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The Year That Is Gone --- 1898 Chronology

The Footprints of Time Marked on Kokomo and Vicinity During the Year Twelve Months' History
Concise Review of Happenings in Howard for the Year Just Gone Milestones along the Pathway of Life Erected by Father Time - Summary of Events in Convenient Form for Preservation.
Below is chronicled a brief summary of local events for the year of which readers will find convenient for future reference.


1 January - Rescue Mission busy. Dead infant found in a stump by Henry HEATHCOATE.
2 January - Death of Mrs. Emma DELON. Marriage of Edward LAWRENCE and Miss Tillie OSBORNE.
3 January - Rev. E.A. ALLEN, of Indianapolis called to the Presbyterian church pastorate.
5 January - Thomas E. TURLEY and Miss Ida M. DOUGLASS married. Rev. Erie THARPE acquitted of charges of illegal fishing.
6 January - The Ida CLEVENGER gang of chicken thieves arrested. Rev S.W. WILSON assumes the rectorship of St. John's Mission. Reorganization of Howard County Republican Club. M.P. ELLIOT, superintendent of plate glass, relieved by S.E. CLARK
7 January - Zala NEWCOMB and Miss Grace CORBIN married. Annual meeting of Orphans' Home association. Greentown passes curfew ordinance. Geo. PHILLIPS acquitted of charge of perjury.
8 January - Death of Mrs. Catherine WILSON, aged 55.
11 January - Mrs. Mecca AMMON sues for possession of her boy. Ben BARNARD leaves town. Stone pile established. Conductor CARL sues Clover Leaf for $80,000 for the loss of his leg. Grandma COBB's 95th birthday.
12 January - Edward FARRELL and two children who formerly lived here perished in an Arkansas cyclone.
13 January - Death of Samuel MARSHALL, Howard township.
14 January - Junkman RAMSEY asks $2,000 of William STOOKY for slander. Death of Mrs. Emma WEST, wife of Rev. A.L. WEST.
16 January - Another riot at Darrough Chapel.
17 January - Howard County Farmers' Institute in session.
18 January - Death of Willis C. WILSON aged 29. Death of Henderson WEST, colored, aged 82. Photographer Strode and his wife play quits.
20 January - Marriage of Thomas WIKEL and Miss Hatttie E. TROYER. Dr. Richard WALTERS found sick and destitute. Mrs. Anne LOOP successfully resists insanity proceedings. Wife of Cap't PIERCE sues for a divorce. Lewis William CALDWELL, telephone man, acquitted. James ALBRIGHT and Mattie DOBSON married. Death of Dr. G.B. SCOTT, Greentown; death of Mrs. Chas ELLEMAN, Poplar Grove.
21 January - Hugh JOHNSON, Harrison Twp dropped dead while chopping wood. Holler schoolhouse burned.
22 January - Republican primary convention to elect district delegates.
23 January - Tod SLOAN returns to New York from England. Death of T. CARTER and Fred JOHNSON. remaining leg of Tom MCVETA broken by a horse kick.
25 January - Death of D.B. RABORN. Ladies organize parliamentary school.
26 January - Death of Mrs. Dr. Corydon RICHMOND, aged 83. Frank NACE saloon at Young America demolished. marriage of Charles HANSELL and Miss Leona DEFFENBAUGH, marriage of Rolla AIKMAN and Pearl MASSEY
30 January - Death of Mrs. Nellie KRIBBS, age 27.


1 February - Death of Mrs. Joshua W. BERRY of Alto, aged 85. Kokomo beats Anderson at bowling.
2 February - Marriage of John ARBUCKLE to Malina ARBUCKLE. Verne SPRADLING Russiaville stockbuyer, quits business.
5 February (dark spot on copy - unable to decipher)
7 February - Omar MARIS returns from the Klondike. Death of Lucinda VROOMAN, aged 83.
8 February - Marriage of Charles F. WILSON and Nora Belle SHAFFER; marriage of Albert AILEY and Alice SHUTT. Symposium gives an art exhibit. William MANN, George WARRENBURG, Charles MILLER, Richard FRY and Omar MARIS start for Klondike. Death of Mrs. Sarah Young, Shiloh, aged 50.
11 February - Death of Michael LOCK, aged 73
14 February - Death of Mrs. William GLEASON, city, aged 90. Death of Dr. Richard WALTERS.
16 February - Death of Mrs. Elizabeth MECK, aged 74. death of Charles Murphy, Ervin Twp.
22 February - Death of Richard PRICHARD. Elks' ball.
23 February - Wesley HARTGROVE, near Galveston, aged 15 dies from injuries received by falling on a knife.
26 February - Tom WILSON stabs his brother-in-law Thomas BELL at a public sale in Ervin Twp; BELL recovers.
28 February - Death of William SECRIST, aged 69, from injuries received in a fall.


