Miami County, Indiana villages and towns,

extracted from the

"Indiana State Gazetteer Business Directory 1882-83"

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AMBOY.Was settled in 1866. It now contains 300 inhabitants, one flour mill, 1 saw mill, 1 hotel, a tile factory and 1 Friend's church. The village is located on the P. C. & St. L. Ry., in Jackson township, Miami county, 15 miles south east of Peru, the county seat and banking town. Grain, lumber, staves and live stock are the chief exports. Ex., U. S. and Adams. Hiram PEARSON, postmaster.

BALDWIN J A, physician.
BENNET Josephus, blacksmith
BOND B, General Store
EDGERTON Calvin, general store
ELLEMAN A J, hardware
ELLEMAN Joseph, druggist
FIREWOOD E K, physician
HAIR J C, Flour and Saw Mill
HOLTON A B, saw mill
HOLTON Q A R, physician
HUNTER S H, basket manufacturer
JONES Jesse, hotel
JONES & HAISLEY, meat market
KIGES & JONES, carpenters
MELTON J F, saddles and harness
OVERMAN J F & T C, grain dealers
PAINTER M W, sorghum manufacturer
PEARSON Hiram, postmaster
TUEY John, justice of peace and grocer
VATOW A A, broom manufacturer
WILSON John, justice of peace and grocer
YOUART & WALKER, tile manufacturer
YOUNCE Solomon, blacksmith
ZIMMERMAN J F, R R and Ex agent.
ZIMMERMAN M A Mrs, milliner and dressmaker
ZIMMERMAN & WILSON, grain dealers

BENNETT'S SWITCH. Situated on the W., St. L & P. Ry., in Deer Creek township, Miami county, has 100 inhabitants. Peru, the county seat, is 14 miles north, and Kokomo, the banking town, 10 miles south. Tri-weekly stage route to Wawpecong; fare 40 cents. Ex. U. S. Tel. W. U. J. Shaffer, postmaster.

COUCHER & FLETCHER, grain dealers
McCONNELL J H, justice of the peace
PROCTOR R G, physician
ROSS R H, physician and druggist
SHAFFER J A, General Store
SIVARTSEE & GREEN, tile manufacturer
WILSON J A, agt W St L & P Ry.

BIRMINGHAM. Allen township, Miami county, with 75 inhabitants, is a hamlet and station on I., P. & C. Br. W., St. L. & R. R. R., located 13 miles north of Peru, the county seat and banking town. Wheat and hogs are the shipments. Ex., U. S. Isaac CAULK, postmaster.

CAULK Isaac, R R and Ex Agt and Grain Dealer
CAULK I & Co, General Store
CAULK & JONES, flour mill

BUNKER HILL. Sixty-seven miles north of Indianapolis, is a prosperous village of 650 inhabitants, located at crossing of I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. and P., C. & St. L. R'ys, in Pipe Creek township, Miami county, 8 miles south of Peru, the county seat and banking town. This village is situated in a good agricultural country and contains Methodist, Catholic, Advent, Baptist and Evangelical churches, a good graded school and 2 hotels. Pipe Creek furnishes power to operate 1 planing mill, which, with 1 saw mill and a furniture factory driven by steam, comprises its principal manufacturing interests. One weekly newspaper--The Press, is sustained. Lumber, grain and live stock are shiped. Ex., U. S. and Adams. Tel., W. U. John F. BUSSEY, postmaster.

