Cemetery lies two miles slightly west and due south of Lucerne , Indiana ,   in the N.W. 1/4 of the N.W. 1/4 of Section 34, T. 26 N., R.1.E.

Cemetery is in southern HARRISON Township, of northern CASS County , in north-central, INDIANA .

Although the church was in active operation at the time of the field-work, no interments had been made in this churchyard cemetery for at least 60 years [1881-1941?]. Deed record H. p. 424, Logansport, Cass County courthouse  indicates Samuel Wilson on 3-26-1844 deed this land to David  Pinkerton, Robert Montgomery and to HIMSELF as trustees of Concord Church, [organized 5-1-1843] by “New School” persons who had been members of Indian Creek Presbyterian Church, which latter church had long since disbanded].

 The graves are on the South & West edge in the S.W. corner of the church premises,. The church is on the South side of Indian Creek Road &  east of the road which runs north-to-south  to a point near [but west of] the town of Lucerne which is traversed by an east-to-west State road 16 to Huntington.  Many of the graves are over-grown with large elm trees.

  Miss Adaline P. McCrea recorded this cemetery shortly before May 15, 1941 noting that certain grave markers she remembered from her childhood seemed to be gone now.

Mr. Elihu Hanna, an early settler of this region was the source for the statement, “that there are graves all along the western edge of the churchyard from it’s S.W. corner all the way to the E-to-W road.”

                                           The original report was prepared by

Secretary, Robert B. Whitsett Jr.

 Committee on the Association for Cemetery Research

L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association

500 Front Street ,

Logansport , Indiana for the

Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis , Indiana



This typed report appears to have been done on a typewriter in desperate need of a new ribbon or perhaps acidic paper was used because many of the letters are wholly or partly missing making it difficult to make out many of the names and dates.

Vaneman, James D: This gentleman was a kinsman of Norman Myers formerly of Nobles Twp., & Claude Myers of R.R. 1, Lucerne, IN

Kerns, Mary: Local historian said she had a son, [E?} C. Kerns

In the writings of the late local historian Dr. J.Z. Powell mentioned a

JAMES D. VERNON who died in 1859 & this may be a more complete but less accurate reading of the James D. Vaneman headstone which is so badly damaged. Old maps do show a Pioneer family named Vaneman  who were quite active in this locality.

 Persons with an interest in the Pinkerton family are encouraged to check the Pinkerton Burial Place Report on file with the L’A.V.M.A. or the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis , IN.









A small child, undecipherable




A small child, undecipherable


Mary [Mrs]


Ae.40-1-24 w/o Simon P.


James D.


Badly broken


Dimi[e or c] M.


Ae. 21 yrs. [or Bimick?]


David or Daniel


Ae. 40 yrs.]

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