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Kokomo High School - Alumni Notes 1875-1894

The High School Oracle - October 1897 (page 12)


Anna STYER is, at present, a bookkeeper in Chicago.


Horace M. COOPER is at present our county clerk.
William C. PURDUM is a prominent lawyer of this city.
John A. CRAGUN, formerly a banker in Hutchinson, Kansas.
Emma HEATON, now wife of O.A. SOMERS, formerly Howard County Commissioner.


Lillie CHAMPION is now wife of G.W. HALL, one of the leading grocers in the city.
Eva VINNEDGE is now wife of O.V> DARBY, one of our leading dry goods merchants.
Lizzie KING is at present a successful Kinder Garten [sic] teacher at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Flora E. TRUEBLOOD is now wife of Dr. NEFF of Logansport.
Jennie WILSON, now wife of W.H. MCCLAIN, formerly principal of the Kokomo High School, who is the editor of a Sunday School journal in St. Louis, Missouri.
L.H. DAVIS is now a Congregational minister at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Charles A. STYER, formerly Treasurer of Howard County, now the junior member of the firm Ashley & Styer.
Josie DOLMAN, now Mrs. J.H. BERST, residing in this city.
Mary E. WHITE, now wife of Dr. PURMAN, one of the most prominent physicians of Chicago.
Will C. SMITH, at present one of the most prominent lawyers in Delphi, Indiana.


Frank LEEDS, a wealthy merchant and broker of Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
Sadie L. HALLIDAY, now wife of Gib JAY, one of our leading businessmen.
Will D. DAVIS, formerly Prosecuting Attorney of this city, now a successful lawyer.


Will C. OVERTON, a successful lawyer of this city.
Allen SHEWMAN, superintendent of the electric railway in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Jessie F. DAYHUFF, wife of one of the leading dry goods merchants of Renselear [sic].
Oscar C. SMITH, of the firm Smith & Meligh, leading druggists.


Dora BENNETT, wife of Horace COMBS, grain dealer of South Whitley, Indiana.
Flora DIXON, a successful teacher in the Indian schools of Arizona.
Kate SWIFT, now wife of T.H. BURK, a traveling salesman of this city.
Charles DAVIS, a grain dealer of Greentown.
A.B. ARMSTRONG, a prominent businessman of this city.
O.H. KROH is private secretary of the manager of the Rock Island R.R. of New York city.


Nettie CANODE, a present a successful teacher in our public schools.
Mattie DIMMIT, now wife of Allen SHEWMAN, superintendent of the electric railway in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Richard BROWN, a successful teacher of the colored school of this city.
Maggie O'BRIEN, now wife of G.E. MECK, one of our leading druggists.


Nora CHANDLER, now wife of Ed RUSSELL, one of our most prominent businessmen, formerly a banker of this city.
Julia JONES, now wife of Charles DAVIS, grain dealer, Greentown.
Minnie SCOTTON, now wife of Prof. JOHNSTON, formerly a music teacher of this city.
Carrie STYER, at present bookkeeper for Strickland & Co.
J.W. TAYLOR, a Christian minister in Kentucky.
Etta GOODWINE, formerly bookkeeper of O.V. DARBY's dry goods store.
Fred M. LANE, a successful real estate agent in Duluth, Minnesota.


Lida DOLMAN, now wife of C.H. TAYLOR, superintendent of the water works, St. Joe, Missouri.
Minnie JOHNSON, now wife of Dr. THORN, one of our most successful physicians.
Jennie ARMSTRONG, now wife of Prof. HOWE of Butler University.
Bertie MCBRIDE, now wife of M.T. BRAND, a successful real estate agent of this city.
Fannie ACHEY, now wife of Will HALE, salesman of Kennedy & Williams
( continued next month)

Thanksgiving 1897 - page 20


Cora MOORE, now wife of Charles SULLIVAN, member of the firm Sullivan & Son, grocers of this city.
Anna WARD, principal of the First ward school of this city, and one of Kokomo's most successful teachers.
Hugh LANDON, connected with the Natural Gas company at Indianapolis.