2 March - John MOULDER celebrates his 93rd birthday. Rev. Luke WOODWARD retires as pastor of the Friends church, succeeded by Rev. Sylvester NEWLIN. Marriage of John A. MORPHY and Miss Anna GRAFF.
3 March - Ezra THOMPSON and Mrs. Loretta B HICKS married. Death of Mrs. Mary HOLDSTOCK aged 88. Oil well a failure.
6 March - Charles HARTGROVE and Jennie LAW married. Death of Mrs. Lucy D. JOHNSON aged 80.
7 March - Bishop NINDE lectures
8 March - County Republican Primary election: Representative, A.C. MERRICK. Auditor: Ross ELLIS. Clerk C.E. MIDDLETON. Treasurer: John A. MORRISON. Sheriff: L.W. HARNESS. Recorder: Perry GROVES. Surveyor: Ellsworth HUNT. Coroner: J.H. ARNETT. Commissioners: Ezra JACKSON, C.C. HITE. STEELE wins over NICHOLSON for Congress by 600.
9 March - James B. PARKER dies. Marriage of Fred L. TREES and Dora M. ELLIOTT.
10 March - Marriage of Veron NORRIS and Emma GARRITSON.
12 March - Sudden death of Mrs. Lulu HARRISON-SMITHSON. Death of William STOUT.
14 March - City Republicans organize. Death of R. Frank KENNEDY.
16 March - Harley WOOD and Miss Frances J. BEROTH married. Death of Daniel D. JENKINS aged 44 and Eli RUSSELL, aged 50.
17 March - Death of Mrs. Rebecca DAVIS. Funeral of Steven OSBORNE. Death of Capt. Thomas J CRULL, Union Twp. Mrs. Mary Ann WOODS dies.
18 March - Death of James DICKEY, aged 74. Second meeting of Howard County Farmers' Institute.
19 March - Death of David Grant COPPOCK.
21 March - Sudden death of Policeman Ed EVERETT. Dedication of the new high school building. Death of Mrs. Nancy Jane DILLMAN, aged 75. Death of Mrs. Ollie M. TOBIAS.
22 March - Death of Milton HODSON, Russiaville, aged 78. Twenty-fourth semi-annual convention of the Howard County Sunday School Union. Death of James E. GRIFFIN, aged 38. J.V. SMITH of Elwood, killed by the Pan Handle cars.
23 March - Mrs. Erastus TUCKER, New London in a fit of insanity, sets fire to herself and daughter Fay, having previously saturated the clothing with coal oil. The burning girl was locked in a chest and Mrs. TUCKER threw herself on a bed previously saturated and perished. Her daughter died later. Death of M. AXTELL. aged 70.
24 March - Death of Mrs. J.W. LOVE. Sudden death of Eli MIDDLETON at Russiaville, aged 70. 25 March - Clark M. MASON of Harrison Twp. commits suicide by hanging.
26 March - Company L remustered into the State Militia.
28 March - Methodist conference returns Rev WHITE to Markland avenue and Rev E.T. GREGG to Grace church. Rev PARR is stationed at Fort Wayne.
30 March - Marriage of William J. WARD and Myrtle SPRAKER. John HOGAN, brakeman, killed by cars in Pan Handle yard. North Indiana Teachers' Association in annual session here. Death of 'Squire Rossiter GRAY of Greentown.


