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This page contains obituaries or death notices (full or extract) of former Howard County residents.  If you have a notice you would like to add, please send to  Debby.

Harry Wishard PALMER (1916 - 1971) [extract]

Kokomo Tribune - 2 Jan 1971, p 3

Name: Harry Wishard PALMER
Age: 54
Died: 7:05 pm Thursday, 31 Dec 1970, Bartholomew County as result of injuries in auto accident. Liin Former Kokomo resident; lived in Shelbyville IN since 1967.
Born: 29 Sep 1916 [no location listed]
Parents: Phil H and Ollie WISHARD PALMER
Married: Jane MACK 3 Jul 1946
Purdue University - graduated 1941; Phi Delta Theta fraternity.
Military: veteran of WWI [sic - World War II]
Civic Involvement: Elks, American Legion.
Survivors: widow; father; 2 daughters, Mrs. Ann Mack BARRETT and Miss Elizabeth Jane PALMER; 2 sons John David PALMER, Michael Wishard PALMER; sister Mrs. John (Phyllis) MAHAN.
Services: Carmony Funeral Home, Shelbyville IN
Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville IN

Bessie PARKEY ( ? - 1896)

Kokomo Daily Tribune - 17 Jan 1896 - p8 col:2

Bessie PARKEY, who died at the home of her parents, Alfred and Clara PARKEY, in Kokomo last Saturday, was buried in the Russiaville cemetery Sunday afternoon.
A funeral sermon was preached at the Christian church at 1:30 by Rev. G. G. BRUER. The deceased was a granddaughter of Ira and Mrs. GRAHAM.

Barnard Bullard PARTRIDGE (1828-1896)

Kokomo Daily Tribune Monday Evening January 27, 1896 p8 col:1

B. PARTRIDGE died at 3:30 o'clock this morning at his late home, 99 West Sycamore street, of erysipelas, aged 68 years. His sickness was of but a few days duration, and it was not until Sunday afternoon that his condition was thought to be dangerous.
Ten days ago he complained of a chill but he did not take to his bed until last Wednesday, the day after a physician was called and he learned that the trouble was erysipelas. He seemed to be improving the last day or two until late Sunday morning when a change for the worse came.
Barnard Bullard PARTRIDGE was born in Troy, New Hampshire. He came west when a young man and engaged in the railroad business as a building contractor. Before the war he assisted in building the Monon from Michigan City to New Albany, the Louisville & Nashville, and other roads. He was in the railroad department of the military service under General Thomas, and also played a prominent part in building the celebrated "Cracker Line" by which Grant carried supplies into Chattanooga when it was besieged by the confederates.
Later he built the C. & A. from Chicago to Joliet and at different times had charge of the tracks of the Illinois Central and Burlington roads at the Chicago terminal. In this work he amassed considerable property, which he leaves to his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Hattie STILLWELL and Mrs. D. A. CARROLL, of Chicago, and a son, George PARTRIDGE, of Bloomington, Illinois.
The two daughters and Mr. CARROLL were present at his death bed, arriving about two hours before he died. The son and his wife came this morning to attend the funeral, which will be held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Crown Point.

Ruth E. PEACOCK(c1855 - 1945) [extract]

Kokomo Tribune 10 Mar 1945

Name: Mrs. Ruth E. Peacock, former Kokomo resident,
Died: Friday morning [9 Mar 1945]in St. Louis, Mo.
Born : Grant count near Fairmount, Ind., nearly 90 years ago
Parents: Joseph and Caroline JONES PEACOCK.
Survivors : brother, several nieces and nephews. Siblings Lydia and Ada Peacock preceded her in death.
In 1865 the family moved to the New London area; later Kokomo; 2 years before her death, she moved to St. Louis to live with her brother, William J. PEACOCK; member of the Union Street Friends church.
Funeral services: Rich funeral home.
Burial: New London cemetery.

