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The Year That Is Gone - 1900

Brief Review of the Principal Local Events -- Not a Dull Twelve-Months
Kokomo Found the Closing Year of the Century Full of Interest
A Summary of Each Month's Occurrences as Gleaned from the files of the Tribune.

The Tribune herewith presents a brief review of the principal events of local occurrence that have been chronicled in these columns. It will be found of particular value for future reference.

Extracted from the Kokomo Daily Tribune - December 31, 1900 Some names that were difficult to decipher are followed by [?]. The original article can be found in the "Chronologies" drawer at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Genealogy and Local History Services. This article, along with the entire 1900 newspaper run, is also available on microfilm.


1 - New Year's Day. Serious shooting affray at Russiaville

2 - Local survivors of the Battle of Stone's [sic] River hold reunion.

3 - Kokomo Maccabees entertain the lodges of the district.

4 - Deaths of Mrs. Milton GARRIGUS and Samuel NICHOLSON. Oscar WELTY arrests Frank SMITH of Deer Creek on the suspicion that he is a murderer and rapist wanted in Ohio.

5 - Encounter between Rev. KARSTEDT and Grant BUTCHER at the Great Western Pottery Works.

6 - Death of Charity C. ARNETT. William BUSBY indicted for murder in the first degree. Tod SLOAN in town.

7 - William BUSBY admitted to bail in the sum of $10,000.

8 - Frank ROSWELL and Grant WINSLOW convicted of larceny in the circuit court.

9 - COOPER and RAYLES, the Russiaville desperadoes, captured in Paoli, Indiana.

10 - Niel MERRILL arrested for procuring money under false pretenses.

11 - Marriage of Edward R. TREAT and Miss Eva HENDERSON. Death of Isabel WILSON.

13 - Howard County Republicans elect Central committeemen.

15 - Republican County Committee organized with E.A. SIMMONS as chairman.

16 - Otho L. WOODS disappears. Death of W.A. MARKLAND.

17 - Claude MCDOWELL arrives home from the Philippines. Poultry and dog show opens. WELTY's suspect released by Ohio court.

18 - Officer KIRKMAN unearths a den of petty thieves on South Home Avenue.

19 - Death of Mrs. M.F. MYERS.

20 - An unknown imbecile found on the highway near Russiaville.

22 - Death of Lulu BROWN at Elkhart.

23 - Trial of Niel MERRILL begins.

24 - Remains of Effa BASSETT, a colored soldier who died in the Santiago campaign, interred at Crown Point.

25 - Word received here of the suicide of Mark HILLIS, a Kokomo soldier in the Philippines. Niel MERRILL found guilty.

26 - Death of Mrs. Susan ARMSTRONG.

27 - William CLUBBS sentenced to imprisonment for shooting with intent to kill. Fire at the wood enameling works.

29 - Ross CATES captured near Rochester. GOELITZ brass works burns.

30 - Lydia COX, of West Middleton, dies of religious excitement. William GOEBEL, governor of Kentucky, shot.

31 - Death of Jesse C. STEWART.


1 - The location for the SIPE theatre selected.

2 - Death of Ida M. COLE at Hemlock.

3 - Edith QUICK acquitted of the charge of murder at Peru. Sudden death of James M. TROYER.

5 - Kokomo Maccabees visit Indianapolis. Death of Rachel SHAFFER at West Middleton.

6 - Three colored men seriously poisoned from eating a "stew" prepared in Ves HARDIMAN's barber shop.

7 - Albert YOUNG, of Ervin Township, arrested for larceny.

8 - Emory HAYWORTH, of New London, disappears. Eli FISHER given a new trial at Lewiston, Montana.

9 - Local Elks produce the opera "Princess Bonnie".

10 - Laura BELEW goes gunning for Frank DEHAVEN.

11 - Milo HARLAN, a Philippine soldier, dies of his wounds in this city.

