aka Delawter, Pipe Creek Falls

or Costenborder Cemetery

 on 800E and about 260S

in Tipton Township, Cass County, IN

This L'Anguille Valley Memorial Association report was transcribed by Sadie Cunningham and prepared for the web by Debby Beheler for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.  Few additions of later burials have been added at this time.  Email Debby with additional information on this cemetery.

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   Sometimes called the Costenborder, or Delawter, Cemetery, or the Pipe Creek Dam (or Falls) Cemetery. In north-north central TIPTON TOWNSHIP of eastern CASS COUNTY , INDIANA , and three miles west of Miami County .

It is on the east terrace rim of that widely known little tributary of Wabash River which (tributary) was called by the Miami Indians (who knew and loved it) Pwaw-kah-nah, a name which was very early translated into English as Pipe (Smoking, or tobacco, pipe), perhaps because after a long and somewhat stem-like course, this creek suddenly broadens somewhat and makes a right-angled turn just before plunging into Wabash River, thus forming something resembling somewhat the bowl of a tobacco-pipe. (Also the clear, spring water from this creek is said to have smoke-like appearance as it gradually blends with the muddier water of the river.)

   Cemetery is about one mile and a quarter above (up the creek from) the mouth of the creek, and is on the East side of not only that creek but also of a northerly running county road (which runs north to Lewisburg bridge) and is near (southwest of) old mill dam, the site of the old Costenborder Flouring Mill, and a bridge (across Pipe Creek). Cemetery is inside of but near the top of a letter U formed by the creek in this neighborhood, the base of the U being to the south, and the cemetery being near top of west, or left hand arm of the U, as shown in sketch.

   Cemetery is in what is known as Lot Number Two of Subdivision of Grant or Reserve -----, One the Miami Chief J.B. Richardville’s Reserve. -------, but is near that Reserve’s extreme western edge. If this region were to be divided into regular sections, I think it could be said that this cemetery is near N.W. corner of southwest quarter off section 5 (five). Township 26 North, of Range Three East, of Second Indiana Principal Meridian . But it is not now so divided,

   This cemetery is charmingly situated on quite high ground, and small tracts of land have repeatedly been added to it.

   Fieldwork for the following report was done during the early summer of 1941 for the:

L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association

800 front Street, Logansport , Indiana


   by two of its members: Mr. And Mrs. Gerald K. Bowyer, Rural Route 4, Logansport, Indiana, who reside east of Country Club, or south of Cass Station Bridge over Wabash River, and who have many relatives and friends buried in this cemetery. They were assisted in the work by various citizens of the Lewisburg and Pipe Creek Falls vicinity. The ensuing report was typed by Miss Anna A. Garver, 1325 North Street , Logansport , Indiana . Typing was checked back to the (unusually clear, legible, and, it is thought, very carefully compiled) field-notes by R.B. Whitsett, Jr., Secretary of L’A.V.M.A., compiler of this report. (Caution: This Cemetery should not be confused with the Pipe Creek Christian Cemetery   ½ mile farther north.


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