Courter Cemetery

is located in Jefferson Township, Miami Co., IN in the northeast quarter of section 27.

ALBAUGH, Elizabeth17 Aug 179922 Nov 1850w/o John; 51y 2m 27d
ALBAUGH, John E (Dr.)7 Aug 1834 25 Apr 186530y 8m 18d
ALBERTSON, George W.     h/o Mary
ALBERTSON, Mary     w/o George W.
AMBROSE, William A.7 May 185112 Jan 18531y 8m 5d, s/o W.H.
ARMATROUT, Infant girl   13 Jun 1859d/o John S. & Ruth A.
ARMATROUT, John S.1837 1902 65yrs.; h/o Ruth A.
ARMATROUT, Ruth A.18391931 92yrs
BALDWIN, Infant   28 Sep 1859s/o Zeri M. & Julia A.
BALDWIN, Amanda 1838 31 Oct 1852age 14 d/o Enos & Elizabeth
BALDWIN, Amos H.16 Dec 186222 Jul 18638m 6d; s/o Zeri & Julia A.
BALDWIN, Elizabeth27 Jan 180216 Feb 186159y 19d; w/o Enos
BALDWIN, Enos 15 Dec 177725 May 185072y 5m 10d; h/o Elizabeth
BALDWIN, George R.1865 1909age 44; s/o William & Harriet A.
BALDWIN, Harriet A.20 Sep 183125 Jun 190068y 9m 5d; w/o William
BALDWIN, Henry M.2 Feb 18497 May 18523y 3m 5d s/o William & Harriet A.
BALDWIN, James 28 Sep 18561 Oct 18563 days; s/o J. & M.J.
BALDWIN, Joanna 30 Oct 1860 21 Jan 18643y 2m 21d; d/o Zeri M. & Julia A.
BALDWIN, John H.14 Dec 186124 Dec 186110 days; s/o Enos & Lavina
BALDWIN, John W. 16 Apr 185526 Mar 187822y 11m 10d
BALDWIN, Julia A.   78y 1m 27d; 2nd w/o Zeri M.
BALDWIN, Noah20 Nov 184921 Dec 18501y 1m 1d; s/o Enos & Elizabeth
BALDWIN, Rachel 23 Apr 182915 Jun 185526y 1m 22d; 1st w/o Zeri M.
BALDWIN, Salathiel B.16 Jan 1854 27 Feb 18541m 11d; child of Zeri M. & Rachel S.
BALDWIN, William22 Jan 18284 Mar 188961y 1m 22d; h/o Harriet
BALDWIN, Zeri M.16 Nov 179714 Oct 185759y 10m 28d
BEANER, Benjamin4 Sep 181810 Jan 189980y 4m 6d
BENBOW, Benjamin29 May 181121 Sep 186352y 3m 22d
BLACKBURN, Inf. son  Aug 1849s/o Wm. and S.
BLACKBURN, Elias H.21 May 185123 Sep 1852 1y 4m 2d; s/o R. and J.
BLACKBURN, Nancy24 Nov 177121 Dec 184877y 27d w/o Isaac
BLACKBURN, Ursula A.  1851 age 3m
BONNEY, George A.1834 1903 69y; h/o Jane E.
BONNEY, Jane E.     
CHAPLIN, Adaline19 Dec 185618 Sep 189235y 8m 29d; w/o John E.
CHAPLIN, Charles     1y 8m 21d; s/o John W. & Adaline
CHAPLIN, Elizabeth1836   w/o Joseph
CHAPLIN, Florin P.8 Mar 18973 Feb 191921y 10m 25d; child of J.A. & C.P.
CHAPLIN, John W.19 July 184725 Mar 191153y 8m 6d; h/o Adaline
CHAPLIN, Joseph 1836191377y; h/o Elizabeth
CHAPLIN, Lawrence R.19191929 9y; s/o Vera O. Chaplin
CHAPLIN, Lloyd R.    infant of Vera O. Chaplin
CHAPLIN, Richard L.1939 195011y
CHAPLIN, Vera O.1896193438y
COBURN, John8 June 180419 Feb 1855  
CUNNINGHAM, Christana   d/o W.C. and Mary M.
CUNNINGHAM, John Turpy11 Dec 186212 Oct 18641y 11m; s/o G.D. and C.
CUNNINGHAM, Mary M.1840 w/o W.C.
CUNNINGHAM, W. C.1830 1901 71y; h/o Mary M.