12 - Death of Mary E. HORTON

13 - Oscar WELTY placed on trial at Indianapolis for impersonating a federal officer.

14 - Everett GRIFFITH granted pension for disability contracted in the Spanish war.

15 - Herman SCHULTZ killed at a country dance by Arthur WOOLFORD. Sudden death of Mrs. E.A. HOON.

16 - John D. FRAZIER, of Russiaville, meets with bad company and loses nearly $100.

17 - The SNIDER divorce filed.

18 - ARMSTRONG and ELLIS block burns.

20 - Sudden death of Rosa B. WILSON in Ervin Township.

21 - Death of Rev. Beverly WARD.

22 - O.S. MARTIN, former Howard County man, captures "oleo" dealers at Chicago.

24 - Howard County Republicans select delegates to the several conventions. Death of Ruth Marie COOPER.

26 - Proceedings begin in the circuit court to break the will of the late Ezra SHOCK.

27 - Excitement at council meetings over the fight for telephone franchise.

28 - Farmers' Institute in session. Death of Henry OGLE.


1 - Trial of the ENDERS damage suit begins at Tipton. Marriage of L.R DEAL and Cora A. EVANS.

2 - The Immortal J.N. in town. Frank SHOCK retires from race for nomination for county treasurer.

3 - Grant RILEY returns to Kokomo after ten years of wanderings all over the world.

5 - Charles FISHER instantly killed by a live wire at the Leach & Co. ice plant. Marriage of George DELON and Nellie JACKSON.

6 - Republican primary election to nominate county officers.

7 - Death of Thomas BATEY. Major G.W. STEELE renominated for Congress.

8 - Frank NEWBURN, a Peru junk thief, caught with stolen property in his possession.

9 - ENDERS damage case comes to an unceremonious close, due to an error of one of the plaintiff's attorneys.

10 - Central Traction company organized to build an electric line from Kokomo to Indianapolis.

11 - Lant PENDERGRASS kills Jesse DAILY in a fight at the LEACH brick yard. Death of Ora M. TARKINGTON.

12 - William N. TURNER granted franchise for Independent Telephone Exchange. Swindler LOVELESS caught.

14 - Kokomo base ball team organized.

15 - Excitement at Russiaville over reported sale of school house bonds.

16 - "Leap Year" dance given at the Armory by young ladies of the city.

17 - St. Patrick's Day. Everybody wears the green.

19 - Smallpox appears at Walton. death of Col. J.M. WILDMAN.

20 - Truce patched up in the Russiaville school house war.

21 - Delegation of Dunkards leave this county for North Dakota.

22 - Marriage of William H. MILLER and Miss Bettie STEWART.

23 - Disastrous fire at Wood Enameling Works. Marriage of Fred A. TATE and Clara M. HAYES.

24 - Death of Cordis OVENS. Oscar WELTY shoots at Sam TAYLOR and seriously wounds Andy HELMICK. Emory MOCK nominated for prosecutor.

25 -

26 - Healer SCHLATTER on a spree. B.F. HARNESS slugged by footpad. Death of Jesse DARE.

27 - Otho WOODS returns.

28 - Local Eastern Stars entertain chapters from neighboring towns.

29 - Donald GRAY and John NEAL, lads aged nine years, disappear from their homes.

30 - Death of Elmyra SCOTT.

31 - Death of Lucy PARKER.


1 - Death of Mrs. Sarah BECK.

2 - Trial of William BUSBY begins.

3 - Mrs. Elsie CAMPBELL attempts suicide.

4 - Charles BOYD smothered in a shelled corn bin at West Middleton.

5 - Republican District convention held here. Death of G.W. MCKINSEY.

6 - Greentown electric light plant burns. Mrs. William MORTON attempts suicide.

7 - First rural mail route established.

9 - William BUSBY testifies in his own behalf.

11 - William BUSBY found guilty of manslaughter.

13 - Lant PENDERGRASS acquitted of the charge of murdering Jesse DAILY.

