KEMP Burial Ground
(Long abandoned cemetery in Jackson Township, Cass County) was located about 3 miles west- northwest of GALVESTON, Indiana, on what was commonly called the Joe Gray Farm (though now owned by Clyde Miller [1940s].)

After some study of early maps and deed-records (though none list a cemetery), present reporter is ... to suspect that this little cemetery was near or on extreme north edge of said northeast quarter of Section 25, and in or adjoining what is today a little stumpy woods on south side of an easterly-westerly road .... is here angling a bit west-northwestward rather than due west), at or near boundary-line between section 24? and 25. The Kemp cabin or cabins are thought to have been near this place, which is southwest of, ..... road from, a very large red barn on which is now (April 10, 1941) prominently painted the name: G. B. ........, --- which large barn is straight west of the previous mentioned Jesse Conwell home.


L'Anguille Valley Memorial Association
Logansport, Indiana

Comments by Debby:
The report is in very poor condition. Much of it is missing. The cemetery is missing as well. They may have discovered small fragments when looking for the cemetery, but there was not much there. I have heard that the location is currently a barn lot.

See the report that I had to work with. kemp01.jpgkemp02.jpg

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