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Cass County, Indiana villages and towns,

extracted from the
"Indiana State Gazetteer Business Directory 1882-83"

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ADAMSBOROUGH. Is a station on the T.W. & P.R.R., located in Miami township, Cass county, 6 miles northeast of Logansport, the county seat and banking town. Eel river furnishes power to operate one saw mill and one flour mill. The village contains 200 inhabitants and exports flour and wheat.

Emanuel Loser, postmaster
Bennett & Wilson, flour mill
Brown L. E., justice of the peace
Friend George, blksmith
Gwinn Elijah, cooper
Kelley N, saw mill
Loser Emanuel, General store
Pickett C, physician
Swigart Bros, saw mill

ANOKA. Located at the junction of second and third divisions P.C. & St. L. Ry., in
Washington township, Cass county, 5 miles southeast of Logansport. Contains 50 inhabitants,
United Brethren church and district school. Ex., U.S. Mail daily. W. R. Tousley, postmaster.

Benson Alexander, justice of the peace
Brown J H, physician
Keener Simon, barber
Like Wm, flour mill
Phillips J, grocer
Tousley W R, Grocer and RR Agt
Ulery A M, notary public

CRITTENDEN. A country postoffice located in Deer Creek township, Cass county, 16 miles south of Logansport, the county seat, and 6 west of Galveston, its shipping depot on P., C. & St. L. R'y. Alexander Murphy, postmaster.

CURVETON. Has a population of 65, in Jefferson township, Cass county, and is situated 7 miles west of Logansport, the county seat and banking town. The village is on the Wabash river and P., C. & St. L. R'y, and ships grain, flour and lumber. One Presbyterian Church is sustained. John L Herand, postmaster.

Briscoe Dr., physician
Coble & Son, flour and saw mill
Gordon James, general store and saw mill
Herand John L., Veterinary Surgeon and Justice
Kendrick James, general store
Kinney, J., blacksmith
Nethercutt George, wagonmaker
Read John, flour mill
Ringer J., flour mill

DOW. Also called Onward, is a station and postoffice on the P., C. & St. L. R'y in Tipton township, Cass county, 10 miles east of Logansport, the county seat and location of nearest bank. Population, 60. Lumber and grain are shipped. W. P. Simes, postmaster.

Bennett W. H., saw mill
Little T., saw mill
Picket J. J., physician and druggist
Simes W. P., General Store and Saw Mill
Smith Daniel A., tile manufacturer
Snyder David, saw mill
Younglove S P, tile manufacturer

GALVESTON. This enterprising village of 416 inhabitants, is located on the P.,C. & St. L. R'y, in Jackson township, Cass county, 16 miles southeast of Logansport court house. Kokomo, 6 miles southeast, is the banking town. Its churches consist of Methodist, United Brethren and Baptist societies. Grain and live stock are the exports. a weekly newspaper--Herald--is sustained. adams Ex. W.U. Tel. S.W. Hart, postmaster.

Baldwin Thompson, physician
Beall J S, physician
Bell & McConnell, tile manufacturers
Bigger J H, meat market
Brown George M, druggist
Collins Jacob, wagonmaker
Davis Bros, general store
Davis George w, agt adams Ex Company
Eisenbrey J H, harnessmaker
Galveston Herald, (weekly)
Gemmill H C, physician
Gibbs Thomas, saloon
Hart S W, jeweler
Keesey Rev, (United Brethren)
Kelly Daniel, saloon
Kever John, broom manufacturer
King B L, pump manufacturer and saw mill
King W A, barber
Landrey S F, physician
Loop J C, lawyer
Loop Z N, drugs
Lytle H W, barber
Lytle Mollie, milliner
Mannington F, nursery
Mead Mrs, dressmaker
Nefziger Rev, (Methodist)
Patterson, A J, justice of the peace
Rairden J R Rev, (Baptist)
Rule A B, blacksmith
Shafer G N, hotel
Simmons L A, physician
Stanley george, brick manufacturer
Taylor William, merchant tailor
Thomas Louis, blacksmith
Thomas M H & Sons, general store
Turley John, saw mill
Waddle Joshua, carpenter
Woolley W J, blacksmith

HOOVER. Is a station on E.R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., located in Adams township, Cass county, 11 miles northeast of Logansport, the county seat and banking town. Population, 150. Lumber, wheat, live stock and wood are the shipments. J. L. Clouse, postmaster.

Armstrong Hiram, blacksmith
Cass County Lumber Company, saw mill
Clouse J L, General Store, Hotel and RR Agt
Place W, grain

LAKE CICOTT. Derives its name from lake of same name upon which it is situated; is a small hamlet and station on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, in Jefferson township, Cass county, 9 miles west of Logansport, the county seat and banking town. A population of 25 support one Christian church. Wood, flour and grain are shipped. W.L. Wirick, postmaster.