ARBAUGH Philip Rev, (Dunkard)
ARMSTRONG Samuel, general store and meat market.
BECK John Rev, (German Evangelical)
BOWMAN & Co, carpenters
Breckenridge House, David A.YORK, Propr. Good Sample Room and Special
Accommodations to Commercial Travelers
Bunker Hill Press, Charles A JARRELL, Editor and Propr.
BUSEY John F, General Store and Postmaster
COOK & KAUFMAN, blacksmiths
COUCHER & Co., grain and saw mill
COWGILL Oliver G, agt W, St L & P Ry
DAVIS Samuel H, Druggist
DEISCH & DRINKWATER, meat market
DUCKWALL & BLUE, flour mill
ENGLE A C, agt P, C & St L Ry, and Adams Ex Company
ENGLE Herman, Tile and Brick Manufacturer. Yard located west of town.
FANSLER William J, general store
FLETCHER John, General Blacksmith and Horseshoer
HARTER Mary A, milliner
ISLER & CAIN, live stock
JARRELL Charles A, Editor and Propritor Bunker Hill Press
KEEGAN Peter, shoemaker
KELLER, Elias, live stock
KELLER Gottlieb Rev, (Dunkard)
LARIMER Oliver A, Agt U S Ex Company
LARIMORE George, live stock
LONG Martin L, shoemaker
LUCAS H M Mrs, dressmaker
McDOWELL H P, physician
MASON Thomas J, saloon
MASON William, barber
MEEK James A, physician
MATZGER Bros, restaurant and grocers
MIESSE Cornelius, harness and saddles
MOORE, W W, hides and tallow
NOFTZGER L J Rev, (Methodist)
SEISLER Jacob, wagonmaker
Stuart Fanny, millinery
SULLIVAN B, general store
VORE Lambert J, Druggist, Books, and Stationery
WALTHER Bros, hardware
WILSON William N, Planing Mill and Furniture Manufactory; Wholesale and
Retail Manufacturer of Undertaking Goods, Tables, Bedsteads, Safes, Bureaus, Stair Rails, and Brackets
WILSON William T, physician
WILSON & KOHL, Livery and Feed Stable; Horses Boarded by the Day or Week; Good Rigs at Reasonable Rates
YORK David A, Proprietor Breckenridge House

CHILI. Is a village and station on E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., located in Richland township, Miami county 7 miles north of Peru, the county seat and banking place. Chili is on the Eel river, and contains 150 inhabitants, Baptist and Methodist churches. Ex., Pacific. N. C. Hall, postmaster.

AWALT George, druggist
BAIN J B Rev, (Baptist)
BELEW J C, physician
FIKE Parvin, wagonmaker
GILBERT Frederick L, blacksmith
GILBERT H, druggest
GRAHAM B R, physician
HALL N C, General Store
HILL Rev, (Methodist)
MUSSELMAN Samuel, flour mill
NICHOLS Baurd, blacksmith
OGDEN Henry, shoemaker
RIDENOUR David, physician

COURTER. On the I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., in Jefferson township, Miami county, is located 81 miles north of Indianapolis, and 6 north of Peru, the county seat and location of nearest bank. Population, 38. ships grain, live stock and cooperage. Ex., Am. D. H. Smith, postmaster.

ARMENTROUT Peter, blacksmith
BALDWIN Zeri, tile manufacturer
BENBOW Anna Mrs, carpet weaver
EIKENBURG George, live stock
HAMMER Spencer, carpenter
HAMMER William, carpenter
MUTCHELKNAUSE Maria, carpet weaver
OGLE J C, carpenter

DEEDSVILLE. Inhabited by 150 persons, is a village located on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Union township, Miami county, 11 miles north of Peru, the county seat and location of nearest bank. a Methodist Church is sustained, and grain, lumber and hogs are shipped. Ex., U. S. S. M. LEEDY, postmaster.

BAIN William, carpenter
FITES J W, shoemaker
FLITCRAFT L, blacksmith
FLITCRAFT William, blacksmith
FRETS J C, physician
HILL E H, general store, R R and ex agt
KEPLER J, grocer
KEPLOGLE J, carpenter
LEEDY S M, Postmaster
PIPER F M, cooper
STEINER G, Tile Manufacturer

DENVER. Is a prosperous village of 700 inhabitants, located on Eel river, at crossing of Eel river and I., P. & C. Divs. of the W., St. l. & P. R'y, in Jefferson township, Miami county, 8 miles north of Peru, the county seat and banking town. It contains a Methodist church, one graded school, and exports live stock, grain, lumber and produce. Ex. U. S. and Pacific. W. W. PETROW, postmaster.

ALLEN L J, grocer
BABBERT Michael, cigar manufacturer
BARNS T C, machines
BENNETT James H, tailor
CALKINS Edward, justice
Central House, L A METZGER, propr.
CLOUD J, flour mill
COOPER Isaiah A, Physician and Drugs, w s Main
DEADERICK, GAUSE & Co, saw mill
Denver Hotel, J F WAGONER,propr.
FETROW W W, Drugs and Ex Agt
FORTNEY Amos, blacksmith
GRIMES & Son, grain dealers
HARTER & Son, grocers
JOHNS J H, livery
KESSLER, Bros, saw mill
La DUE J, physician
MOLONEY Genio G, barber
NOFTZGER Charles, hardware
OGDEN Franklin, saloon
OLDS Richard, harness
PIPER & McGINLEY, general store
RITZIUS J H, cabinet manufacturer
ROBINS J Q A, physician
SHOEMAKER J C, restaurant
WOOLLEY J N, wagonmaker
WRIGHT Richard, meat market

GILEAD. With 200 inhabitants, is a post village located in Perry township, Miami county, 16 miles north of Peru, the county seat and banking town, and 5 northweast of Birmingham, its shipping depot, on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y. It contains a Methodist church and 1 saw mill. R. R. Alexander, postmaster.

