In northeastern TIPTON TOWNSHIP , in eastern CASS COUNTY

in north-central INDIANA and about 2 miles northeast [as the crow flies] of the town of ONWARD. 

On Nov. 6, 1838 a treaty between the U.S. government and the Miami Indians was made & expressly reserved for the widely known Miami Indian leader, J. B. RICHARDVILLE and recorded in the history of Cass County as Reserve No. 4. This is a 640 acre rectangular tract which lies near Cass County ’s extreme eastern edge & a little over a mile south of the Wabash River . There are 5 distinct reserves contributed to J.B. Richardville including one which lies in Tipton township.  Near the N.E. corner of the S.E. 160 acres of this 640 acre tract and on what was on [Apr., 22, 1942]  known as the Tellmit Estate farm inhabited by Mr. Phillip Hines we are informed by our field-worker (former state legislator-Will J. Price) of Walton, IN that no fewer than six very old slabs of which are uprooted, broken, displaced or fallen but plainly indicate that there was in Pioneer days a small American family or neighborhood burial ground somewhere in this vicinity though the exact location of the graves is unknown.

  Of the six slabs only two had decipherable inscriptions in 1943 & they were lying next to a tree trunk in a rough, woodsy and little visited knoll in a forest of rotting & decaying timber.

Cemetery lied about 160 rods or 1/2 mile W. of the Cass-Miami county line, the slabs are only about 40 rods N.N.E. of the N.W. flowing PIPE CREEK, a stream which drains this 640 acre reserve and joins the Wabash River opposite the village of Lewisburg about midway between Logansport and Peru, IN. This stream was somewhat famous for its waterfalls, being a favorite of the Miami Indians who had named it {PHAW-KAE-MA], which in the Native-American language means Calumet or Smoking-pipe or Tobacco pipe.

The old primeval forest having been replanted with a second or even fourth growth of timber is not used as a pasture and is lively with wildlife as a sanctuary as it must have been when the pioneers were originally interred here.

It’s probable that the grave markers now lie in the N.W.1/4 of the 1/4 section 10, T.27N. R.3E. though the graves may lie in a different quarter section.

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Chambers   Eli      10/01/1846     Aged 34-6-24


1941 editorial Comment by R.B.Whitsett Jr.:

The name Chambers is unfamiliar in this part of Cass County today. No biographical sketch of this pioneer family exists. Research among old Logansport court house records sheds a little light on this person. On Aug., 1, 1845, the State of Indiana issued Eli Chambers a patent part of the Wabash Erie Canal lands very near to this old slab’s present location and known as M.E. Tract. Lot 2, S.E. 1/4 Sec.3, F.25.N. R.3E. [35.87 acres], & also S.E. Fraction. Lot 3, S.E. 1/4, Sec.3, T.26N. R.3E. of [54.16 acres].    

  Letters of administration on Eli Chambers estate were issued to George & Henry Puterbaugh.  Eli Chambers left a widow who became guardian of certain of his heirs and tell of a house, of an inventory of his effects, and of the sale, which many residents of both Miami and Cass counties attended. Estate records mention an Elizabeth  Chambers and Catherine Chambers but research didn’t disclose which of these women were the widow of Eli.{transcriber comment: Paperwork doesn’t disclose what the relationship of either of these women were to Eli, wives, sisters, etc.]

   On Nov. 7, 1948, Sam Puterbaugh was allowed $7.50 by the court for his having furnished “toomstones” which may indicate that there was a small footstone in addition to a headstone at Eli’s grave.

   Estate records mention “ Lost Creek Township ,” Miami County , Ohio and a town of    TROY (perhaps in OH also), which might provide clues to Eli’s previous or ancestral homes.

  The final report on Eli’s Estate is on P. 44, Probate Record Book C in Cass County , IN., court house vaults.

One or more persons also reports that Puterbaugh’s were also buried here though no decipherable slabs were found to support that report. The Puterbaugh family were prevalent in this area & it is sure that they were neighbors & may have been closely related through marriage or by blood to the Chambers Family.


R.J.B.Whitsett Jr.


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