6 April - Mrs. Desdemona BLACK dies.
7 April - Republicans elect delegates to Congressional convention. Death of D.C. METZGER at Topeka Kansas. Marriage of Gilbert MYERS and Ardena LAWHORN. Dr Will I. SCOTT appointed surgeon at the Solders' Home at Marion.
10 April - Marriage of Earle E. LINDSAY and Edna M BELL. Death of Mrs. Jane DUNCANA HOPEWELL.
11 April - Death of Charlotte E ALCORN. E.D FARRINGTON and Mrs. Louisa Sullivan married.
12 April - Municipal Republican Primary results: Mayor- U.S. Wilson; Clerk- C.R. FORD; Treasurer- J.A. BURKHALTER; Marshal R.M. TAYLOR; Councilmen- A.H. DUKE, E.S. HUNT, C.A. JAY; Laben TUNES, H.H. STEWART. Death of Susan May MORRIS.
13 April - James B. PARKER dies. Democrats nominate Mayor- W.S. ARMSTRONG; Treasurer J.M. WOOLEY ; Clerk-L.C. SELLERS; Marshall Isaac DICK; Councilmen Rufus LAYMON, George W. CHARLES, W.H. McClurg, T.W. MCCUNE.
14 April - Marriage of Otho L WOODS to Maude BLAIR. Walter SHORES arrested for murder of Taylor ENDRICKS in an Elwood saloon. Death of Christian WESER, aged 76.
18 April - Company L recruited to full limit expecting the cal to war. Death of Matilda RABURN, aged 85. Funeral of Harriett D RUSSELL.
19 April - White River conference of U.B. church here.
20 April - Marriage of J.B. WARD and Mrs. Mary E. HAMILTON .
22 April - Death of Henry ACHEY.
25 April - Company L called to Indianapolis. D.A. MCGRADY organizes a second company.
26 April - Company L leaves, given a parents' reception at the depot. Death of Miss Fay TUCKER of New London. O.A. SOMERS makes contract for General HARRISON's monument. High school cadets organize.
27 April - Clairissa DICKEY, aged 71 dies. Death of Jeannette June HOGG. Marriage of V.L. GORDON and Miss Edith HURLOCK. Local Odd Fellows observe 79th anniversary.
30 April - Marriage of Marvin D. ANDERSON and Miss Pearl BAGWELL, of Greentown.


3 May - City election - results: W.S. ARMSTRONG, treasurer. Mayor, J.A. BURKHALTER. C.R. FORD, clerk; R.M. TAYLOR, marshal; A.H. DUKE, G.W. CHARLES, C.A. JAY. T.F. MAHER, W.C. MCCUNE councilmen. Scott Bros. assign.
5 May - Kokomo ladies present Company L with a flag. Marriage of Robert K. WIMMER ad Miss Grace LOCKE.
7 May - Death of Martha REYNOLDS, aged 64.
8 May - Leroy THOMPSON of Company L and Delia WILSON married in camp. E.J. BASSETT, son of Rev. Richard BASSETT joins colored regiment and goes to Cuba; dies later of yellow fever. Death of John SCHERER, Taylor Twp, aged 89.
9 May - Death of Mrs. Edwin NEWBY, of New London, aged 89.
10 May - Company L mustered into United States service at Company L, 158th Indiana Volunteers.
15 May - Private William CANNON dies from accidental injuries.
16 May - Kokomo soldiers leave Indianapolis for Chickamauga. Death of Mrs. S.F. WILSON, Clay Twp.
18 May - High school Alumni Association organized. Death of David TEMPLETON, aged 73. Marriage of Lew W. STOUT and Dora MANUEL.
20 May - Wildcat on a tear, South Kokomo partially submerged. Prof H.G. WOODY of this city and Prof. R.A. OGG of Greencastle exchange positions as superintendent of schools.
22 May - Death of Dr. J.V. HOSS
24 May - Congressman STEELE renominated at Logansport; death of John KECK aged 79.
25 May - Marriage of C.F. STRUBE and Miss Noreen MADER.
27 May - Suddent death of Mrs. Nellie MCCOOL, aged 88.
28 May - Graduates from high school.
29 May - Death of Mrs. Mary JENKINS
30 May - Memorial Day address by Judge BROWNLEE; death of D.J. WAGGAMAN; marriage of William BERRY and Nettie GALLOWAY.


