Cemetery is about 4 1/2 miles W.S.W. of Logansport ’s Cicott Street Bridge in N.C. CLINTON Township , S.W.C. CASS County , INDIANA .

  Fieldwork, study of maps & aerial photographs indicate that this burial-plot is at or very near the S.E. corner of the N.W. 1/4 of the N.E. 1/4 of Section 5, Twp. 26N. Of Range 1E.[2nd Ind. P.M.] & due South of the Meredith Tyner barn & between the barn & the E-W road.

May 1, 1848, Trustees of the Wabash & Erie Canal patented to Richard Tyner, as assignee of one Larkin Sims, entire N. 1/2 of N.E. 1/4 of  Section 5, T.26 N., R. 1 E. [?9.70] acres.

Deed Record Bk.G pg. 491 even though Richard Tyner had been living here a decade or more.

A formerly dependable & careful late, historian, Jehu Z. Powell said that this cemetery was located on the Old Richard Tyner farm in the N.W.1/4 of Section 5 of Clinton Twp.  Also an 1862 map of that region is described as the “Richard Tyner farm” & a house shown almost exactly at the place where the Meredith Tyner farmhouse now stands which was repeated on an 1878 map showing the old Richard Tyner burial-place.

NOTE: To correct a series of wrongful documentation concerning the location of the Richard Tyner Farm & burial-plot. R. B. Whitsett  Jr. has failed to find any records, legal documents, etc. to support that claim. In fact the findings support that the holdings of Richard Tyner were actually in the N.E.1/5 Section 5 & has he has found evidence of a cemetery there.

  Mrs. Bell Reed, [widow of Clarence Bruce Reed]  an intelligent & widely respected elderly lady living [1941] 3/4 mile S.W. of the present Meredith  TYNER farm in the [N.E.1/4] is a widely member of a pioneer family of the immediate area, a family closely associated for many decades with the TYNER family says, “half a century or more ago it was common knowledge in this locality that there had been a small pioneer-day TYNER burial-ground on a low but beautiful knoll west of  & just across the [small] creek from, another somewhat similar knoll is today [April 18, 1941] the Meredith Tyner farmhouse now tenanted by [Clarence Mehaffie]. The large Meredith Tyner barn, she says is located on a knoll & very near the burial-plot. The Meredith Tyner house, barn & burial-plot are all on the N. side of E.-7 county highway which here forms the E-W midline of said N.E. 1/4 section 5 & is considered the west extension of Murphy Road [though there is a 1/4 mile jog in that road only 1/2 mile E. of the point of which we are discussing which is in the St. John’s neighborhood. Just west of the Tyner barn & burial-plot is a cultivated field “

  Mrs. Reed’s statement was than confirmed by Mr. Marion A. Carter, a son-in-law of Richard Tyner’s   

son, John TYNER [long deceased in 1941].

  From that information we were able to establish the location of the cemetery. There are no visible indications of any monuments or other indications of any graves at or anywhere near this place.

There is a knoll located there but the forest that once blanketed the knoll is entirely gone.

   The Meredith Tyner farm in 1941 was bounded on the W. by the William O. Fiedler Farm. It is bounded on the E. by the Henry Hankee Farm which lies on the S. side of the E.W. road. S.W of the M. Tyner home & S.E. of the [burial- plot &] M. Tyner’s barn is a concrete bridge like culvert where the E/W road crosses the small spring-fed creek.

Mrs. Reed says “Several children [she doesn’t recall how many] of Richard Tyner were buried here.

Local Historian, J.Z. Powell: says, “that the four children died around & shortly after 1836 who were buried here.[History of Cass County, Ind. Vol.1 pg. 548]  

Historian, Helm [writing before 1886] says “Richard Tyner was a South Carolinan born 10-3-1806, son of Jas. & Margaret [Givens] Tyner both of whom were born in S.C. in the memorable year of 1776 & of Irish descent. Richard first visited Cass Co., IN, in 1831.

He brought his wife [Emily, nee- Ross] born 1811 of Scottish ancestry & Kentucky parentage here in 1835 from Connersville, Fayette Co., IN, a vicinity in which Richard had served as a township trustee, county commissioner, etc. It is said that tho having voted for Andrew Jackson in 1828, he walked 130 miles in 3 days to vote AGAINST him in 1832.  Helms also says “that of Richard Tyner’s nine children [ Letitia , Jordan , James, William, Elizabeth, Caroline, Daniel, John and Meredith], four [Letitia, James, Caroline & Daniel] had died [prior to 1866].” A statement, which perhaps, gives us the names of all the persons who were laid to rest in this little pioneer day burial-plot of Richard Tyner, a Cass County Pioneer.

Excerpts from a SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT, May 31, 1941, By  R.B.W., J.

  Since completing & sending this report to the Indiana State Library at Indianapolis in April, the L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association cemetery-research committee’s chairman has located the original Family Bible of  Richard Tyner  b: 10/03/1806  d: 06/23/1893 in the possession of one of his granddaughters, Mrs. Herman Wallace, 76 Eel River Avenue, Logansport, IN. This gives much documented genealogical data including full names, birth & death dates of the four children of Richard Tyner who were buried in this old Tyner Private Burial-Place on the farm still owned by descendants of Richard Tyner.























Daniel Pratt



Named for late U.S. Senator Daniel Darwin Pratt of Logansport, IN.


NOTE: The other Tyner Family members are buried at St. John’s cemetery near here & others at Mt. Hope cemetery in Logansport . Until this report Mrs. Lottie (Tyner) Wallace had not known where her child Aunt & Uncles had been buried although she knew all of those who grew to maturity & died at much later dates.


Robert B.Whitsett. Jr.

Chairman of the Cemetery Research Committee.





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