14 - School house war begins in Monroe Township.

15 - Marriage of John DEHAVEN and Miss Daisy WHITINGER at Elwood.

16 - John H. WALKER dies under suspicious circumstances.

17 - Joseph FOWLER kills Jonah HARRIS, mistaking him for a thief.

18 - Harry PITZER killed at Terre Haute.

20 - William FREEMAN arrested on charge of blackmailing.

21 - Samuel ERVIN commits forgery and is caught.

23 - Suicide of Mrs. Mary HARBERT by drinking carbolic acid.

24 - The CAMPBELL-TATEM slander suit is filed in the superior court.

25 - Desperado John CLEVENGER captured at Indianapolis and returned to Kokomo.

26 - Colonel W.T. DURBIN nominated for governor.

27 - Base ball season opens in Kokomo.

30 - James Eli FISHER acquitted of murder at Lewistown, Montana.


1 - Death of Nancy P. WHITSEL.

2 - Death of Prof. Sheridan COX.

3 - Eli FISHER returns home from Montana. Death of Mildred HAMILTON.

4 - Deaths of John MCCLOSKY, Sarah L. HALL, Millie MASSINEE, Carrie S. DAVIS and Elizabeth DAVISON.

5 - Mrs. A.B. ARMSTRONG sues for divorce.

8 - Sudden death of L.G. BEALE from apoplexy.

9 - Miss Mollie GULLING killed on the Main street car line. Louis GEARHARD found dead near Poplar Grove.

10 - Commissioners grant franchise for an electric line to Wabash.

11 - Smallpox appears in Clay Township.

12 - Mrs. F.O. BLOOMFIELD quits her home for the stage. Death of John MOULDER, Howard County's oldest resident.

14 - Death of Mary MCCOY.

15 - Thomas MILLER, of Kokomo, killed in railway yards in Tipton. Death of Silas BROWN.

16 - Death of Mrs. Harrison GULLION.

17 - Gus ROST Jr., arrested for obtaining money under false pretense.

18 - Marriage of Frank MORRIS and Miss Blanche RANK. Sheriff HARNESS sued by Arthur MCBETH for unlawful detention.

21 - Sudden death of Benjamin D. MOORE

22 - Suicide of Elijah WEAVER. Unknown man found dying in a barn on Water street.

23 - J.C. STEVENSON, of Noblesville, dies at the Clinton Hotel after a few hours' illness. Marshal TALYOR captures a pair of Ohio jail birds.

24 - Miss Eva HAMILTON killed by lightning.

25 - High school commencement exercises. John ROBINSON's circus in town.

26 - Death of Mrs. Lydia P. MOORE. Silk thieves rob store of SCHNEWIND & Co.

27 - Kokomo-Peru High school field day,

30 - Decoration Day

31 - Death of Grace P. SCOTT.


1 - Census taking begins. Death of Frederick WENTLAND.

2 - Death of Jemima DARBY.

3 - City Engineer MORROW's residence robbed.

4 - 'Squire RIDGEWAY captured near Brazil.

5 - Marriage of Charles E. JOHNS and Florence MILLER.

6 - John W. KERN nominated for governor by Indiana Democrats.

7 - John CLEVENGER breaks jail.

8 - Pavalion Theatre company goes to the wall.

12 - Indiana Base Ball League quits.

13 - Kokomo Elks go to Marion Carnival.

14 - Oscar CARTER gains notoriety by claiming to have struck it rich on a mining venture.

15 - Superstructure of new theatre completed.

16 - Arthur WOOLFORD given sentence for manslaughter for killing Herman SCHULTZ.

18 - Clyde JONES on trial at Peru for abduction of Nellie BERGER.

19 - John RECORD under arrest on serious charges at Hot Springs.

21 - MCKINLEY and ROOSEVELT nominated by the Republican national convention. Death of Oscar PURCELL.

22 - Death of Evelyn ENDERS.