CURTS, Abraham 1846 1908 62y; w/o Rebecca
CURTS, Rebecca 18441912 68y; w/o Abraham
DAY, William18641934 70y
DENTLER, William21 Nov 17966 May 187578y 7m 15d
DISPENNET, Newton B.14 Feb 18457 May 186520y 2m 23d; s/o J. and M.
DISPENNET, William R.1835 21 Sept 186126y; s/o J. and M.
DONALDSON, Elizabeth25 Jul 182022 Jun 1890 70y; w/o Richard F.; nee Rickner
DONALDSON, Elizabeth1846192379y; w/o Lorenzo
DONALDSON, Henry F.29 July 185214 Oct 18521y 2m 15d; s/o Richard F & Elizabeth
DONALDSON, Lorenzo24 Jan 1845 11 Sep 192075y; h/o Elizabeth
DONALDSON, Richard F.18211895age 74; h/o Elizabeth
DONALDSON, Thomas S.21 June 18503 July 185012d; s/o Richard F. and Elizabeth
EIKENBERRY, Infant  28 Jan 1877s/o George and Rebecca I.
EIKENBERRY, Charlie  6 Nov 1857infant of George and Rebecca I.
EIKENBERRY, Henry F.17 Dec 184919 Feb 18511y 2m 2d; s/o George and Rebecca I.
ENGLISH, Ann1821189574y; w/o Benjamin M.
ENGLISH, Barbara    2y 11m 2d; d/o J. and S.
ENGLISH, Benjamin M.1823189673y; h/o Ann
ENGLISH, Charlotte Jane 11 Feb 185514 Feb 186813y 3d
ENGLISH, Joseph E.30 Nov 18074 Mar 189284y 3m 4d
ENGLISH, Martha D.  5 Aug 1893infant of J. and S.
ENGLISH, Mary Ellen12 Mar 18631 May 18718y 1m 19d; d/o B.M. and M.
FISHER, Johnie 12 Sept 187427 Oct 18762y 1m 15d; s/o Moses and Magdalena
FISHER, Jonathan, Sr.17697 Oct 181647y
FISHER, Jonathan, Jr.20 Sept 183010 Mar 186736y 5m 20d; h/o S.F.; s/o J., Sr.
FISHER, Magdalena18 Oct 185023 Sept 190453y 11m 5d; w/o Moses
FISHER, Mary 14 June 182924 July 185929y 1m 10d; w/o Isaac
FISHER, Moses 22 Sept 18412 May 192179y 7m 10d; h/o Magdalena
FISHER, Nancy20 Mar 182810 May 190779 1m 20d; d/o Jonathan & Susannah
FISHER, Susannah15 Aug 180416 Jan 187671y 5m 1d; (married)
FISHER, Susannah20 Nov 183619 Aug 189457y 8m 29d; d/o J. and S. Fisher
FISHER, Zella B.14 Mar 18886 Mar 190617y 11m 22d
FLORA, Infant  20 Jan 1845d/o Eli and Elizabeth
FLORA, Alice G.23 Sept 18822 Apr 18836m 9d; d/o David and Ruth A.
FLORA, Almeda 16 Oct18512 Jun 192069y; w/o Levi; d/o Adna & Elizabeth (Sharp) Hursey
FLORA, Anna28 Oct 18245 Jan 187348y 2m 7d; w/o Noah
FLORA, David 1 May 1849 16 Oct 192475y; h/o Ruth A.
FLORA, Eli2 June 18164 Apr 186447y 10m 2d; h/o Elizabeth
FLORA, Elizabeth2 Jan 1817Apr 191295y; w/o Eli
FLORA, Laura Estella4 Dec 187719 Dec 1932 55y; d/o Joel and Mary
FLORA, Ida May3 Nov 187022 Nov 18711y 19d; d/o Joel and Mary
FLORA, Jacob15 Apr 179319 Mar 186470y 11m 4d; h/o Sarah
FLORA, Jacob 1861194281y; h/o Katy
FLORA, Joel3 Dec 184228 Jun 1892 49y 6m 25d; h/o Mary
FLORA, Katy 1860 194080y; w/o Jacob
FLORA, Levi1846 29 Oct 190660y; h/o Almeda
FLORA, Lily May 6 May 18767 Feb 18803y 9m 1d; d/o Levi and Almeda
FLORA, Mary4 May 18471 Mar 1928 80y; w/o Joel; d/o Adna & Elizabeth (Sharp) Hursey
FLORA, Noah19 Feb 181924 Jan 1907 88y; h/o Anna
FLORA, Pearlis19 Aug 187210 May 18752y 8m 21d; s/o David and Ruth A.