Alexander R R, Drugs
BOYER B F, shoemaker
BRADY C C, physician
CAPLE, WAITE & SMITH, saw mill
CASE Augustus, physician
CASTLE J T, General Store
DAINE A K, shoemaker
DENNIS F W, physician
LOWE Cornelius, live stock
McKEE John J, blacksmith
MOHLER John J, General Store
SAVAGE John, live stock
SUTTER Charles, blacksmith
WAITE J H, sewing machines

Macy. A village of 400 people, situated in Miama(sic) county, Allen township on the W., St. L. & P. R'y, 15 miles north of Peru, the county seat. Rochester is the nearest banking place. Contains 1 hotel, 1 planing mill, Methodist and Christian churches. Grain, hogs and clover seed are shipped. Ex., U. S. E.B. CLENDENNING, postmaster.

Abbott John, hotel
Bills W A, meat market
BOGGS M M, general store
CAPLE A Z, physician
CARL & TOWNSEND, general store
CASE & WILKINSON, hardware
CHAMP John, notary public
CHAMP & CARREY, tile manufactures
CLENDENING & LOWE, General Store
CLOUD AG & Son, hardware
COFFLAN C Mrs, milliner
EWING H C, saloon
FARROR, Charles, livery
FERNMORE W J B, lawyer
HOOVER H H, wagonmaker
HURST Bros, general store
HURST I B, R R agt
HURST J W, grain
HURST L J, ex agt
KRESECKER & JESSEN, flour mills.
LEWELLEN A J Rev., (Methodist)
MARSHAL & PULVER, blacksmiths
OGDEN D K, shoemaker and justice
OGDEN G W, barber
SAVAGE L J & Co, furniture
SMYHART A C Mrs, milliner
SUTTON E H, physician
TRUESDALE O E Miss, milliner

McGRAWSVILLE.On the line of P. C. & St. L. R'y, in Clay and Harrison townships, Miami county, 10 miles southeast of Peru, county seat and nearest bank location, is a small village with a population of 47, containing a Methodist church, district school, and 1 flour mill. Ex., U. S. D.F. DEISCH, postmaster.

ALLEN V & Son, general store
COLLINS John, blacksmith
DEISCH, D F, General Store, Drugs and R R Agt.
DRINKWATER E H, physician
KULL Philip, shoemaker
TUCKER C, saw mill

MEXICO.  With 500 inhabitants, is located on Eel river and E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Jefferson township, Miami county, 5 miles north of Peru, the county seat and bankingtown. The town has 3 churches, 1 graded school, 1 hotel, and a furniture factory, and ships grain, live stock and furniture. James L. WILLSON, postmaster.

ARMSTRONG William K, physician
BAIR Jonas Rev, (Baptist)
BURNS & EDWARDS, flour mill
Centre House, B D JACOBS, propr.
COE Alonzo D, physician
DENSMORE Warren, carpenter
EDWARDS John, Flour Mill
FIKE David, wagonmaker
GRAFT & GRISWOLD, grain dealers
GRISWOLD & GRAFT, grain dealers
IRELAND William P, justice of the peace
JACOBS Benjamin D, propr Centre House
JENKINS William, shoemaker
KUNTZ & ERT, flour mill
LAWRENCE Elisha W, blacksmith
LESLEY Joseph, blacksmith
MATTHIAS James, painter
Mexico Manufacturing Company, furniture manufacturers
MILLER Bros, lumber manufacturers
MOBLEY Reuben H, wagonmaker
MOSS Isaac, flour mill, 1 mile s w
NEISWANDER Michael, cooper
OLINGER Elias, General Store
RIDENOUR Louisa Mrs, drugs
ROAD Lincoln P, harness and saddles
SCHLOTT George A, millwright
SKINNER Samuel E, live stock
STRATTON James H, carpenter
SULLIVAN Henry G, shoemaker
TRACY Frank M, barber
WILLSON James L, postmaster
WILLSON & HOMAN, general store
WOODRING Albert J, druggist

MIAMI. In Deer Creek township, Miami county, on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. & P. R'y., 11 miles south of Peru, the county seat and banking place, contains 250 inhabitants. Wheat, corn, hogs and cattle are shipped. Ex., U. S. Mrs. M. KELLISON, postmaster.

