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Howard County Indiana WWI Veterans:

The following names of Howard County men were extracted from Howard County in the World War C.V. Haworth, Indianapolis: Wm B. Burford, Printer & Binder, 1920.

It contains short biographies (usually includes birth info, parents & service history), and photos of nearly every Howard County veteran of WWI.
NOTE: If the word "none" appears next to the person's name - there is no biographical information available; just his name was listed.

This book is available online at the Internet Archives:

Last Name First & Middle Names Page # Photo Plate # Online Info
OAKES William none none
OBENAUER Victor Jackson 204 None Biography
ODEN Francis Osborne 204 None
ODENKIRK Kenneth Gaylen 204 79
O'DONNELL Charles L. 204 97
O'DONNELL Robert 204 None
OFFUTT Claude Arnold 205 None
O'FLAHERTY A. E. 205 None
OGBURN Donald M. 205 70
OGDEN George Thomas 205 75
O'GRADY Clyde R. 205 None
OILAR Arthur L. 205 18
OILAR Harry Otis None None
OILAR Levi Harry 205 28 Biography
OLDFIELD Tipton B. 205 94
O'MALEY Elmer None None
OMBAKER Charles None None
OREM Julian Paul 205 26
ORLEFF Melvan None None
ORMSBY Charles Francis 205 48 Biography
ORMSBY George Joseph 205 30 Biography
ORMSBY Wilburt C. 207 69 Biography
OSBORN Bert A. 205 26
OSBORN Dewey 205 43
OSBORN Floyd Everett 207 79
OSBORN Frank R. 207 None
OSBORN Fred 207 None
OSBORN Gurna R. 207 None
OSBORN Virgil R. 207 None
OVERHOLSER Charles A. 207 44
OVERTON Earl H. 207 None
OVERTON Robert None 56
O'TOOLE Joseph Francis 209 76
O'TOOLE Thomas Paul 209 6
O'TOOLE William Clement 209 60
OWEN James P. None None
OWEN Ralph Cartright 209 None
OWENS Ralph J. 209 None
OWENS Roy 209 None
OZENBAUGH Harry Burns 209 None

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