Boy Scouts of America -
1912 - Logansport, Indiana

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Amidst activities of the 40th anniversary of Boy Scouting in America being observed this week by Logansport and area Scouts this picture was discovered in the old files in the City building. It was taken of Logansport's first troop 38 years ago, only two years after the national organization was formed. Those in the picture are Scoutmaster L.O. Wetzel (seated in front), Myron Oppenheimer, John Brickley, Johnson Burdge, Dan Drompp, All Drompp, Marshall Raber, Kendall Wipperman, Everett Crockett, Merl Reinheimer, Donald Six, John Widgeon, Glad Skelton, Carl Baughman, Norman Six, Wright Abshire, Charles Bell, Joseph Bahr, Roscoe Beal, Dewitt Bowles, Glenn Bowyer, Ray Cummings, George Carew, Alva Custer, Charles Dykeman, Leland Dunn, Clyde Edwards, Charles Viney, Dewey Schmidt, John Schmidt, Herb Thomas, Fred Varle, Q. Newsbaum, F. Julian, R. Newell, C. Curry, W. Lewis, Bruce Ide, R. Pilling, George Washburn, N. Groves, R. Washburn, Ben Martin, G. McMullen, Robert McMullen, Robert Moore, G. Marshall, A. Reinheimer, H. Reed, D. Rhoads, Dewey Studebaker, Louis Schmidt, R. Wright, E. Harley, Fred Steinbauer, Harry Whig, Don Crain, Merle Edwards, Robert Fickle, Keith Gohl, Herbert Greensfelder, Melvin Greensfelder, Robert Green, H. H. Huston, Robert Harrison, Art Hensel, Wallace Hagenbuck, Henry Hedde, C. Jones, Robert Kunse, and Fred Cook. Pharos-Tribune [February 1950 - reprinted from 1912]

Photo/article scanned and contributed by Harriet Stairs - HSTAIRS @
27 February 2005 - html by Debra Beheler

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