Tp.28 N; R 2 E; N.W.1/4 of N.W. 1/4 of Sec.6. Bethlehem Township .  From the N.W. corner of the twp., go E. on County-Line Road & in edge of the woods to your right [South], as you go up the hill, is the grave of.” [Inscription copied from tombstone is now obliterated.]                                  TREEN, EIZABETH,

Wife of J.G. Treen,

Born Mar.6, 1787   Died Feb.14, 1848.

Aged   60 yrs.11 mos.8 days.


Relative of Mrs. Adams, of Lucerne , Ind. , copied & compiled & presented by Mrs. Sarah E.B. Shafer, Logansport , Ind.


Editorial Comment: by Robert B. Whitsett, Jr.

The Cemetery is located on the John BURGMAN farm about midway between the Harrison Twp. Line & John Burgman farm-house. This is an almost forgotten early burial ground in which seven persons are said to be interred. No monuments of any sort remain. Several persons living in this vicinity are unaware that a burial ground exists in these little woods that lie along side of & just south of County Line Road which separates Fulton & Cass County .

  The cemetery is on the N.E. Terrace of the hollow of the S.W. flowing grass “Bluegrass Creek” now known as Gault Ditch. An Old-timer tells me that many years ago a couple of workmen [names forgotten] who were widening county line road uncovered two skeletons which they promptly re-interred them on the opposite side of the road [North] in “ Fulton County !” If this statement is true, than this cemetery now lies partly in Wayne Twp., Fulton Co., IN.

  On learning of this many years ago, some persons [names unknown] from Logansport, came to this lonely little cemetery, [wrongly presuming that the woods were going to be cleared for cultivation] & took it upon themselves to enter this lonely little cemetery & to remove from it [to places unknown] the little slab bearing the above inscription & was the only one remaining at that time & the only tangible proof that a cemetery exists here.

  The L’A.V.M.A. cemetery research team tried to trace, locate or obtain a reading from that last little old slab with the result reported above. Although the location of the slab is unknown to me, the typed data on the other side is said to be an accurate & reliable reading of the weathered inscription. [From an independent source, we have successfully been able to verify the death date but were able to verify the birth date or the aged of death.

  The late historian, Dr. J.Z. Powell is authority for a statement that “the beginning of 1845 or at least the decade beginning 1840, this cemetery was opened, [almost immediately after the Potawatomi Indians had evacuated this neighborhood], and by a Mr. George Julian.” The final interment made here is said to have been made in 1855, before the Civil War. Although our L’V. Group made a thorough search of the woods where this last slab is said to have been, no indications of any grave, monument, slab (not even stone fragments) were found.






R.B.Whitsett, Jr.



This report was input by Pat Fiscel April 2007 for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.

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