Barnesdale J N, physician
Calloway William, General Store
Murphy John, shoemaker
Wirick W L, RR Agt

LINCOLN. Is a station and postoffice on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, in Jackson township, Cass county, 13 miles southeast of Logansport, the county seat and banking town. A population of 100 supports 1 Methodist church. Its shipments of grain, lumber and live stock varies from 5 to 10 car loads per month. Adams Ex. A. P. Watkins, postmaster.

Bell James & Son, saw mill
Day John, carpenter
Elkin E, justice of the peace
Hart H, blacksmith
McClammer John, carpenter
Tracey William, hotel
Watkins A P, Grocer, Drugs and RR and Ex Agt
Watkins M S, physician
Wills J B, physician

LOGANSPORT. This thrifty manufacturing city of 15,000 inhabitants, the county seat of Cass County, is pleasantly situated on the Wabash and Eel rivers, 70 miles northwest of Indianapolis, 116 southeast of Chicago and 270 east of St. Louis. It is the western terminus of E.R. Div. W., St. L. & P., northern of L. Div. T. H. &I. R. R.'s, and is traversed by second and third Div's of the P., C. & St. L. and main line of the W., St. L. & P. Rys. Logansport was platted in 1828, and in the year following was made the county seat. Since 1860, the city has been rapidly increasing in both trade and population, and is now a prosperous, busy place, with clean, wide streets, handsome residences, excellant business blocks, and fair county buildings. It is lighted by gas, has good water works, a well-equipped fire department, good schools, and several churches comprising the following religious denominations: Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Christian and German Reformed. Its other prominent features are an opera house, 2 national banks, large bridges and 5 newspapers. The last named are known as follows: The Advertiser (published daily ), Pharos and Journal (issued both daily and weekly), and The Chronicle, which is issued weekly only. The city is rapidly increasing in manufacture, and its manufactured goods are rapidly becoming known as among the best in the country. The most prominent products of its many mills, factories, etc., consist of organs, beer barrels, cooperage stock, flour, water wheels, mill machinery, castings, pumps, log holders, carriage, wagon, and agricultural implement wood work, boilers, linseed oil, soap, lumber, leather, woolen goods, carriages and furniture. Logansport is surrounded by a rich farming country, ships large quantities of grain, has excellent water power, and unexcelled railroad facilities. Ex., Am., Adams, U. S. and Pacific.

