Galveston Area Deaths 1932 & 1933

A roster of those Galveston residents who have died during the years 1932 & 1933 plus deaths of former residents and those deaths chronicled in the Galveston Leader.

Last namegiven nameagedate of death residence
Allen Lillian 66 19-Aug-1933 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
Amos Mrs. Wm.   5-Jun-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Amos Samuel Franklin 71 8-May-1933 Ervin Township, Howard Co., IN
Ashley Nellie 66 28-Apr-1933 Ft Wayne, Allen Co., IN
Ault Mrs. Jesse 80 26-Jan-1933 Galveston, IN
Baker Frank 65 11-Nov-1933 Near Walton
Barker Jacob 65 3-Mar-1933 Poplar Grove, Ervin Twp, Howard Co., IN
Barnett D. C. (Dr.) 93 15-Jun-1932 Hemlock, Howard Co., IN
Baxter Mrs. A. L. 58 7-Oct-1932 Spencerville
Beck Louise 72 19-Nov-1933 Young America
Beets Mrs. Chas. 57 6-Oct-1932 Bennetts' Switch, Miami Co., IN
Bell Claude   10-Feb-1932 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Bell Emma 72 22-Mar-1932 Lincoln, Cass Co., IN
Bell Isabel   3-Jan-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Brower Mrs. Ora 44 23-Nov-1933 Deer Creek Township
Brown Matthew 82 20-May-1932 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Bryer Jennie   24-Nov-1933 Warsaw
Bunnell Pearl 48 17-Feb-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Byers Lulu 52 9-Sep-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Cann Geo. W. 61 8-Sep-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Carey Frank 60 8-Nov-1932 Route 1, Galveston
Carey Minnie 59 19-Oct-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Chambers Chas. 52 13-Feb-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Clawson Edward L. 62 24-Jul-1933 Galveston, IN
Coder John 83 13-Apr-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Coffman Cecil 25 2-Jan-1932 Bunker Hill, Miami Co., IN
Conner Geo W. 79 16-Nov-1932 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Conwell Jennie 63 9-Sep-1932 Galveston, IN
Corfman Lawrence 69 30-Mar-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Corns Wm.   17-Nov-1932 Delphi, Carroll Co., IN
Countryman Wm. 72 30-May-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Cree Chester 29 10-Mar-1933 Muncie, Delaware Co., IN
Cripe Jacob 86 18-Dec-1932 Route 2, Galveston
Crites Raymond 27 8-Dec-1932 Ervin Township, Howard Co., IN
Cromer Elizabeth Jane   15-Jul-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Culver John 75 28-Feb-1932 Galveston, IN
Cunningham Ethel Foreman 42 00 May 1932 California
Davis Nora 67 3-Apr-1933 California
Demoss David 65 19-Nov-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Depke Fred 78 31-Mar-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Doran G. W. 77 16-Jun-1932 Galveston, IN
Doty Alexander 86 16-Dec-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Dugan John 58 29-Jun-1932 Galveston, IN
Durr Margaret 77 24-Nov-1933 Bennetts' Switch, Miami Co., IN
Ellis Mrs. John 57 7-Aug-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Engler Owen 80 11-Sep-1932 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Fickle David D. 79 24-Dec-1932 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Fickle Henderson 82 30-Apr-1932 Galveston, IN
Fisher Gertrude 47 24-Apr-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Fisher R. H. 60 3-Mar-1932 Young America
Fording Julia May   23-Oct-1933 Monticello, White Co., IN
Frush Charles 54 22-Dec-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Garrison Mary 86 8-May-1933 Brookville
Gerard Samuel 71 28-Nov-1933 Young America
Graff James 71 4-May-1933 Lincoln, Cass Co., IN
Graham Edward L. 79 1-Nov-1933 Clemont
Graves Warren 74 12-Aug-1933 Wabash, Wabash Co., IN
Greider Ira 55 25-Feb-1932 Deer Creek Township
Gresham Wm. E.   6-Oct-1933 Norfolk, VA
Harris Ella 61 18-Jan-1933 Galveston, IN
Hart Hattie 54 8-Oct-1932 Deacon, Cass Co., IN
Haseltine Wm. 86 26-Dec-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Herell Jas. 65 22-May-1933 Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
Herrell Jane 79 12-Feb-1932 Miami, IN
Hester Anne 80 15-Apr-1933 Marion
Hethcote Chas. F. 71 25-Oct-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Hite Leonard 20 6-Mar-1932 Ervin Township, Howard Co., IN
Holman Rebecca 88 24-Sep-1932 California
Hosier Chas. 23 19-May-1932 Howard Co, IN
Hursh Samuel 68 22-Jul-1932 Young America
Hyatt Harvey 66 29-Dec-1933 Ludden, North Dakota
Jackson Lillie 26 29-Jul-1933 Miami, IN
Jackson Nancy Speece 96 26-Aug-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Jones Mrs. W. C. 71 12 or 22 Apr 1933 Young America
Kemp Wm. 90 17-Feb-1933 Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN
Kenworthy Clarkson 76 12-Nov-1933 near Kokomo
