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Logansport Business Directory 1877

Logansport Press

June 4, 1966

Note:  The date following the listing is the date settled in Logansport and then the person’s place of birth.

E.W. Anderson, livery, feed and stable, Market St., 1838, Indiana

J.A. Adrian, physician, Fourth St., 1851, New York

W.D. Aughe, foreman, Pennsylvania Blacksmith Shop, 1860, Virginia

George Ash, furniture dealer and upholsterer, Broadway, 1873, England

G. Asmus, carriage and wagon handler, Sixth and Race opposite Forest Mills, 1873, Germany

T. Ackerman, lumber dealer, Market St., 1870, New Jersey

Horace P. Biddle, judge of the Supreme Court of Indiana, Number 1 Biddle’s Island, 1839, Ohio

James G. Barron, city clerk, Race St., 1865, Indiana

J.N. Booth, dealer in coal and wood, Lytle and Ewing Streets, 1843, Indiana

J.A. Bowles, brakeman on the Pennsylvania, 1868, Virginia

R.W. Booth, tailor, Twelfth and Market, 1833, Indiana

D.L. Bush, marble works and monuments, Germania Bent. Society Hall, 1872, Ohio

John Bantz, manufacturer of mineral water, ginger ale, etc., Heath and Market, 1838, Indiana

W.H. Bringhurst, druggist, 8th and Market, 1856, Pennsylvania

John Brown, dry goods, boots, Market Street, 1857, Ohio

E. A. Barker, groceries and provisions, 12th and Spear, 1868, Michigan

Bridge and Stanton, musical instruments, Broadway, 1874, Michigan

John W. Budd, dentist, Broadway at Pearl, 1869, New Jersey

N.R. Barron, attorney and pension agent, Race Street, 1869, Indiana

R.H. Barcus, confectionary and restaurant, Broadway, 1872, Indiana

T.H. Bringhurst, manufacturer of carriage and wagon material, 8th and Broadway, 1844, Pennsylvania

S.B. Boyer, bookkeeper for Knowlton & Dolan, 1865, Pennsylvania

G.W. Burrow, furniture, Fourth St., 1854, New York

C.H. Church, watches, jewelry, silverware, Broadway, 1865, New York

Dr. N.W. Cady, physician, Broadway, Indiana (no year given)

J. Culbertson, hardware, Market Street, 1845, Pennsylvania

O.J. Chandler, liquor dealer, Fourth St., 1867, New York

E.A. Clem, feed and sale stable, Wall. Between Fourth and Pearl, 1867, Ohio

James F. Carney, wholesale and retail liquor, cigar maker, chief of fire department and president of the Hibernian Benevolent Society, Third Street, 1861, New York

Peter Cotner, retired farmer, Pratt and Wilkinson, 1861, New York

Thomas Carson, foreman, machine shop, D.E.R. & J Railroad, Bates St., 1870, Canada

Charles Collins, Justice of the Peace, 1874, Ohio

J.C. Crawford, breeder of fancy poultry and dealer in lumber shingles, sash and blinds, North and Canal, 1868, Pennsylvania

William Cullen, dealer in family groceries, Sixth Street, Pennsylvania, no year given

Craig and James, tailors, Market Street, no further information given

Joseph Dague, books and stationery, Market St., 1848, Pennsylvania

C.(?) N. Doolittle, foreman, cooper shop, Seventh and North, 1843 (or 1848, blurred), Pennsylvania

R. Dixon, building stone contractor, Canal, foot of Fifth, 1874, England

John L. Donaldson, foreman, round house, Pennsylvania Railroad, Fitch and George, (year almost illegible, maybe 1874), England

A.N. Donaldson, photographer, Broadway, 1867, Pennsylvania

D.D. Dykeman, attorney, Broadway at Second, (year blurred, maybe 1854), New York

John F. Dodds, attorney and abstract maker, insurance agent and county farmer auditor, Broadway at Ninth (year blurred, hard to read maybe 1833), Kentucky

