About 1/4 mile S.S.E. & across a small creek from the Center Presbyterian Church.

N.E. of the center of the S.E.1/4 Sec.9, T.27N., R.1W., 21 Ind. P.M., in N-Central JEFFERSON Township, CASS County, INDIANA.

This burial place is no longer separately fenced or identifiable. Cemetery is located on a road that winds its way N & W through Section 9. The burial place is in the S.W. corner of the Burton FULTZ farm & today is a small fenced plot of ground used as a GARDEN located west of the west side-yard of the farm home which sits on the north side of the road at the point where said road elbows to a right turn south. Better known as [by locals] as the Old Allen Price Farm, though the Old-Timers of the locality still refer to it as the Jake Thompson farm.”

George W. Calloway [born May 25, 1859] and his wife, both natives of this vicinity & the present residents of a farm just 1/2 mile S.W. of the spot in question informed the copyist that “no survey of the Early cemeteries of this locality should omit mention of this burial- place. The Calloway’s remember well, “Interments made here in about 1870, 1871 & 1872 of no less than 3 children surnamed TRESH, the children of a lady who was a daughter of JACOB THOMPSON by his first wife.” The Calloway’s say it is possible that other children & adults of other surnames, particularly-THOMPSON are still buried here.

In order to verify this insistent testimony of Mr. & Mrs. Calloway, R.B.W., Jr. gathered some misc. data. from deed records & other tangible sources which is included in this report as plainly revealed to him.

  Jacob Thompson’s had a wife in 1873 called Jane J. Thompson. Jacob Thompson died  1873 or 1874. He did own a great deal of the land in this vicinity but also operated a The “City Hotel” at 6th & High Streets in Logansport in at least his later years. It’s also possible that he at one time operated the “Nash House.

  Mr. Calloway says “ Jacob Thompson had two children, “Dewitt & Jennie by his second wife. He also says that “Jacob owned or ran a 6th St. & Logansport Hotel.”

The 1874 Logansport City-Directory: Jacob Thompson as “Proprietor of City Hotel.,[At N.W. cor. 6th & High Sts.] & as having a clerk named Dewitt H. Thompson, and among other “Boarders,” one Thomas Thompson.”

The 1876 Logansport City-Directory: “A.S. Williams as Proprietor of City Hotel, but lists a Miss Annie Thompson as one of his Hotel-employees; And a Miss Amy, Mrs. Harriett, Mollie & Nettie Thompson residing at that hotel as well as Adkins & Marcellus H & others surname “Nash.”

R.B.W., Jr. found no one connected with the Hotel or marrying anyone named Thompson by the name of TRESH. He did find Cass Co., persons named Thompson have married persons surnamed TWELL’S, TEKFER, WELSH/WELCH & GARISH [names which might be confused with the name Tresh. But Mr. Calloway insists that Thompson’s daughter married a man named a “Mr. Tresh who’s name often misspelled Trish & that three of their children and very likely others by this name lie buried in this cemetery & though the graves lie unmarked, they have never been removed though the fence gradually fell to pieces.”

R.B.W., Jr. found no real-estate records in the name of Tresh in Jefferson Twp. Though the name of Tresh,  is undeniably well known across the Wabash River [to the south] in the Clymers vicinity of Clinton Twp., Cass Co., IN. A Michael Tresh who d: 1915, had sons named George H. & John L. Tresh.

Somewhere in R.B.W., Jr’s: Somewhere in his present research,  he found an indication that Jacob Thompson had been a native of [or at least came to Cass Co. from] Wabash Co., IN and anyone interested in these vanished Thompson’s & Tresh’s would perhaps be well to search Wabash County’s records for the Civil War & Pre-Civil War periods.


 Report by

R.B.Whitsett Jr.

December 26, 1941




This report was input by Pat Fiscel February 2007 for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.

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