Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery

150N & 340E, Clay Township, Cass County, Indiana

This index is not complete and contains information mostly on people interred here prior to 1941.  It is my hope that we will be able to create a more complete database at a later date with photographs of headstones.  Submission of photos, obituaries, additions and corrections are welcome.  Please be sure to mention the cemetery name with your submission.  Send to Debby.

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 This cemetery has been in use since at least the Mexican War Period is in the churchyard of a widely known thriving N.E. Central CASS COUNTY , rural church. Cemetery is on the South side of an unpaved east-west county highway, which marks the northern limit of the NORTHWEST QUARTER of the SOUTHWEST QUARTER of SECTION 16 of TOWNSHIP 27 NORTH of RANGE TWO EAST of the second Indiana principal meridian. It is on high ground which commands a view (to the west), of the hollow of an east fork of TICK CREEK, a tributary of EEL River . It is about 1 1/4 miles N. of EEL river & abt. 2 miles due W. of the Hamlet of ADAMSBORO. It is in S.W. central CLAY TOWNSHIP .

 Fieldwork was done by a number of the members of the local Bethel Methodist church congregation, including Mrs. Grace Alder, Mrs. Harry Johnson & niece, Miss Catherine Dickerson, Mr.  & Mrs. Everett Cook and son,  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowman, working under the direction of & assisted by Mr. ____Kline of R.R.#4, Logansport, IN., member of the L’ANGUILLIE VALLEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION RESEARCH COMMITTEE.

Field work was independently checked & the following type-written report was prepared (and checked) through the courtesy of former state senator and L’ANGUILLIE VALLEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION member Roscoe Martin, 202 4th St. , Logansport , IN. Work was done during the summer of 1941. Careful Attention was given to both the row and lot numbers.

  This old, quite large, rural cemetery is quite beautiful and well kept, though some markers were totally undecipherable & several which may have had wooden or other types of markers which no longer exist. There are several fallen, broken & crumbled slabs buried beneath overgrown sod. Yet this cemetery is so somewhat beautiful & well kept.

 This report was respectfully submitted by R.B. Whittsett Jr., on September 1, 1941 to the


Indianapolis , Indiana


Transcriber Notes: Few attempts were made to indicate spouses, shared monuments, poetry & epitaphs or to describe monuments. The report states “that careful attention was paid to both Row and Lot numbers.” However several Rows 3, 5, 7, 8 have no lot #’s recorded in the report.  In some cases it appears that the Lots have been mis-numbered   Used Lot & grave numbers assigned by field workers & added those that appear to have been missed based upon the above proposed format in order to help designate family groups after doing an alphabetical sort.

  The report also typed married women with maiden names last.  This report puts indexes the married name with previous surname in the column with the first name.

Missing / undecipherable markers

R1- L1, L3, L4  

R2- L1 G2; L7-G7-G10

R6- L5 G2; L7-G2, G3 & G4; L13

R8-L1 vacant; L8 vacant;

R9-L2 vacant


Ball, Lafayette: per IGI b:07/24/1843 Pittsburgh , Allegheny , PA

                                     d: 07/23/1932 Kewanna, Fulton , IN

                                bur: Bethel Cem., Clay Twp., Cass , IN

                            Parents: David & Mary (DeMoss) Ball

DeMoss, Mary J. Foglesong –A broken & partly buried Beautiful old pure White Marble slab . After earth & turf have been cleared away from the top of this monument, we find carved upon it, A weeping willow tree & Urn with “ All Ye Strangers that Pass by, as You are Now so Once was I. As I am now, so you must be, So Prepare for Death and Eternity.”


Early Pioneers & Military Veterans

Editorial Comment: In his tireless quest for former soldiers & our locality’s earliest pioneers, the late Dr. J.Z. Powell, local historian, took a stroll through this interesting old cemetery, (1907-1912) and jotted them down in his ever-ready notebook. Several names & dates, which the L’Anguille- Valley Memorial Association reproduced are included in this report because of the likelihood that  this data (compiled  a quarter to a third of a century ago),  may shed light on a few stones which were, (in 1941) found to be completely undecipherable.  R.B. Whitsett Jr.