Adams Express Company, D L Dolson, agt, 318 4th.
Adrian James A, physician and surgeon, 315 1/2 4th.
Albert Peter, saloon, opp depot.
Alford L A & Son, cigar manufacturers, 103 5th.
American Express Company, D L Dolson, agt, 318 4th.
Anderson E. W. & Bro, livery, 209 Market.
Anheier Peter, saloon, cor Duret and Berlin.
Arnold William, cooper, Burlington ave.
Ash George, furniture, 425 Market
Ashworth A D & Bro, laundry, 320 Broadway
Asmus & Buschong, blacksmiths, 6th.
Atkinson Bros, hides and pelts, 405 3rd
Atkinson William H, wool dealer, 405 3rd
Aughinbaugh Samuel W, agt U S and Pacific Ex Companies, Pearl.
Baker John, ice dealer, cor 16th and High.
Baldwin Daniel P Hon, attorney general of State.
Ballard Bros, druggists, 326 Market
Ballard John, physician, 326 Market
Bank Saloon, Joseph Heid, Propr, 402 1/2 Broadway
Barber John T, organ builder, Duret
Barnett Bros, ice, Pearl.
Barnett's New Hotel, Barnett & Son, proprs, cor 3d and Market
Barnett & Bro, grocers, cor 15th and Spicer
Barnhart John & Son, hardware, 422 Broadway
Barnheisel & Co, Wool Dealers, 407 Broadway
Barron Napoleon B, justice of the peace, 325 Broadway
Beamer Frank B, saloon, 221 4th
Beeler & Arthur, meat market, 602 Broadway
Bergemann William, saloon, Burlington ave.
Berry Peter A, county supt public schools, 214 4th
Bevan William H, wood and coal, 429 North
Biddle Horace P Hon, judge supreme court
Boerger Frederick, wagonmaker, Burlington ave
Boies Jacob, feed stable, 116 6th
Booth Jasper N, flour mill
Booth Burrell W, tailor, 314 4th
Boswell Charles, saloon, 517 12th
Bowser Will H, cigars and tobacco, Murdock Hotel
Bridge James C, Pianos, Organs and Musical Merchandise of all Kinds, 316 Broadway
Bringhurst W Henry, druggist
Broadway House, Mrs J F Haymaker propr.
Brockmeyer Henry, grocer, 416 3d
Brooks Bryandt, barber, 309 Market
Brown John & Son, boots and shoes, 328 Market
Bruner Henry, boots and shoes, 324 Market
Brust William, shoemaker, 509 Broadway
Buchanan Andrew B, physician 300 Market
Burgess & Flanegan, stoves, 312 Market
Burgman Bros, grocers and saloon, 15th
Burgman William, saloon, Burlington ave
Burkhart George, lumber and wood, 510 North
Burns P & Bros, saloon, 201 6th
Burrow Giles W, furniture, 307 and 309 4th
Bush David L, stone yard, Duret
Busjahn Fred A, physician, 308 4th
Cady Nelson W, physician, 516 Broadway
Campbell William D, grocer, Pontiac
Canine John W, lawyer, 227 4th
Carpenter Leonard W, physician, 517 Broadway
Carson Robert R, county auditor, Court House
Carter William, meat market, 227 Market
Cecil George & Co, flour mill and grain, cor 6th and Race
Chapman & Hall, dyers, cor Broadway and 6th
Chappelow John A, lawyer, 216 4th
Chord Aaron M, physician, 401 Pearl
Church Charles H, Jewelry, Silverware, etc, 508 Broadway
Clem Emanuel A, livery, Wall bet 4th and 5th
Coleman Asa, physician, 321 3d
Connolly Robert J, grocer, 430 Broadway
Conrad Barnhart, Propr Senate Saloon and Billiard Hall, 502 Broadway
Conrad Benjamin, saloon, 502 Broadway
Conrad Edward J, baker, cor 4th and Broadway
Cook Aldron S, real estate, 202 4th
Cost John W, druggist, 418 Broadway
Craig Joseph S, merchant tailor, 421 Market
Cragen Caleb J, grocer, 6th
Crawford Isaac N, hardware, 426 Broadway
Cronise Charles T, sewing machines, 521 Broadway
Culbertson Mary, hair goods, 419 Broadway
Cullen & Co, druggists, 405 Broadway
Culp Joseph M, barber, 413 Broadway
Cummings J D & Co, furniture, 515 Broadway
Curtis Dennis P, wood turner, 513 Broadway
Daily Advertiser, Williams & Longwell, proprs, 427 Broadway
Dale George P, wagonmaker, 15th nr Broadway
Daniels Elmore S, lawyer, 312 Broadway
Davis Joel H, gents furnishing, 321 4th
Davis Nathaniel I, confectioner, 431 Market
Davis William R, gunsmith, 303 Market
Day James A, tinner, 529 12th
Day John, barber, 226 Market
Day Nicholas, saloon and barber, 633 12th
Deboo John A, horseshoer, 520 North
DeHaven Elver, saloon, 412 3d
DeLancey Henry, saloon, 430 3d
Delzell D E, dentist, 412 Market
Denbo Harry, cigar manufacturer, 413 Broadway
Dewenter & Co, hats and caps, 303 4th
Dixon William B, laundry, Canal
Dodd John F, real estate, 202 4th