Gustave Dryer, manufacturer of cigars, West Logan Street, 1872, Germany

Willard Dellart, dentist, Fourth Street, (year blurred, 18-2, third number illegible), Ohio

Lew M. Enyart, attorney, real estate and collecting agent, Seventh and Hitch, 1840, Indiana

F.M. English, carriage builder, Sixth and Race, 1868, Michigan

Job Eldridge, Eel Twp., trustee, 1828, New Jersey

Fred Fehrer, wholesale and retail liquor, Third St., 1834(?) or 1854(?), Germany

Jacob Ade Franklin, cabinet maker, Market Street, 1863, Ohio

C.W. Fisk, searcher of records and law agent, 1868, New Hampshire

Charles F. Foktler, flour and feed, Sixth Street, 1855, Germany

Dr. G.N. Fitch, surgeon, 1839, Indiana

A.M. Flory, attorney, Market Street, 1839 or 1859, hard to read, Indiana

T.M. Guggenheimer, hats and men’s furnishings, Market St., 1866, Germany

A Grusenmeyer, maker and repairer of wagons and buggies, south side, 1853, France

M.J. Gallagher, detective, Canal and Cicott, 1862, Ireland

J.S. Ganson, livery stable, High St., 1861, Canada

P.H. Grelle, attorney-at-law, corner of Broadway and Fourth, 1875, Ohio

August Gleitz, dealer in stone and builder, office at 48 Third St., 1854, Germany

Michael Garigan, foreman of the blacksmith shop, corner of Heath and Linden, 1851, Pennsylvania

John B. Grover, store keeper at P.C. and St. L.L. Railroad shops, corner of Canal and Berkley, 1829, Indiana

O.M. Goodman, cashier of Logansport Bank on North Street, 1849, Indiana

G.W. Hall, carpenter at Eel River Railroad shops, Brownstown, 1849, Indiana

W.E. Haney, broker, Fourth St., 1837, Indiana

Wm. Hanke, pattern maker, P.C. and St. L.L. Railroad shops, north side of Broadway between 13th and 14th Streets, 1853, Germany

Mrs. J.F. Hamaker, proprietress of Broadway House, corner of Broadway and Bridge St., 1877, Pennsylvania

C.F. Hamaker, manufacturer of carriages, wagons and buggies, on the south side, 1877, Pennsylvania

H.D. Hattery, physician and surgeon, Third St., 1876, Ohio

Wm. Hagenbuck, dealer in lumber and proprietor of planning mill and sash, doors and blinds, corner of Spencer and Berkley, 1865, Indiana

F.D. Hamburg, boot and shoe maker, south side, 1853, Germany

Hardy and Metzger, manufacturers of linseed oil, south side, 1867, Pennsylvania and Ohio

Isaac Himmelberger, manufacturer of hard and soft wood lumber, Toledo Street between 11th and 12th; 1866, Pennsylvania

H.H. Hendricks, foreman in print shop, P.C. and St. L.L. Railroad, George St. between 14th and 15th, 1845, Indiana

William Heppe, soap manufacturer, south side, west end of city limits, 1853, Germany

Thomas B. Helms, probate commissioner, court house, 1836, Indiana

Frank Herald, attorney-at-law, Fourth St., 1875, Michigan

J.H. Hicks, proprietor of Hicks Restaurant; day board at reasonable rates; meals at all hours; Broadway; 1850, New York

D.L. Hughes, plumber, gas and steam fitter, Broadway opposite the post office, 1875, Ohio

George Hoffman, proprietor of Farmer’s Saloon, corner of Pontiac and Chippewa Streets, 1865, Germany

W.W. Haney, real estate dealer, Broadway, 1853, Pennsylvania

S.W. Irons, physician and surgeon, Broadway, 1869, Ohio

John C. Ingram, cashier, Logansport Bank, Market St., 1857, Ohio

J.M. Justice, attorney-at-law, 11th and North Streets, 1846, Indiana

Dewitt C. Justice, attorney-at-law, Tenth St., 1861, Indiana

W.H. Jacks, attorney-at-law, Ninth between North and High Streets, 1869, Indiana

Samuel Jacobs, mayor of Logansport, High St., 1872, Pennsylvania

D.R. Judkins, photographer, corner Fourth and Broadway, 1877, Maine

John Jackson, blacksmith and carriage maker, Sixth St., 1850, Ohio

G.M. Jerolaman, farmer, corner 10th and Market, 1834, New York

Jones and Richardson, late proprietors of Murdoch House, on Broadway, 1831, Ohio

Charles R. Knowlton, manufacturer of “Little Giant” waterwheel, corner of Berkley and Durett Streets, 1844, New York

