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1929 Howard County Indiana High School Graduates

Kokomo Daily Tribune, March 25, 1929

Nine commissioned high schools of Howard County this year will graduate ninety-six seniors in the annual commencement exercises. Principals of the nine schools reported their lists of graduates, and announced that arrangements for features of the programs will be ready soon. All but one of the baccalaureate programs will be held on Sunday evening, April 21.

Greentown High School:

Bernell Mast (class president)
Ida Bookout
Byron Brown
Kenneth Freeman
Mary Johnson
Lelah Kaufman
Dorothy Keith
Geneva Kingseed
Sella Kirkendall
Arthur Larrison
Wanda Lawrence
Ellen Jane McDowell
Mae Morris
Edith Mugg
Robert Overton
Jewell Quick
Bernele Robinson
Kenneth Seagrave
Edna Shrock
Frederick Shrock
Maxine Zirkle

Jackson Township H.S.:

Eugene Darr (class president)
Helen Brookshire
Paul Crandall
Mildren Green
Howard Hamblen
John L. Harper
Mary Harper
Claude Matchett
Carol McCombs
Mary Pence
Gerald Powell
Arthur Rust
Frances Waymire
Jo Ellen Waymire

Russiaville H.S.:

Reba Orem (class president)
Kenneth Marshall
Robert McMahon
Herman Newlin
Arthur Stanley
Iryl Turner

Clay Township H.S.:

Thelma Sharp (class president)
Mary Elizabeth Conner
Mary Lambert
Edwin Matlock
Mary Prather
Gladys Rickerd
Devona Thomas

West Middleton H.S.:

Jennie Irene Stratton (class president)
Curtis Carter
Mary Kathleen Fernung
Mark Hollingsworth
Catherine Kirkendall
Deleda Jane Miller
Russell Vogus

Howard Township H.S.:

Edward Lantz (class president)
Lois Beck
Irma Chambers
Mildred Chism
Chester Crawford
John Kendall
Titus Klingman
Clarence Obermeyer
Raymond Riley
Blanche Sellers
Orville Troyer
Dorothy Wise

Ervin Township H.S.:

Harold Ritchey (class president)
Leroy Coy
Ruby Crites
Martha Diller
Ruth Gillan
Clarence Harold
Fredrick Heinmiller
Leonard Hite
Lora Mae Raines
Gladys Rhinehart
Mildred Sampson

Union Township H.S.:

Lowell Wines (class president)
Ruth Ball
Ronald Brenton
Morris Evans
Opal Johns
Alice Lord
Archie Richards
Lavena Seager
Bernice Smith
Max Springer

New London H.S.:

George Hollingsworth (class president)
Ruth Comingor
William Haworth
Ida Ross
Arlene Tate
Glendora Taylor
Thelma Thomas
Naomi Wells


1929 Kokomo High School Graduates

The following list of seniors was abstracted from the 1929 Sargasso yearbook. Pictures and a list of each student’s activities is available in the yearbook as well.

Ralph Goldsberry - Class President

Alice Aaron
Inez Aldridge
Avon Allen
Chester Anderson
Robert Anderson
William Bache
Gilbert Baird
Isabelle Baker
Weston Bassett
Richard Bateman
Marjorie Bennett
Jesse Benson
Madge Blessing
Ruth Boring
Lela Boyer
William Breedlove
Madeline Brooking
Grace Brooks
Terrance Brunnenmiller
Jean Byrum
Marvin Carruth
Doris Christy
Charles Cline
Robert Coady
Norbert Commons
Mildred Cooper
Mae Ellen Cooprider
William Cornell
Catharine Cramer
Mary Collnane
Beatrice Davies
Donald Davis
Roy Deigler
Elmer Delo
Richard DeMotte
James Drake
William Duncan
Alice Dunn
William Dunn
Thomas Dwyer
Berton Edson
Wilbur Enders
Walter Ervington
Robert Estle
Robert Fenn
George Ferguson
Esther Mae Finley
Cayle Fitzsimmons
Basil Flora
Florean Fouch
Ralph Frazer
Ruth Fredrick
Jewell Gordon
Lucille Green
Ray Greving
Max Grist
Mildred Gross
Harley Grund
Esther Gunnell
Russell Gunnell
Louis Hamlin
Eleanor Harness
Erma Hawkins
Fred Hawkins
Tom Hewlett
Lenna Hill
Wallace Hodges
Russell Horsman
Russell Humphrey
Charlotte Hunt
Richard Hunt
Ralph Hutto
Glen James
Mary Helen Johnson
Ira Johnston
Helen Jonson
Marie Kaplan
Howard Kenworthy
Mary Kerby
Rebecca Kistler
Eleanor Krebser
Mignon Lamb
Frances Lines
Dorothy Lingenfelter
Nellie Luck
Fred Macke
James McBride
Catherine McCafferty
Alice McCoy
John McReynolds
Senior Meranda
Mary Mickels
John Miller
Justus Miller
Marjorie Miller
Joseph Morrow
Gordon Murray
Louise Nation
Benard Nicholson
Evelyn Nixon
Evelyn Orr
John Parks
Delbert Parsons
Donald Parsons
Robert Marvin
Harold Patterson
Jack Pennell
Ed Petoskey
Helen Politz
Mildred Powell
Dick Purvis
Harry Purvis
Gerald Rader
Josephine Read
George Reed
Isabelle Rees
Wayne Richards
Eunice Riley
Don Rivers
Holman Thodes
Nelda Rosenheimer
Mary Roswog
Arthur Rothschild
Louise Roush
Dorothy Salsbery
Robert Salter
Don C. Saul
Frank Schocke
Mary Mae Scott
Walter Seitz
Carl Sewell
Horace Sharp
Ed Shaw
Jane Shoaf
Homer Shoup
Katherine Smith
Maxine Smith
Gladys Snyder
Doris Snyder
Julian Somerville
David Souder
Irene Spade
Kathryn Spann
Roscoe Spearman
Agnes Stahl
Richard Stanbro
Martha Stevens
Hubert Stout
Mary Stranburg
Ralph Stych
Ruth Stych
Mary Suter
Ralph Sutherland
Edith Swisher
Margaret Taylor
Alice Thatcher
Wanite Thompson
Carl Tilly
Florence Tucker
Mary Tucker
Madeline Vandenbark
Clifford Van Meter
Margaret Vent
Ellen Vincent
John Vondersaar
Charles Walter
Rosamond Ward
Lucille Washington
Robert Weaver
Charles Webb
Ralph Weir
Dorothy Wentz
Virginia Wildermuth
Dorothy Williams
Earl Williams
Louise Williams
Harold Wilson
Virginia Wilson
Lester Winslow
Kenneth Wise
Richard Wood
Lauralee Wooley
Howard Wren
Vivian Yost

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