Howard County Indiana
List of Cemeteries

The following listing is intended to consolidate information about the cemeteries in Howard County, including alternate names, location, dates of burial and index information.

Sources include:
The Geographic Names Information Systems list of Howard County Cemeteries.
Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology  Cemetery Registry - Howard County

If you have any corrections or additions, please contact the County Coordinator, Debby Beheler


CIEHC = Cemetery Inscriptions of (Eastern) Howard County (Gorman, James L., Indianapolis, IN, 1970)
WHCCF = Western Howard County Card File (Genealogy & Local History Services, Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.)

Other dated indexes may be found in the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Genealogy & Local History Services vertical file collection or on the library shelf. the "Online Index" link will take you to the Cemeteries of Howard County website.

Cemetery Name Alternate Name(s) Index Information Dates of Burials Township Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Location & Notes
Union, CIEHC
c.1850-present Taylor Twp. 402629N 0860620W Kokomo East At the northeast corner of the intersection of 250S and 100E.
Alto   1976 index / 1970 Harrison Twp Index/ WHCCF
1825-1950 Harrison Twp.       W side of 200W (Dixon Rd) just south of 250S (Alto Rd)
Alto Baptist Cobb, Mount Baptist, First Baptist 1975 index / 1970 Harrison Twp Index/ WHCCF 1858-1876 Harrison Twp.       100W at 310S
Amish Family Lantz 1983 index / CIEHC 1864 - 1872 Howard Twp.       On 400N at 590E Very small.
Ervin Twp. 1962 & 1964 indexes / WHCCF
1841-1962* Ervin Twp. 402832N 0861542W Russiaville Near the intersection of 00NS & 700W.
Bassett Lower Colored, Kappa
1948 index 1860-1929 Ervin Twp. 403157N 0861851W  Young America On the north side of 400N at 950W.
Oak Mound, Butler, Old Butler 1942 index / WHCCF
1845 - 1939 Ervin Twp. 403302N 0862130W Young America Northwest of the intersection of 550N and 1200W
Cassville   1983 index / WHCCF
1851-1932 Miami County       On the east side of U.S. 31, just north of Cassville.
Jessup CIEHC 1864-1965 Taylor Twp. 402555N 0855942W Greentown Located about one-tenth of a mile south of 300S on the west side of 700E.
Coleman Clevinger/ Clevenger, Groves 1976 index
1860-1939 Center Twp.       On the north side of Markland Ave. between Park Ave. & Berkley Road near the Wildcat Creek, Kokomo.
Crown Point

1993 - index to Plat Book I
2006 complete Index

Active Center Twp. 402913N 0860659W Kokomo East 1103 E. Sycamore St., Kokomo IN 46901 (765) 456-7548
This is a very large cemetery.
1852 - 1894 Liberty Twp. 402709N 0855850W Greentown 1/10 mile north of 200S and 1/10 mile west of 800E - small cemetery
Gingerich Gengerich No Index apparently destroyed in 1930's Howard Twp.       On 600E at 530N.
Walberg, Wooter's, IOOF, Greentown

CIEHC - updated index 1992.

1870s - present Liberty Twp. 402908N 0855916W Greentown On 50N at 725E, just northwest of Greentown.
Contact Hasler-Pickett Funeral Home at 112 E. Main St., Greentown, IN 46936. Phone: (765) 628-3344.
Hershburger Burkholder 1983 index   Howard Twp.       575N & 550E
  CIEHC 1868 - present Liberty Twp. 403315N 0860037W Miami 525N and 600E (access by gravel road from 600E.)
  c 1972 index / CIEHC 1849 - 1927 Howard Twp. 402909N 0860301W Kokomo East East side of 400E at 60N
  CIEHC 1851 - 1911 Howard Twp. 403233N 0860536W Miami North side of 450N at 190E
Clark's, New Jerome


1846 - recent past Union Twp. 402724N 0855614W Greentown Near 150S & 1000E, this medium sized cemetery is surrounded by trees & is well-hidden. It is on the east bank of the Wildcat Creek and just west of Jerome.
Curry Chapel, Cuppy CIEHC 1859 - before 1950 Jackson Twp. 403353N 0855917W Amboy On the east side of 1100E about one-fourth mile north of 500N.
Kokomo Zion Church Zion Church CIEHC

