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Miller Public School

District No. 2

Liberty Township, Howard County, Indiana


Will Fay, Teacher
First Grade
Homer Oswald Raymond Kennedy Fanny Miller
Virgil Kendall Ammon Troyer George Studebaker
Mary Graf Sanford Mishler Maudie Sommers
Second Grade
George Mishler Roy Kennedy Holly Kaser
Sarah Troyer Laura Weisenberger Oscar Kendall
Frank Doterer Ferman Kaufman Roy Sommers
Delsa Mishler
Third Grade
Laura Miller Chancy Miller John Kendall
Will Sommers Russell Kendall Maudie Lantz
Andrew Hershberger
Fourth Grade
Charley Lantz Oscar Mishler Winnie Miller
Edith Deardoff Frank Sommers Mabel Deardoff
Ada Lantz Goldie Kaser Clara Troyer
Henry Graf Oscar Oswald Daisy Graf
Wilson Mishler Nellie Kennedy William Miller
Nancy Kendall Frank Graf
Fifth Grade
Pearle Kendall Ester Weisenberger Clara Kendall
Alva Miller Clara Kennedy Mary Troyer
Glen Troyer
Sixth Grade
Earl Kendall Edgar Weisenberger Bessie Miller
Vern Kendall Raymond Dotterer Harry Miller
Henry Lantz Frank Mishler Lilly Mishler
Seventh Grade
Lottie Miller Oliver Miller Elva Lantz
Harry Kempf Allie Kennedy Glen Kennedy
Cora Lantz Ira Lantz Harrison Dotterer
Earl Kaufman Edna Miller Delbert Myers
Albert Kingseed Barbarie Lantz Harlin Lantz
Eighth Grade
Fred Kendall Homer Lantz Joseph Lantz

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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