  Transcriber Comment: I have divided the list into Pioneers (those not noted as Soldiers) & those specifically noted as Soldiers or with military notes.

  In cases of discrepencies between the (L= L’Anguille & the P= Powell reading, I will list both readings. Also, those noted on this page who do not appear in the current cemetery transcript are those from Powell’s earlier reading.

Early Pioneers             P=Powell & L=L’Anguille

Last         first             birth               death       source

Barnett, Asbury              08/05/1818       12/15/1889    L

Barnett, Asbury                                                 1883    P

L.  Bringhurst, W. Henry               1824                            1903  

L.  DeMoss, Peter J.                                                 8/20/1855 Aged 48y.10m.27d. 

P.  Flory, Emanuel              12/26/1800                  11/15/1849                                  

L.  Flory, Henry (s/o Emanuel)                                         1844    

L.  Flory, Henry (died ae.6yrs)                                10/07/1844   

L.  Julian, Nathan                 02/17/1799                 09/12/1872                  

L.  Julian, Tobias                  01/23/1822                 07/07/1889      

L.  LaRose, Noah S.             05/27/1817                 04/05/1886     

P.  White, Bately                                                      10/01/1857 Aged 64

L.  White, Bately                                                      10/01/1852  Aged 64y.5m.





Last-First                               Birth          Death                            Company               

L. Ball, Lafayette, (Corp.)      1843               1932                 Civil War- K.  99  Reg.   Ind. Inf.         

C. & L.  Barnett, Albert, (Pvt.)                                                       Civil War- B. 142 Reg.   Ind. , Inf.      M540_4

C.  & L. Barnett, Elbert,  (Pvt.)                    07/30/1965-18yrs.      Civil War-B.  142 Reg.  Ind. Inf.       M540_4

L.   Barnett, Marion ,                               11/11/1871-18yrs.          Soldier  

L.   Bennett, Stratton T (Stratten)  ( Prv.)         10/09/1867                                                    

P.  Bennett, Stratton                                                                C. 129   Ind Inf.

P.  Burns, Henry (Pvt.)                                                          * G. 15     Ind. Inf.     M540-10            

L.   Burns, Henry                                                                      H. 15      Ind. Inf.                

P.  Carter, Charles                     1845              1929                            Soldier

L.  Carter, Charles            06/24/1845    11/05/1929                Soldier

L.  Clary, R W.                                                                                      B. 142 2nd Inf.                  

P.  Clary, Robert

C. Clary, Robert W. (Pvt.) E. 118 Reg. Ind. Inf.(6 mo. 1863-1864) 

                                (Pvt.) D.  9th Ind. Inf (3 mo. 1861)

                                (2 Lt.) B  142 Reg. Ind. Inf.  

P.  Davidson, Charles                                 Apr. 1893                             I.     46 Ind.

C.  Davidson, Charles (Pvt.) Co. B 35 Ind. Inf.

                                    (Pvt.)  Co I   46 Ind. Inf.

                   Charles H. (Pvt.) Co.D. 33 Ind. Inf.       


