or Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery


   Is near the N.E. Corner of the west half of the S. W. quarter of section eleven [11] of T. 26 N., R. 1 W., of Second Indiana Principal Meridian, in the western part of CLINTON TOWNSHIP, near S. W. corner of CASS COUNTY, in North-central INDIANA; and is about two miles due south of (but across Wabash River from) the Village of Georgetown; and approximately a quarter of a mile south of Keeps Creek at a point about one mile above [up the creek from] that creek’s confluence (below Georgetown) with Wabash River

   Cemetery is less than a mile and a quarter East of the Carroll County line, and also about a mile and a half North of that [here elbowing] Carroll County, County line.

   In 1872, arrangements were completed for the formal setting aside of this nicely situated land (on the west side of a then main-traveled North to South road) for permanent use as a Cemetery; and on New Year’s Day, 1873, it’s owner, James Justice, executed a deed, to three trustees, for that purpose (3/4 acre). In 1876, he deeded additional Land (lying just south) ¼ acre, to trustees representing three separate Religious Denominations:

New-Light Christian [Now known as Congregational Christian]

Campbellite Christian [Now Disciples of Christ, but commonly called “Christian”],


Church of God [then commonly called “Dunkard”]; and a very sturdy brick Church was promptly erected, this church is still used for Funerals (and perhaps occasionally also for other meetings), but was long since abandoned for regular church services by even the “New Lights”, who, it is said, were the last to use it for such Regular Worship services.

   Fieldwork in this Cemetery was done on September 28, 1941 by R.B. Whitsett, Jr., secretary the L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association, Logansport , Indiana , who completed this report, with certain longhand (script) comments and interpolation’s by Aldus M. Justice, 2116 Broadway, Logansport . A.C.W. aided in checking this report back to original fieldnotes.  

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The above information was collected by R. B. Whitsett, Jr., with assistance of Aldus M. Justice, both members of the L'Anguille Valley Memorial Association.  Introduction was typed by Sadie Cunningham and data was input by Sadie as well in September 2006.  

Thanks Sadie!

This Cemetery is also referred to as "Keeps Creek Cemetery."

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