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Howard County Indiana Marriages - 1873

The following list of Howard County Indiana Marriages is taken from monthly lists published in the Kokomo Democrat. The original lists can be found in the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Genealogy and Local History Room, either in the vertical files or by going directly to the newspaper microfilm.

Marriages are sorted by groom surname - use your browser's Find feature to search for any name. Illegible names or parts of names are followed by [?].

Groom Last Name Groom First Name Bride First
Bride Last Name Date of Marriage
[illegible entry]   Louisa WALTER[?] April 1873
[illegible] Francis M. Margaret L KAUSER May 1873
ABNEY Oliver D. Margaret RODMAN July 1873
ALBRIGHT J. Nancy ELSON December 1873
AMOS Wm. H Elisa MILLER December 1873
ANDERSON Jere H Nora DARNALL November 1873
ANGBE Jonathan Sarah JAY July 1873
ARMFIELD Henry Vienna IRISH July 1873
ARMFIELD Joseph Samantha CHANDLER August 1873
ARMSTRONG Louis Caroline ARMSTRONG April 1873
BAGWELL David H Sophia SAPP June 1873
BALLANGER Titus (colored) Mary (colored) ANDERSON March 1873
BALLINTINE James Abigal STOUT June 1873
BARKER Wilson T Sarah SWINGER March 1873
BARNETT W.C. Jane CARTER September 1873
BEARD Thomas Mary E CRABTREE August 1873
BEASON W.L. Alice J. JACKSON December 1873
BLACK William Z. Desdemonia KIRKMAN November 1873
BOGUE L.M. Mary M. LOUDER December 1873
BOWEN James S. Adeline CREASON June 1873
BRACKINGAST [?] David Mary M. CAREY September 1873
BROOKS George W. Cynthia A. BEVERLY August 1873
BROWN Thomas J Sarah LYNN September 1873
BUSH David H [?] Priscilla RICKMAN April 1873
BUTLER Charles Sarah CARTER May 1873
CARR D. Charletta TURNER December 1873
CHAMP James D Mary E. CHILDERS September 1873
CHASTEEN John F. Mary M. DULLANTY November 1873
CHILDERS Milton Mary J. CHAMP November 1873
CHISTIE James Jane RAY July 1873
CHOSHAW William Harriet A. RIFFE March 1873
CLARK S.A. Anna J. LEE September 1873
CLAYBURN James L. Mary A. BANNON February 1873
CLINE James H. Annie E MERRIMAN March 1873
COLESCART [?] Westley Nora O'NEAL May 1873
CONNELL W.H. Sadie E. CONNELL September 1873
CONOVER J.F. Annie M. TRITT November 1873
COX John W. Mildred R. MCCLURE July 1873
CREASON Melbourn L. Lucinda TOW February 1873
DAYHUFF Samuel E. Ladie DUKE August 1873
DICKENSON John P. Sarah A HERN March 1873
DOWELL W.H. Annie E SHUTE December 1873
DOWNEY G.W. Phoebe BUCHMAN September 1873
DRINKWATER E.H. Melinda SIPE December 1873
DURER G.H. Margaret CROWSORE October 1873
EARLY F.S. Margaret GRIFFITH March 1873
EARLY Jacob Catherine HOPKINS September 1873
EDWARDS Charles S Margaret A. HOWBERT June 1873
FAIRFIELD Burnett Sarah K CROUSORE May 1873
FELL Horatio A. Elizabeth ALLEN July 1873
FISHER Jonathan Maggie JONES January 1873
FORTNEY Geo. W Harriet A. CHASE April 1873
FOSTER David Farba [?] SPEERS January 1873
FREEMAN Christopher C. Elizabeth GALWAY January 1873
FUEL John P. Susan B TATEM March 1873
GARRETSON James M. Minerva MONTGOMERY June 1873
GARRIGUS LaFayette Mary A. MOORMAN April 1873
GATER William Rebecca GORDON August 1873
GATES John M Rosa WEAVER March 1873