Mrs. Emily PEMBERTON (c1857-1936)

Kokomo Tribune / Kokomo Dispatch - Howard County, IN July 21 1936

Name: Mrs. Emily PEMBERTON
Age: 79
Died: 9:15 o'clock Tuesday morning [21 Jul 1936] at the home of her daughter Mrs. James WALKER; had been bedfast for the past five months with a complication of disease incident to advancing age.
Born: Handsworth England; came to United States 32 years ago. For the last 14 years she operated a small restaurant; devout member of the St. Andrews Episcopal church.
Survivors: daughter, Mrs. James WALKER; eight grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. Three sisters, Mrs. Sophia HENDRY, Mrs. Alice HENDRY and Mrs. Lucy REED also survive. Preceded in death by one son and one daughter.
Funeral Services: St. Andrews church
Burial : Crown Point cemetery

George PEMBERTON (c1857-1923)

Kokomo Daily Dispatch -- Howard County, IN July 4 1923

George PEMBERTON dies at his Home in the city.
The funeral of George Pemberton, age 66, who died at his home on North Webster Street yesterday morning will be held at St. Andrews Church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial will be made in Crown Point Cemetery.
Mr. Pemberton was born in England and until coming to this country was employed as an engineer with the Tangyes company one of the largest engineering companies in the world. He was employed as a moulder at the Kokomo Brass Works until his sickness forced him to quit work. He was the first man to make a brass lubricator. He died as the result of cancer in the mouth.
The surviving relatives include the widow, Mrs. Emily PEMBERTON; a son George Austin Pemberton, Jr.; a daughter Mrs. Alice WALKER, and nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Victoria Ann PHILLIPS(1944 - 1945)

Kokomo Tribune - 2 Mar 1945

Name: Victoria Ann PHILLIPS [also called "Victory Ann"]
Age: four-month-old
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Harvey PHILLIPS Jr.
Died: St. Joseph hospital at 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon [1 Mar 1945]
Survivors: father (in the Armed Service) & mother; baby's paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. PHILLIPS; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles FIELDS and Mrs. Emma SMITH, Kokomo, and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey PECK.
Burial: Crown Point cemetery

John A. PIERCE (1926 - 1966) [extract]

Kokomo Tribune - 21 May 1966, p 1 & 2
Kokomo Morning Tribune - 21 May 1966, p 1

Name: John A PIERCE
Age: 39
Died: 11:15 Friday, 20 May 1966 of heart attack at St. Joseph Hospital, Kokomo.
Born: 26 May 1926 in Kokomo
Parents: Reed and Gladys ARMSTRONG PIERCE - father deceased.
Married: Jane KENWORTHY 21 Nov 1965
Military: served in Army during WWII
Kokomo High School graduate - 1944. Prominent Kokomo lawyer - graduated from Indiana University; Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Theta Phi member. Involved in many civic organizations, including Y.W.C.A director, Kokomo Country Club, and Elks.
Survivors: widow; mother; brother Charles PIERCE; two sisters, Mrs. Leo (Fleta) NEWLIN and Mrs. James (Helen) Deisch. One brother preceded him in death.
Services: Ellers Mortuary
Burial: Sunset Memory Gardens

William Howard PIERCE (1909 - 1945) [extract]

Kokomo Tribune - 24 Mar 1945

Name: William Howard "Bud" PIERCE
Age: would have been 36 years old March 27
Born: west of Kokomo; had lived in and near Kokomo all his life.
Died: 11:15 o'clock Thursday night [22 Mar 1945] at his home, the result of asthma and complications.
Funeral Services: First-United Brethren church; funeral home: Thomas
Burial: Crown Point cemetery.
Survivors: widow, formerly Miss Mary HANCE; two daughters, Sue Ann and Helen May; the mother, Mrs. Mae PIERCE; sister, Miss Hazel PIERCE; several aunts and uncles.

Charles POWELL (c1875-1901)

Kokomo Daily Tribune, 22 October 1901

Charles POWELL died of typhoid fever Sunday morning at 11 o'clock after a short illness. He was about 26 years of age at the time of his taking away. Charley was a model young man and highly respected by all who knew him. The funeral will take place at the M.E. Church Wednesday. Interment in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.
Submitter: Linda Chan

Thomas Paul PRATT ( c1896 - 1945)

Kokomo Tribune - 15 Mar 1945

Name: Thomas Paul PRATT
Age: 49
Born: near Sharpsville and had lived in that vicinity the greater part of his life.
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. PRATT
Died: 1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon [14 Mar 1945] in the Veterans hospital in Indianapolis; heart attack & had been ill since early in December.
Survivors: parents; brother, Jack PRATT; three sisters, Mrs. Susie RICHEY,Mrs. Naomi HULLLNGER, and Mrs. Robert ROCKWELL; also several nieces and nephews and other relatives.
Veteran of World War I and a member of the American Legion.
Funeral services : Sharpsville Methodist church
Burial: Sharpsville cemetery

Henry QUIGLEY ( 1888-1969)