23 - Local Republicans ratify MCKINLEY's nomination.

26 - Swindler SAWYER turns up at Logansport, makes good and gets away.

27 - Marriage of Dr. Will SCOTT and Mae MCELWEE.

28 - Marriage of John W. SOUDER and Harriett G. THOMAS; marriage of Guy L. ULRICH and Nelle M. LYNCH. Death of Henry WOOTEN.

29 - Marriage of Chas. F. WOERNER and Edna B. SHAFER.


2 - Howard County Rough Riders organize. Marriage of James MCCAULEY and Armeta BALLANGER announced.

3 - Death of John DAVIS

4 - Nation's Birthday. Death of Jane WOOD.

5 - Marriage of J.M. LEACH and Miss Emma DEAN announced.

6 - Nicholas DESCHAMPS' saloon and grocery robbed.

7 - Death of Henry C. OSLER.

8 - Paul WELDON badly injured at the Wood pulp mill.

10 - The Home Hotel destroyed by fire.

11 - Death of Mrs. Sophrona CARTER.

12 - Little son of Thomas O'TOOLE frightfully burned.

13 - Andrew LEHMAN seriously injured in the harvest field near Alto.

14 - Harry RAINS badly hurt at plate glass works.

16 - Death of Mrs. Catherine REEVES

17 - Officer KIRKMAN shoots and seriously wounds Oscar WELTY. Death of A.C. MILLS.

18 - Isaac MURPHY, of Greentown, arrested on a charge of horse stealing.

19 - Death of Dr. E.C. RICE. J.C. HERRON nominated for prosecutor by Democrats.

22 - Lucy HILL mangled by a vicious horse.

23 - Pow-Wow decorations go up.

24 - Red Men take the town. Hardest rain of the summer.

25 - Kokomo Fair and Races begin.

26 - George HEWITT, of Russiaville, arrested on information from South Bend, charging him with murder.

27 - Kokomo track record broken by the pacer "Silver Prince'.

28 - Attempt to rob Young America post office.

30 - Death of Luther SAMPSON.


1 - Police board orders the town closed tight on Sundays.

2 - Death of F.M.C. HART at Russiaville.

3 - Death of Mrs. Arthur BALLEW

4 - Death of Mrs. Margaret NEAL

5 - Death of Joseph M. LOOP, one of Howard County's oldest residents and earliest settlers.

6 - Death of Thomas CANODE and Goldie M. KARSTEDT.

7 - Death of Clara A. BERRY. Marriage of Bert. T. HUGHES and Miss Eva M. MURPYH [sic - MURPHY].

8 - Death of Mildred RANDOLPH. Harrison township gravel road bonds sold.

10 - M.J. CLANCY, of Bluefields, in the city. Death of Linea DAVIS.

11 - Death of Margaret WEAVER and Chester GOODWINE.

13 - Pawnee Bill's show in town.

14 - Mrs. H.C. DAVIS and other Kokomo people in the wreck of the Northern Express near Pierson, Michigan.

15 - Mayor ARMSTRONG and Councilman PUCKETT have lively tilt in council.

16 - Death of Dorothy L. CONNOR.

17 - Mrs. J.H. PYKE and children arrive in Kokomo, after many adventures in China and narrow escape from the Boxers.

18 - John CLEVENGER recaptured at Indianapolis.

19 - Death of George INGLES.

21 - Kokomo Woodmen drill team takes first prize at Anderson. Opening of Judson Baptist convention.

23 - The DAVISSON-DILLON scandal gets into the local papers.

24 - Suicide of Mrs. H.S. MCKINLEY of Jackson Township.

26 - Kokomo Division K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] leaves for Detroit encampment.

27 - Howard County Teachers' Institute opens.

28 - Councilman PUCKETT reverses himself a resignation from police board.

29 - Marriage of Victor VAILE and Edna WILSON.

30 - Death of Mrs. Jennie CANODE and James MINET [?]