GILBERT F. Mary E GOOD December 1873
GILL Augustus C. Rebecca A DONAHUE March 1873
GORDON James Mary M. HYATT November 1873
GORDON Patrick A. Susannah PILER [?] November 1873
GRANTHAM Wm. F. Ella SHIRLEY April 1873
GRASE Franklin W Mary J. FLYNN March 1873
GRIFFITH Joshua D. Sarah J. COTTINGHAM July 1873
GULLION Thomas Mary HUETT March 1873
GUTHRIDGE Thomas W. Estella THOMAS [?] April 1873
HAGGARD John A. Hattie E EVARS May 1873
HAMILTON William Martha BYRUM August 1873
HARDING Charles R. Nancy E. ALLEN February 1873
HARMON Charles Mary PITZER July 1873
HARRISON Robert Angelina RICH September 1873
HART George Catharine ALBRIGHT August 1873
HART George Catherine J. ALBRIGHT September 1873
HAWKINS Luman W. Ella STARR March 1873
HAWKINS Joseph E. Matilda A. EMRY June 1873
HENDERSON William H Laura DIXON March 1873
HENDERSON H.E. Belle WILLIAMS December 1873
HENDRIN [?] Zadok Susannah WOODS May 1873
HENRY James Jane CARIGAN June 1873
HILL Wm. H. Sarah E. LEACH July 1873
HINEMILLER William H. Mary J. ROBINSON November 1873
HOBACK William K. Sarah RICHEY August 1873
HOWARD James H. Armilda J DEAN May 1873
HULL Wallace R. Julia SANDFER January 1873
HULLINGER Alonzo Amelia STONE August 1873
JENNINGS W.L. Margaret LAWSON September 1873
JONES John E Jennie M BANKS May 1873
KEEL Calvin C. Olivia A. RICHARDSON August 1873
KELLUM J.M. Carrie C CRAVER October 1873
KENWORTHY Milton Hannah STOUT September 1873
KEYES William R. Susan Jane POWEL March 1873
KLEIN Wm. C. Elnora NIXON December 1873
KNIGHT Isaac Missouri A. SMITH January 1873
LAMB Milton Selpha A PRUVIS March 1873
LAMB William J. Sarah E. TURLEY June 1873
LAWRENCE Peter Mary B. CAYLOR July 1873
LEACH Charles Mary F. HAVENS June 1873
LEBOLD Frederick Elizabeth HENDRICKS February 1873
LEE Jesse H. Mary C. DIMITT August 1873
LEGION William W. Iowa HALL April 1873
LENNINGTON J.T. Hannah BURTON December 1873
LEWELLIN Daniel Sarah GEETING July 1873
LINDLEY Milton H. Mary E. FIBER July 1873
LITTLER George E. Nancy E. SLOAN November 1873
LOY [?] John H. Nancy A SATER September 1873
MADDOX J. Malinda LAWSON October 1873
MARIGAN Michael Louisa J. FREEMAN May 1873
MARTIN James B. FONT FACE="Arial">Sarah E. HINKLE September 1873
MARTIN[?] John L. Cordelia A. FLORA May 1873
MASON M.V. Acenith DAVIS September 1873
MCCLURE J.K. Josephine SHAWHAN [?] December 1873
MCCOY Charles Louisa FRY March 1873
MCDOMAND Coleman Julia A. GALWAY June 1873
MCFAIRIDGE Wm. Matilda J. HYATT October 1873
MCKAY N.B. Emma ROBINSON November 1873
MILLER William A. Mary FELLOW August 1873
MINOR Sylvannus Harriet C. DUVALL August 1873
MORGAN A.C. Susan A. MORGAN October 1873
MORRIS Edward W. Barbara E WHISHER April 1873
MORRISON Martin Ella GUNN October 1873
MORROW Jackson Mary E. HENDERSON [?] May 1873
MORROW Charles Sarah J. BALEY July 1873
MOUNTS Oscar D. Laura B. DILLMAN February 1873
MULLENIX Albert Mary E. WALKER July 1873
MULLIKIN William P. Lucemi S. RIFFE May 1873
NASH Wilford Letitia PRICE June 1873
NEWLIN Wm. Caroline H. NEWLIN January 1873
NORRIS George Lydia A. JACKSON July 1873
ORCHET Robert Mary E. DAVIS May 1873
ORME Charles Charity ALBRIGHT January 1873