Dolan's Opera House, William Dolan, Propr, cor 3d and Broadway
Dolan William & Co, Dry Goods and Groceries, 301 to 307 3d
Dolson David L, agt American and Adams Ex Companies, 318 4th
Donaldson, Albert N, photographer, 403 Broadway
Donaldson John, city treasurer, City Building
Douglass James M, agricultural implements, 500 Broadway
Douglass & Son, fur dealers, 500 Broadway
Dreyer Gustave, cigars and tobacco, Sycamore
Drompp Gottlieb F, cooper, Burlington ave
Dudley James P, meat market, cor 15th and Spear
Dunn John, grocer, 425 3d
Dykeman D D, lawyer, 204 4th
Eckert John, saloon, 222 Market
Elliott, Shroyer & Co, wholesale grocers, 313 and 315 Broadway
Englebrecht William, shoemaker, 314 Pearl
Enyart Bros, bottling works, cor 7th and Race
Eversole Henry C, jeweler, 424 Broadway
Eyman Joseph H, druggist, 304 Market
Faber Ruel, physician, 308 Market
Fansler David N, physician, cor 4th and Market
Fender George W, justice of the peace, 4th
Ferguson & Sedam, bakers, 317 and 402 Market
Fiedler Charles, saloon, Burlington ave
Fisher Solomon, hides and pelts, cor North and 6th
Fisk Charles W, real estate and insurance, 220 4th
Fisk & Volsey, abstacters of titles, 220 4th
Fohrer Frederick, saloon, 315 3d
Foley James, city marshal, City Building
Forgy George B, broker 4th
Forman & Thorne, boots and shoes, 500 Broadway
Fornhoff Michael, saloon, 416 4th
Frank M & Bro, clothing, 300 Market
Frazee Moses R, dry goods, 418 Broadway
French G W, physician, 405 Broadway
Fuller John W, Saddles and Harness, 320 Market
Ganson John S, veterinary surgeon, cor 6th and Broadway
Garrity Mary, milliner, 312 4th
Gehring House, John D Johnston, propr, Canal, nr P.C. & St L R'y
Geiger Bros, cigars and tobacco, 310 Market
Geyer Joseph, saloon, 6th
Gilkinson Daniel C, baker, 221 6th
Gilman Freeman, grocer, cor Haynes and Elm
Gottselig John, boots and shoes, 409 4th
Graf John, saloon, 427 5th
Graffis William M, boots and shoes, 312 4th
Gray John, dry goods, 311 4th
Greensfelder Eli, clothing, 315 Market
Grelle Philip II, insurance agt, 330 Broadway
Griner Martin, barber, 4th
Gripe David, photographer, 510 Broadway
Gross Frederick, flour and feed, 122 6th
Grusenmeyer Anthony, carriagemaker, Burlington ave
Guthrie Thomas, real estate, Market
Guthrie & Graham, lawyers, 208 4th
Hagenbuck, Parker & Co, lumber and planing mill, cor Spencer and Berkley
Haigh George W, grocer, 38 Sycamore
Hale Charles E, lawyer, 206 4th
Haley Virginia A Mrs, milliner, 510 Broadway
Hall Edwin A, business college, cor Market and Pratt
Hall Willard N, Book and Job Printer, Blank Book Manufacturer and Stationer, 200 and 202 4th
Hallanan Joseph, physician, 330 Broadway
Hamaker Charles F, carriagemaker, Burlington ave
Hanawalt Valentine C, druggist, 313 3d
Haney William E, abstracts of title, 316 1/2 Pearl
Haney William W, broker, 409 Broadway
Hanna Charles M, Pictures and Frames, 415 Broadway
Hausen Niels, junk, 420 3d
Hanson Antoine, grocer, 424 3d
Harding R Alex, veterinary surgeon, 410 Market
Hardy, Metzger & Co, linseed oil manufacturers
Harwood Frank M, merchant tailor, 311 Market
Hattery Hiram D, physician, 319 3d
Hauk Dio A, jeweler, 406 Broadway
Heenan Martin, saloon, 417 Market
Heffner Nathan, carriagemaker, 5th
Heid, Joseph, Propr Bank Saloon, 402 1/2 Broadway
Heiden Henry, saloon, Market
Helms Benjamin, shoemaker, 226 6th
Henderson J W & Sons, furniture, 320 4th
Heppe William, soap manufacturer, L & W turnpike
Herd Joseph E, saloon, 402 Broadway
Herman & Bell, physicians, 414 4th
Herz Jacob, merchant tailor, 406 Pearl
Hess John, insurance agt, 206 4th
Hicks & Cunningham, Proprs Murdock Hotel, 313, 315, 317, 319 Broadway
Hildebrandt August, saloon, 408 4th
Hildebrandt John, grocer, cor 12th and Smead
Hill Charles C, physician, 315 1/2 4th
Hill James A, barber 312 3d
Hipshur Theodore, grocer, 403 Market
Hoffman Abraham, notions, 420 Market
Hoffman George, saloon, cor Pontiac and Chippewa
Hoffman George W, druggist, 308 4th
Hoppe Henry W, grocer, 301 Market
Horner Samuel, saloon, 219 6th
Horning Charles, boots and shoes, cor Market and 3d
Horst William, druggist, 414 3d
Humphrey David, second hand goods, 212 6th
Hunter George W, carpenter, 218 6th