31 - Republican county campaign formally opens.


1 - Death of Mrs. Sarah TRUEBLOOD

3 - George DALRIMPLE badly injured on a Clover Leaf grade crossing.

4 - Death of Mrs. W.F. TATE. Ex-governor TAYLOR, of Kentucky, in town.

5 - The SIPE theatre opened.

6 - Marriage of Claude INGES and Miss Eva ELLEBARGER

7 - Frank STILWELL shot at Swayzee.

8 - Democratic county convention.

9 - Marriage of Joseph W. CLARK and Miss Martha HUTSON.

12 - Kokomo citizens hold meeting to raise funds for Galveston flood sufferers.

13 - Oscar WELTY in trouble at Flora Fair. JENKINS' glass factory located.

14 - The KELLEY divorce suit compromised and dismissed.

17 - E.F. HAHN has a hand mangled at the Fiber Board factory. Death of Ruth BEHR.

18 - Knights of the Golden Eagle organized in Kokomo.

19 - Arthur MCBETH given judgement for $400 against Sheriff HARNESS. G.E. BRUNER retires from Citizens' Bank. Death of Milton WICKERSHAM.

20 - Suicide of E. [?] D. ZERBE near Plevna.

21 - SIPE & DIXON's show begins its career.

22 - Death of Ellsworth COLVIN.

25 - Larry KEEGAN shoots and seriously wounds Pruin A. FRYAR in an altercation at the plate glass works.

26 - Walter SHORES paroled from the prison north.

27 - William TRADER badly beaten up by an unknown assailant.

28 - Death of Mary A. RAWLINGS.

30 - Gas explosion at the home of Enos NEAL.


1 - Death of Ellen MCKEE. John ALBAUGH arrested for larceny.

2 - Reconciliation of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. ARMSTRONG announced.

3 - Ground broken for JENKINS' glass works.

4 - Senator BEVERIDGE the guest of young Republicans of Kokomo.

5 - Death of J.K. KELLEY

7 - Football season opens in Kokomo with a game with Tipton.

9 - Prohibition national candidates visit the city and make speeches.

10 - Kokomo Republicans go to Logansport to see Roosevelt.

11 - Reunion of survivors of the Thirty-Fourth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Marriage of Harry ROSS and Grace MCCLURE.

12 - Sheriff HARNESS discovers a number of saws among prisoners at the jail.

13 - John SCHERER, of Taylor township, killed by a vicious team.

15 - Death of William MILTON and Mrs. S.T. BENSON.

16 - R.B. JERUSALEM, former Kokomo businessman, killed in a wreck near Vincennes.

17 - Star Lecture Course holds opening entertainment.

18 - Death of Maude COLBURN, Rachel POFF and George SWEENEY.

22 - J.C. BLACKLIDGE [?] purchases the Harrison township gravel road bonds.

23 - Death of M.J. MARIS, of Russiaville.

24 - Charles FARRINGTON, of Jerome, arrested for larceny. Marriage of Walter JACKSON and Bertha MEHLIG.

25 - Joseph FOWLER on trial for killing of Jonah HARRIS.

26 - Senator TILLMAN guest of local Democrats.

27 - Republicans hold biggest rally of the campaign.

28 - Death of Mrs. E.E. FREE at Chicago.

29 - Death of Albert TAPP. Marriage of Dr. E.I. KERLIN and Miss Jeannette WINBIGLER.

30 - Adlai STEVENSON, Democratic vice-presidential candidate, passes through city.

31- Marriage of Elmer APPERSON and Miss Ollie EDWARDS.


1 - Colored Orator HICKMAN raises a furore [sic] over being refused entertainment at a local hotel.

2 - Charles WISE loses a leg in the L. R. [?] & W. railway yards. Death of Mrs. J.K. KELLEY.

3 - Closing demonstrations of campaign. Death of Mose MARTINDALE.

4 - Minnie FOREMAN has a startling experience with a procuress [?] of Logansport.