Kenworthy Jennie 78 26-Apr-1932 Rural Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Kerby Wm. 72 26-Dec-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Knight Jese 48 22-Aug-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Kurtz Andy 73 14-Jan-1932 Bunker Hill, Miami Co., IN
Leazenby Esther 83 20-Jun-1932 Galveston, IN
Lindley Amanda 84 3-May-1933 Lincoln, Cass Co., IN
Locke Andrew 67 17-Feb-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Long Jacob 80 13-Mar-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Lynas Wm. 50 11-Nov-1932 Galveston, IN
Marshall Salina 79 11-Feb-1932 Galveston, IN
McCaulley Jeff 70 1-Sep-1932 Howard Co, IN
McComas Wm. 64 25-May-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
McConnell Frances Imo 42 3-Sep-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
McConnell Mrs. Wm. 58 1-Feb-1933 Bunker Hill, Miami Co., IN
McCoy Morton 33 8-Jan-1933 Galveston, IN
McCoy Mrs. Curt 52 10-Dec-1932 Lagro
McLaughlin Geo. (Rev.) 81 20-Mar-1933 California
Merrick Rushie 87 18-Dec-1933 Russiaville, Howard Co., IN
Messerly Maude 69 16-Mar-1933 Winamac
Metcalf Malissa 85 29-Aug-1932 Marion
Miller John 74 4-Mar-1933 Galveston, IN
Miller Mollie 72 14-Jan-1933 Galveston, IN
Miller O. H. 56 28-Feb-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Morris Hylas 68 1-May-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Moss Vivian 3wks 11-Feb-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Murphy Dallas 19 6-Mar-1932 Ervin Township, Howard Co., IN
Neilbe Roxie 45 24-Jun-1932 Camden, Carroll Co., IN
Nelley Margaret 97 28-Mar-1932 Galveston, IN
Newport Mary 84 19-Apr-1933 Salem
Noel Sarah 80 13-Apr-1933 Seven Foot
Odell Jerome   19-Jan-1932 Cutler, Carroll Co., IN
Parker Allice Ault 68 22-Jun-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Peden Ernest   1-Jul-1932 North Manchester, IN
Peter Nancy 66 21-May-1932 Galveston, IN
Peter Wm. T. 73 21-May-1932 Galveston, IN
Peters Thomas 74 5-May-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Phillips Frank 84 25-Dec-1932 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Polk Wm. H. 74 14-Jul-1932 Galveston, IN
Power Carolyn Sue 4 mos. 6-Oct-1932 Route 1, Galveston
Price Lewis   4-Jan-1933 Converse, Miami Co., IN
Proctor Mollie 92 14-Jan-1933 Bennetts' Switch, Miami Co., IN
Ray Gertrude   8-Nov-1932 California
Rayl John J. 72 25-Oct-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Reed Geneva 71 8-May-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Ridenour Chas. Newton 73 16-Oct-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Ronk Thomas 47 8-Apr-1932 Plymouth, IN
Rule Keith 41 26-Jan-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Saylor Effie 63 18-Jan-1933 near Kokomo
Saylor Frances 92 16-Mar-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Saylor Thomas 46 11-Mar-1933 Clay Township
Shaner Alice 69 22-Jan-1933 Flora, Carroll Co., IN
Shelley Mrs. John 69 11-Nov-1932 Howard Co, IN
Smith Cornelia 80 1-Feb-1933 Galveston, IN vicinity
Smith F. A. (Dr.) 79 29-Jan-1932 Urbana
Smith Harry 62 21-Sep-1932 Galveston, IN
Smith J. S. (Dr) 74 24-Apr-1932 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Smith Mrs. Artemus 86 3-Sep-1932 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Smith Sylvanus   22-Oct-1933 Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Somsel Lewis 54 18-Oct-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Sperry Jas. 74 4-Aug-1933 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Spring Alex   29-Nov-1932 Lafayette
Stephenson Daris 53 12-Nov-1932 Walton, Cass Co., IN
Stevens Lydia 82 17-Mar-1932 Galveston, IN
Stonerock Nancy 86 24-Feb-1933 Miami, IN
Swaim John 72 20-May-1932 Bennetts' Switch, Miami Co., IN
Swing Hazel Titus 34 5-Oct-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Symons Leonard   2-May-1933 Kansas
Terflinger Laura 77 18-Mar-1932 Galveston, IN
Tharp John Wm. 71 12-Aug-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Thomas Ollie 75 8-May-1933 Galveston, IN
Thomas Robert 26 3-Feb-1932 Marion
Titus Wm. 89 7-Oct-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Turley W. T. 66 17-Oct-1932 Ervin Township, Howard Co., IN
Vernon Jane 84 1-May-1933 near Logansport
Walker Myrna 3 12-Aug-1932 Galveston, IN
Wheeler Margaret 82 27-Oct-1932 Galveston, IN
Whisman Morton   13-Sep-1933 Zion City, IL
Williams Roy 48 10-Apr-1932 Detroit, MI
Wilson Charles D. 46 17-Jun-1933 Galveston, IN
Wood Nellie 87 5-May-1932 Galveston, IN
Woolley J. M. 88 24-Jan-1933 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Yingling Amanda 86 1-Mar-1932 Ohio
Young Juanita 12 12-Aug-1932 Kokomo, Howard Co., IN
Zollman Geo. 56 15-Jul-1932 Goodland

SOURCE: GALVESTON LEADER January 6 1933 & January 7 1934

Data entered by Debra L Beheler, April, 2002