Long-abandoned Private Burial-Ground
Northeastern corner of WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, which is in the 
southeast-central part of CASS COUNTY about 4 miles east-southeast of Logansport, Indiana. 

"PARK", or on south part of "G. H. Matthews" 21.73 acre farm, earlier a part 
of the JOSIAH BUTLER farm.

N. E. 1/4 of N. E. 1/4 of section FOUR, township 26 North, Range Two 
East, of 2nd Indiana Principal meridian.

South-southwest of outlet-dam of Sportsman's League's artificial lake,and in a small woods 
on south terrace of MINNOW CREEK, nearly a quarter of a mile west of Kelley's Ditch
(tributary to Minnow Creek), and immediately east of the hollow (or ravine-valley) of a 
smaller (and seemingly nameless) run (likewise tributary to Minnow Creek). Between Minnow 
Creek and a winding road which runs in an easterly direction through the northeastern 
quarter of said section 4.  About 200 feet west of the boundary-line between the N.E. 1/4 
of Section 4 and the N.W. 1/4 of Section 3, on which boundary-line a lane --- leading to 
the east-end-of-the-lake -- goes north, and the previously mentioned winding road itself 
abruptly turns south, and soon crosses the Pennsylvania Railroad track (which said winding 
road had been virtually parallelling) this long-abandoned and now almost entirely 
forgotten little pioneer family burial-ground is about 3/4 of a mile northwest of the 
overhead viaduct which carries a road across the the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks at ANOKA
JUNCTION.  Cemetery is less than one mile and a quarter west of the Washington-Tipton 
township-line, and is practically due south of (and immediately across Minnow Creek from) 
the extreme southwest corner of the LANGLOIS (INDIAN TREATY) RESERVE which is on the south 
side of Wabash River and contains what is today known as DYKEMAN SPRINGS PARK.  The exact 
size of this little cemetery is not now determinable; but the couple of little marble 
slabs (and several graves) are said to have been in the shade cast by two nut-bearing 
trees (a fair-sized walnut and a smaller HICKORY), which are some what conspicuous in this 
little open wooded or woodland pasture.  These trees are a hundred feet or more NORTH of 
the wagon-road, and 150 feet or more south of the dam.  Almost due south of the cemetery, 
and on the north side of the wagon-road, is an oddly forking sycamore tree, the two trunks 
of which form a rather conspicuous letter y (or, perhaps, V; for they separate only a few 
feet above the ground).  About 3/10ths of a mile west, and likewise on the north side of 
the wagon-road, is a one-story brick house owned by Margaret and Jud Mathews or Matthews, 
and tenanted (October 16, 1940 ) by George Sholty.  A shorter distance east but across 
the line and in section 3, is a farm-house on the Tousley farm, now tenanted by George's 
brother Jas. Sholty.
On visiting this long-abandoned little cemetery, the present writer finds only the 
substantial base of one missing slab, and a few very small broken fragments of what may 
have been tombstones.  But in the museum of the local historical society was found a 1907 
record by the late historian Dr. J. Z. Powell, a record which reports his having then, 
nearly a third of a century ago, found (sunken?) graves for several members of the family 
of JOSIAH BUTLER, and two fallen slabs giving the following information:


	Butler, Mary A.		-----		2-13-1864	Aged 1 year, 8 mo., 10 	
									days.  Dau. of W. S. & 
									E. G. Butler.

	Butler, (infant boy).	-----		11-30-1860	Aged five Son of W. S. & 
									U. C. Butler.
This report by R. B. Whitsett, Jr., L'ANGUILLE VALLEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION, Logansport, 
and R. M. Logan.  After consultation with George Sholty, Miss Tousley Asa Ryan, etc.	

This report was input by Rebecca Miller February 15, 2007 for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.

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