Immel & Dykeman, wagon yard, cor North and 5th
Indiana Auxiliary Publishing Company Pratt & Co, proprs, 402 and 404 Pearl
Irons John W, physician, 418 Broadway
Jackson John, carriage manufacturer, 114 6th
Jacobs Samuel Hon, mayor, city building
Jensen Henry, dyer, cor 2d and Railroad
Johnson Swene, tanner, n s Eel river
Johnson William H, Granin, 325 Broadway
Johnston John D, propr Gehring House, Canal nr P, C & St L Ry
Jones & Ray, flour mill, Wabash river
Justice De Witt C, lawyer, 218 4th
Justice Frank L, lawyer, 218 4th
Justice James M, physician, 426 Broadway
Keeport D & Son, flour and feed, 550 Market
Keesling Benjamin F, druggist, 305 4th
Keiser William H, blacksmith, Burlington ave.
Keller, Troutman & Co, Dry Goods, Carpets and House Furnishing Goods, 317 and 319 4th
Kemmel Elizabeth, saloon, Duret
Kerber Valentine, saloon, 528 Broadway
Kerns James C, carpenter, 419 12th
Kidd John R, meat market, 501 Broadway
Kiezling John, saloon, cor Bridge and Chippewa
Kistler Louis C, livery, Wall
Kivits Albert P, boot and shoes, 418 Market
Klein Adam, cigar manufacturer, Canal
Klein John A, saloon, Race
Klein Joseph, saloon, opp P, C & St Depot
Klein Mary A Mrs, saloon, Canal
Klein Nicholas, tailor, 325 3d
Klinsick Henry, blacksmith, 3d
Knowles Joseph, teas and coffee, 123 6th
Knowlton & Dolan, founders and machinists, cor Duret and Berkley
Kohtz Bernhard, barber, 410 12th
Kraus Bros, clothing, 313 4th
Kraut William, barber, 428 Market
Krider W M & Son, carriagemakers, 6th
Kreuzberger Robert, Wholesale Wines and Liquors, 314 Market
Kruck Henry, saloon, 413 South
Kutz Abraham, cigars and tobacco, 504 Broadway
Lang Gustav, clothing, cor 4th and Market
Larimer Harvey J, Livery, North bet 5th and 5th
Larimer John C, saloon, 514 Broadway
Laselle Charles B, lawyer, 216 4th
Leffert J & Co, general store, 319 3d
Leonard Henry Z, insurance, 414 Broadway
Lewis B Z Mrs, milliner, 523 Broadway
Lienemann Julius, merchant tailor, 600 Broadway
Lifter John, second hand goods, 409 4th
Lingg Louis, saloon, 312 Pearl
Lintner John A, grocer, cor Race and Market
Linton George A, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in Porcelain Lined and Wood Pumps, 315 Pearl
Logan Milling Company, cor Berkley and Old Canal
Logansport Chronicle, H J McSheehy, propr, cor 3d and Market
Logansport Gas Light and Coke Company, E S Rice, general manager, 415 Market
Logansport Journal, The, (daily and weekly), Pratt & Co, publishers, 402 and 404 Pearl
Logansport Manufacturing Company, W H Von Behren, prest; J W Dritt, sec and treas; manufacturers wagon wood work; cor 13th and Toledo
Logansport National Bank; capital, $100,000; A J Murdock, prest; 314 4th
Logansport Pharos, (daily and weekly), Louthain & Barnes, proprs, 222 4th
Logansport Water Works, office City Buildin
Lorange Joseph D, grocer, Burlington ave
Louis T B Mrs, milliner, 417 Broadway
Louthain & Barnes, proprs Logansport Pharos, 222 4th
Lux Bros, grocers, cor 12th and Speer
Lux John, Wholesale and Retail Grocer and commission merchant, 312 and 314 Broadway
McAllister Alfred U, machinist, cor Duret and Elm
McCaffrey M & Co, wholesale grocers, 410 Market and 530 Broadway
McCarthy Michael, shoemaker, 407 3d
McConnell, Magee & McConnell, lawyers, 214 4th
McDonald Archibald H, grocer, 413 Market
McElheny Robert M, grocer, 214 6th
McFadin Samuel L, County Clerk, Court House
McGreevy John W, lawyer, 212 4th
McGreevy Patrick H, lawyer, 212 4th
McGregor John C, lawyer 204 4th
McGuire Samuel, insurance, 420 Broadway
McMellon Jesse W, oculist, 310 4th
McNary Joseph T, Lawyer and Real Estate, 414 Broadway
McNitt C M & Co, harness, 306 Market
McSheehy Henry J, propr Logansport Chronicle, cor 3d and Market
McTaggart James, saloon, 330 Broadway
Manlove Henry T, dentist, cor 4th and Broadway
Markley John W, county recorder, court house
Markley & Sons, cigars and tobacco, 40 Broadway and Hotel Murdock
Matt Joseph, saloon, 5th
Maurice John L, meats, 130 6th
Meinshausen Bros, stoves and tinware, 507 Broadway
Merriam & Rice, hardware, 415 Market
Messinger Joseph B, Manufacturer of Pumps and Bag Holder and Trucks, cor Market and Pearl
