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Local Events -- Occurrences of the Year 1874 -- An Interesting Record

Extracted from the Kokomo Tribune - Saturday, January 16, 1875. The original article can be found in the "Chronologies" drawer at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Genealogy & Local History Dep't. This article, along with the entire 1874 newspaper run, is also available on microfilm.


1. Railroad engineer's strike continued. None except through mails received
2. County meeting of Teachers and reunion at College building.
3. Thos. JAY died at 8 o'clock p.m.
11. Madison HANSELL died at Alto.
12. Interesting series of meetings began at M.E. Church.
13. Meeting of directors First Nat. Bank, Ithamer RUSSELL chosen as President; Will P. VAILE, Cashier.
14. Coldest day of season. Mercury at 4 deg. below zero.
15. Excitement over killing of Hon. Thos. N. STILLWELL by John E. CORWIN, which occurred at Anderson last night.
21-23. Fellowship meetings at Congregational church.
21. Death of Burrel BELL in Ervin township.
26. Organization of Bible Society under Rev.A.S. WOOD, first meeting at First National Bank.


2. A. Minor GRISWOLD ("The Fat Contributor") lectured at Opera House to a very small audience on "Ingun Meal". Perfection of the organization known at "Kokomo Building and Loan Association". Officers and directors elected.
5. Agnes WALLACE Burlesque troupe at Opera House.
7. Cap't. LITTLER dies of consumption. W.W. BARNES elected by County Meeting as Purchasing agent for the Grange.
11. Mrs. Shadrich [sic] STRINGER, of Alto, dies.
13. Temperance crusade by ladies commended today. Saloons visited, Mrs. Mary RODGERS officiates.
14. Meeting of Agricultural Society.
15. Moore VINNAGE dies.
16. Robert McWADE in play of Rip VanWinkle at Opera House.
21. Meeting of County Council of Grangers. Davis & Co's bid for selling dry goods being the lowest, was received and adopted.
22. Douglass RUSSELL, the great Scotch Evangelist, preached at Congregational church. J.L. WINSHIP died.
23. Meetings continue through the week at Congregational church with Douglass RUSSELL as teacher.
26. Mr. H.S. FERGUSON dies of pneumonia.
27. Revival in progress at United Brethren church, three miles east of town. Forty-seven converts in two weeks.


2. Meetings continue with unabated interest at Congregational church.
3. Joseph NESBITT killed by lightning at his farm, five miles west of this city.
6. Session of Commissioners at Mayor's office. About 60 or 70 women present to remonstrate against the granting of license.
7. Death of Zimri NIXON. Death of Rachel COVAULT who lived near Greentown.
8. Sunday - religious meeting conducted by Douglass RUSSELL at Opera House in evening. Very large attendance.
9. Night - meetings at Congregational church, held by Douglass RUSSELL, close after a continuation of over two weeks.
14. Bursting of governor valve chamber of engine at Martz' mill. Temperance ladies met for organization at M.E. church.
17. St. Patrick's Day. Generally celebrated by the Irish population.
21. Large Temperance meeting at Court House. List of Premiums made by a committee from the Agricultural Society.
22. $300,000 fire at Indianapolis.
26. Organization of Gas Company with N. BELL as President.
27. Crusade of temperance ladies continued. Dedication of Grange Hall in Harrison township.
28. The Agricultural Society amend and adopt the committees report on premiums restoring the premiums on speed. The Crusaders, 30 in number, prayed in front of two saloons and were hissed and taunted by the crowd, including one editor. Crusade kept up as on 28th.