5 - The Tribune the first to give the official census enumeration of Kokomo.

6 - Election day. County goes Republican.

7 - Fire at strawboard mill.

8 - Body of Charles GOLAY, former Kokomo man, found in the Ohio river near Cincinnati.

9 - Ground broken for addition to the Fiber Box factory.

10 - Quail law out. Kokomo nimrods take the field.

11 - Al NEWDIC arrested for theft of brass plates from strawboard company.

13 - C.O. WILLITS appointed prosecutor for Howard County.

14 - John BERGER found dead in his buggy in front of his home in Taylor Township.

15 - Death of James M. COX. Bleached bones of Perry BARNARD found in a field near Flora.

16 - Death of Sarah DOUGLASS

17 - New township trustees sworn in. Republican county committee holds informal love fest. Fire at the bit works.

19 - Death of J.W. HARRELL.

20 - Council orders the city closed up and made a "Sunday town".

21 - Contract let for new Clover Leaf station.

23 - Local gambling houses "pulled" and players fined. Death of Melinda BOCK.

24 - Death of Mrs. Z.U. LOOP. Omer WILSON and Tom ORME have a bloody encounter at strawboard mill.

25 - Kokomo has a dry Sunday.

27 - Kokomo Fiber Board mill suffers $10,000 loss from fire.

28 - Councilman PUCKETT defines his position on the Sunday closing question.

29 - Thanksgiving Day

30 - Marshal TAYLOR arrests James CHOATE, suspected of murder at Middleburg, Tennessee.


1 - Rosa BURKETT makes trouble for John SAXON, a wealthy Tipton County farmer.

2 - Elks hold their annual Memorial service

3 - Death of Diana MYERS. Board of County Commissioners reorganized.

4 - Rev. J.S. BITLER, former Kokomo preacher, strikes it rich in a mining venture. Police Board shorn of authority.

5 - James Whitcomb RILEY in the city.

6 - Pete HOSTETTLER breaks jail at Versailles.

7 - Death of Charles Edwards, former county recorder.

8 - Diphtheria reported epidemic at Plevna.

9 - Death of Leroy CROWSORE.

10 - Charles NEWLIN, of Russiaville, arrested for illegal voting.

11 - Henry PIERCE attempts to pass forged checks at the Howard National bake and is caught. Freight wreck at Greentown.

12 - Additional territory added to Crown Point Cemetery.

13 - Marriage of Frank BERNARD and Lucinda OSLER.

14 - Death of Officer Jerry Kirkman

15 - Death of Rhetta CORBIN. Officer DONOHUE has an adventure at the LEACH & Co. stone quarry.

16 - New United Brethren church dedicated. Death of Mary F. KLUM. Serious shooting affray near Russiaville. Death of Jennie REYNOLDS.

18 - Stationers' bids opened and the county contract awarded to MARSH, of Portland.

19 - Death of Mrs. Jane RYAN and Catharine CARTER.

20 - Death of Cynthia A. HENDERSON. Marriage of Mr. James C. PATTON and Miss Ruth RUDDELL.

21 - Fred TITUS under arrest at Cincinnati for robbery.

22 - John SAXON settles with Rosa BURKETT and she dismisses prosecution.

24 - Burglar hold-up C.M. GENTRY at the home of Mrs. Jennie HILLIS.

25 - Christmas Day. Disturbances at Hemlock and Fairfield.

26 - Fred LUNDGREN, former Kokomo man, arrested for forgery at Elwood. Elizabeth FREEMAN sues L.J. RAMSEY for slander and demands $5,000.

27 - Death of D.P. SMITH and Cooper BROWN. Disclosure of a forgery at Anderson implicating Amos R. WOODS.

28 - Death of Mrs. Jeannette MYERS.

29 - Christmas revelers fined in Justice DEHAVEN's court.

30 - First sleighing of the winter

31 - Closing day of the year and of the century.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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