Messinger & Bevan, lumber and wagon wood works, nr Wabash R'y depot
Meyer Frank A, saloon, Sycamore
Michaels Morris, cement, Market
Mitchell John, saloon, cor Market and Bridge
Moon Cyrus, meat market, 12th
Moore Peter W, Dealer in Fine Whiskies and Imported Goods, 326 Broadway and 225 4th
Morrissey Michael, chief of police, city building
Munson & Coulter, lawyers, 214 4th
Murdock Hotel, Hicks & Cunningham, Proprs, 313, 315, 317 and 319 Broadway
Murdock, Vigus & Co, boots and shoes, 306 4th
Murdock & Bro, dry goods, 401 Broadway
Mutschler John, brewer, cor 5th and High
Myers Alpheus, physician, 416 Market
Nash Marcellus H, woolen mills
Newman Mary C, milliner, 403 Broadway
Nicholas Thomas W, saloon, cor 3d and Broadway
O'Donnell James, livery, 419 Bridge
Obenchain & Co, flour mill, Canal
Openheim Simon, clothing, cor 4th and Market
Osmer Walter A, surveyor, city building
Overholser Daniel L, dentist, cor 4th and Market
Owston Henry H, wagonmaker, 5th
Pacific Express Company, Pearl
Painton Joseph N, shoemaker, Race
Painton William W, carpenter, Race
Parkhurst Alinus N, pump manufacturer, Hith bet 6th and Canal
Parvin Theodore, druggist, 415 12th
Patterson & Tomlinson, Agricultural Implements and Field and Garden Seeds, 416 Broadway
Pelton James H, grocer, cor Market and Race
Penzel & Bro, meat market, 317 3d
Peters Horace B, books, etc, Broadway
Peters John W, saloon, 210 6th
Pfyffer Adelbert, saloon, 422 3d
Pickering Frederick, stoves, 408 Market
Pierce Thomas, county treasurer, court house
Pierce Thomas, grocer, 431 Broadway
Pittsburg, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway Company, n w cor 4th and Market
Pogue, Johnson & Co, hardware, 408 Broadway
Potter William J, painter, 517 Broadway
Potter W J, Mrs, milliner, 517 Broadway
Pottmeyer Frank W, saloon, cor Market and 3d
Powell Jehu Z, physician, 220 6th
Powell Schuyler, marble works, 405 Pearl
Powell & Son, lawyers, 208 4th
Pratt & Co, publishers The Logansport Journal, 402 and 404 Pearl
Price Cyrus A, physician, 408 Market
Prosch J D, shoemaker, 12th
Pryor Daniel E, druggist, 516 Broadway
Purcell Hannibal, notions, 328 Broadway
Purdy William S, marble works, 98 6th
Purscell Martin A, saloon, cor 3d and Canal
Quealy M Mrs, books, 307 4th
Raines Calvin, livery, 419 3d
Raines S N Mrs, hair goods, 119 6th
Rannells Minnie A Mrs, books and wall paper, 403 Pearl
Rannells' Sons, furniture, 518 Broadway
Reagan John A, horseshoer, Wall
Rehwald Adam, cooper, Bates
Reinheimer Gustav A, confectioner and saloon, 608 12th
Renn Ernst, baker, 426 3d
Renn Henry, shoemaker, 426 3d
Richardson Samuel B, insurance, 202 4th
Ridinger Nathan, merchant tailor, 409 4th
Riggle & Grelle, lawyers, 330 Broadway
Rodafer George, second-hand goods, 331 Market
Roof Daniel, junk, 608 Broadway
Rose Louis, saloon, 411 Market
Rosenberg Louis, dry goods, 520 Broadway
Rosenthal William, hides and furs, 5th
Ross George, photographer, 510 Broadway
Ross N O & Son, lawyers, 321 4th
Roth & Stemler, barbers, 409 4th
Roush J & Co, boots and shoes, 404 Market
Routh William C, meats, 12th
Sanderson & May, marble works, Pleasant Hill
Schackmann George, saloon, opp Wabash Depot
Schaeffer Gottlieb, cooper, Pontiac
Schmaltz John, saloon, 219 4th
Schneeberger Mathias, saloon, 313 3d
Schheider William, shoemaker, Burlington ave
Schwerdman John H, city clerk, city building
Schubach George, saloon, cor High and Bridge
Searle Frank W, dry goods, 428 Broadway
Sebastian Jacob P, cigars and tobacco, 324 4th
Seckel Eli, general store, 127 6th
Seiter Joseph & Son, saloon, 223 4th
Sellers & Co, grocers, cor 12th and Market
Seybold George W, dry goods, 313 Market
Shaffney James J, justice of the peace, 212 4th
Shanahan William, deputy sheriff, court house
Shaver & Keller, blacksmiths, Race
Shecklin Peter, lager beer, Toledo bet 11th and 12th
Sheerin Simon P, real estate, 406 Broadway
Shideler & Grace, clothing, 316 Market
Shultz & Shultz, physicians, 424 4th
Six Reuben D, real estate, 406 Broadway
Slaybaugh John P, shoemaker, 417 12th
Smith Israel S, shoemaker, 123 6th
Smith Jacob W, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, and owner Wascona Chief Stallion