ARMSTRONG A, Physician
ARMSTRONG J Mrs, hotel
CAMPBELL E T, physician
CASSINGHAM TC, shoemaker
DAVIS Bros, livery
DAVIS G W, physician
DYE H, blacksmith
ELLIS T H, wagonmaker
FARMER E B, general store
GETTINGER Jesse, drugs
HERRELL, Beecher, grocer and restaurant
HUMRICKHOUSE C, R R and ex agt
HUMRICKHOUSE E, general store
KELLISON M C Mrs, Millinery and Fancy Goods
PHIESTER S L, blacksmith
PRYOR William B, shoemaker
VAN WINKLE Charles L, general store and justice

NORTH GROVE. A village of 400 inhabitants in Harrison township, Miami county, on P., C. & St. L. R'y, 12 miles southeast of Peru, the county seat and nearest banking town. U. S. Ex. W. C. YARNALL, postmaster.

BARNHART Joel, brick manufacturer
GRANDSTFF M V, carpenter
HAMMAR David, jeweler
IJAMS J F, physician
JAMES J F, hotel
KESSLER Ashbury, general store
MARKS George, blacksmith
MICHAELS P A, blacksmith
MILLER C E, general store
MOORMAN J H, lawyer
MYER Jacob, carpenter
OLDEN L D, shoemaker
REAGAN A K, justice
SMITH Ira M, drain tile
THOMAS L M, saloon
YARNALL W C, RR Agt and Drugs

PAW PAW. A village in Richland township, Miami county, on E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, 12 miles northeast of Peru, the county seat. Roann, 4 miles distant, is the location of the most available bank. Population 40. J. S. ARMANTROUT, postmaster.

ARMANTROUT J S, Grocer  and Blacksmith
DEAL R H, blacksmith
HARDWICK H, live stock
MILLER N G, live stock
MILLER S C Rev, (Methodist)

PEORIA. Miami county. (See RESERVE)

PERRYSBURGH. Situated in Union township, Miami couty, 12 miles northwest of Peru, county seat and bank location. Deedsville, on the I. P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, 3 miles east, is the shipping point. Stage tri-weekly to Deedsville. Jacob S. RANNELLS, postmaster.

AYER U A, physician
FRIEND Jesse L, tile manufacturer
LOCHER Samuel W, carpenter
McELWEE Samuel, meat market
MILLER J W Rev, (Methodist)
PEDICORD N T Rev, (Methodist)
PONTIUS Rufus, justice of the peace
RANNELLS Jacob S, General Store and Hotel
RAVER Samuel, carpenter
SAGERS Conrad, saw mill
SMITH R J, wagonmaker
STEEL David, blacksmith
WRIGHT George W, general store
ZOOK A L, carpenter

PERU. The county seat of Miami county, is pleasantly located on the Wabash river, 75 miles from Indianapolis, 143 from Chicago, and 56 from Fort Wayne; it is at junction of I., P. & C. Div., with the main line of the W., St. L. & P. R'y, and is one of the most important manufacturing towns of its size in northern Indiana. Peru was settled in 1832, and is now a flourishing incorporated city of 7,000 inhabitants; it has a bonded debt of $153,000, has good county buildings, substantial business blocks, many handsome residences, is lighted by gas, has good water works, a well equipped fire department, telephone exchange, and a handsome new opera house; in point of manufacture Peru is fully up to the standard, having 2 foundries, 1 sewing machine cabinet factory, 2 saw mills, 1 flax bagging factory, 3 flour mills, 1 plow factory, large woolen mill, 2 breweries, 1 planing mill, 1 brickyard, and 1 cooper shop; prominent among the above mentioned are the establishments of B. F. Dow, manufacturer of engines and boilers, Thomas F. Lovatt, plow manufacturer, M. F. Smith, manufacturer of all kinds of architectural and jail iron work, and the planing mill of Daniel WILKINSON; the city supports 6 hotels, 2 national banks, and 2 weekly newspapers-Republican and Miami County Sentinel.. Its educational and religious advantages are excellent, numbering several good school buildings and a number of handsome church edifices. Peru has much private wealth, its citizens are industrious, enterprising and liberal, and any legitimate enterprise will find here unusual natural advantages and will receive a hearty welcome and support; it has U.S. and Pacific Ex. and W.U.Tel. offices. Ira B. MYERS, postmaster.