FLORA, Ruth Addie 185314 May 1893 39y 8m 25d; w/o David; Donalson
FLORA, Sarah    74y 9m 20d; w/o Jacob
FOUTS, infant 27 Dec 18915 Jan 18928d; s/o L. and A.
FOUTS, Eli1 July 184621 Mar 192679y 8m 20d; h/o Mary
FOUTS, Elizabeth13 Feb 182411 Dec 190682y 9m 28d; w/o Jacob
FOUTS, Iva 9 Mar 18789 Jan 190425y 10m; d/o John and Mary
FOUTS, Jacob8 June 18219 Sept 190180y 3m 1d; h/o Elizabeth
FOUTS, Manerva  18 Mar 1854d/o J. and E.
FOUTS, Marvin  22 May 1892infant s/o Eli and Mary
FOUTS, Mary1837186831y; w/o Andrew
FOUTS, Mary 12 Jul 18555 Dec 191055y 4m 23 d; w/o Eli
FOUTS, Mary26 June 185626 Dec 18964y 6m; w/o John
FOUTS, Michael 179810 Jan 185759y; h/o Sarah
FOUTS, Rosanah18 Feb 182926 Apr 1901d./o Michael & Sarah Fouts
FOUTS, Sarah7 June 180127 Sept 187170y 3m 20d; w/o Michael
FOUTS, Sarah     1y 2m 11d; d/o Michael and Sarah
FRY, infant     d/o J. and M.
FRY, Abraham18521853 1y; s/o J. and M.
FRY, Anny    1y 1d; d/o J. and S.A.
FRY, Henry    69y 2m 16d
FRY, Margaret8 Feb 186823 Feb 1878??20y 1m 15d??
FRY, Mary J.    1y 13d; d/o J. and M.
FRY, PleasantApr 1851Mar 18533y 11m; s/o J. and S.A.
FUNDERBURG, Alice R.18771946 69y; w/o Jesse
FUNDERBURG, Jesse1877194467y; h/o Alice R.
GIBBS, John16 Nov 18461 Jan 18503y 1m 15d; s/o F. and F.
HALL, Alfred10 Dec 182619 May 190174y 5m 9d; h/o Rachel Ann
HALL, Debora22 Sept 183220 Sept 185219y 11m 22d; d/o J. and B.
HALL, Rachel Ann26 June 182910 Apr 187949y 9m 14d; w/o Alfred
HOOVER, Sarah (nee Beaver)  Jan. 29, 1848 30y 1m 10d; w/o Rev. Eli Hoover
JOHNS, Eliza9 Mar 18095 Oct 18101y 6m 21d; d/o C. and P.
JOHNS, Irvin4 June 185015 July 18511y 1m 11d; s/o C. and P.
KEMPS, Alvina 1866 18726y
KOHSER, Louisa W.1850 194090y; w/o Charles; d/o Andrew & Mary A. Wolfe
KRISHER, Caroline26 June 183219 Aug 190270y 1m 23d; w/o Phillip
KRISHER, Lydia C.    1y 1m 25d; d/o Phillip and Caroline
KRISHER, Phillip4 Feb 182510 Dec 189469y 10m 6d; h/o Caroline
LEHLAN, Benjamin20 Dec 183911 Aug 186727y 7m 21d
LESH, Catharine 11 Jan 181621 June 184529y 5m 11d; w/o John
LONG, Mary17 Mar 18213 May 183918y 1m 16d; w/o Peter
LONG, Peter     h/o Mary
MEYERS, infant   27 Jul 1868s/o David and Lucinda
MEYERS, David 18461906age 60; h/o Lucinda
MEYERS, Lucinda 1844187632y; w/o David
MILLER, infant  Oct 1862s/o D. and C.
MILLER, Anny 2 Dec 18252 Aug 185630y 8m; w/o Isaac; Lybrook
MILLER, Catherine   67y 2m 1d; w/o D.
MILLER, Christian F.17 Oct 1851 29 Jan 1921 70y; h/o Louisa
MILLER, Clara L.29 Jul 1883 9 Jul 1908 25y; w/o Elmer E.
MILLER, Daisy P.30 Dec 18767 Mar 18814y 2m 7d; d/o Christian F. & Louisa
MILLER, Daniel 21 Apr 177221 Jan 183865y 9m
MILLER, Elbert I.18785 Dec 193557y; h/o Laura A.
MILLER, Elmer E.1882   h/o Clara L.
MILLER, Isaac 20 Nov 18216 Jan 190078 1m 16d; h/o Anny
MILLER, Jonathan  9 Sept 1863infant of D. & C.
MILLER, Joseph    s/o Isaac & Anny
MILLER, Laura A.1881   w/o Elbert I.
