unable to read it. A second stone, though fallen & covered with grass & debris was found further north of the 1st stone.

The L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association cemetery research committee regrets that it seems unable to obtain names and dates for the persons who lie buried here in unmarked graves.


Babb, Infant  d: about 1857. located about 25 ft. east of the S.W. corner of the cemetery. A Brother of David Babb who still resides less than 1/2 mile S. of the cemetery is now [25 Apr 1941-aged 83 yrs]

  Persons interested in genealogy of the BABB Family may find of interest “Complete Record, Probate-Common Pleas, Vol. 9 p.439 et seq. [in Cass Co.C.H. which says “Robinson Babb died 1-8-1863, etc.


Hale, Mrs. Ada M.: [1803?]

Early deed records indicate that Daniel Hale owned a small farm about 3/4 mile east-S.E. of this cemetery. [On 18-Sep-1863] he sold it to Eli D[i?]ssey, his [second?] wife Ann joining him in making the deed. The 1862 map formerly referred to shows a farmhouse on this land & almost due East of the cemetery. [See Deed Record Bk. W pg.423 County Recorders Vault, Logansport .]


Report made

April 10-25, 1941


R.B. Whitsett Jr. assisted by David R. Babb




This report was input by Pat Fiscel February 2007 for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.

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