ALFORD MARVIN P, feed yard
ANDRES Henry, grocer and saloon
ANDRES William, grocer
ANDREWS Lyman N, agt W, St L & P R'y
APPEL Alexander, barber
ARMANTROUT & Co., carriages
ARMANTROUT & TATE, blacksmiths
ARNOLD William, cigar manufacturer
AUGUR Courtland C, meat market
AUGUR William H, poultry
AUGUSTEIN Michael, meat market
BAER Bros. clothing
BAER David J, boots and shoes
BAILEY Walter C, lawyer
BALL James E, jeweler and optician
Bearss House, G J CROSS, propr.
BECK & REILLY, hardware and plumbers
BELL E C Mrs, millinery
BERRY Samuel R, Architect
BETSNER Jacob, grocer and saloon
BLACK Peter, propr. Union House
BLANKE John, merchant tailor
BLOOMFIELD E M, physician
BOUSLOG John H, real estate
BOUSLOG Rolley H, insurance
BRENTON & WARD, physicians
BROWN C H Rev, (Methodist)
BROWN Walter M, barber
BROWN & ANTRIM, Attorneys at Law
BUTT Ambrose A, Manufacturer and Dealer in Leading Brands of Cigars, Fine
CALVERT James M, lawyer
CAVINS B F Rev, (Baptist)
Citizens National Bank; D C DARROW prest; C H BROWN, vice-prest; M S
ROBINSON, cashr; capital, $100,000
CLARK L M, Bill Poster
CLEVELL Aldophus, Marble Works, w s Broadway, s Canal
CLIFTON John jr, Brick Manufacturer and Contractor and Builder
COLE James O, brewer
COMER Harvey, Dealer in Breech and Muzzle Loading Guns, Ammunition,
Cartridges, Revolvers, Fishing Tackle, etc. Repairing of all Kinds promptly attended to.
CONRAD Gottlieb, harnessmaker
CONRADT Henry, saloon
CONSTANT George W, boots and shoes
CONSTANT & DOYLE, meat market
COREY Lewis L, grocer
CROSS G J, propr Bearss House
CRUME Pliny M, books and stationery
CRUME Thomas M, dentist
CUMMINGS Mattie, dressmaker
CUNNINGHAM John, saloon and hotel
CURRAN Philip H & Co, merchant tailors
DAVEY James A, insurance agt
DAVEY Mary E, portrait painter
DEIBERT Frank I, grocer.
DeLOEX Jacob, dyer
DENISTON M P & C E, hardware
DOW Benjamin F & Co, Jobbers and Manufacturers of Boilers, Engines and Threshers
DUBBS Edward, restaurant
DUKES Aaron N, real estate
EBERLE Jacob, grocer
EFFINGER M S, lawyer
EFFINGER Robert P, lawyer
ELLIS J W, physician
ELVIN George, shoemaker
EMERICK Charles M, Propr Emerick's Opera House
Emerick's Opera House, C M EMERICK, Propr
EMSWILER & Son, dry goods, etc
ENYART M Lew, Real Estate Dealer and Notary Public. References: E H
SHIRK, Prest First National Bank, and Lyman WALKER, Judge Miami C C; Office,
Main opp Republican Office
FALK Julius, clothin
FAUST John H, saloon
FAUST Joseph, cooper
FETTER Henry G, milliner
First National Bank: E H SHIRK, prest; Milton SHIRK, cashr; capital, $480,000
FISHBACK Peter, baker
FOHL Bernie A, Florist, Established Aug. 1, 1881. Capital Invested, $3,000. Only Florist at Peru
FULWILER Clarence, saloon
FULWILER James B, justice
FULWILER & COLE, Editors and Proprs Miami county Sentinel
GATES George E, saw mill
GERMAN C A Rev, (Lutheran)
GIBNEY William A, County Recorder
GIFT Benjamin F, boots and shoes
GILBERT, William H, dentist
GOULD & FETTER, Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of Household Furniture and Undertakers, New Block west Main
GRAF Bros, saloon
GRAF Henry, saloon and restaurant
GRAY Edward T, carriage manufacturer
GREGG A H & Co, dry goods
GRIGGS Charles, harnessmaker