2 June - Edward HAMERBACK pardoned, had been convicted of counterfeiting. Kokomo motorcycle factory secured. Marriage of Frank D MOORE of Peru and Miss Etta HULLINGER, of this city.
3 June - Death of Mrs. Elizabeth JACKSON KENNEDY; Sheriff MCCLEARY, of Tipton, shoots Lewis HARLIN of Sharpsville, who was resisting arrest.
4 June - Death of Mrs. George MCVETA; the strawboard mill, after four year's idleness, resumes as a chip mill, with Ben HARTER and Richard RUDDELL as proprietors. W.L. CLAUSE elected secretary of plate glass trust.
6 June - C.A. SOMERS nominated for Joint Representative at the District Republican meeting.
9 June - James FRANKLIN, Ervin Twp, found dead in his barn; Charles LAHR and Ada BURROWS married; discovered that Fireman Charles WILLIAMS and Ella ANGSTADT were married 8 Sep 1897.
11 June - Death of Mrs. B.L. COON; Will SEWARD of the Signal Corps and Ethel DUNN of Atlanta married.
12 June - Charles W. SMITH, treasurer of the Kokomo Bit Company, dies; Phillip GERHART, near Waupecong, killed by lightning. Timothy DAVIS and Miss Orpha GORDON married. Postmaster WHITAKER gets a raise of salary from $2,400 to $2,500. Mary GRAFF, aged 68, near Miami County, found dead in bed.
14 June - Moses W. WARD and Nellie COFFMAN married.
15 June - Hiram BROWNLEE renominated Judge of Superior Court by Republicans; St. Francis Academy commencement.
19 June - Death of Levi CAMPBELL, of Russiaville, aged 54.
20 June - Ed A. MOORE badly injured in a runaway.
21 June - Republicans nominate F. H. STRATTON for prosecuting attorney.
23 June -Schuyler C REESE and Anna DIXON married; George S. HAYES and Miss Laura WIKLES married.
24 June - Death of Mrs. Lizzie J. HOLLINGSWORTH, aged 27; Walter SHORES gets indeterminate sentence for the ENDRICKS killing.
26 June - Commissioners purchase new metal court furniture.
28 June - Republicans nominate George C. MILLER for joint senator.
29 June - Prof. George THORNE appointed 2nd lieutenant of regular army; wholesale indictments for failure to pay dog tax.


1 July - Six year old some on David TILLMAN crushed to death under a log.
6 July - Marriage of Henry MOHN and Myrtle JACKS. First load of ;98 wheat marketed. Marriage of L.W. FELKER and Miss Frances WASHBURN; death of Mrs. Martin EPPLE, Jackson Twp.
7 July - Death of Dr. W.M. LOOP of Deercreek.
8 July - Death of Miss Jeannette LINDSEY; Death of Mrs. Susan MCCLELLAND. Co. L benefit at home of G.P. WOOD.
9 July - Marriage of Milton TROYER and Miss Verna GRAFF.
15 July - Death of Dr. Isiah COOPER, aged 45. Charles E. COSAND and Miss Emma CLARK married.
18 July - Death of Mrs. John P. ROSS
20 July - Death of Mrs. T.E. GARRISON
21 July - Death of Mary Catherine MORRISON
22 July - Cloverleaf Conductor HELMER and Greentown Marshall HODSON come together with a mace and gas pipe. HODSON badly beaten.
24 July - Death of M.H. THOMAS of Galveston; Death of Mrs. Eliza PETERS.
25 July - Lightning destroys three buildings near Plevna.
26 July - Death of Harvey N. LEAS announced, died June 17 in Alaska; Jacob HARNESS and Amanda TILLMAN married.
28 July - Engineer George DUNNING killed by a line shaft at the power house. Death of Mrs. Caswell SHARP, aged 68.
29 July - Death of Mrs. Susan Conwell, aged 50.
30 July - George E. CLARK and Miss Dora TAYLOR married.


