In Southwest-Central JEFFERSON Township of Western CASS County , INDIANA   


Near the south edge of Sec.21, T.27 N., R.1 W. & about midway between Sec. 21’s S.W. & S.E. corners. Along the shore of Lake Cicott & the west shore of a cove (or small bay) where the lake extends southward toward the east-to-west State Highway 24 [Monticello to Logansport]. The shore is sandy and steep with a headland towering about 35 ft. above the average lake level. The headland is forested with oak & other trees. About 125 ft. N. [on the south side] of Hwy. 24 is the Great Lakes Foundry Sand Co.’s plant. This plant is served by the PA.  100 yards further east is the PA Railroads switch & runs from ( Logansport-to-Peoria , IL except in times of high water when the lake floods certain swampy lowlands far to the west & south toward S.H.24. that lie west of the cemetery.  It floods in such a way that with the bay, the cemetery almost appears to be an island, which lies near the west end at the south shore of the lake.

The cemetery’s location may be given to passing motorists as follows. “The cemetery is near the west end of the south shore of the lake. It is 125 ft. N. of Hwy. 24 at the point on the hwy. where the 2 long lines of guard-rail [made of  heavy cable] are located on both the S.W. & S.E. sides of the cemetery.”

The lake’s recreational facilities are located on the south shore at Cicotta Beach , across the cove to the East. It has a longer headland but is high & sandy & in the summer months is extremely busy unlike the [West] cemetery woods side of the lake which is far more secluded & less frequented even though it is quite near.   

Looking N.E. from the cemetery is a charming view, overlooking the entire lake, you can see the Methodist church; Jefferson Twp’s. Consolidated school & the entire north end of the little hamlet formerly known as Lakeville but now is Lake Cicott .

The pioneers, no doubt, thought this an ideal place to lay to final rest their loved ones at this spot overlooking the one of the prettiest natural lakes in southern Indiana .


Partial comments of  R.B.W.J.  : March 31, 1941, this long-ago abandoned little pioneer cemetery was found to be in a depressing state of total neglect. A deplorable neglected state, nearly all of the stones fallen & scattered. He wandered around the cemetery for quite some time looking for all evidence of other stones & did find one for William A. Wimer (see notes). All of the little old slabs & monuments were down & some of them broken & displaced from the graves they were intended to mark. The fence which surrounded this little cemetery has all but disappeared.


Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Age Relation *Images
ADAMS Rebecca  22 Oct 1831  9 Apr 1853  21  w/o Gideon  
BELL Nancy [Spencer]    26 Jan 1849    w/o Major Daniel Bell [see notes]  
GALAWAY Sarah C    25 Oct 1844  15  d/o T & N  
GAREY Samuel H.    20 Jan 1871  60?   [see notes]  
GAREY Wm. H.  21 Apr 1837  24 Dec 1874  37   [see notes]  
GAREY ? R. Caroline ?      2   [footstone says R.C.G.]  
HERMAN Christia A.  28 Aug 1840  28 Jan 1861  20  w/o Abram B.  
JERRELL Elizabeth    29 Nov 1866  25  [w/o R.?]  
T. L.    1863    [? Footstone for Tam, Lemuel] d.1863  
TAM Violet  13 Jun 1817  11 Jul 1851  34  w/o Lemuel [see notes]  
WIMER Caroline  11 Feb 1836  27 Sep 1865  29  w/o J.W.  
WIMER Frances [Huffman]  16 Feb 1834  19 Nov 1855  21  w/o J.W.  
WIMER Infant Daughter  24 Sep 1864  8 Oct 1864  14 DA  d/o J.W & C.  
WIMER William A  7 Feb 1853  5 Apr 1853  57 DA    


Nancy Spencer Bell: Wife of Major Daniel Bell. He survived her & remarried. He is buried in The Sprinkle Methodist cemetery in Jackson Twp.

[Editorial: Nancy Spencer was a daughter of Captain Spier Spencer who was killed in the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe [while leading the famous Corydon “Yellow Jackets” against the Indians headed by the prophet Shawnee ].  Nancy was a sister of Matilda Spencer who became the 2nd wife of the famous [U.S. Senator, General, Legislator, Fraternal Leader, Indian Agent, Etc.  John Tipton, [who like Bell had served as a “Yellow Jacket”].  The Bells left Corydon and settled in Putnam Co., bet. 1824-1827 but in early 1827 became the First American settlers between the Eel & Wabash River ’s near Logansport . In 1830 they moved to Louison Reserve north of the Eel River near Logansport & in 1835 to near Georgetown [south of the cemetery].

Christia A. Herman: Top of carved with a strikingly beautiful rose & under her age, inscribed-

“Thou art gone to the grave; we no longer behold Thee,

   Nor Tread the rough path of the world by Thy side,

   But the wide arms of Mercy are spread to enfold Thee;

   And sinners may hope since the sinless has died.”

Gary/Gaby: d: 10/07/1852 Aged 2 yrs. An old broken slab & another broken stone says, “R. Caroline” but last name is missing. “Whitsett” comments. That they found a footstone says [“R.C.G.” & questions if this is all one grave, that of Caroline R. Gary, d/o H? & M.A. Gary or Gaby?

Transcriber Note: I checked the USC & found no one who fits H. Gary or H. Gaby in Cass or the neighboring Co’s. It is likely that this is a d/o Samuel H. & his wife. Mary A. Garey

  Gary/Garey: Stuart’s History of the Wabash Valley Pg. 198 & 199: says “A Sam Gary living north of Lake Cicott & that Sam’s son “William” was the lock-tender on the Wabash & Erie Canals south of Lake Cicott .”

Wm. H. Carey [Garey]:

[Ben Stuart’s “History of the Wabash   Valley ,” p.198 “William GARY, civil war vet. as a canal-lock tender.”

 Gov’t. stone reads “W.H. Carey “Co.D. 46th Ind. Inf.” (could be old stone was mis-read or carved wrong)

 Civil War Nat. Park Service Soldiers & Sailors: Garey, William H. 46 Reg. IN Inf.

 Transcriber Note: Ben Stuart probably mis-spelled Garey as I found the following 

USC: 1870 Jefferson Twp., Cass Co., IN: Samuel H. Garey  59 <1811> born N.J. h/o Mary A. 61<1813> b. N.J. & son William H. Garey 32<1838> b.N.J. farmer 

 There was a William Carey in the Civil War database but he was 17th Ind. Artillary & no middle name H. who was born in IN & lived in Cass Co.

Carey, William H. : 1860 Clay Twp., Cass Co., IN 33<1827> b. IN farmer 

With family w/Eliz., Amy Geo., Eumia & Matilda Washington

Violet Tam: “She lived a short but Pleasant Life, And died a Christian Death.”

Wimer, William A.: R.B.Whittset Jr. found this displaced stone 160 ft. W. of the cemetery’s N.W. corner where he presumed that someone had carried it

Tam, Lemuel: 1860 USC Jefferson Twp., Cass Co., IN 70 b. Delaware & living in the Isaac W. Thompson home.

This report was input by Pat Fiscel February 2007 for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.

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