L.  Douglas, Marion                                  08/28/1912-66y.               F. Reg.116 Ind. Inf.

C.  Douglas, Marion (Pvt.-Pvt.)  C. 139 Reg. Ind. Inf. (100 days 1861)

C.  Douglas, Marion (Pvt-Corp.) F. 116 Reg.  Ind. Inf. (6 mos. 1863-1864

L.  Douglass, Jno R                                                                               I.   46  Inf. 

C. Douglas, John (Corp.)                                                                       I. 46 Reg., Ind. Inf.                                       

L.  Enyart, Martin V.       02/12/1837       07/28/1906-70y.                    H.   73 Reg. Vol. Inf.

C. Enyart, Martin (Pvt.)                                                                          H. 73 Reg. Ind. Inf.                    

L.  Etnier, William                                 03/23/1863 -22y.13d.                G.   73 Reg.  2nd  Vol.

C. Etnier, William aka William M. (Pvt.)                                                G. 73  Reg. Ind. Inf.

C. Etnire, William M. (Pvt.)                          G. Reg. 73 Ind. Inf.

P. Etnire, William  M. (died of wounds)       03/23/1863-22y.6m.14d.   I.    73 Ind. Inf.  


C.  Etinire (Etnier), William M. (Pvt.)                                                      G.  73 Ind. Inf.

C & L.  Etnire, Peter L. (Etnier) (Sgt.)           06/26/1838     10/26/1908-70y.   16th Batt., Ind. L. Art.    s/o Abram

L. Etnier, Sylvester                                  01/29/1869-22y.6m.14d.      

P. Etnire, Sylvester                           H. 55th Ind. Inf.-(3mo.-1862) + Co.D 9th Reg. +  ?? .H + U.S.1 & Co. B., 142nd                                                        

L. Ewell,  Thomas                     1836                                      Soldier   

C. Ewell, Thomas H. (Pvt.-Pvt.) Capt. Keasby’s Indpt. Co., Ind. Inf. (30 d.-1862)

C. Ewell, Thomas H. (Pvt.-Pvt.)  2nd Battery , Ind. Light Artillery                                

P. Frye, Martin                                                                             H. 73  Ind.

C. Fry, Martin (Cpl.-Sgt.) H. 73 Ind. Inf. M540 roll 25

L.  Fry, Martin              05/30/1833       07/07/1870                

L.  Hower, Absalom               1856                 1925                               B. 128 Ind. Inf.

P.  Hower, Absolem                                                                               B. 128th Ind. Inf.       

C. Hower, Absalom (Pvt.-Corpl.) C. Reg.118 Ind. Inf. (6 mos.-1863-1864)

C. Hower, Absalom (Pvt.-Pvt.)    B. Reg. 128 Ind. Inf  

L.  Irvin, John A.      (Pvt.-Pvt.)     I.  2nd ILL. Light Art’y                                                                       

P.  Irvin , J.A.  /1866                Battal. F. 2nd ILL.

C. Irvin,  John (Pvt.)  F. 1 Ind. Heavy  Art’y

P. Johnson, A.)     11/03/1862 *              G. 73rd Ind. Inf. d: Louisville , KY *  

C. Johnson, Anthony S.(Pvt.)  G. 73 Ind. Inf.

L.  Johnson, Anthony S.                          11/05/1862-28y.1m.23d d: Evansville s/o Edward & Matilda

C.  Jameson, David  ( 1 Lt.-Capt.)  E. 29 Ind. Inf.                                                                                                                

P.  Julian, George W. (Captain                 06/07/1897                              K. 99th Ind.

L.  Julian, George W.                                06/15/1897- 65y.3d.                Civil War Veteran

C. Julian, George W.(Pvt.-Pvt.)  K. 34 Reg. Ind. Inf.

C. Julian, George W.(Pvt.-Pvt.)  E. 67 Reg. Ind. Inf.

C. Julian, George W., (1 Lt.-Capt.) K. 99 Reg. Ind. Inf.

C. Julian, V.J. (Pvt.) I. 46 Reg. Ind. Inf.  M540-39

P.  Julian, V.J                                            05/25/1862                              I.  46th   Ind

L.  Julian, Vanburen                                  06/02/1862-29y.

L.  Julian, William J.                                  05/17/1887                              H. 73rd Ind.

P. Julian, William                                       05/17/1887                             H. 73rd Ind.

C. Julian/Julien, William J. (Pvt.) H. 73 Reg. Ind. Inf. M540-roll 39

L. Kingery, Hubert W.              1896                    1924                             Soldier

P. Larose, Jacob                      1823                    1905         Mexican War Veteran

L. Larose, Joshua                    1823                    1905          Mexican War Veteran

L.  Laycock, William W.                                                         F. 20th Ind. Inf.                                             

P.  Laycock, William                                                              F. 20th Ind. “burned to death in Lime Kilns” 