1 August - Albert TURNER, ten year old mute, of Galveston, killed by the cars; J.R. MASON's saloon at Sedalia destroyed by a mob.
4 August - Ex-Recorder Seth SLYTER and wife celebrate their golden wedding; death of Rev. Allen HILL.
5 August - Death of Joseph S. RICKETTS, aged 67.
6 August - Word received that Len WHITEKER of Greentown, was wounded at Santiago.
7 August - ALBRIGHT family reunion; Cap't JACOBS of Company L home on furlough.
8 August - David WARD and Leele O'NEAL married.
12 August - Death of Prof. L.M. GENTRY
13 August - Joel ENGLISH, aged 73 committed suicide by poison; J.H. MCCAIN and Mrs. Eva HASELTINE married.
14 August - Mr. Ed CAIN and Miss Nellie HILLIS married; death of Elizabeth LOVELESS.
15 August - Sudden death of Thomas W. PHILLIPS, aged 68.
16 August - Death of Margaret MCALLISTER aged 62; Daisy TIMMONS and Sarah E. BRUBAKER die.
18 August - John HARRISON, Ervin Twp. sent to asylum; imagined he killed his wife.
20 August - Robert MORROW and Elizabeth [cut off on copy] married; Grant ADAMS and Goldie GALBREATH married; Rubber Works and Rockford Bit works enlarge; death of Fred LEEDS, of Kansas City.
23 August - John DAVID and Miss Ada SATER of Greentown married; Kokomo Knights attend Indianapolis enclave.
25 August - Prohibitionists nominate C.O. FENTON for Congress and Rev. D.O. DARLING for Joint Senator.
26 August - Death of Mrs. Bethana N SCOTT.
27 August - Fred HULL and Miss Mae PRICE married; Ephraim YOUNG, this city, commits suicide at Danville.
28 August - Death of Mrs. S.E. WILSON
29 August - C.O. WILLITS appointed receiver for Citizens' Light and Power Company; Rev. Ralph SMITH resigns pastorate of Congregational church to take effect Oct. 1; Rev. T.H. KUHN resigns pastorate of Christian church to take effect Oct. 1; Howard County teachers' institute in session; Rev. A.L. WEST of Harrison Street Christian church is stationed at Darlington; Rev. F.D. HOBSON of Young America takes his place; deaths of Nellie WOODS and Minnie BARTHOLOMEW.


1 September - Death of John ROCKEY, aged 86; Fred STEWART and Miss May LUTZ and Lewis JORDON and Miss Ida BULTER married; Omar PARKER back from Santiago.
2 September - Mrs. Margaret BURKE dies.
3 September - Democratic county convention resulted; Representative, George W. KELLAR; Auditor, Jackson MORROW; Clerk W.J. WEBB; Treasurer, Fred YOUNGHAM, Sheriff, G.W. HAUN, Recorder, Phillip BURCH; Coroner, Lewis KERN; Surveyor, Homer GREESON; Commissioners, W.H. CONWELL, C.M. DAWSON.
5 September - Death of mrs. Samuel THARPE, aged 91.
7 September - Smooth thief gets $180 from safe of Merchant HAWORTH at Greentown.
9 September - Death of James O'BRIEN
12 September - 158th Regiment returns to Indianapolis
14 September - Indiana Modern Woodmen in enclave; free kindergarten established; John SOLLENBERG again disappears.
17 September - Company L home on a thirty-day furlough.
22 September - Buck LIVINGSTONE returns from the Klondike
23 September - Death of Mrs. Rachel ADAMSON, aged 82; death of Mrs. Eliza AMOS.
26 September - Flora bank looted and $12,000 taken
27 September - Charles W. OLIVER of Ft. Scott Kan. and Miss Oma COTTERMAN of this city, married.
28 September - Father LORDERMAN's Silver Jubilee; Lawrence KELLY and Miss Pearl FAULTZ married.
29 September - Rev. W.A. FOSTER called to Main St. Christian church; Greentown elevator burns.


