Miller Cemetery

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    Our photographing of Miller cemetery was completed on May 29, 2006. This database is combined from data gleaned from the tombstones, from obituary sources and from a reading done by the L'Anguille Valley Memorial Association in May & June 1941. Flags mark the entries of over a dozen military veterans. The cemetery is quite picturesque as it sits on a hill nearly one-half mile off of county road 300E north of the crossroads of Deacon. As the crops get tall, the cemetery goes unnoticed by passersby, but in the spring it is a lovely view from the road.

History from Jehu Powell's History of Cass County Indiana 1913 p. 563

    John E. Miller, father of H. N. Miller, laid out a burial ground on his farm in the southwest quarter, section 5, Deer creek, township about 1853. It was managed by Mr. Miller until his death, and since by his son, H. N. Miller. In 1862 the ground was platted and managed as a private cemetery, but on January 10, 1905, H. N. Miller deeded 2.25 acres, including the cemetery, to three trustees, viz: D. C. Kitchell, L. F. Bird and Irwin gard, for cemetery purposes. This cemeteryh is well located, on a beautiful knoll or elevation that rises out of the level farm land by which it is surrounded, and is an ideal burial place. It rises out of the level field like a New Mexico mesa, or like an elevation of Mound Builders. it is surrounded by a row of trees with just enough evergreen trees within to make it attractive. It is quite a large cemetery, with some handsome monuments. It is about forty rods west of the wagon road, running south through Deacon, with a driveway leading to it. There is a chapel house surrounded by a large hitch rack to accommodate friends.

    The first burial was Catherine, daughter of D. and N. Miller, April 3, 1853; Margaret, wife of George Boyer, 1854; Samuel Dickey, 1854; Alfred Guy, 1815-1892.

    Soldiers; Charles B. Faucett, 46th Indiana; J. M. Armstrong, Company E, 155th Indiana; Josiah Dickey, Company D, 46th Indiana; R. R. Davidson, lieutenant, Company C, 35th Ohio; William M. Vernon, lieutenant, Company K. 118th Indiana; Wesley Cornell, Company D. 39th Indiana; D. D. Lennon, Company B. 46th Indiana; Daniel Hale, War of 1812, died age 83; William H. Campbell, 128th Indiana; J. N. Munson, Company C, 36th Ohio; Lewis Addington, Company B. 9th Indiana.

Entrance to Miller Cemetery from lane
Caretaker's shack

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