900E and 525N, Adams Township, Cass County, Indiana

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[“Church of The Progressive Dunkard Brethren“]


Quite often called the DILLMAN CEMETERY (in memory of the late S.F. Dillman, on whose farm it was originally located long ago and who originally deeded it to the trustees of the church, (erected just south of it) in 1890. The cemetery was in use since about 1832 or 1833 when according to a late local historian, it had been laid out by Samuel Lowman. [The Church is a neatly kept, white framed structure (erected in about 1890) situated near the S.W. corner of Section 28 in Adams township.

Like the North-South gravel road which forms its western boundary, cemetery is on a Southward-pointing finger of high land formed by a radical bend in seemingly nameless, [but sizeable] eastern branch of Twelve Mile Creek, a branch which here flows through a deep and beautiful, winding hollow.

Cemetery is near the West edge of S.W. 1/4 of Section 28 of T.28 N., R. 3 E., of the 2nd Indiana principal meridian.

It is located in the south-central portion of ADAMS TOWNSHIP in north-eastern CASS COUNTY in north-central INDIANA . Cemetery is approximately 2 miles South-Southeast of the town of TWELVE MILE, IN, which town is situated at the point where the Chicago-Richmond, IN  line of the Chesapeake-Ohio railroad crosses State highway 16 in N.E. Cass county.

The Cemetery is 2 miles (or more), N.W. of the Hamlet of “ HOOVERS ”, which hamlet is situated at a junction of the C. & O. & PA railroads.

Note: A former local historian who repeated stated that the said cemetery was in the “S.E. corner of 28”, was in error.

Fieldwork for this cemetery was done on Memorial or Decoration day May 30, 1941 by two members of the

L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association

Logansport , Indiana

Frank Whipperman, 419 Broadway, Logansport


Robert B. Whitsett Jr., 500 Front Street , Logansport ,

 [who later compiled the information] for the

  Indiana Historical Society,

aide & checking by Mrs. Anna Cary Whitsett


Comments & Notes by R.B.Whitsett.

Clouse, John R.: Son of J.L. Clouse, W.W.I. (1917) period. An educator from Washington Co., PA.. He was Superintendent of Cass County Schools. 

Ludders, Jacob E.: Son of Herman Ludders who was one of the seven sons of  Dietrich Ludders Sr., a widely respected dairyman who was a native of  PRU [GER] & came to Cass Co., IN during the 1850’s. Following the death of his first wife, Dietrich married again (& had one daughter by the second marriage), and lies buried a short distance N.E. of [very large] Cass County Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Logansport .]

Ludders, Jennie B.: Wife of Jacob E. & maiden name of Lunsford. She was a School-Teacher at the time of her death. They resided just west of the Hamlet of Adamsboro which is  which is a few miles S.W. of this ( Corinth ) cemetery.

  Among her ancestors was a full-blooded Miami Indian maiden. For this and other reasons, she was deeply interested in the work of the L’A.V.M.A. of which she was a valued member.

McClain, Mary: Carver used peculiar form of  script for the number making difficult for copyist to decipher 5 or 6. Transcriber doesn’t know why 4 is following the [6] when it is the 5 or 6 that is being questioned.

Dillman, Elizabeth K.: Displaced footstone ? E.K.D. found bet. Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Daniel ( Elizabeth ).  Local Historian, J.Z. Powell says “an Elizbeth Dillman who was a daughter of Daniel Dillman,  died and was buried in this cemetery in 1845 with verse

”Remember me as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, etc.”

Whitsett comment: Elizabeth K. was a sister of Wm.H. & d/o Daniel Dillman, a Virginian.  

Ferguson , James P.: James was s/o Richard & Phoebe (Payne) Ferguson of Franklin Co., VA

 Wagner: Family- stone says simply “WAGNER” and “ In Hoc Signo Vinces”, but has carved upon it a Maltese Cross containing a circle, containing a crown in which is a cross  “Knight Templar,” F.& A.M.


Military Veterans

Ferguson , S.C. …. Civil War Vet., Co., G. 51 Ind. , Inf.    

Lunsford, Levi P…. Civil War Vet., Co.F. 2 Ind. , Inf.

Malott, William  …. WWI-Army Pvt., Ind. Service Corps.

Spencer, J.A.       ….  Civil War Vet., Co. G. 51 Ind. , Inf.    




R-2 Large Hopkins family monument w/o names or dates

R-2: R.B.J.Whitsett noted by Mae M. Obechain, " G.W. was s/o Allen Obechain, a Botetourt Co., Virginian"

R.B.J.W. noted abt. Woodhouse "Certain pioneers of this vicinity & of this surname were Ohioans.

M.M. on small displaced stone next to E.C.(Young?) Crook near E. fence

Gish-1860 USC calls Daniel's wife "Ellender"

Ashford C. Aged 74-7-0. Prob.surname, Crook. USC-1900 b: Jun-1856 & 1920  aged 63 w/w Sarah C., Clay Twp. 

Spencer, J.A., J.Z.Powell, says given-name was Joseph & gave dates.  Government stone "Co.G. 51st Ind , Inf."

Historian J.Z.Powell says "4 children of Mr.F & Mrs(-) Wilson were buried in this cemetery bef. 1840."

Historian J.Z.Powell says, "a child of John Simmons was buried in this cemetery in 1833."

Ferguson, S.C.-also Brotherhood of Locomotive, Firemen & Engineers  & see Veteran metal marker.1861-1865

Leffel, William -Whitsett's comment " A Franklin Co., Virginian, s/o Samuel & Dorothy (Miller) Leffel."

Shipe, N.E.: Whitsett comment "base of mon.says " Hopkins " but "Shipe might be  2nd m/name not m/name."  

Hopkins, O.M. "Two Precious Ones From Us Has Gone, Voices We Loved Are Still" etc, etc.

transcriber notes on Shipe, N.E. (It was common, (in the not so distant past), to bury young married women in lot of her parents.

undecipherable small stone bet. Lacie Minnick & J.M. Damm

undecipherable card in metal marker bet. R.M. Applegate & I.Y.

undecipherable small stone next to J.H. Kingery

undecipherable small stone bet. M.H.A.M. McGuire & I.N.L.

undecipherable card in metal marker bet. V. & M. Townsend

undecipherable pen & ink inscribed under glass set in cement bet. Dangerfield & N.E. Kinzie

5 undecipherable small stones betw. J.C. & M.A.B.

undecipherable small stone bet. Susan Cooper & O.H. Smith

undecipherable small stone bet. A.M. Sherrard & R.V. Byers.

2 markers, 1 missing card & 1 undec. Bet. E. Smeltzey & J.A. Spencer

A ruined base for a now missing slab next to Malinda Haney 

metal marker - card undecipherable  beg. Row next to Peter Enyart

small stone-undecipherable  beginning of row next to Peter Enyart

metal marker-undecipherable card between D.B.Enyart & W.H. Crook

metal marker-undecipherable card between.F.J. Lunsford & N.G.

Undecipherable small stone between A.M. Sherrard & R.V. Byers.

2 markers, 1 missing card & 1 undecipherable between. E. Smeltzey & J.A. Spencer

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