H.W. Klinsick, blacksmith and manufacturer of buggies and wagons, southwest corner of Third and Railroad Streets, 1853, Indiana

Henry Kruck, dealer in wines, liquors and cigars, Third Street, 1869, Germany

Charles Bahle, manufacturer of spokes and bent woodwork, Market between 14th and 15th Streets, 1870, Prussia

Julius C. Kloenne, civil engineer, Chippewa Street, 1849, Germany

Matthew Knowles, dealer in family groceries, wines and liquors, Broadway, 1856, Ireland

C.E. Kilborn, house and bridge builder, corner Pleasant Hill and Hanna Streets, year not clear, may be 1853, Canada

John Koskee, proprietor of cooper shop, Pratt Street on west side, 1862, Germany

B.F. Keesling, druggist, Fourth Street, no other information given

H.J. Larimer, proprietor of livery and feed stables, North between Canal and Sixth Streets, year not clear, may be 1852, Indiana

Reuben Lewis, employee of Tucker and Howe’s plow factory, north side of Sixth St., 1852, Indiana

Logansport Pharos, steam book and job printing, corner of North and Fourth, 1832

Mrs. B.Z. Lewis, dealer in millinery and ladies goods, Broadway, 1861, Indiana

John Lux, wholesale and retail grocer, Broadway, 1861, Indiana

J.R. Laird, carriage builder and house, sign and carriage painter, Second St., 1862, Pennsylvania

H.Z. Leonard, druggist and minister, corner North and 13th, 1865, Ohio

W.P. Louthain, sheriff of Cass County, farmer in Tipton Twp., 184- (blurred, might be 1840), Ohio

John C. Merriam, dealer in dry goods, hardware, etc., Market St., 1843, Vermont

J.B. Messinger, city treasurer, 1861, New York

Merriam, Rice and Co., dealers in hardware and dry goods, Market Street, 1846, new York

P. McGloin, baker and confectioner, corner Market and Fourth, 1846, Indiana

P.F. McHale, dealer in liquor and tobacco, Third Street, 1860, Ireland

A.W. McAllister, manufacturer of boilers and engines, Tenth between Market and Spear, 1859, Pennsylvania

James Mathews, dealer in stationery and books, Fourth Street, 1867, Ireland

John Mitchell, dealer in liquor and cigars, Wilkinson Street, West Side, 1849, Germany

Samuel L. McFadin, Clerk of Cass Circuit Court and Superior Court of Cass County, Court House, 1839, Ohio

W.T.S. Manly and Son, undertakers and furniture dealers, Broadway, 1837, Maryland

J.R. McNary, attorney-at-law and commercial broker, Star Building, 1869, Pennsylvania

Stuart T. McConnell, attorney-at-law, Fourth Street, 1859, Ohio

H.J. McSheehy, editor and publisher of the Logansport Chronicle, 1872, Indiana

A.J. Murdock, merchant, corner Market and Ninth, 1853, New York

E. Maurer, manufacturer of and dealer in boots and shoes, Sixth St., 1875, Indiana

W.T.S. Manly, treasurer of Cass County, E. Broadway, 1837, Maryland

Morley and McClure, printers, binders and stationers, Market St., 1875, Indiana

John C. Nelson, Judge of Superior Court of Cass County, Broadway, 1866, Ohio

J. Needham and Company, wholesale and retail druggists and paints, oils and window glass, Fourth St., 1864, Ohio

C.G. Neill, county surveyor, court house, 1870, Virginia

G.B. Newman, dealer in millinery, fancy goods, hosiery, gloves, corsets, embroidery, etc., Fourth St., 1874, Hungary

