Long-abandoned and Forgotten


Southwestern CLAY Township , northeast-central CASS County , INDIANA

Near the very center of the fractional S.W. 1/4 Sec. 20, T.27N. R.2E, 2nd IN P.M.

North of Logansport’s Forest Park Addition. Cemetery is on the north terrace-rim of the Eel River & up the river about 110 rods N.E. from “ Davis Bridge .” The cemetery (unidentifiable in 1941), lies 50 feet above the river’s water level & offers a noteworthy view of “Horse-shoe Bend ” (in the Eel River about 1/2 way between Logansport ’s Spencer Park & Davis [ 24th St. Bridge]. It is just east of a creek valley, [called Gerard’s, Davis or Run] by locals & the valley known locally as the “4th Hollow” [that of Horney Creek, 1 &1/2 miles west; being called the 1st Hollow.]

Transcriber note: For the purpose of clarity, R.B.W., Jr. often uses the term “rod” to describe the distance one must travel.  [1 rod = 5.5 yards or 16.5 ft.] & [1 mile=1, 760 yards or 320 rods].     

The best way to reach the cemetery from Logansport is to cross the Eel River at Davis Bridge, proceed to go 1/2 mile N. on Davis Bridge Rd. to the 1st crossroad & turn E.[right] and go about 90rods to Adamsboro road [the road goes S-eastward (not due east). Climb the fence [farmer’s gate] to the S. & walk straight S. about 75 rods to the terrace-rim of the Eel River . Or, start at Davis Bridge, walk N.E. on the Butler/Eel River branch of the PA railroad track (Vandalia), which is on the N. bank of the river & on a rim which is half way between the river & the high & steep terrace. Walk about 110 rods [a little over 1/3 mile], you will hike across the outlet of the 4th Hollow [on a railway-fill] & leaving the track you will climb the steep terrace on the left [N} to the cemetery site.

The historian, J.Z. Powell, [1907] said that about 30 persons had been buried here 1832-1844 with the surnames of  Scott, Thomas, Smith, McDowell & others. No information seems to be available as to their given-names or even initials at this late date much less birth & death dates. The final interment here is said to have been an Infant Daughter of William P. Thomas who is said to have died about 1844 or 96 yrs. from the time of this report but a nonagenarian brother of this little girl is the authority on this subject who survives (October 20, 1940) in the person of Mr. Charles Thomas who resides west of Shady Nook School [2 miles N.] of the cemetery.

  L.B.W.Jr. interviewed this gentleman & he (Charles Thomas) helpfully produced his grandfather’s family’s bible & insisted that the little girl had died [not in 1844 ] but a couple of days after her birth of January 16, 1842 & she was never named.

  There are is [Oct.1941] no evidence of any tombstones or graves!  In fact, this area has become a cultivated field & the land upon which the cemetery lies in 1941 was owned by the John Condon Estate & the adjoining cultivated fields by Mr. Manice Crowe who was found to be very obliging & helpful as well as deeply interested in getting the particulars about  this noteworthy portion of the farm upon which he now resides & aided us in our research.

 In past decades this immediate region was uncommonly rich in Indian artifacts & the late M.C.Miller [of the L’A.V.M.A.] was convinced that this [pioneer cemetery-site]had long been a camping-ground for either the Pottawattamie or Miami Tribes.  Recent research has brought to light documentary evidence that once was here, not merely a favorite camping-ground but actually a small Indian village! Though the site today is somewhat remote & [actually inaccessible], there is said to have been a little log or frame schoolhouse adjoining this or very near to it from 1838-1854.

Frank H. Whipperman of Pioneer Research Committee

Report by R.B.Whitsett, Jr. - secretary 

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