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Cemetery located [1940] on the A. J. DAVIS Farm about 50 ft. S.W. of a  West running road in the west part of George Cicott Reserve, about 150 ft. North of the Davis home. The farm house is about a 1/4 of mile W. or N.W of the hamlet of GEORGETOWN which lies on the N. or N.W. bank of the Wabash river and which in the time of the Wabash & Erie Canal was quite well-known but is now off-the-beaten-path at a point where the stream is crossed by long, modern [1912] concrete bridge in Southern JEFFERSON township, in western CASS County.

The Long ago cemetery, abandoned for burial purposes, used to be an orchard but most of the trees are gone [1940] & is in a state of neglect with the only remaining monument [an old slab], being fallen down.

This farm cemetery was once owned by McClelland & than by James Gordon who owned a warehouse on the Wabash-Erie Canal  

Fieldwork was done by Miss Mary Shultz with the report being submitted to the INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY on November 12-1940 by the L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association, 500 Front Street , Logansport , Indiana

Name                                  Died              Notes

McClelland, Helen Mary   11/23/1938    Aged 10 months & 3 days

Inscription: “Suffer the Little Children, etc.”

Comment: stone probably came from Philadelphia & was broken from the base & lying on the ground.

Other burials are here but the stones are gone

 Editorial Comment: A record found in the C. C.H.S. museum in Logansport, By the  Local historian, Dr. J.Z. Powell, wrote about 1907, “ the widely known Major Daniel Bell, who was prominent in the early history of Cass Co.[as one of  Logansport’s earliest settlers], buried 2 of his own children here [near his house], in the 1830’s or early 1840’s. in the present [1907] orchard of [Wm.] Max Gordon, just north of Georgetown & on the hill.”                        

                                Bell , Child  1835-1842

                                Bell , Child   1835-1842

Note: Major Daniel Bell was b. Washington Co., PA March 7, 1788 & later lived in Bourbon, KY and Harrison & Putnam counties, IN. [C.F. Kingman: Atlas of Cass Co., IN 1878  p.28


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