1 October - A.B KIRKPATRICK substituted for A.C. MERRICK as representative; Democrats nominate B.C. MOON for Superior Judge; death of Mrs. Jane HORNE, aged 71.
5 October - Death of Mrs. B.A. PLUMMER
6 October - Kokomo's Peace Jubilee
7 October - Death of Mrs. William ALEXANDER
12 October - Marriage of John R. CECIL and Miss Elizabeth HITE and John TUCKER and Miss Grace GRAHAM.
14 October - W.F. GORDEN's farm residence burned.
16 October - MYERS' gang arrested
17 October - Elmer THOMAS and Carrie E. KIRKPATRICK married; Company L returns to Indianapolis.
18 October - Death of Mrs W.M. SNOW
20 October - Death of John MOON, a private of Company L.
21 October - MCKINLEY party comes through; James JONES killed by premature discharge of cannon.
24 October - Thamer CORY given life sentence for killing David HEDRICK; death of Glen HUNT; marriage of Merrill BICKELL and Magretta SCOTT
25 October - Marriage of Ed SOUDER and Linea COOPER
26 October - Karl W. KERN and Miss Isabelle MCINTOSH married.


2 November John BOUGHER and wife, Andy HELMICK and Molly FRITZ arrested for stealing clover seed. Death of Private Will SAWYER in hospital.
4 November - Frank LEWIS, colored, killed by the cars at the Junction. Company L discharged and returned home.
5 November - Myer's gang break jail.
8 November - Election day: Republicans carry everything in the county. President MCKINLEY sends a $25 check to James JONES' widow.
10 November - Marriages of Stephen BARNHART and Miss Julia JONES, James L. DAY and Letitia CLEM. Electric Light plant sold to WOODRUFF & STEVENS of Detroit. Leonard WHITEKER and Josephine BALL married.
11 November - R.P. MCFALL killed at Alexandria by Jessie BARRETT.
12 November - Death of Dollie PRIME. Marriage of Walter VANMETER and Elsie BROWN.
13 November - Death of Mrs. Wells WATKINS
14 November - Marriage of H.N. FLEMING and Mary E. HENTON
18 November - MEYERS' gang again break jail
21 November - Death of Mrs. Mary LENN
23 November - Death of Mrs. William SMITH, aged 54. W.W. and Mrs. GEORGE celebrate their golden wedding. Sudden death of Joseph REAGAN and J.M. WILBOURN. Marriage of John E. HARLAN and Oma TERRELL. death of Mrs. Susan GILES. marriage of Mark F. HAMILTON and Miss Cora B. WILSON.
24 November - Marriage of Oscar HAMILTON and Miss Ida WALTERS. George BENNETT and Martha WILSON married.
26 November - Lindell hotel sold to Kokomo Loan & Savings association. Marriages of Charles POLLARD and Anna BELT, Charles FRIDLIN and Lizzie O'NEAL.
27 November - Matthias DRINKWATER fatally scalded in boiler at plate glass. Normal school building destroyed by fire.
30 November - Clifford KENT and Miss Mary E. WOODARD married.


3 December - Thomas GOLDER and Miss Jennie CARTER married.
4 December - Death of Matthias DRINKWATER. Elks' Memorial Day, John W. KERN, orator.
5 December - Commissioners contact for new courthouse clock. Pery BURNS shoots Frank MEEHAN.
6 December- Death of Edward ARNETT
7 December- Death of Richard CONSTANTINE
8 December- Death of Mrs. J.M. DEVANA. Marriage of Theodore PEEL and Ethel SHAFFER.
9 December- High school celebrates Indiana's birthday.
11 December- Death of Joseph ROSENTHAL
12 December- Death of John W. CARTER, aged 89
14 December- William KING and Emma SHROCK married.
15 December- Sudden death of Mrs. F.M. BRUNER. Farm home of George PERKINS, near Greentown, burned.
17 December- Kenneth BUTCHER shoots four bullets into John H. PYLE, none fatal.
19 December- Sarah DEBORD dies from accidental scalding. Death of N.B. BROWN, aged 64.
20 December- Death of Henry W. SMITH aged 81. John RONK and Bertha BISTCH married. Death of Mrs. Luella WARD GULICK.
21 December- Death of George KEYTON, aged 71.
22 December- Marriage of John STEADMAN and Della MORRIS. Death of John W. RAY.
24 December- Death of David W. FEE. Tod SLOAN home to spend Christmas. Cole drug store sold to R.A. BROWN.
27 December- Colored Four Hundred have cake walk. Thomas J. COOPER and Nora EGBERT married.
28 December- D. Alex MCINTOSH and Daisy QUICK married, as are Albert FROMER and Della M. CULLUM.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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