1. A snowfall, weather very cold. The son of Will C. MOREAU arrested for robbing DAVIS & Co.'s store.
2. The article appeared in the Democrat, calling the crusaders members of a perfumed assignation society and roadsters. This article brought about a change in the management of that paper.
3. Hotel building burned at Jerome. Loss $1,500.
4. Saturday. The crusade kept up the entire week. ladies visited, this day, the jail and held prayer meeting there. William KIRKPATRICK, an esteemed citizen, died.
5. Easter Sunday. Sleet and snow fell all day.
6. H.N. DORMAN of Dorman's Mill, died.
7. The Tribune published the names of all the crusaders and asked that those belonging to a perfumed assignation society be named.
9. Tom Thumb and wife, Commodore NUTT and Minnie WARREN visited the city. Alvin COFFIN, at the spoke factory, loses an arm in the machinery.
10. Mrs. Jane CALHOON died. C.H. PHILLIPS elected City Printer over his father and J.O. HENDERSON.
11. Mrs. H. BRAFFETT, a sister of Mrs. JAY, dies suddenly in her chair. Republican County Convention held that agreed upon an August Primary Election.
13. Robert HILL killed at Galveston while coupling the cars of a freight train.
17. Mass temperance meeting at Friends church. Mrs. Emma MCCOY the speaker.
18. A high time between the crusaders, city officials and whiskey men. The bell at the M.E. church tolled every 8 minutes from 5 a.m. until night, indicating the death of drunkards.
19. Sunday. Luther BENSON, the great but weak temperance man at the M.E. church in the afternoon.
20. Mrs. Mary A. LEEKA died.
24. Mrs. M.E. HAGGART lectured on temperance before an immense audience. Arrests of liquor men - pistols drawn - great excitement in the city.
28. Four inches of snow in morning - melted before night.


2. James BEEBE stabbed at the Clinton House Billiard room.
5. City election - Doxey appropriation carried.
6. Fannie B. PRICE dramatic company in city.
9. FOREPAUGH's circus draws an immense crowd.
18. Mrs. John GRADY died.
20. Miss Edith MEREDITH, select readings at M.E. Church, benefit of Orphans' Home.
22. Mrs. Phoebe HAVENS died. Very large temperance meeting at M.E. Church.
25. Mrs. R.B. ELIS died, near this city and Mrs. Samuel J. SCHOOLEY near New London.
27. Odd Fellows Celebration. Hon. W.W. CURRY spoke in afternoon and Hon. Schuyler COLFAX in evening.
28. R.L. LINGO's house destroyed by fire.


2. Grange Picnic at Fair Grounds - 10,000 persons present.
4. Public schools closed - entertainment by the Hersperidian Society in evening.
5. Ice-cream festival at High School given by teachers and pupils for benefit of public library.
6. Meeting of farmers to elect delegates to a State Convention - Joseph E. HOLLOWELL elected Justice.
9-12. Trotting Association races at Fair Grounds.
11. Oscar HENDERSON publicly caned by T.A. DAVIS.
13. Mrs. Tence LINDLEY died at Howard House.
16. Mrs. Elmaza MILLER dies in this city and Mrs. Jane LONGFELLOW at Indianapolis.
18. Floral Concert by Prof. LYMAN assisted by 75 boys and girls.
20. Democratic County Convention.
21. W.T. MASON engaged to a Kokomo young lady, killed by lightning near Lafayette.
22. Death of Jackson MATLOCK.
24. Masonic Excursion to Frankfort.
25. Second warderss meed at Giles Hall to endorse Dr. DARNALL.
26. End of the Impeachment trial in the City Council - verdict "Not Guilty".
27. Independents Convention at Court House - a full ticket nomination.
30. First naked-eye sight of Coggia's comet. Spence HUBBELL killed at his saw-mill in Liberty.


