Unidentified Cass Co.? School

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A new response! 12 Sept 2004

Can you identify this probable Cass County School? This is a postal card (in poor condition) dated and postmarked in Logansport on October 7, 1908. It is addressed to Miss (or Mrs.?) Zena Benson, Walton, Ind.
The message reads as follows:

I am not coming home Sat. I am going down to Madisons a week from Friday night. E. B.

Bonnie Kruk answers:

The school is the Victoria School at Adamsboro. (Unless more than one was built off of the same drawings.) I have looked in detail-- the stone work around the arch -- the curved brick work at the roof line. Victoria School at Adamsboro was part of the Miami Twp. system.
Bonnie asks: "I would love to find photos of the Clinton Twp, District 2, Clinton school-- the Clinton Twp., District 1, Stone School. Do you remember having seen any??"
Does anyone have photos of these schools to help Bonnie and possibly add to the online collection?

Gary Hays responds:

The writer of the postcard in question (E.B.) was probably Earl Benson, who was, or shortly thereafter became, a teacher. It was addressed to his sister, Miss Zona Benson, who later married William Edgar Fitzer. Earl's reference that he was "going down to Madisons..." likely referred to their brother, Madison Benson.

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