Submitted by Shelly Dooley

Henry Quigley was Mayor of Kokomo, Indiana, and most of his business and public experience was in Kokomo, where he lived most of his life. He attended school in Logansport, where he was born.
In the fall of 1900, when he was 12 years old, the family went to Chicago and in 1905 he was graduated from the Englewood High School of that city. Soon afterward he returned to Logansport, and in August 1909, came to Kokomo. He clerked in drug and book stores and in May, 1918, was nominated for the office of county clerk of Howard County.
Soon after his nomination he joined the colors and was in training camp until after the armistice; stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. In the meantime, in November, 1918, he had been elected county clerk for a four year term. After the conclusion of that term in office he served as deputy county clerk until 1929.
He was elected mayor of Kokomo in November 1929, by a majority of 2000 votes, at that time the largest majority ever given a candidate for the office in Kokomo's history. He began his 4 year term on 6 Jan 1930. He was a Republican, a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the American Legion, is a Knight Templar Mason, and a member of Murat Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Indianapolis, and a charter member of the 40 & 8.
Just prior to leaving for training camp, 21 Sept 1918, he married Miss Ruth K. Collins, daughter of W.T. and Margaret Collins of Kokomo. They had no children. Mrs. Quigley has one sister, Rhea, wife of Carl Kasten, of Kokomo.
Henry retired about 10 years before his death from Superior Machine Tool Co, where he worked in the personnel department many years. He studied engineering at Purdue University. His home was at 113 S. Indiana Ave., Kokomo, IN.
It was his lot to serve as mayor during the worst years of the depression of the 1930s, and the job was made an arduous one by the difficult financial strain of the time. City operating expenses had to be cut sharply, which meant reductions in salaries and wages, and these were hard decisions for the mayor to make. But Mayor Quigley's measures preserved the city's credit and kept the city out of debt. In 1956 he was one of the 13 electors from Indiana who formally cast this state's electoral vote for Dwight D. Eisenhower for President.
After graduating from high school in Chicago, Mr. Quigley enrolled in FBI training in New York and served with that government agency several months. In World War I he served in the Quartermaster's office at Fort Benjamin Harrison, in Indianapolis, where he was attached to Co. M, 118th Engineers.
Henry loved practical jokes. During the days when he was county clerk, he enjoyed exploding firecrackers in hallways and corridors, disrupting whatever work was in progress.
He was once accused by the proprietor of a downtown drug store -- and hotly denied being implicated -- of setting about 75 alarm clocks to go off at intervals of five minutes. The clerical force in the store was in an uproar for most of one day, shutting off the alarms.
The late Maurice Tull, who amassed a lengthy collection of anecdotes about Kokomo citizens, recalled an occasion when Quigley threw the boys at the No. 1 firestation into a panic. The county clerk's office was on the third floor of the City Building at that time, in the years before the present courthouse was built. Quigley tossed a real egg out the window on a hot day, pretending to aim it at the firemen seated around the station entrance but purposely overthrowing. When the egg splattered on the curb, the firemen razzed him as being a "poor shot." This was the way "Quig" wanted it. He had a life-like rubber egg and he leaned out the window and threw it with unerring aim at one of the boys. The firemen scattered like a company of troops being attacked by aircraft, and there were some arm and leg sprains as they stumbled over their chairs.
In later years, when Mr. Quigley became mayor, he restrained himself from indulging in too much practical joking. But he could not bear to give up the fun altogether, and occasionally when a firecracker, harmlessly placed, would go off in some office corridor there was an immediate verdict that "Quig" was the "culprit." Frequently, it was a just verdict.
He was described as quietly colorful. His nature was essentially gentle, in that whatever he did, as mayor of Kokomo, as a businessman or as a private citizen, was done in a relaxed, measured manner. He always seemed to be relaxed. He looked upon life as something to be enjoyed and his reaction to events of his lifetime was characterized invariably by a philosophical humor which his numerous friends found comfortable and pleasant.
A man of rugged integrity, he discharged his duties as mayor and as Howard County Clerk with the highest ethical standards. Patriotism to him was real and meaningful.
In his later years he never lost the quiet drawling humor which had been a part of his nature all his life. Modestly he avoided the spotlight, preferring to "watch the world go by" as an ordinary senior citizen, but sharply interested in everything that went on.
He was a good mayor, a first rate American, a most likeable man and a happy and agreeable companion. Kokomo was fortunate that he spent most of his life here.
Henry Quigley died in Kokomo on April 20, 1969, at age 80. He died of a paralytic stroke, and is buried at Crown Point Cemetery in Kokomo; Jacobs Funeral Home.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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