Editorial Comment: This is a compilation of all of the readings of this cemetery having been recorded under several names, by several individuals. The last interment recorded in 1982, many of the graves marked with metal markers, furnished by the undertaker have names & dates missing. Also many marked with an iron rod, a wooden stake or a stone without any name or dates. The cemetery is located on a very sandy plot with hilly surface and not well kept at present but efforts are being made to provide better care.

    Notes Column. Row numbers are from the original Z.E. transcript, example R-8 . abrev. include Z.E for Zion Evangelical transcript & G.E. for German Evangelical transcript, b-birth, d-death, m-marriage,

 Included are conflicting readings & data for those interred whose deaths occurred after the readings along with source.


2 stones without names or dates recorded by one team of fieldworkers but the other team  deciphered one marker as probably  “b. or d. as  16-16-{----) Laura  Wattsbaugh.” Age 70 years  8mo.

Flat marble slab set in cement “ROBEY” scratched in it, without names or dates

Two headstones on each side to mark graves but no names or dates.

 2 markers for Williams, Hannah & Thomas & infant son of  C.H.  & A.C. Williams-No name & no dates

R-3  Essie (no last name) bur. bet. Becca Edgerley & George F. Hornbeck –home-made stone

R-3 Next to Shidler are two broken & undecipherable stones

R-3 Home-made Stone- bur. Bet. Jas. Wattsbaugh  & Geo. Shidler

R-5 Gugle, broken stone, undecipherable bur. Bet. L & Edith & decorated with flowers

R-5 Gugle, Field Stone-No markings bur. Bet. Wm. & Maggie E.

R-5 Gugle, Broken stone, undecipherable bur bet. Wm. & Maggie E.

R-6 Foot Marker-No Name bur. Next to Frances Burton

R-6 Burton, Frances (Ger. Evan. Trans. Says b.1896 which I seriously doubt as his wife Mary E. b. 1841.

        (stone carved as a tree stump.)

R-8 Gugle-Field stone, no dates bet. John & Chris Gugle

R-9 Field stone, no markings

R-9 Small White Stone

R-11 small stone in front of CUNNINGHAM with no name & no dates

R-12 Small stone, no name & no dates between Clara Duncan & Fred Kennell

R-12 Popjoy, June M..(SSDI-Popejoy,. b:5-Jun-1901 d:28-May-2006 Buffalo, White Co., IN

R-10 Gugle Family Monument, no writing