GRISWOLD & WILCOX, Livery, Sale and Feed Stables
HAGEE Elizabeth, milliner
HAINS William W, insurance agt
HALE John S, dry goods and clothing
HALE William P, hats, caps, boots and shoes
HASSETT Patrick, Saloon, Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars, bet 2d and 3d, opp Postoffice
HATHAWAY Mills, dentist
HELDERLE George, saloon
HELM J H, physician
HENDRICKS J B & J E, druggists
HENESS Henry, tailor
HENNESS Maria, dressmaker
HICKS George W, mattress manufacturer
HIGGINS C B, physician
HILLER John R, live stock
Hinton & Co, brewers
HINTON & TALBOTT, basket manufacturers
HOLLAND John, saloon
HONG Sam, laundry
HUBER George, shoemaker
HUFF Walter A., dentist
HUMRICKHOUSE Ebenezer, county treasurer
HURTT Cass W, painter
HUTSEL John H, grocer
Indiana Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of sewing machine wood work; Aaron N DUKES, receiver
IRWIN David, poultry
JAMISON & CALKINS, Attorneys at Law, Main
JAMISON & Son, contractors
KARTHOLL & GERES, druggists
KEENAN Thomas, flour, feed and agricultural implements
KITTNER D & H, dry goods
KRATZER John C, jeweler
KREUTZER Jacob, queensware
KUCH Daniel, shoemaker
LARIMER J H, lawyer
LENFESTY Henry, Propr Tremont House, 8th nr Wabash Depot
LENHART John S, Furniture and Undertaker
LENTZ Bros, photographers
LEVI F & Co, notions
LEVI William, clothing
LEVI & COHEN, Rags, Metal and Junk and Secondhand Goods
LEWIS George, Propr Saw Mills Located s Peru; Manufactures 200,000 Feet Monthly, 10,000 feet Daily; Lumber of All Kinds Manufactured to Order; Orders Promptly Filled.
LOCKE J, spring bed maker
LOGUE J H, jeweler and optician
LOHMEYER Henry, grocer
Lovatt Thomas F, Founder and Machinist and Plow Manufacturer
LUCAS Charles A, agt W, St L& P R'y
McCAFFREY Michael & Co, grocers
McCLINTOCK & COLE, lawyers
McGRADY Charles, saloon
MARSH S S, physician
MEISSNER Henry Rev, (Catholic)
MELCHER John A, saloon
MENTZER Joseph, saloon
MERRICK George, furniture
Miami County Sentinel, FULWILER & COLE, Propr; the Oldest Paper in Miami County and the Official Organ of the Democracy
MILLER John H, blacksmith
MILLER J C Mrs, milliner
MILLER Levi & Co, flour mill
MILLER L D, meat marker
MILLER Ross O, live stock
MILLER & Son, shoemakers
MOHLER Oliver P, flour and feed
MOORE Henry D, Agt and Dealer in White Sewing Machines, E Main
MOREHOUSE Emmet, shoemaker
MORRIS Sanford, grocer
MORRIS Wilson, photographer
MORSE Edmund B, harness
MOSS Albert R, barber
MOSS Alexander, barber
MOSS Jennie, hair work
MOSS Robert, barber
MOWBRAY William E, Attorney at Law, Broadway opp Court House
MURPHY E C, supt W, St L & P R'y
MYERS Byron, insurance
MYERS Ira, postmaster
National Hotel, Andrew WEY, Propr; Rates $2 Per Day; Commercial Trade, Good Sample Rooms
NEFF Charles F, grocer
NELP George, meat market
NEWMAN William, saloon
NICHOLS & DRUMM, blacksmiths
O'DONALD Charles, books
ORD & Son, grocers and meats
PARKS Andrew J, sheriff
PARSONS Charles A, county clerk
PASSAGE Henry V, surgeon
PATTEN Ezra, Second Hand Goods at a Bargain
PAULY Jacob, saloon
PELKEY Robert, confectioner
Peru Bagging Company, manufacturers flax bagging
Peru Gas and Coke Company, gas manufacturers
Peru Manufacturing Company, George UPTON, Prest; C B RATHBUN, Sec and Manager; Manufacturers Sewing Machine Cabinet Work