1. First issue of Kokomo Granger - W.W. BARNES editor.
4. No public display - several private picnics - temperance meeting on the HASKETT corner.
5. Sunday evening - temperance meting in C.H. square.
9. Congregational S.S. picnic in KENNEDY's grove.
12. Mrs. Jemima BRITTAIN died at Russiaville.
17. Splendid Picnic at Russiaville by citizens of Kokomo and Frankfort and intermediate points.
21. The Bussey-Heiser match game of billiards at Opera House. $200 a side, won by BUSSEY.
23. Republican convention that nominated EVANS, BEARSS and WOODY held at Peru.
25. BUCKLEY's Hippodrome in town. Large S.S. picnic in MELTON's grove near West Liberty.
27. A horse driven at night by picnicers [sic] killed Misses Lou HENDERSON and Minnie FAULKNER and Mr. BARRETT hurt.
29. Little Edith STABLER fell from a second story door of the M.E. parsonage injuring herself considerably.
30. Noblesville S.S. picnic in SMITH's grove. John MARTZ injured at his saw-mill.
31. John MARTZ dies as a result of his injuries. Little Lizzie TREES injured by the kick of a horse. Celebration of the 25th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. PHILLIPS at their residence in evening; nearly 200 persons in attendance.


1. The PORTER-CLARK fight occurred on south side of square.
4. "Monarch Jr. "wins a $2,000 purse at Buffalo - time 2:27 1/1, 2:29, 2:28.
5. Frank BRYSON killed in Monroe Township, the fly wheel of a threshing machine bursting, a piece cutting his head in two.
6. Republican Primary Election. Warner B. TITUS severely shocked in evening by lightning.
7. Death of Miss Frank DAUGHTERY at Indianapolis.
11. "Monarch Jr." wins a $3,000 purse at Utica; time 2:27, 2:25 , 2:26 .
14. Death of Mrs. Sallie A. FISHER.
16. Hon. M.B. HOPKINS died. Mrs. Dr. O.H. MARTIN died. Camp meeting in the TROYER neighborhood.
17. Lincoln Goyer, son of Rev. P. S. REAMY died.
18. James S. GOODWIN died.
19. Funeral of Hon. M.B. HOPKINS. The Governor, other State officers and many distinguished persons present.
20. Less that 50 persons met in Mass Convention from Howard and Miami counties at the Court House.
22. Senator PRATT spoke at Opera House.
24. City Council visited Indianapolis to visit Council of that city and to inspect Fire Department and Gas Works.
26. Soldiers' Reunion in SMITH's grove.
27. Grange Picnic at BELL's grove in Ervin.
28. Jabie MOORE and Mrs. Mary GRIFFING died.
31. Opening day of Howard County Institute. Lecture by Prof. BELL in evening.


3. Lt. Gov. SEXTON spoke at Fairfield.
4. Lt. Gov. SEXTON spoke at Jerome.
7. Opening of Public Schools.
8. John E. NEFF and Eb HENDERSON at Court House. Vandals bark a dozen trees in the dooryard of Robert COATE.
10. Grand Opening night at the elegant store of S. DAVIS & Sons.
14. Excitement over the news received by the Tribune of the separation of Rev. and Mrs. BEAMER.
17. Conference of local preachers at M.E. church - opening day - Grand Opening in evening at the magnificent store of HASKETT & Co.
19. Fair closes - good weather throughout the week.
21. John ELMORE died at his home in Union Township.
22. Fire in the office of DOXEY & Co.
24. Hon. W. W. CORREY spoke at Court House. John BRUBAKER died at his residence in Ervin.
27. Seventh Day Adventists Camp meeting near J.M. DIMMITT's. Mrs. Alexander HUGHES died suddenly near Russiaville.
28. Miss Mattie VANDENBARK died. At 11 o'clock at night, Dr. PATTISON, agent of American Express Company assaulted and robbed of $1,200.