P.  Long, John                                                                       Ex-Soldier      

C.  Long, John  

L.  Mellinger, Rev. Stephen     1845                    1914          Soldier

L.  Michael, Charles                                                               E. 29th Ind. Inf.

P.  Michaels, Charles                                                             H. 73 Reg. Ind.  

C. Michaels, Charles (Pvt.) H. 73 Reg. Ind. Inf  M540 roll 51

P.  Mobley, Amos (Lieut.)                                                       H. 55th Ind.

C. Mobley, Amos (Pvt.) B. 40 Reg. Ind. Inf. M540-52

C. Mobley, Amos W. (1 Lt.-1 Lt.) 55 Ind. Inf. (3 mo’s-1863)

C. Mobley, Amos W. (Pvt-Pvt.) D. 9 Ind. Inf.(3 mos’s-1863)

C. Mobley, Amos (Pvt.) B. 40 Ind. Inf.

L.  Mobley, Amos W.         07/24/1824      12/20/1881-57y.  

L.  Murphy, John J.(Sgt.)   01/06/1863-24yrs                                                      B. 87 2nd Inf

C. Murphy, John J. (Sgt.) B. 87 Ind. Inf. M540-54

P.  Murphy, John J.                                                                      G. 15th Ind.     

L.   Packard, William A.   1844                      1927                D. 87 Ind. Inf.

C.  Packard,  William B. (Pvt.-Corp.) aka W.B./Packard  D. 87 Reg. Ind. Inf.

L.   Raney, Peter                                                                    Soldier                           

P.  Rainey, Peter                                                                    Ex-Soldier

L.  Skinner, Johnson B.               1853            1906             Soldier

P.  Sutherland, Edward, (Lieut.)            05/26/1864          F. 20th Ind. Inf. d/o wounds in wilderness    

L.   Sutherland, E.C. (Lieut.)                                                   F.20th Ind. Inf.

C.  Sutherland, Edward C. aka E.C. (2 Lt.-1Lt.)   F. 20 Ind. Inf.

L.   Stallard, William D.     08/25/1827    11/19/1910              Soldier

C.  Stallard, William D. (Pvt.) E. 29 Reg. Ind. Inf

C.  Stallard, William D. (Pvt.) H. 73 Reg. Ind. Inf.

P.  Tilton, Robert                                    05/31/1864                Killed at Dallas , GA

C. Tilton, Robert (Pvt.) 128 Reg. Ind. Inf.

L.  Tilton, Robert              05/06/1842    05/31/1864                B. 123rd Ind.

C.  Tilton, John H. (Pvt.) G. 46 Ind. Inf.  M540-77

C.  Tilton, John H. (Pvt.) C  29 Ind . Inf   M540-77


Tilton, John W. (Pvt.) A. 120 Ind. Inf  M540-77

P.  Tilton, John                                        02/23/1877                Soldier  

L.   Tilton, John                                        02/231877-66y.10m  Soldier    

L.   Walker, Eugene                      1845             1927                 Soldier  

C.   Walker, Eugene A. (Pvt.) F. 151 Ind. Inf. M540-80

L.   Welk, Julius A.                       1846             1927                 H. 73 Ind. Vol.

C.   Welk, Julius A. (Pvt.)  F. 116 Reg. Ind. Inf.(6 mos. 1863-1864 M540-82

C.   Welk,. Julius A. (Pvt.)  C. 29 Reg. Ind. Inf.  M540-82

C.   Welk, Julius A. (Pvt.)  B. 55 Reg. Ind. Inf (3 mos-1963)  M540-82

C.   Welk, Julius A. (Pvt.)  H. 73 Ind. Inf. M540-82  

War Veterans: Volunteers 1898-1899

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L'Anguille Valley Memorial Transcription and data input by Pat Fiscel.

Veteran research by Pat Fiscel.

Photographs by Dena Gibbs

Preparation for website and other research by Debby Beheler

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