Peru Republican, REED & LOCKWOOD, propr
PIERCE Thomas, city marshall
POMEROY H, lumber
Porter A1 M, Restaurant and Saloon, Choice Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Hot Tea and Coffee, Fresh Oysters and Roast Fowls; Prices Fair
RADEMAKER G H, fertilizer manufacturer
RADEMAKER John T, saloon
RADEMAKER Theodore, merchant tailor
RAYMOND William C, lumber
RAYMOND W C & Bro, druggists
REAM A A & Co, grocers
REAM John H, grocer and baker
REASONER Ethan T, county prosecuting attorney
REED Anson, Manufacturer of Mineral Water, Champagne Cider and Birch Beer and Ginger Ale
REED Courtland W, poultry
REED John W, saloon
REED & LOCKWOOD, propr Peru Republican
REISECKER Andrew, merchant tailor
ROOT Jacob, shoemaker
RULE William W, insurance agt
RUNYAN Richard D, county auditor
RUTERBAUGH Bros, hardware
RUTHERFORD Comfort E, physician
St James Hotel, William H SKINNER, Propr; Located at Junction of the Wabash Railway; Dining Hall and Lunch room
SAINE Joseph H, general store
SCHUMECHER Jacob, grocer
SEGFRED William, tailor
SEISLER John, meat market
SEYFERT John, blacksmith
SHEARER David L, grain dealer
SHELDON George B, photographer
SHIRK & MILLER, general store
SIDELL Sallie, dressmaker
SKINNER William H, Propr St James Hotel, Wabash Depot
SMITH Chris, shoemaker
SMITH M F, Machinist, Brass and Iron Founder. All Work Done in a
Workmanlike manner
SPINNING W V, Druggist 2d and Broadway. Dealer in Pure Drugs and Medicines, Wholesale and Retail. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded, Day or Night
SPITZNAGLE John, carriage manufacturer
SPOONER Jared, physician
SPURGEON Daniel B, sewing machines
STAFFORD Miles A, physician
STERNE H E & C F & Co, woolen mill
STEWART C Mrs, barber
STRAUSS Emanuel A, druggist
SULLIVAN & EAGLE, Carriage Manufacturers and Dealers; All styles; We build for the Farmers and Business Men alike; Office and Rooms, Canal nr Broadway
TAYLOR C M, barber
TAYLOR Oliver P, Gunsmith, Choke boring a Specialty; all work warranted; also Dealer in Guns, and Agt for Black Diamond Powder; ss W Broadway
TERFLINGER J V Rev, (United Brethren)
THATCHER J, carpet weaver
TODD William S, abstract of titles
TOPPING DeLoss, restaurant
TRACY Lafayette, Operating with Pierce & Morris' Feed Steamer for State of Indiana, a Steamer for Stock; will Save the Farmer Money; price, 25 cents
Tremont House, Henry LENFESTY, Propr, 8th nr Wabash Depot; this House has been Refitted and Refurnished, and is a First-class $1 per day House
TUDOR Stephen, produce
ULRICK Frederick, wagon manufacturer
UNDERWOOD Henry F, lawyer
WALKER Lyman, judge circuit court
WALLACE Benjamin E, livery
WALLPE Frederick, shoemaker
WATKINS Frank H, physician
WEBB Grover M, grocer
WEESNER William, blacksmith
WEESNER & Son, coal, flour and feed
WEIMER Benjamin F, agt. grocer
WEST Charles N, live stock
Western Telephone Company, C H BROWNELL, manager
Western and Pacific News Company, D L MOORE, agt
WEY Andrew, Propr National Hotel
WHITEFORD M M Rev, (Presbyterian)
WHITENBERGER Robert S, grain dealer
WILKINSON Dan, Planing Mill; Manufacturer Sash, Doors Blinds, Brackets, etc.
WOOD Valentine, live stock
YOUNG James, flour and feed