(Lexington stock), 114 6th
Smith Leopold A, furniture, cor Wall and Pontiac
Smith & Son, tinware, 506 Broadway
Snyder William H, crockery, 414 Market
Snyder Henry, sheriff, court house
Solimano & Iula, fruits, cor Pearl and Broadway
Spiker & Harrison Manufacturing Co, manufacturers wagons and carriages, cor Toledo and 14th
Spry Thomas A, dry goods, 427 Broadway
Stapleton John J, grocer, 322 Market
State National Bank; capital, $100,000; W H Johnson, prest; J C Ingram, cashr;

cor 4th and Broadway
Steckel Eli, general store, 129 and 131 6th
Stelzer Adam, saloon, 414 3d
Stern Herman, meat market, 401 Market
Sterrett Joseph E, physician, 308 Market
Stevens Andrew W, plumber, 223 Market
Stevens Benjamin C, physician, 422 4th
Stevens C H, photographer, 414 Market
Stevens R D & Bro, lumber, cor 1st and Market
Stoll Charles, meat market, 409 Market
Stoll Charles jr, meat market, 31 Sycamore
Stoll John J, grocer, Market
Strain Rodney, druggist, 414 Broadway
Stukey Bros, hats and caps, 403 Pearl
Swigart & Co, meat market, 623 12th
Talbott James W, physician, 404 Broadway
Talbott John H, physician, 404 Broadway
Tanguy & Barnheisel, Dry Goods and Notions, 407 Broadway
Taylor Allen E, omnibus line, cor Eel river and 3d
Taylor Edward R, dentist, 312 Market
Taylor Harry, physician, 312 Market
Taylor Joseph & Sons, leather and findings, 432 Market
Taylor Raymond C, meats, 501Broadway
Thompson C F & Co, lumber and coal, cor 5th and Market
Thompson John M, blacksmith, 213 6th
Tipton Frank M, books, 311 4th
Titus Peter, saloon, 305 Market
Toole James B, insurance, 401 Pearl
Torr Harry, cooper, 9th
Troster Frederick, baker, 8 Sycamore
Tucker Charles L, grain, cor 7th and Market
Tucker C Mrs, milliner, 310 4th
Tucker Henry, harness, 406 Market
Tucker & Howe, agricultural implement wood work manufacturers, cor 5th and High
Tuley Thomas J, lawyer, 212 4th
Turner John, grocer, cor Haynes and Elm
Turner John H, barber, 513 Broadway
Turner Kate, hair goods, 418 Broadway
Uhl D & C H, flour mill and elevator, Race
Ullery S W & Co, hardware, 318 Market
United States Express Company, Pearl
Van Meter William R & Sons, bakers, 12th
Vaughn Sydney A, lumber, 408 Broadway
Vigus Colin S, restaurant, 522 Broadway
Wade Michael C, trunks, 329 Market
Wagner House, Michael Wagner, propr, n e cor Duret and Oak
Wagner Michael, Propr Wagner House, n e cor Duret and Oak
Wait Edmund P, real estate, 401 Pearl
Walker & Rauch, boots and shoes, 420 Broadway
Weaver Robert W, undertaker, 613 Broadway
Webster George T, lawyer, 309 4th
Webster John P, jeweler, 307 Market
Wecht George, saloon, 311 3d
Wecht Leonard, baker and confectioner, 224 Market
Werner George W, sewing machines, 419 Broadway
Whiting Eliza B Mrs, confectionery, 412 Market
Wiler & Wise, dry goods and carpets, 315 and 322 4th
Williams & Longwell, publishers Daily Advertiser, 427 Broadway
Wilson James, flour mill, Michigan ave
Wilson & Taber, lawyers, 206 4th
Windsor Hotel, James H Winemiller, P C & St L depot
Winsch John, shoemaker, 511 Broadway
Winter Elias, shoemaker, 506 Broadway
Winters John B, boots and shoes, 411 Broadway
Winters Oregon T, confectioner, 409 Broadway
Wolf John F, harnessmaker, 509 Broadway
Woll & Parker, undertakers, 429 Market
Wood Daniel J, blacksmith, 3d
Wright Jacob W, grocer, 524 Broadway
Wright Williamson S, lawyer, 220 4th
Young John A, grocer, cor Sycamore and Chippewa
Young Men's Christian Association, Market

