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Rural Teachers -- Howard County, Indiana 1921-22

Albert F Hutson, County Superintendent
Kokomo Indiana,
Phone 2957
Neva Sexton, Office Assistant

High School Teachers
S. L. Martindale, (Prin.) West Middleton.
Glenn L. Troyer, West Middleton.
Cleo Dailey, West Middleton
Garnet Spencer, West Middleton.
Helen Carter, West Middleton.
W. W. Lindley, (Prin.) Russiaville.
L. C. King, Russiaville.
Lucile Oilar, Russiaville.
D. W. Tucker, 1407 S. Main St.,Kokomo.
Mrs. Vivienne Fowler-Carter, Russiaville.
Bessie M. Reagan, Russiaville.
Edgar E. Botts, (Prin.) 923 E. Taylor St,Kokomo.
Cecil Webb, 222 E. Mullberry,Kokomo.
Lloyd M. Keisling ,Kokomo, R. 3
Harold G. Freeland, 705 N. Main St.,Kokomo.
William 8. Willer, Kokomo, R. 8.
Esther Redding, 414 N. Union,Kokomo.
J. A. Abell, (Prin.) Greentown.
Ralph B. Miller, Greentown.
Virgil H. Miller, Greentown.
Naomi Neyhart, Greentown.
Paul T. Keisling, Greentown.
Minnie A. Parson, Greentown.
Lena Goyer, Kokomo, R. 8.
Gladys Bergdoll, Greentown.
Lelah Carpenter, Greentown.
A. E. Benge, (Prin.) 1812 S. Washington,Kokomo.
Mrs. Edith Benge, 1812 S. Washington St.,Kokomo.
J. Fred Meinzer Kokomo, R. 1
Violetta Cosand, Russiaville, R. 1.
Mildred Hobson, Russiaville, R. 1
F. M. Pickman, (Prin.) Greentown, R. 1.
Cumie H Summers, Windfall, R. 2.
Lelah Blanche Dean, Greentown, R. 1.
Susie Stuart, Greentown, R. 4.
John K. Galpin, Greentown, R. 1.

Teachers of Graded Schools.
Haines W. Sleeth, Kokomo, R. 2.
Mrs. O. P. Kemp, 711 W Taylor,Kokomo.
Mrs. Gussie L. Crider, 320 E. Walnut,Kokomo.
Lourena Obermeyer,. Kokomo, R. 6
Gertrude Ladd, Kokomo, R. 7.
Ina Medley, 418 E. Vaile Ave.,Kokomo.
Neva Sexton, 928 E. Walnut,Kokomo.
Esther Freeman, Oakford.
Mattie White, Russiaville, R. 3.
Carrie Wilson, West Middleton.
Edythe Dimmitt, West Middleton.
R.R. Hamilton, West Middleton
Josephine Seagrave Kokomo, R.9.
Loraine Torrence Kokomo R.9.
Georgia Hart, West Middleton.
Mrs. Clara Merrill-Phillips, Russiaville.
Florence E. Wright, Russiaville.
Georgia White, Russiaville, R. 3.
Frank Devore, Kokomo, R. 5.
Ruth L. Johnson. Kokomo, R. 5
Myrtle Gilbert Kokomo, R. 5.
Helen E. Johnson, 414 N. Union St., Kokomo
Mrs. Ethel M. Trick,. Kokomo, R. 6
Robert C. Kennedy, Greentown, R. 3.
Nelda Jarvis, Greentown.
Daisy Long, Greentown, R. 3.
Edith Singer, Greentown.
Mrs. Richard O. Lee, Greentown.
Mr. W. W. Dragoo, Greentown.
Mrs. Mabel Scherer, Greentown.
Hazel Mae Evans, Greentown, R. 4
LaVonne Carr, Greentown.
Glen R. Ritchey,. Kokomo, R. 1
Elizabeth Jane Gilbert, Russiaville, R. 3.
June Alley, West Middleton.
Elbert Langley, Center.
Bessie Hancock, Center.
Dorothy Odom, Center.
B. R. Davidson, Hemlock.
Hazel Cannon. Kokomo, R. 8
Thelma A. Lett, Hemlock.
Charles Strauss, Oakford.
Doris Saul, Oakford.
William Miller, Greentown, R. 1.
John L. G. Miller, Greentown, R. 1.
Faith Armstrong, Windfall, R. 1.
Gladys M. Puckett, Greentown.

Teachers of One-Room Schools.
Marie Bolinger, Kokomo, R. 3.
Carl Williams, Kokomo, R. 3,Box 16.
Mary Poore, Kokomo, R. 4.
Stacy R. Davis, 1017 W. Taylor, Kokomo.
Charles M. Mills, Kokomo, R. 4.
Clourse M. Cress. Galveston, R. 1.
Allen Tucker Kokomo, R. 3.
Orpha Lesley, Flora, R. 2.
J. Franklin Arthur, Kokomo, R. 2.
Flora Martin, Kokomo, R. 1.
E. E. Harrell, Kokomo, R. 1.
Raymon Gilbert, Galveston, R. 1.
F. E. Clanin, Swayzee.
Aluva Renbarger, Greentown, R. 2.
Della Mary Hensler, Kokomo, R. 5.
Menno J. Ebersole, Greentown, R.
George B. H. Sloan, Kokomo, R. 6.
Hanley C. Golding, Greentown, R. 2
Fern Shenk, Kokomo, R. 7
Naomi Ray, Kokomo, R. 10.
Christina Kinney, Kokomo, R 8.
Attendance Officer: Helen Meck, 314 W. Sycamore St.,Kokomo, Phone 780

This information was donated by Karen Sosbe

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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