In: N.W. 1/4 of the N.E. 1/4 of Section 14, T.28 N., R. 1 E., 2nd Ind. , PM.; N.E.

HARRISON Township ; N.CASS County ; N-Central INDIANA . Church is one mile north & slightly west of LEASE’S CORNER, on the north side of an E-to-W road that runs about 330 ft. south of section 14’s N. boundary & about 1000 ft. W. of State Highway 17 [Logansport thru Lease’s Corner to Kewanna & Culver, IN.], about 14 mile slightly S.W. of  [1941] home of Walter Y. Walkers.

In the S.W. corner of a small woods [said to be owned by] Mr. Emmitt Winn & for many years a favorite local picnic ground & just west of the place where the E-W road used to cross [the long-ago vanished] Logansport to LaPorte Rd. [Kingman Bros., 1878 Atlas for map of Harrison Twp., Cass Co., IN].

Cemetery is on a circular knoll; in a partly wooded, partially cultivated field & 300 yards N. of a lonely looking, unpainted barn, land now owned by Walter Walker [formerly owned by Mr. J. Kantis] once stood a frame church known as the HARRISON TOWNSHIP UNIVERSALIST CHURCH. Seven or more persons were buried on the church-grounds [some if not all of them] before the Civil War. The adjoining farm [about 20 acres] was sold to Richard Winn Jr. on 4-13-1867 by Charles Troutman with the exception of the cemetery plot.

  In 1854, a Universalist  Pastor, surname is remembered as “KIDDER” [but who might possibly be the well-known Rev. Jonathan Kidwell of the Richmond, IN vicinity aided by the religiously active physician [Dr. Joseph Edwards] organized the Universalist Society among the early settlers of Cass Co. Meetings were held in the homes of members until 1857 when a small frame church was built, on a small plot of ground measuring 99 ft. E-W & 66 ft. N-S which was purchased on July 29, 1857 from William N. & Elizabeth Little of Cincinnati, OH for $5.00.

   The Little’s themselves were said to be Universalists & had purchased  20 acres from Abraham Tucker on Aug., 18, 1854 [D.R.M., pg.397]. See D.R.Q., Pg.88, Cass Co. Rec’d. Off., County Courthouse, Logansport, Cass Co., IN. Other active members included Mr. & Mrs. William P. Powell; another is believed to have been a Hicksite Quaker [Friend] & Mr. & Mrs. Hendrickson. Before 1870 the congregation dwindled so that with strained financial resources & a new church edifice having built in & dedicated to the service of God [1866] in nearby Logansport this small church closed its doors.

   In 1878 the little Harrison Univ. church was sold to Phillip Allhands,  who moved it to the little hamlet of “Lease’s Corner.” & remodeled it for use as a residence.

  The original church grounds had about four marble tombstones which remained for a number of decades but in 1907, the late Dr. J. Z .Powell examined the little church cemetery & found that all of those had become broken & undecipherable except for one.

   Fieldwork was done on this cemetery July 22, 1941 by two members [C.H. Billman & Robert B. Whitsett Jr. L’A.V.M.A.that is in Logansport which lies about 8 miles south of this church. No monuments remained though 2 or 3 large rock piles were closely examined. Six or more sunken graves were clearly unmarked but identifiable as such.

 Inquiries were also made of several residents of this vicinity including “Mr. Floyd Burton,” a native of this area who clearly recalls at least one noteworthy monument here as a boy but has no knowledge of its whereabouts now. Therefore we can only produce [the not very satisfying results] of the late historian Dr. J.Z. Powell & what our research has disclosed on the history of this little church & its members.


Hendrickson  1834 – 1859 aged 25 yrs.  s/o Henrickson. (perhaps Joseph & Mary)

3 undecipherable

3  unmarked graves found by Powell in 1907.

Editorial Comments extracted from R.B.W., Jr.’s notes 1941

  R.B.W.J. says “In my research I found this church was dedicated on Sunday, December 19,1858 ” {Logansport Journal Herald of Dec.18, 1848.]

In 1941 a few Hendrickson’s were still living just a few miles north of this cemetery in Pulaski Co., in S.W. Fulton County & west of the town of Grass Creek. Deed Records for 12/14/1854 show “Mr. Geo. D. & Elmira M. [his wife] Hendricks of Preble Co., OH sold to Mr. William Powell [see sheet 1] , land 3& 1/2 miles N.E. of  this cemetery [pt.SE-Sec.5, Bethlehem Twp.] & they engaged in other real estate transactions in this vicinity.

Among the members of the UNIVERSALIST CHURCH [1857] at Logansport were Joseph  & Mary Hendrickson immediately followed by the names of  Joseph & Hannah Edwards.

The Dr. Edwards mentioned previously is said to have come from Cincinatti, OH & was well-educated for a physician of his day & had quite a good practice at his home [or office] which was about 1 mile N. of Lease’s Corner or 2 mile N.E. of Lucerne [long known as Altoner.] He was married & raised an adopted daughter but in about 1860 went west & was lost to local historians. The late Dr. Geo. Millers “ Biographical Sketches of Deceased Cass County Physicians, makes no mention of him. Nor is he mentioned in Dr. Powell’s [somewhat comprehensive] chapter on [Medicine & Doctors] in his “History of Cass County, Indiana” He seems to have been a quite active northern Cass County Physician in the 1850’s decade. Deed Record:  J.P. 190 shows Joseph Edwards purchased N1/2, Sec.11 of this Harrison Twp., 7-3-1850. This is only 1/4 mile N. or NE of this cemetery.

Research of Charter membership list of the Universalist Church at nearby Logansport discloses the names of Joseph & his wife, Hannah Edwards, who may have been the same as Dr. & Mrs. Edwards who were active in founding the Universalist Society. The 1854 Harrison Twp. Research further discloses that after having sold their [80 acre farm N 1/2, S.E. Sec.11] to Sheldon Black on 1-10-1862, Joseph & Hannah G. Edwards went to Springfield, Sangamon------[last line is cut off from the side of the page so undecipherable.]


500 Front street ,

Logansport , Indiana

This report was transcribed by Pat Fiscel for the Cass County INGenWeb Project, February 2007.

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