Myrtle SHAUL, now wife of William MURPY, a real estate agent in Texas.
Lulu HULL, now wife of M.P. ELLIOTT, superintendent of the Plate Glass factory in this city.
Laura BENNETT, now wife of W.H. STOKES, one of the most prominent manufacturers of Free Hold, New Jersey, formerly a successful English teacher of our High School.
C.E. SOMERS, a manufacturer at Memphis, Tennessee.
W.B. ELLIS, architect of the Watson Lumber Company.
Tiva DEFFENBAUGH, now wife of G.W. SMITH, of the firm of Deffenbaugh & Smith, contractors in this city.
Minnie DUNKLE, now wife of W.L. DOLMAN, employee of the McLeod Carbon Company, Chicago.
Sudie MOORE, now wife of Sam SIPE, a prominent citizen of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a successful diamond dealer.
(continued next month)

Christmas 1897 - page 52


India L. MARTZ, the successful Latin teacher in our High School.


Hattie DURETT, now wife of Cordes OWENS, time keeper at the Plate Glass factory, Kokomo.
Kate HUNT, now wife of C.K. MCCAIN, a jeweler in this city.
Dell HUNT, of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of this city.
May HUNT, now wife of Lou CUMBERLAND, assistant secretary of the Armstrong, Landon, Hunt company.
Nettie LEACH, now the wife of Harry MECK, a druggist of south Kokomo.
Myrtle MARIS, now wife of O.C. SMITH, one of Kokomo's leading druggists.


Walter JOHNSON, superintendent of the public schools at Ashley, Ind.
Will SOLLENBERGER, assistant secretary of the Loan and Savings Association of this city.
Ida May SIPE, formerly a teacher in our city schools.
Jennie MERRELL, formerly teacher in our city schools, now in Franklin College.
Jennie WINBEGLER, assistant Latin teacher in the State Normal School.
Ezra ROBERTS, student in Butler University.
Harvey BATES, prominent druggist in Chicago.
Bell MCINTOSH, bookkeeper of the Indiana Tumbler factory at Greentown.


Allen C. GARRIGUS, deputy auditor of Howard County.
Nellie RAYL, now wife of Robert BLOUNT, a prominent physician at Chicago.
Lora MCLAUGHLIN, now wife of Charles HASELTINE, a jeweler in this city.
V.S. HILLIS, at present in the government employ in Washington D.C.
George E. THORN, principal of the Third ward school in this city.
Ed S. MOORE, member of the firm of S.C. Moore & Son, and a successful businessman.
Fannie WYKES, now wife of Charles STEVENS, salesman of O.V. Darby's dry goods store.
Ione SHAUL, a successful teacher in our city schools.
Georgia SCOTT, now wife of Ed MOORE.
Ed SOUDER, a reporter on the Tribune.


Arthur DIXON, a successful teacher in a Business College, Chicago.
(continued next month)

January 1898 - page 68


Nora ROBERTS, teacher in colored school in this city.
Alice WOOLEY, a teacher in our city schools.
Ella BENNETT, wife of B.C. MOON, a prominent lawyer in this city.
Stella DAVIS, bookkeeper in The Dispatch office.


Ida STOCKER, a teacher in our public schools.
Chester ELLIS, traveling salesman for the Order Blank company.
Florence WYKES, now wife of LaRue CARTER, of the firm Carter & Son, contractors.
May DUKE, now wife of O.T. OWENS, manager of Duke's Bakery.
Almon HUNT, principal of Elwood schools.
Charles WEISER, delivery clerk in post office.
Dana DOLLINGSWORTH, a teacher in our city schools.
Howard ARMSTRONG, member of Armstrong & Co. hardware dealers.


Lucy LANE, a teacher in our city schools.
Lizzie WARD, a teacher in our city schools.
Trottie MERRELL, a teacher in our city schools.
Oscar H. WILLIAMS, teacher in country school.


Fannie WILSON, now wife of Will FINCH, salesman in Davis' clothing house.
Nellie SMITH, now wife of Howard ARMSTRONG, of the firm Armstrong & Co.
Effie BRIDWELL, teacher in the city schools.
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