1920 - 1927

Anderson, C. A. DuBois, Lucretia 25 August 1927 Indianapolis IN
Andrews, Berneth Fidler, Kathryn 10 April 1925 Peru IN
Andrews, M. E. Newman, Zola M. 1 January 1921 Peru IN
Anglemyer, Jeremiah Kinsler, Frances (Mrs.) 1 October 1921 Rochester IN
Babcock, Warren Stuber, Lydia 26 January 1924 Peru IN
Baldwin, Arnold Wilson, Fay 4 September 1921 Denver IN
Baldwin, Arthur C. Hahn, Maude Alice 18 August 1926 Peru IN
Balsbaugh, William Newbold, Mary 14 February 1923 Mexico IN
Barrett, James Francis Mathias, Vada L 12 October 1922 Denver IN
Bartholomew, Royla Mayes, Agnes 16 March 1921 Mexico IN
Batchelor, Herbert Moon, Winifred 18 April 1926 Peru IN
Beehler, Earl Yeakley, Margaret 7 June 1925 Logansport, IN
Bell, Jesse J. Buri, Adah M. 1920 [not named]
Berger, Fred Day, Hazel 22 December 1923 Mexico IN
Berger, Guy Franklin Shaw, Della Mae 11 June 1921 [not named]
Berger, Lloyd H. McClain, Lillian Gail 22 February 1920 Gilead IN
Billhimer, Ora Ervin Leedy, Keturah Ella 2 August 1924 [license only]
Black, Loren Kendig, Esther 7 June 1923 Ashland OH
Bond, Lyman Smeltzly, Helen 6 May 1922 Mexico IN
Bryan, Fred Guise, Esther 16 June 1923 Denver IN
Bunnell, Ray E. Yoder, Maude A. 28 January 1922 Mexico IN
Byrt, Rev. C. A. Hill, Alda 17 April 1923 Logansport IN
Carrothers, Earl Bacon, Rhoda 24 September 1921 [not named]
Cashelman, Guy Irwin Baber, Beatrice 18 June 1922 Marion IN
Christy, Ralph Alderfer, Sylvia September 1925 Texas, OK
Clarkson, Raymond M. Tacoma, Edna 14 May 1922 Rushville IN
Cloud, Robert H. Earhart, Clara (Mrs.) 6 November 1922 Peru IN
Conner, Loren C. Raber, Beulah Fay 1925 [license only]
Connett, Charles F. Lacey, Hazel Paulyne 18 April 1920 Churubusco IN
Cornell, Jay Grimes, Marjorie 1 January 1920 Denver IN
Crist, Glen Wright, Lizzie 30 June 1923 Denver IN
Cruse, William O. Heck, Eva Marie 26 June 1922 Jackson MI
Cunningham, Joseph Lowrey, Hazel Eliz. 1925 [license only]
Darbin, Faye T. Gruwell, Dorothy 7 July 1924 Rochester IN
Davis, Guido Sellers, Helen 2 August 1920 Wabash IN
Derck, Grimes Benj. Sampsel, Theresa Fay 22 September 1920 Peru IN
Derck, Grimes Dawald, Edna 21 November 1925 Gilead IN
Dickerhoff, Glen Waggoner, Ethel 11 December 1926 [not named]
Donaldson, Robert E. Maus, Mabel Marie 27 October 1923 Denver IN
Earhart, Carl Mohler, Nellie 27 March 1921 Woolleytown IN
Ferguson, Edward M. Graft, Marjorie 8 January 1925 [not named]
Fillmore, Herbert W. Hill, Hazel 7 July 1921 [not named]
Fishback, Roscoe Kessler, Carroll 31 August 1923 St. Joe, Mich.
