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           Additions were made from old tombstone readings.  Many graves were relocated to the newer Galveston IOOF.  On a visit made in fall 2008, the cemetery looked much as it did in 1999 with the exception of the memorial stones to each veteran erected and the flag pole.
This cemetery index comes from a reading started April 7, 1999 by Debra L. Beheler and Jeffrey D. Smith and from a 1940's reading of Meeks. This Cemetery is southeast of the town of Galveston in what was known to us in the 60's as Hodson's woods. I have seen many cemeteries in terrible condition, but this one made them look good. The condition was appalling. At least 75% of the markers were not erect and many were damaged. The terrain is rough with many sunken areas. General mainentance had apparently not been done in many years, but two years ago, in 1997, it was even worse. - An article published in the Logansport Pharos Tribune on Monday, May 26, 1997, tells of a group of volunteers who had been cleaning out brush and thickets for a month. They also uncovered stones which had sunken into the ground. There is still so much work that needs to be done to undo the many years of neglect. 

Time, neglect and perhaps vandalism have taken their toll on this old cemetery.

Known Burials A-Z
Footstones found in early reading:


by Jehu Powell 1913

This is said to be the oldest burial ground in Jackson township. It is situated about one-half mile southeast of Galveston in the northwest 1/4 Sec. 34.

Daniel C. Flynn entered this land in 1848 and Thos. H. Hansberry bought it October 27, 1848. 0n May 12, 1853, Hansberry sell to Wm Ramsey and in the deed reserved one-half acre as a burial ground - and in all subsequent deeds this reservation has been made, but this burial ground has never been conveyed to any individual, trustee or corporation. It was used as a burial ground years before the land was entered.
This graveyard is located on a knoll on the east side of the road but prior to 1849 the interments were made on the west side of the wagon road and the first burial was the body of Jacob Myers in the winter of 1843. He was a huter and lived just west of Galveston on the old Fickle farm. This was a heavy wooded country and abounded in bears, wolves, deer, mink and other wild animals. Mr. Myers went south to Wild Cat creek on a hunting expedition, wher Kokomo now stands and purchased some "tanglefoot." That and the excessive cold overcame him on his return, three miles from home where he froze to death in the depths of the forest. His dog came home alone, which aroused the suspicions of his family and they instituted a search; the dog pointing the way and Mr. Myers was found, covered with sleet and snow, frozen to death, and was buried in the woods, about twenty rods west of the present cemetery on the west side of the road. Here also were buried, two of the McCombs family and Sarah, wife of Joseph Walters prior to 1849. Quite a number of other interments were made here but when Mr. Hansberry bought the land in 1848 or 1849 he set apart the beautivul knoll, the present cemetery site, and some of the persons buried west of the road were removed, but many still sleep in their original forest graves, oblivious to the tread of the plowman.

This graveyard is now enclosed by a wire fence in the midst of an open woodland pasture field, grown up with weeds and vines and sadly neglected as are the majority of the small pioneer burial places in Cass county. It is now seldom used and most of the people in this neighborhood have lots in the new cemetery north of Galveston and many removals have been made, but there are probably two hundred graves remaining. We copy the earliest inscriptions on markers:
Wife of E. Davis, June 12, 1850.
Peggy, wife of Isaac Thomas, 1851.
Wife of Dennis Watkins, 1851.

George and Byron Knight, who were killed by the Lucas brothers, while resisting arrest by United States officers during the Civil war are buried here.

List of soldiers:
Henderson Berry; Co F, 12th Ind. Cav.
T. B. Martin; Co H, 13 Ind. Cav.
L. B. Lee; Co. B, 40 Ind. Cav.
B. K. Knight; Co. A, 54 Ind. Cav
T. B. Knight; Co. H, 153 Ind. Cav.
Noah Snyder, Co. D, 8 Ind. Cav.

  This cemetery was rededicated on May 28 2000. Many of the stones have been reset. New memorials to the veterans buried here were placed earlier in 2000 and a flagpole was erected.

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