METEA. A postoffice formerly known as New Hamilton, in Bethlehem township, Cass county, 8 miles northeast of Logansport, the county seat, banking place and shipping point. Population is 50. Tri-weekly stage from Logansport to Fulton. J. G. Powell, postmaster.

Buchanan A M, physician
Buchanan E B, general store
McKee R F, justice
Powell J G, Tile Manufacturer
Powell Orlando, trustee
Powell V, blacksmith
Yantis H C, saw mill

NEW WAVERLY. Nine miles east of Logansport, on W., St. L. & P.R'y, situated in Miami township, Cass county, contains a population of 275. Pacific Ex. S. N. Pennel, postmaster.

Branaman Willard, carpenter
Castle P W, blacksmith
Cook J B Rev, (Methodist)
Forgy C P & Bro, general store
Griffith J T, meat market
Hogentogler J F, blacksmith
Jenkins C Mrs, hotel
Jenkins D C, justice and drugs
Kilburn C, saw mill
Kinse J H, lumber dealer
Loser D, carpenter
McCormick & Stofer, saw mill
Pennel S N, General Store
Pennel & Ligier, boots and shoes
Place J U, vinegar manufacturer
Quick L L, physician
Quick R H, physician
Richardson George W, sorghum manufacturer
Saunders P & Bro, wagonmakers
Walick A C, RR and ex. agt
Weaver Isaac, carpenter

ONWARD. A postoffice in Tipton township, Cass county, 9 miles southeast of Logansport, the county seat and banking place. Anoka, 3 1/2 miles distant, on P., C. & St. L. R'y, is the shipping point. Population, 50. John Costenlorder, postmaster.

Costenlorder John, Flour Mill
Green C, flour mill

ROYAL CENTER. Located in Boone township, Cass county, on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, 11 miles northwest of Logansport, the county seat and nearest bank. Population, 501. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. William Kistler, postmaster.

Cahill, James, saloon
Conn George, meat market
Conn & Harvey, scales
Davis C A, RR and ex agt
Fisher James, furniture
Grant Henry, blacksmith
Hamilton E J, general store
Harvey Hiram, grain and live stock
Hopkins Samuel S, restaurant
Kistler William M, Restaurant
McCabe J C, boot and shoemaker
McGovern Catharine, saloon
Mehaffey Robert, general store and cooper
Rea D, drugs
Rollen Anderson, wagonmaker
Sullivan Jerry, barber
Sweet Bros, general store, grain and cattle dealers
Thompson P, restaurant
Tousley Nelson, general store
Ubelhauser J B, saloon
Wildermuth Thomas, saw and planing mill.

TWELVE MILE. Located 12 miles northeast of Logansport, the county seat, and 4 1/2 miles north of Hoover, the shipping station on E. R. Div. W., St. l. & P. R'y, in Adams township, Cass county. Contains a population of 80. Samuel Decker, postmaster.

Decker Bros, Undertakers and Furniture
Eyart P & D, saw mill
Hill Thomas, justice of the peace
Hoover John A, saw mill
Irvin A B, drugs and grocer
Lawrence Mack, blacksmith
Lewis Francis M, carpenter
Lewis Henry, carpenter
Rannells J N, General Store
Shoemaker Anna, general store
Simons Noah, flour mill
Skinner H D, physician
Skinner Samuel J, shoemaker
Woodhouse Seaborn, live stock
Young William M, justice of the peace

WALTON. Population, 350. A town on P., C. & St. L. R'y, in Tipton township, Cass county, 9 miles southeast of Logansport, the county seat and banking place. Maintains 3 churches and graded school. Lumber, grain and live stock are shipped. Am. Ex W. P. Beall, postmaster.

Alford H, physician
Beall E Mrs, milliner
Beall J, wagonmaker
Beall W P, Confectioner
Bishop G W, general store
Bishop William, carpenter
Cromer D P, flour mill
Drake & Kesling, hardware
Dutchess C P, druggist
Engle David, hotel
Gould N H, furniture
Green & Choppeleer, blacksmiths
Hurd Owen, furniture
Hurd & Curtis, saw mill
Keesling J Q, drugs
Miller Lorenzo D, meat market
Neff J N, physician
Penrose Joseph, blacksmith
Phillips & Roucher, saw mill
Rooker V Mrs, milliner
Ruth Thomas, meat market
Small & Drake, undertakers
Snyder Will, RR and ex agt
Stagg John, baker and restaurant
Stuter & Co, stirrup manufacturers
Surface Adam, General Store
Watkins O D Rev, (Methodist)

YOUNG AMERICA. A thriving village of 300 inhabitants, in Deer Creek township, Cass county, 15 miles south of Logansport, the seat of justice and bank location, and 16 miles northwest of Kokomo, either of which are shipping stations. Tri weekly stage line to Kokomo and Logansport; fare, 50 cents. J. G. Johnson, postmaster.

Beck S J, justice
Bridge & Johnson, planing mill
Brown N, physician
Butcher A P, general store
Cummins susan Mrs, hotel
Davis Clara Mrs, milliner
Furrow J A, harnessmaker
Gard O C, drugs
Hunter R, undertaker
Hunter William, boots and shoes
Johnson J G, General Store
Kerr & Son, wagonmakers
Kressen Theodore, blacksmith
Lenon L C, agricultural implements
Lybrook & McMeans, saw mill
Lybrook & Parks, physician
Montgomery Edward, shoemaker
Pottoff Henry, blacksmith
Rhoads B F, flour mill
Turley H N, general store
Wikle Philip, wagonmaker
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