RESERVE. Name of the postoffice for the village of Peoria in Butler township, Miami county, on the Mississinewa river, 7 miles southeast of Peru, the seat of justice, bank location and shipping station. Population, 102. Ex., U. S. and Am. Noah MINNICK, postmaster.

BLACK F M, physician
HAHN John W, blacksmith
HAHN William H, plasterer
MINNICK Noah, General Store
PAUL Jonas W, wagonmaker
RAMSEY Albert, tile manufacturer
RAMSEY Samuel, physician
STUART & TAYLOR, flour mill

PETTYSVILLE. A village of 40 inhabitants on E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Richland township, Miami county, 11 miles northeast of Peru, the county seat. The banking place is Roann, Wabash county. A. J. Petty, postmaster.

Howe J C, saw mill
Huddleson Woodson, agricultural implements
Petty A J, Agt W, St L & P R'y
Petty Jerome, grocer and notions
Wayman John, lumber
Zehner W, flour mill

SANTA FE. Population, 200. A village in Butler township, Miami county, 9 miles southeast of Peru court house and nearest bank. North Grove, on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, 3 miles south is the shipping station. U. S. Ex. T. R. JONES, postmaster.

BUMFIELD William, blacksmith
HARBER D C, justice
HENDRICKS Jasper, plasterer
JONES T R, General Store
REES J N, general store
STOUT, REASE & Co, saw mill
THORN & THORN, flour mill
WILTMAN William, shoemaker

WAGNER'S STATION. Called also "Wagoners," on I., P & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Allen township, Miami county, 18 miles north of Peru, the county seat. The nearest bank is at Rochester. Population, 200. U. S. Ex. Semi-weekly stage to Green Oak. T. H. Jameson, postmaster.

Cook T W, saw mill
Feece H & Son, blacksmiths
Grissom A W Rev, (Christian)
Hoover & Son, flour mill
Jameson T H, general store, drugs, lumber, insurance, R. R. and Ex. Agt.
Savage William, live stock
Slusser S & Co, flour mill

WAWPECONG. Population, 235, 12 1/2 miles south of Peru, the seat of justice, situated in Clay township, county of Miami, 4 1/2 miles east of Bennett's Switch, on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, the shipping point; ships grain and lumber. Joseph MYGRANTS, postmaster.

BRADLEY Philip, Hotel
CASSINGHAM James, blacksmith
HANNMER & TUCKER, jewelers
HOFFENBERTH William, grocer, hotel and notions
HOLCOMB A, physician
LISTON J A, drugs and grocer
LISTON & ARNOLD, basket manufacturers
MAUGHMER G C, physician
MYGRANTS Joseph, General Store
SCHMUCKER & MILLER, saw and flour mill
SHROCK & KESSLER, saw mill
SMITH A F, physician
SWOVERLAND Levi, carriage, wagonmaker and blacksmith
TEEGARDEN E, saw mill

XENIA. (now Converse-my note) Is the location of 1,000 persons in Jackson township, Miami county, on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, 20 miles southwest of Peru, the county seat, and 20 northeast of Kokomo, either of which are used a banking places. It was settled in 1844, and contains Methodist, Christian and United Brethren churches, good graded school, 1 hotel, 1 tannery, 1 flour mill, 1 drain tile factory and a weekly newspaper--the Times. The principal shipments comprise lumber, grain and live stock. Ex., U. S. Tel. W. U. Richard POWELL, postmaster.

AYDELOTT & Son, Flour Mill
BABB George, saloon
BOND John, stoves and tinware
BRYAN William, barber
CARRELL W F, hotel
CLARK Elisha, lumber
COOPER Ellen M, dressmaker
COVERT John, wagonmaker
CRUMRINE W K M, dentist
DALE James W, grocer
DARBY Jemime E Mrs, dry goods
EWARD John W, lawyer
FLINN James E, grain dealer
HARRISON John E, clothing
HOOPER J J, tile manufacturer
KEYES A & J J, general store
KIMBALL Abner D, physician
KIMBALL Thomas C, physician
LANCASTER William C, baker
LEWIS David, cabinetmaker
LEWIS James J, confectioner
McCORMICK J S, Furniture
McILVAINE J Q, grain dealer
McKINNEY Patterson, shoemaker
McLANE Milton, tanner
MENDENHALL Daniel, general store
MENDENHALL Oscar A, Druggist
MICHAEL Aaron, blacksmith
MURPHY Leven J, funiture
O'CONNOR David, saloon
POWELL R & Bro, general store
RAUSMAN Henry J, General Store
RAYBURN John, blacksmith
REEL Aaron, meat market
REEVES L M, justice
REYNOLD Francis, physician
REYNOLDS C J, propr. Xenia Times
ROBINSON Robert K, physician
ST. CLAIR Jacob K, blacksmith
SMITH Cyrus Rev, (United Brethren)
STEPHENSON B B, physician
SULLIAVAN James L, jeweler
SWARTZ William, meat market
TILMAN Nelson T, druggist
WAMBURG George, barber
WEAVER Alfred B, restaurant
WRIGHT John M, druggist
Xenia Times, C J REYNOLDS, propr
ZEEK & KEASBY, millners
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