(Formerly known as “FOUTS Grave-yard”)

 is on the south (or southwesterly) bank of westwardly flowing DEER CREEK, and in both the N.W. and N.E. quarters of SECTION 19 of Congressional Township 25 N of Range 2E of 2nd Ind. P.M., and is 2 ¾ miles north of the Howard-Cass county-line and 1 ½ mile east of the Carroll-Cass county-line, and is in Western DEER CREEK TOWNSHIP of southern CASS COUNTY in northcentral Indiana. Cemetery is about nine miles due south of the county-seat city of Logansport , and 2 ¼ miles east and ¾ of a mile south of the Carroll County town of Deer Creek.  Which last-mentioned town is on the historic old “ MICHIGAN ROAD ” (now known here as State Road 29).  The cemetery is seven miles west, and one mile south of the town of Lincoln , Indiana.

A burial-place was originally established here in about 1840 by the late NOAH FOUTS, an acre of land later being conveyed by formal deed sixteen years later by Solomon Fouts.  In 1886, however, the Deer Creek township government turned the steadily growing cemetery over to trustees of the then newly organized CENTER U.B. CHURCH , which erected its first (a frame) structure nearby.  Gradually, the name “Fouts Grave-yard” has passed from use, though the Fouts family has been active in even relatively recent additions, etc., to this now large and well-cared-for cemetery.  Though not in (nor even very near) any city nor even town or village, the present church is of brick and of modern design, and equipped with electric lights and other quasi-urban conveniences.

Fieldwork was completed on OCT 14, 1943, by Robert B. Whitsett, Jr., of the L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association, 500 Front Street , Logansport , Indiana .  Owing to lack of local co-operation, and to war-time difficulties of transportation so great a distance from Logansport , it has not been found practicable to check the fieldwork, though every reasonable effort was made to make this record both accurate and complete.

The ensuing record was prepared for the INDIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY and INDIANA STATE LIBRARY through the courtesy of the


INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE , of Logansport , Indiana ,

Of which institution, which occupies the fifth floor of the Barnes Office

Bldg. at Third and Broadway, MRS. SADIE K. CREERY is the

Principal.  Typing of the following sheets was by Miss Miriam K. Martin, a

Student chosen because of knowledge of this cemetery and many of the persons buried there.  Checking of the record back to the fieldnotes was by Mrs. Anna Mary Whitsett, assisted by the original fieldworker.


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Reading by Debbi Copeland, 2000.  Additions by Debby Beheler.       

First revision uploaded 9 March 2007.

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