MILLER, Louisa 185427 Apr1924 70y; w/o Christian F.
MILLER, Mary A. 10 Jan 18511 Mar 186312y 1m 21 d; d/o L. & U.
MILLER, Moses     
MILLER, Nancy 8 Apr 179718 Oct 185457y 6m 10d; w/o A.
MILLER, Sarah 12 May 184426 Mar 18461y 10m 14d; d/o L. & U.
MOREHOUSE, Byron W.3 Aug 183613 May 190063y 9m 10d
MULL, Elizabeth 1803184542y; w/o Joseph
MULL, Rosanna 14 Jan 184818484m 10d
MUTCHELKNAUS, Jacob19 July 18057 Nov 186257y 3m 18d
ORR, Calvin28 July 18382 June 192070y 10m 4d; h/o Sarah
ORR, Charles1877 190528y.
ORR, Dee D.19051906 1y.
ORR, Ellen Eliza18548  Apr 192368y; w/o Isaac
ORR, Isaac1849 12 Dec 193081y; h/o Ellen E.
ORR, Lydia21 Nov 18511 Apr 18542y 4m 10d; d/o J. & E.
ORR, Sarah11 Mar 184821 June 190658y 2m 21d; w/o Calvin
PAXSON, Benjamin F.16 Feb 185318 Apr 187320y 2m 2d; s/o I. & M.
PAXTON, Infant twins 22 June 1879sons of M. W. & Sarah A.
PAXTON, Charles M.30 Aug 187712 Dec 18774m 12d
PAXTON, Sarah A.19 Sept 18481 Sept 187930y 10m 12d; w/o M. W.
PORTER, Daniel M.     
PORTER, Elmer E.5 Mar 188628 Dec 18937y 9m 13d; s/o George W. & Mary A.
PORTER, George W.1849 1940 91y; h/o Mary A.
PORTER, Mary A. 1859 1922 63y; w/o George W.
RICHER, Infant  23 Jan 1875s/o D. A. & Mary J.
RICHER, Christian1844 1920 76y; h/o Martha E.
RICHER, Elmer  29 Jan 1876
RICHER, Emma L. 16 June 18631 Jan 189228y 6m 25d; d/o J. C. & S. E.
RICHER, John4 May 181530 Nov 189378y 6m 26d; h/o Magdalene
RICHER, John A.  4 Aug 1878s/o Christian & Martha E.
RICHER, Johnnie  187826d
RICHER, Magdalene14 Oct 181522 Oct 190287y 8d; w/o John
RICHER, Martha Ellen25 Jul 1848 9 Jan 193586y; w/o Christian
RICHER, Mary27 Dec 177627 Jul 187093y 7m; w/o Noah
RICHER, Mary J. 11 Dec 184929 Nov 188535y 1m 18d; w/o D. A.
RICHER, Noah  29 Apr 1874h/o Mary
RICHER, Rachel F.1850191666y
RICHER, Rebecca17 Jan 187628 Aug 18793y 7m 11d; d/o Christian & Martha E.
RICHER, Samuel G. 1 May 1880s/o Christian & Martha E.
RIFE, Daniel20 Dec 18763 Aug 18781y 7m 13d; s/o A. & M. A.
RUSH, Lydia22 Jan 181926 May 187657y 4m 4d; w/o Stephen
RUSH, Sarah A. 12 Apr 184824 Jan 190758y 8m 12d; d/o Stephen & Lydia
RUSH, Stephen29 Sep 18215 Jun 188058y 8m 6d; h/o Sarah A.
RUTZ, Leda9 Apr 19033 Jul 19052y 2m 14d; d/o Adam & Jennie
SAYGER, Ira9 Jul 183925 Dec 192185y 5m 16d; h/o Martha
SAYGER, Martha 19 Oct 184417 Apr 192378y 5m 28d; w/o Ira
SAYRES, Aaron R.5 Mar 179415 Jan 185560y 10m 10d
SAYRES, Elvina 22 Nov 182819 Nov 184920y 11m; d/o J.R. & E.
SAYRES, James H.13 May 18246 Nov 185228y 5m 23d; s/o J.R. & E.
SHAFER, Catherine1805 188378y
SHAFER, George1836190771y
SHAFER, Merta 1890 18911y
SHAFER, Sarah 18411922 81y
SHAFER, William H. 186228 Mar 194683y
SHUTZBAUCH, Daniel25 Dec 18199 Jun 188666y 5m 13d; h/o Frances
SHUTZBAUCH, Frances29 Sep 18199 Jun 191279y 8m 10d; w/o Daniel
SHUTZBAUCH, John A.24 Oct 186226 Mar 18652y 4m 2d; s/o D.E.