Fisher, Clayton Dukes, Treva 17 June 1925 Denver IN
Fisher, Omer G. Rowe, Mildred I. April 1925 [license only]
Fite, Fredrick M. Endsley, Elva M. 24 April 1920 Peru IN
Fite, Virgil R. Raber, Larie 13 January 1926 Plymouth IN
Flora, Ross Norris, Kathryn 4 March 1925 Denver IN
Gallahan, Vernon Ray Stowman, Leah 12 January 1921 Mexico IN
Gass, Claude Coulter, Nona 28 May 1921 [not named]
Goff, Ed Luckenbill, Loda 15 January 1924 Denver IN
Green, Lowell Harrey, Olive 17 August 1924 Denver IN
Green, Wesley V. Lulu, Anna 14 November 1923 Perrysburg IN
Greer, Alvin C. Kraning, Effie Elda 25 December 1926 [not named]
Greer, Donald Malcolm Davis, Mary Marshall 5 May 1925 Paris, France
Grimes, Gordon Ray, Grace 30 April 1921 Peru IN
Grimes, William Stomman, Blanch 1 January 1921 Peru IN
Grumpp, Carl Jacob Macy, Florence Edna 22 November 1923 [license only]
Haines, Russell D. Berger, Blanche 5 September 1925 Gilead IN
Hamman, James Jones, Susie O. 15 September 1926 Erie IN
Hancock, Alonzo Doud, Elizabeth Gladys 9 July 1921 Indianapolis IN
Harris, Ralph Ward Gruwell, Mamie L. 11 October 1924 Peru IN
Harter, Russell Fouts, Vilma 6 January 1921 Winona Lake IN
Hay, Norman Moody, Pansy December 1923 [not named]
Hendricks, Kent C. Imhoff, Edwin A. 1 February 1926 [not named]
Hilbert, Jesse J. Fair, Minnie 20 July 1926 Peru IN
Hill, John C. Morgan, Ida E. 1926 [license only]
Hoagland, James Berger, Ethel 3 April 1920 Mexico IN
Hoehu, Paul Skinner, Nellie 8 December 1920 Walton IN
Hoover, Orval Snell, Alma 19 September 1926 Twelve Mile IN
Hunt, Albert T. Johnson, Nell 25 December 1921 New Liberty KY
Imhoff, Charles O. Mikel, Gladys 29 May 1920 [not named]
Imhoff, Russell Butt, Mary Edith April 1926 [license only]
Imhoof, Abraham McGinnis, Marybelle 13 January 1923 Peru IN
Johnson, Herbert Cunningham, Ruby 22 November 1923 St. Joe, Mich.
Johnson, Joseph R. Brown, Inez 6 November 1924 Beamer IN
Johnston, Edgar L. Lacey, Faye Francenna 18 April 1920 Churubusco IN
Keel, Lester Jefferson, Mary 24 December 1924 St. Joe, MI
Kessler, Donald Marks, Afton Lavon 24 April 1926 Peru IN
Keyes, Ernest James Miller, Thelma F. 4 April 1923 Denver IN
Kinley, Fred Bowen, Florence 15 May 1920 Gilead IN
Kline, Charles Hopson, Fannie 4 February 1926 Johnson City TN
Kline, Robert Robinson, Hortense 30 September 1925 Denver IN
Kline, Wylton Dawson, Mary 4 July 1927 Michigan City IN
Kline, Harry Long, Beatrice 12 August 1922 Winona Lake IN
Knauff, Harry E. Grandstaff, Audrey 27 December 1924 Rochester IN
Kocher, James VanDusen, Edythe 15 August 1926 Denver IN
Kraning, John Kinzie, Mabel 24 November 1921 [not named]
Latta, Vernon Maus, Mary 27 June 1921 Mexico IN
Leedy, John H. Bell, Mabel E. 27 June 1923 Mexico IN
Lesher, Lee Van Dusen, Carolyn 5 December 1927 [not named]
Line, Dr. H. E. Ensley, LaVaughn 2 September 1926 Chili IN
Lockwood, Waldo E. Alspach, Hazel Nell 30 July 1921 Peru IN
Losher, Walter Benedict, Miss 20 January 1926 Mexico IN
Lutey, J. Ralph Sellers, Helen 9 September 1925 Monroeville IN
Mathias, Harry R. Hoover, Ethel M. 8 July 1923 Twelve Mile IN
Meeker, George E. Friedline, Ferol E. 29 May 1925 Monroeville IN
Mellinger, Herbert G. Fisher, Laura Belle 3 April 1920 Mexico IN
Metsker, Clay W. Rohrer, Mabel 29 April 1922 Tiosa IN
Miller, Earl Armstrong, Florence 6 August 1927 South Bend IN
Miller, Wayne K. Hartman, Mary E. 30 August 1924 Lafayette IN
Mitchener, John Guyer, Fern S. 3 June 1926 Peru IN
Montgomery, Kenneth St. John, Anna Marie 12 August 1925 Albany IN
Mullinix, Floyd F. Donaldson, Elizabeth 24 November 1926 Peru IN
Murphy, Clarence L. Gottschalk, Bertha M. 12 October 1920 Chili IN
Murphy, Earl Gearhart, Ruth 29 October 1924 Denver IN
Murphy, Wayne Fouts, Mildred 29 April 1926 Chili IN
Murry, John Hill Stowman, Vernice 17 April 1920 [not named]
Musselman, Donald Ditzler, Jennie 25 September 1924 St. Joseph MI
Norman, John R. Fouts, Marjory Doris 25 August 1926 [not named]
Ogden, Russell H. Ward, Hazel Luella 25 December 1920 Chili IN
Patterson, Norman L. Leffel, Carrie 12 June 1920 Peru IN
Peckham, Herman A. Dukes, Orma H. 7 August 1926 Ann Arbor MI
Pegan, Philip G. Frye, Dorothy V. 25 November 1922 Peru IN
Peppers, Fray Sarver, Clara 15 September 1926 Erie IN
Pontius, Charles H. Gilbert, Mary 25 January 1923 St. Joe, Mich.
