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Howard County Indiana WWI Veterans:

The following names of Howard County men were extracted from Howard County in the World War C.V. Haworth, Indianapolis: Wm B. Burford, Printer & Binder, 1920.

It contains short biographies (usually includes birth info, parents & service history), and photos of nearly every Howard County veteran of WWI.
NOTE: If the word "none" appears next to the person's name - there is no biographical information available; just his name was listed.

This book is available online at the Internet Archives:

Last Name First and Middle Names Bio - Page # Photo - Plate #
UBELHOR Benjamin Louis 267 None
ULMER John 267 None
ULRICH Frank 267 None
UMFLEET Nelson G. 267 None
UMFLEET William None None
UNDERWOOD Hobart McKinley 267 17 Biography
UNDERWOOD Robert P. 269 53
UNRUE Homer Morris 269 3
UNVERSAW Walter H. 269 90 Biography
UTLEY William Perry 269 None
UTTERBACK Benjamin Gene None None
URTON Orville B. 269 None
VALENTINE Earl Sylvester 269 83 Biography
VALENTINE Elvin Laverne 271 1 Biography
VALENTINE William 271 74 Biography
VANBIBBER Howard Ross 271 22 Biography
VANBRIGGLE William None None
VANCE Carey B. 271 None
VANCE George K. 271 None
VANCE Paul Henry 271 None
VANDENBOSCH Ernest Joseph 271 46
VANDYKE Gerald 271 12
VAN METER Floyd Paul 271 None
VANSCOYK Clyde C. 271 None
VANSICKLE John M. 273 64
VANSICKLE Samuel Gilbert 273 63
VAUTAU Harry Parry 273 95
VASBINDER Earl None None
VAUGHN Benjamin Greene 273 None
VAUGHN Harry E. 273 89
VAUTER Melvin D. 273 None
VERN Osa None None
VEST John F. 273 None Biography
VICE Carlton R. 273 None
VINCENZO LeBlanco 273 None
VOLL John E. 273 None
VOLRATH James Carl None None
VORE Glen Burkett 273 2
VOORHIS Harold Oliver 273 76

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