OSBORN Wm. Malissa STANLEY July 1873
PARKER A.F. Alice VAN_HORN June 1873
PARSONS Ephraim Eliza J. BREEDLOVE April 1873
PATTON Mark Catharine STETTLER September 1873
PETERS James E. Kiziah RIDGEWAY November 1873
PICKETT William P. Lydia CASTLE May 1873
PICKETT Hiram Martha E. MOORE September 1873
PIKE John B. Sarah BIANON June 1873
PLOUGHE Thomas B. Parthemia S. HERNER June 1873
POLLY Andrew Mollie L. MOORE September 1873
POLLY Harvey Adalinda CULVER September 1873
POWELL Zenis M. Almyra SHANE August 1873
REX J.R. Permelia CLEVENGER October 1873
RICKARD O. Hannah M. SWISHER December 1873
RODMAN John Mary E DONAHUE March 1873
ROGERS B.F. Sarah E. NUNER October 1873
ROSE Pery Amanda JOHNSON August 1873
RUMELS Martin Nettie MULLENIX April 1873
RUSSEL [?] Albert Katie SHAUER March 1873
RUST Isaac H Elissa J. DIRMIT February 1873
RUTTO George R. Hannah E HUNT June 1873
SALE William S. Martha A. THORP February 1873
SANDERS Benjamin Lina REDMAN June 1873
SCOTT Silas D. Lella GRAY August 1873
SCOTT Joseph A Mary M. IRBY September 1873
SEABER [?] Francis M Mary E POLICE [?] May 1873
SHAFFER Jesse Mary J. WILSON February 1873
SHANE Oliver Martha FISHER March 1873
SHARP J.W. Malinda KIMBALL September 1873
SHIELDS Joshua P Francis WEST February 1873
SIMECON [?] Havens Frances M YOUNG December 1873
SMITH James A. Cynthia A. WEAVER August 1873
SMITH L.V. Fannie A. DENISON October 1873
SMITH R.C. Harriet F HUNTER December 1873
SNOW George H. Prudence A HAMEL March 1873
SPANGLER Peter Jane STURGES March 1873
SPENCE Thomas Sarah JACOBS July 1873
ST. JOHN Joseph A. Sarah A. ST. JOHN June 1873
STAM J. F. Amanda C. POLSON December 1873
STEPHENS Peter Minerva VANSCOY July 1873
STOME Marion Jane LUCAS March 1873
STURGEON Richard R. Eunice ARNETT April 1873
SUTTON A.P. Alice EDWARDS November 1873
SWISHER Samuel Christina E GRANT March 1873
SWISHER T. Abagail A HEATH December 1873
SWOPE Joseph Lodenia SLEUTH [?] September 1873
TERFLINGER J.V. Laura B. BECKETT September 1873
THOMPSON John M. Laura E. FRY August 1873
TIMBERMAN Charles Mary E. MYERS June 1873
TOLLE Johnathan Sarah L. HANCOCK June 1873
TULWIDER William A. Emily C. COLESCOT June 1873
TURLEY M.S. Cynthia F CRUM December 1873
TUTTLE John W. Argulia [?] CLARK October 1873
TWINEHAM Russell Almira WEBB June 1873
VANMOIRE M. Josephine CUTTINHAM December 1873
VAUGHN Charles E. Sarah PIERSON June 1873
WAGGERMAN Ambrose Madora RICHARDSON January 1873
WALKER Pleasant Mary LINDSAY April 1873
WASHINGTON Isaac Jane KEELAR June 1873
WELLS William H. Ella J. ILIFF [?] August 1873
WHITTAKER James H. Louisa H. FISHER April 1873
WILKINS John F. Isabella WOLF November 1873
WILLETS Cyrus Permelia FRY May 1873
WILSON Charles S. Sarah J KICK [rest of name cut off] May 1873
WOLFE James H. Margaret SLOAN April 1873
WOODS William Nancy . LANCASTER February 1873
WOOL John Orilla FLINN June 1873
WRIGHT J.C. Emma C. RADCLIFF October 1873
WRIGHT Isaac N Margaret GRANT November 1873
WRIGHT Amos P. Susannah V. SPRING November 1873
WYNN Leighton Maria SAVILLE April 1873
YOUNG W.S. Catharine C. BECK February 1873

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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