Potts, Glenn Lacey, Ruth 27 August 1927 [not named]
Powell, Virgil Walter McElroy, Grace Pearl 18 October 1926 Peru IN
Ream, Herman See, Verna 19 December 1926 Mexico IN
Redmon, Willard L. Weise, Helen 1921 Denver IN
Robbins, E. W. Holton, Ruth 1924 Wabash IN
Robbins, Paul Smith, Helen 25 October 1924 Detroit MI
Robins, Charles E. Leedy, Sylvia 31 March 1923 Peru IN
Robinson, Neil Trent, Mildred (Mrs.) 22 May 1926 [not named]
Rodabaugh, Oren Mohler, Naomi 3 September 1927 Chili IN
Rody, Frank Benedict, Gladys 14 April 1921 Hillsdale MI
Rose, Homer Miller, Georgie 5 April 1924 [not named]
Rule, Glen K. Dukes, Alma 28 June 1922 Denver IN
Saine, Donald Broman, Esther 8 May 1921 Peru IN
Sarver, John Benedict, Helen 23 June 1923 St. Joe, Mich
See, Arnold Carver, Helen 25 September 1924 St. Joseph MI
See, W. Forry Raver, Mildred 8 September 1924 St. Joseph MI
Shafer, Walter Graft, Marie 26 December 1925 Peru IN
Shambarger, James Goodwin, Dorothea 16 July 1927 [not named]
Shoemaker, Dwight Leedy, May L. 5 June 1920 Peru IN
Shoemaker, LaFayette Eikenberry, Rebecca 26 April 1924 Denver IN
Smith, Charles Fetrow, Edith 25 June 1924 Chili IN
Smith, John G. Miller, Mattie E. 3 February 1923 Kokomo IN
Smith, Russell H. Donaldson, Esther 2 February 1923 [not named]
Staller, Ellis Fincher, Mabel 26 September 1926 Peru IN
Steffey, Lawton H. Ditch, Ethel 9 July 1923 [License Only]
Steward, Harrison B. Mathias, Alice Mae July 1923 Denver IN
Stoner, Noah Philabaum, Mildred 24 June 1923 Denver IN
Strouse, Edgar Brown, Georgia 24 February 1920 Baltimore MD
Sunday, John L. Swigart, Gertrude 14 November 1925 Logansport IN
Sylvester, Clive Musselman, Marilou 12 October 1926 Chili IN
Tharp, Edgar L. Wright, Sappho 10 May 1923 Denver IN
Thomas, J. O. Garritson, Nellie Mae 2 July 1925 Denver, IN
Turner, Elmer Allen Clegg, Emma Jean 28 August 1923 Louisville KY
VanDusen, Lester Waggoner, Louella 21 November 1925 Denver IN
Ward, Ralph Mohler, Chloe 31 May 1924 Rochester IN
Warren, Joseph W. Stover, Mary (Mrs.) 9 May 1925 Peru IN
Waters, Clarence L. Leedy, Anna Fay 30 August 1920 [not named]
Webster, Robert Lindersmith, Lucy February 1921 [not named]
Wetherow, E. B. Parkhurst, Maud 26 June 1921 Indianapolis IN
Whitney, Glen Ogle, Arvilla 20 April 1922 St. Joe, Mich.
Wiles, Ralph R. Berger, Ruth F. 1 January 1920 Mexico IN
Williams, Milford W. Ogle, Jenette 10 February 1920 Ft. Wayne IN
Wilson, Milton W. Harris, Vera June 29 June 1923 Mexico IN
Wright, Woodkirk Croft, Ailee 25 August 1923 Chantahoocha
Yarian, John Dillman, Ruby 1 January 1925 [not named]
Yarian, Roy Dewald, Margaret 24 December 1927 Denver IN
Zimmerman, Clarence Weller, Mildred Marie 24 November 1920 [not named]

Denver Tribune Marriages 1920-27
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