1859 - present Howard Twp.       South side of 400N at 500E next to Zion U.M. Church.
Lamb   CIEHC 1850 - 1946 Liberty Twp.       1/10th mile north of the intersection of 50S and 800E on the west bank of the Wildcat Creek at the southwest edge of Greentown.
Burials 1846/7 - 1960; majority prior to 1920 Liberty Twp.       50N at 725E, just northwest of Greentown behind the west end of Greenlawn on the banks of the reservoir.
Lower Kokomo Church Currens, Mugg CIEHC 1849 - 1867 Taylor Twp.       260S & 390E - about 1/4 mile behind Taylor High School
Martin Indian No Index - no stones   Howard Twp.       100N & 480E.
Hensler; Mast-Hensler
CIEHC - updated index 1993
1869 - present Liberty Twp. 403149N 0860046W Miami On the east side of 600E at about 350N.
McCoy   No Index available   Monroe Twp.       50S 1000W
Memorial Park   1989 index
Active Center Twp. 402950N 0860658W Kokomo East On the southeast corner of North and Ohio Streets in Kokomo. Large cemetery.
1300 E North St, Kokomo, IN 46901 (765) 452-5078
Miller   1976 index / WHCCF
Alternate Index
1857- 1951 Monroe Twp.       On the north side of 100S at 1100W.
Bell Mound 1978 index/ WHCCF
Alternate Index
Active Ervin Twp. 403135N 0862113W Young America 350N - 1150W
New Hope
Ellis, Phlox CIEHC
1885 - present Union Twp. 402448N 0855515W Greentown South side of 450S at 1090E 1/2 mile south of Phlox. (Quaker)
New London   1964 & 1986 index WHCCF
1846 - 1902 Monroe Twp.       150S and 750W
New London Friends Old Honey Creek 1964 index (no dates) / WHCCF 1844 - active Monroe Twp.       750W and 200S
North Union
  1962 index / WHCCF
mid 1850s - active Ervin Twp. 403213N 0861656W Young America 400N and 800W
Pete's Run
Old Comstock 1973 index / WHCCF - Restoration Photos
Online Index
1851 - 1938 Ervin Twp. 402927N 0862123W Russiaville On the north side of 100N at 1250W
Poplar Grove Friends 1947 index/ WHCCF
1845 - 1915 Ervin Twp. 403309N 0862032W Young America At 550N and 1140W, just northeast of the town of Poplar Grove.
Pioneer Old Cemetery 1970 index Earliest Howard Co. Cemetery Center Twp.       At the south end of Purdum St and north of the Wildcat Creek and behind Memorial Gym. Records were apparently not kept. Those listed represent only a tiny portion of those buried there. Many were moved to Crown Point and many remained in unmarked graves.
Pleasant Hill   1964 & 1972 index WHCCF
1861 - 1890 Monroe Twp.        
Upper Kokomo Church 1972 index / CIEHC 1845 - 1906 Taylor Twp. 402649N 0860305W Kokomo East On the west side of 400E at 210S
  1973 index / WHCCF 1845 - 1897 Ervin Twp. 402830N 0861549W Russiaville On 00NS at 710W.
Private Burial Site of Jefferson White       Ervin Twp.       00NS 870W (stone moved to South Union Cemetery)
Puckett Christian Congregational, Paupers, Potter's Field, Spice Run 1972 - vertical file 1832 - 1944 Center Twp.       On the north side of S.R. 22 (80N) at 300W.
Randolph Union Separate Baptist 1994 index / WHCCF 1850 - 1979 Taylor Twp.       On the east side of U.S. 31 at about 375S.
Deer Creek, Hardimon, Harmon, Rush 1947 index 1861 - 1898 Ervin Twp. 403224N 0861437W Galveston On the west side of 600W at 450N.
Russiaville   1978 index / WHCCF
Active Honey Creek Twp.       375S - 775W
  CIEHC 1848 - occasional Howard Twp. 402948N 0860336W Kokomo East On the east side 350E at about 110N.
Saint Andrew Columbarium

1990s - present
Center Twp

In St Andrew Episcopal Church at 602 W Superior St, Kokomo, IN
Shiloh Clay undated index / WHCCF
1870 - present; one dated 1825 Clay Twp.       On the South side of S.R. 22 (100N) at 575W beside Shiloh U.M. Church
1849 - occasional Liberty Twp. 403351N 0855858W Amboy South side of 600N at about 770E
Simpson   CIEHC
1845 - occasional Union Twp.       South side of 300S and 1260E
South Union
  1976 index / WHCCF
  Ervin Twp. 402832N 0861943W Russiaville 00NS and 1050W
Stringer   1982 index / WHCCF
1849 - 1914 Clay Twp.       80N and 410W
Sunset Memory Gardens   1999 index
Active Harrison Twp. 402621N 0860930W Kokomo West On the south side of 250S at abt. 150 W. 2097 Alto Rd W, Kokomo, IN 46902 765-453-2310
Taylor   1976 index / WHCCF 1850 - 1861 Honey Creek Twp.       450S and 725W
Twin Springs
  1973 & 1976 indexes/1970 Harrison Twp Index/ WHCCF
Online Index
1843 - present Harrison Twp. 402754N 0861329W Kokomo West 80S and 520W
Union Civil
Fork of (Wildcat) Creek, Friends CIEHC
Online Index
1848 - occasional? Union Twp. 402610N 0855433W Greentown North side of 300S and 1150E
Unknown Family   No Index Available   Taylor Twp.       325S and 400E;
Unnamed   CIEHC 1848 - 1864 Howard Twp.       North side of 400N at 300E
Upper Kokomo Church Rickett 1972 index / CIEHC 1845 - 1906 Taylor Twp.       On the west side of 400E at 210S
White   No Index - all stones are missing.            
Young   1980 index / WHCCF 1844 - 1891 Clay Twp.       On 300W at 10N

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