Catholic Church Cemetery

This report and data was entered by Sadie Cunningham for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.  Currently we have no photographs or further information on this cemetery.  We hope it will be of assistance to other genealogists. Comments, additions, correction, obituaries or photographs may be sent to Debby.  Additions by Mark, November 2007.


L'Anguille Valley Report:

   One mile south of LUCERNE, INDIANA  Near north edge of northeast quarter of northeast quarter of Section 27, Township 28 North, Range One East, of 2nd Ind. P.M. in southeast central HARRISON TOWNSHIP of northern CASS COUNTY.

   Cemetery is six miles slightly south of due east of Royal Center , Indiana , and 8 miles north of Court House at Logansport . Cemetery is just south of an east-t-west county highway which parallels, and runs one mile south of, S.R. 16.

   Cemetery is just west of the site of the earliest (1859?) edifice of St. Elizabeth’s Church. Which earliest edifice was dedicated during the Civil War, in 1863.           

   (The present church-edifice is a little more than one mile farther north, and near east edge of the town of Lucerne, Indiana, the former site having been abandoned for church purposes on---according to historian Dr. J.Z. Powell--- November 12, 1905.) Except for a very short (quarter of a mile?) stretch immediately east of cemetery (which road is used by jog of a north-and-south gravel-road), the east and west road which passes at north edge of cemetery is entirely unimproved and seldom used. (1941).

   John Newbrough, for a –t-ted consideration of $5. deeded an 8 X 25 rod tract, containing one acre and 25 rods of land, on January 11, 1859, to Right Reverend John Henry Luers, Bishop of Fort Wayne, or his ensigns for use and benefit of Catholic population of Harrison township, Cass county, Indiana, and that their de-cendants of the same faith. East end of this tract, where old church formerly stood, is now a grassy parking place for automobiles used in funerals. At this writing, May 11, 1941, this is rather a beautiful “lawn cemetery,” though quite a lonely one. Except for a lone barn a couple of hundred yards north, and a large two-story white-colored frame house (and a few barns) a third of a mile or more across fields to the southeast, there is today no structure of any sort at all near this cemetery; though the cemetery nevertheless seems well cared for. Cemetery contains only a couple of trees; but one of these near the north edge, is somewhat remarkable one:--- a tall cedar having four separate trunks emerging from the roots or base, each trunk being approximately 18 inches in diameter.


   Copyists were volunteer committee of four persons who are well acquainted in this neighborhood (and have dozens of relatives and other friends buried in this cemetery), one of them having long been in charge of the cemetery. This committee is as follows:

Mrs. Mary R. Conn, 500 West Melbourne Avenue , Logansport , Indiana . Chairman of Committee.

Mrs. Margaret Weaver, Rural Route 1, Lucerne , Indiana

William J. Weaver, Rural Route 1, the Zion neighborhood, Lucerne , Indiana .

?. P. Conn, Barron Street at West Melbourne, Logansport , Indiana .


   Checking and correcting of field notes, and compiling of this present report, was by

Robert B. Whitsett, Jr., Secretary, L’ANGUILLE VALEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION, 500 Front Street , Logansport , Indiana .


First field work was done early in May 191, follow-up fieldwork (checking) was done Sunday May 11, 1941

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