4. Mrs. Laura E. AUSTIN, (daughter of Dr. BUCK) died at Indianapolis.
5. Greencastle council delegation visited Kokomo to inspect Fire Engine. David HAZZARD and family removed to Indianapolis.
8. Hon G.S. ORTH spoke at Court House.
7. John SHIELDS, a resident of Howard until a month ago, hanged himself at him home in Miami.
9-10. District temperance meeting held at M.E. church.
11. May Etta LEMASTERS died.
17. The Democracy "Glorify God" over the result of the election - half a dozen speakers - most of them drunk, of course - the drunker the more democratic.
19. The drunkest of the speakers at the 17th glorification went to Russiaville to help give an impetus to whiskey and democracy at that quiet village.
21. Hon Schuyler COLFAX spent the evening in the city from 6 to 11 o'clock and was called upon by many citizens.
23. Mrs. Susanna EVANS HAGGARD died. District Temperance meeting at Friends church.
24. Total eclipse of the moon - splendid night - all wakeful persons up until 3 o'clock in the morning. No general meeting but many squads of friends took good positions and retained them. 250 lovers in the neighborhood pledged eternal fidelity.
26. Mr. and Mrs. WILDRIDGE divorced.
27. C.F. MORTIMER, a late Monk, lectured against Catholicism at Christian church. A.J. NORTON & Son's hardware store and stock burned at Tipton.
28. Mrs. Isaac MOORE severely injured by a fearful runaway.
30. Alarm of fire, partial burning of the contents of Dr. CANADAY's office.
31. The rattling smash-up by a collision of the morning train with Pollard BROWN's team and wagon occurred. Hallowe'en but all quiet.


2. First gas in streets, stores and houses in city.
3. Dr WILSON elected Councilman.
4. Mrs. Lettie M. KIRK died.
5. Andrew M. CALDWELL died at Fairfield.
8. Right Rev Bishop DWENGER at Catholic Church.
12. RAYL-HEATH stabbing affair occurred at dance in Clay Twp.
13. Mrs. John ALBRIGHT, thrice married, lived in wedlock nearly twenty-five years, at the age of forty-five years became a mother for the first time.
14. First issue of a Tribune on Saturday.
15. John RAYLE held to $20,000 bail in the Clay Twp riot cases.
18. Delegation from the west in the interest of an extension of the Frankfort & Kokomo Railroad. Banquet at Clinton House in evening.
23. Reunion at the new Grange Hall, south of city.
24. The Department established the P.O. at West Middleton.
26. Union Thanksgiving at Friends church - sermon by Elder H.C. LYLE. Nuptials of Mr. Joseph LITTLER and Miss Lelia JAMES.


2. A Doctor of this city sat down on a red-hot smoothing iron warmed by his wife. William APPERSON died four miles southeast of city in his 89th year.
5. Accident on railroad at Fairfield at 2 o'clock am. Mrs Rachel, wife of Rossiter GRAY Esq. died near Greentown. Elegant surprise party at residence of L.W. COFFMAN.
6. Grange funeral, burial of J.B. WAINWRIGHT. Abe CURLEE's mare backed into a twenty-foot deep well and was taken out alive by Cap't WILLIAMS with his little derrick. James COOPER at Russiaville, slightly shot himself, a cartridge exploding in his pipe.
7. A son of James EMERY shot himself accidentally while hunting near Fairfield, inflicting wounds of which he died.
10. Hon. D. D. LIGHTNER an old citizen, and old-time abolitionist, a former member of the Legislature from the county, visited the Tribune offices.
11. Center Grange dedicated their new hall. Lew HOCK and J.E.W. MILLER had an altercation in which a pistol was fired and a miraculous escape.
14. December term of Circuit Court opened.
15. Lecture Association organized. Whiskey spilled by the ladies at Russiaville.
16. Gas Works sold to R.E. and Rees HASKETT, Dr. SCOTT and N. BELL. The large house of S. OVERHOLSER near new London burned.
22. Firemens' parade, supper and ball. A corn thief shot at 4 am in the field of Wm RAYL, adjoining the city,
23. The BINNS case transferred to Frankfort.
24. PARKER, the secondhand clothing thief, sentenced to penitentiary for three years. All the churches alive with happy S.S. scholars in evening. The WALLSWORTH-HEISER, COHEN-CLINE and HOLLOWELL-SCHAAF nuptials occurred. At the latter a very large and fashionable wedding party at the residence of J.G. ALEXANDER Esq.
25. Christmas, a quiet day.
26. Tribune issued on six tall pages with $800 worth of new advertisements.
30. OddFellows social at their hall.
31. The OSBORN-BLANCH nuptials occurred.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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