SINK, Moses 18468 Jul 187933y
SKILLMAN, Allen 2 Feb 18143 May 187056y 3m 1d; h/o Louise
SKILLMAN, Allen 186011 Jan 194382y; h/o Norma
SKILLMAN, Donaldson
  1909infant of Allen & Norma
SKILLMAN, Edward12 Aug 185012 Sept 187121y 1m; s/o Allen & Louise
SKILLMAN, Louise4 Feb 18085 Mar 189789y 1m 1d; w/o Allen
SKILLMAN, Martha191419151y; d/o Allen & Norma
SKILLMAN, Alice Norma 18723 Sep 195078y; w/o Allen
SKINNER, Martha 1878195577y
SLUSHER, Letha     
SLUSHER, Lydia     
SLUSHER, Washington     
STOUT, Daniel 6 Feb 18269 Nov 187650y 9m 3d; h/o F.
STOUT, Emeline 13 Sep 18544 Sep 185511m 12d; d/o Daniel & F.
STOUT, Jacob A. 19 Dec 18629 Apr 18641y 4m; s/o Daniel & F.
STOUT, Joseph9 Jan 181612 Mar 18162m 3d; s/o A. & M.
SUTTON, Caroline1805Aug 18116y; d/o F. & M. (Could this be 1835-1841?)
SUTTON, Lavina1816  ?19y; d/o F. & M. (possibly 1836???)
SUTTON, Sarah E.29 Jul 18405 Jan 18509y 5m 6d; d/o F. & M.
SWOVERLAND, Andrew1859 28 Jul 1940 81y; h/o Catharine
SWOVERLAND, Catharine186422 Mar 194176y; w/o Andrew
TRENT, Florence A.13 Mar 186411 May 18641m 28d; d/o Lewis S. & Sarah
TRENT, John D.    son of Lewis S. & Sarah
TRENT, Lewis R.5 Mar 18575 Apr 18581y 1m; s/o Thompson & Susannah
TURNIPSEED, George3 Aug 182127 May 186139y 9m 24d
VANDOREN, Charles3 Aug 185413 Aug 18551y 10d; s/o Isaac & Mary
VANDOREN, John 13 Feb 18512 Sep 18521y 6m 19d; s/o A. C. & Mary
VANDOREN, Mary 11 Jan 182929 Sep 185425y 8m 18d; w/o Isaac
VANDOREN, Phebe3 Jul 17753 Oct 185176y 3m; w/o C.
VEAL, John    50y 4m 6d
WAGONER, Ethel Morehouse1891191423y
WAGONER, Leroy191119176y
WARD, Alwilda J.21 Aug 185814 Dec 188224y 3m 23d; w/o Willis H.
WATERS, Johnathan7 Jan 18188 Apr 188365y 3m 1d
WATERS, Julia A.16 Jan 180016 Jun 185454y 5m
WATERS, Mary  Oct 1858w/o A. B.
WATERS, Sarah E.  Aug 1858infant of A. B. & Mary
WEATHEFER, Mary A.21 Sep 185023 Oct 18511y 1m 2d; d/o Simon
WEATHEFER, Simon19 Dec 181123 Oct 185241y 10m 21d
WILHEL, Nathan S.2 May 187023 May 187023d; s/o B. A. & E.
WILHOLM, Martha 5 Oct 18059 Mar 190892y 5m 4d; w/o David M.
WILLIAMS, Andrew1804186965y; h/o Margret
WILLIAMS, Armantrout1841187130y; s/o Andrew & Margret
WILLIAMS, Margret1811189685y; w/o Andrew
WILLIAMSON, Lester Raymond28 May 189527 Apr 1901s/o Sylvester & Mary
19 Feb 192782y 1m 16d; w/o Green Berry; d/o Michael & Sarah Fouts
WILLIS, Margret24 Sep 185021 Apr 188029y 6m 27d; w/o James L.
WOLF, Harry G.   7 Jul 1889 s/o Charles & Frances C.
WOLFE, Andrew 3 Mar 18158 May 190691y 2m 5d; h/o Mary A.
WOLFE, Isaac1 Jan 185610 Aug 188529y 6m 12d; s/o Andrew & Mary A.
WOLFE, Mary A.1821189372y; w/o Andrew
WRAY, Bertha G. 1877191740y; w/o Sylvester M.
WRAY, Sylvester M.187923 Jan 194363y; h/o Bertha H.
ZOOK, David 24 Apr 18121 Apr 185845y 11m 7d

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