Walter Guy “Busty” Byers’ livery and feed stable

Walter Guy "Busty" Byers In front of “Busty” Byers’ livery and feed stable
These two are of my great-grandfather Walter Guy “Busty” Byers’ livery and feed stable which was located on North 3rd St. near Linden Ave. in Logansport. Both photos show Busty in the middle holding horses. The only other person I know is the little boy on the far left of the photo featuring other people. The little boy is my grandfather George Thomas Byers (of “Byers Disposal Service” after he took over from Busty). Both photos were taken around 1910. I say this based on the apparent age of my grandfather in the photo and there’s no reason to believe both photos weren’t taken at the same time given the similarities.              Submitted by Bryan D. Byers, Ph.D.

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added 13 February 2013