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Of People and Things
Large Hats, Large Shoes and the People Who Wear Them

The Veteran Salesmen of Kokomo - Who They Are and Where They Are Employed

The facts for the following were gathered by a Tribune representative while on his rounds to-day. He is under obligations to the businessmen of the city for the information provided.

The largest hat sold in Kokomo and it is carried, in a limited quantity of course, by nearly all the dealers, is a 7 7/8. The best known customers for this remarkably large sized hat are Rev. Francis LORDEMAN and Dr. Corydon RICHMOND.There are a number of people in the city who wear a 7 3/4 hat. which is considered very large. Among them are John BAGWELL, Samuel FINLEY, Charles ELSON, Godlove MILLER and Harland HOLLOWELL.

The largest shoe sold in Kokomo is a No. 14 and so far as could be learned, but one establishment carries it, and has but one customer for the size. The gentleman who buys this extraordinary piece of foot-gear is Charles MCREYNOLDS, the well known Alto blacksmith. Mr. MCREYNOLDS is cast in heroic mold, is a veritable Hercules in all of his proportions and his feet are entirely in harmony with the rest of his body. There are but a few of the shoe concerns that carry a No. 13 in men's shoes, customers for even that size being extremely scarce. About the only persons known to buy them are Alex MCMILLEN (Big Alex) and Titus BALLENGER.

The man in the city for whom the largest number of yards of goods are required to make a suit of clothes is Captain A.T. KINNEY. The captain's size is 50.The late J.S. RICKETTS required a 52. There are a number of gentlemen in the county who are nearly as stout as Mr. KINNEY.Among them are Robert ETHERINGTON, of Harrison Twp., Hamp BROWN of Liberty Twp., and Tatman GRIFFITH of Ervin Twp.It is likely that the late 'Squire FARLEY showed the largest measurements under the tailor's tape of any man who every resided in the county.His waist measurement was exactly sixty inches.

The man who has sold more suits of clothes and more hats than any other man in the county is Lucien W. COFFMAN. His career as a salesman in this city reaches back over a period of about thirty-five years. He probably has the widest acquaintance of any man in the county who has not been a candidate for public office. He boasts that he looks as young and feels as well as he did thirty-eight years ago when he first struck the town.He has for several years been connected with the Kennedy & Williams establishment and has charge of the hat department of that concern. Next to Mr. COFFMAN, the oldest clothing salesmen are Ras SAILORS and Sol A. PENNINGTON, both now employed at Strickland & Co's.

The veteran shoe salesman of this city is a comparatively young man, W.L. LAUGHLIN, who has charge of the boot and shoe department at the Kennedy & Williams store. He has been constantly engaged as a shoe salesman in this city for nearly twenty-two years. The hardware salesman longest employed in Kokomo is William EASTER of the Armstrong & Langdon establishment. He has been connected with the concern for twenty-five years. The gentleman who can lay claim to being longest in the employ of one firm is John MACY, Armstrong & Langdon's tinner. He has been in the service of this house for over twenty-seven years.

The "old timers" at the local dry goods counters are Eldon S. LONG and John SULLIVAN, both of the H.C. Davis store.Both began bouncing counters in Kokomo a quarter of a century ago.The lady clerk who has a record of the longest employment is Miss Lucy WEBB, of the Thalman and Levi department store.

-- Kokomo Daily Tribune, 8 Dec 1898, p 5 col 3

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