James O’Donnell, proprietor of livery, feed, and sale stable, Bridge St., 1875, New York

Ezra T. Parker, lumber dealer, West Broadway, 1868, Vermont

Patrick Pierce, blacksmith for P.C. and St. L. R.R., High between 4th and 5th, 1844, Indiana

A.J. Prescott, master mechanic, D.E.R. & I. R.R., corner 12th and High, 1873, New Hampshire

D.D. Pratt, attorney and counselor at law, 1836, Maine

D.H. Palmer, attorney-at-law, Fourth St., 1855, Ohio

D.E. Pryor, druggist and apothecary, Broadway, 1844, Indiana

Roswell O. Post, pastor Broadway Presbyterian Church, corner Market and 7th St., 1850, Indiana

John H. Peck, proprietor of a cigar manufactory, Broadway, 1860, Ohio

H.J. Roach, machinist, corner George and 13th, 1866, Ireland

C.H. Randall, city marshal, West Market, 1863, New Hampshire

Dr. Z.J. Robbins, dentist, corner Fourth and Broadway, 1870, Vermont

J.B. Shultz, M.D., physician and surgeon, Fourth St., 1860, Indiana

Mathias Schneeberger, boarding house and saloon, Third St., 1837, Germany

W.H. Snider, proprietor and dealer in Queensware, china glass, silver plated ware, etc., Market St., 1867, Indiana

A.F. Smith, deputy clerk, Wabash St., 1828, Indiana

Frank Swigart, attorney-at-law, Fourth St., 1842, Ohio

A.R. Shroyer, wholesale grocer, North between 9th and 10th, 1864, Indiana

Joseph Seiter, proprietor of Gambrinus Saloon, Fourth St., 1857, Germany

Gotlieb A. Schaefer, cooper and manufacturer of staves, corner Pontiac and Miami, 1852, Indiana

C.B. Sanderson, dealer in granite and marble monuments, corner Miami and Sycamore, 1865, Ohio

Louis Schaeffer, gardener and dealer in plants and all kinds of vegetables, Woodland Grove, West Side, 1852, Germany

Fred Schwier, foreman in the Eel River Paint Shop, Canal St., 1856, Ohio

W.H. Smith, editor of the Logansport Star, Fourth St., 1869, Indiana

G.W. Train, dealer in groceries, 2nd and Canal St., 1843, Massachusetts

D.W. Tomlinson, dealer in agricultural implements, 7th St., 1846, Ohio

Henry Tucker, dealer and manufacturer of saddles, harnesses, etc., Market St., 1866, Maine

Dr. Harry Taylor, physician and surgeon, Pontiac St., 1874, Canada

H.C. Thornton, attorney-at-law, 4th St., 1839, Indiana

Dennis Uhl, miller and commissioner of Cass County, Canal St., 1855, Maryland

Charles Uhl, miller, Canal St., 1855, Maryland  (note the dates for the Uhls could have been 1835, very hard to make this out.)

Joseph Wiler, dealer in dry goods, carpets and notions, 4th St., 1872, Indiana

Leonhart Wecht, proprietor of bakery and confectionary; dealer in liquors, groceries and tobacco, Market Street, 1858 (or maybe 1838, hard to read), Germany

M.C. Wade, manufacturer of trunks and valises, 4th St., 1876, New York

Israel B. Washburn, physician and surgeon, Broadway, 1838, Indiana

T.H. Wilson, president of the Logansport National Bank, Broadway, 1837, Maryland

D.P. Washburn, dealer in sewing machines, corner of 6th and Broadway, 1871, Ohio

J.B. Webster, druggist, 6th St., 1853, Indiana

James S. Wilson, merchant miller, Broadway, 1845, Pennsylvania

Philip Weidner, foreman of tin and cooper shops, Eel River Railroad, Woodland Section 2, 1873, Europe

Harry G. Wilson, superintendent of county schools, Elm St., 1873, Indiana

Transcribed by Christine Spencer, April, 2009

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