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1901 Chronology - Kokomo Daily Tribune

Extracted primarily from Kokomo Daily Tribune, 31 Dec 1901, page 3, 6 & 7.

Events marked with star (*) extracted from Kokomo-Howard County Library Genealogy & Local History Services newspaper index card catalog.

Good Year that is Gone -- Local Occurrences of Interest Briefly Told

Eventful Twelve Months In Kokomo and Howard County --- History Compiled in Handy Form for the Tribune Readers


1 - New Year's Day. Kokomo salutes the new century with numerous social events.
*William H. RAMEY married Eva PENNINGTON. 38th anniversary of the Stone River Civil War battle

2 - Death of Rev. Jesse E. TURNER, age 74. The BRUNERs retire as stockholders in the Citizens' National Bank
*W.T.J. MARTIN and Barbara Ann DEWITT filed for marriage license.

3 - Death of Lewis FOREHAND. Augusta SCHMIDT returns to Kokomo.
*Thomas WALKER celebrated his 61st birthday. John SIPE and brother "meet under sad circumstances". Guy BECHTEL arrested at Jonesboro

4 - B.F. RICH, a farmer from Curtisville, Indiana, given the shakedown by Jack MCDOWELL and John CLEVENGER at the Hotel Windsor.
* Z.T. BENNETT, landlord of the Windsor Hotel, beaten by "two young toughs". Augusta SCHMIDT released from prison after serving 7 years for killing Oscar WALTON.

5 - Death of Isaac ELLIS (died in Lafayette) and Ruel BATEY.
*HARDING and MILLER Music Co. opening a piano/organ store. Mr. and Mrs. D.C. JENKINS celebrated silver anniversary. John LETT, trustee of Harrison Twp. appoints Sarah BARTLET to preside over Alto School. Thomas HERRON "falls with apoplexy and is in critical condition".

6 - Twenty-two lads arrested at Greentown for disturbing school property.Death of Thomas HERRON and Margaret TURNER (27 years old).

7 - Death of John SIPE (68 years old). Local banks hold elections.
* Penn and American Plate Glass consolidated. Death of Ruel RATEY, 4 years old. Harry WHITE married to Clara CHISM. Beverly LAFOON and Rosa ROBERTS applied for marriage license.

8 - Death of Walter BEASLEY. The MCALPIN furniture store sold to HARBSTER & MILLER.
* James & Mary LEWIS celebrate 66th wedding anniversary with 5 generations present. Mary COBB, at 98 years old, "is failing".

9 - Laura CAMPBELL, of Ervin Twp. given judgement for $800 against John TATEM for slander.
* Harry BLAZER home from Philippines. Jury in deadlock in Mark NESBITT's trial for murder of Frank STILWELL.

10 -- * Equal Suffrage Club "dreaming dreams".

11 - Death of James T. DYAR and Mrs. Catherine DOYLE.
* Abe SMITH married Katherine THRASHER. Joseph DAUGHTERY has witnessed nearly 70 years of organization of House of Representatives in Indiana.

12 - Guy BECHTEL, of Kokomo, sentenced to the penitentiary by Madison County for larceny.
* Matt MOLLIHAN, once leader of notorious gang, said to be living near Kansas City. Kokomo Eighth grade hold mid-year graduation. [Class listed 18 Jan page 4 col 2]

13 - Walter H. DAVIS sells to FINCH, VAILE & SAILORS.Sudden death of William TOLLE (70 years old) in Union Township.Death of William COCHRAN (65 years old).

14 - *Death of Clint WORRALL.

15 - Newton GRAVES celebrates 51st anniversary.
* Death of son of Ed CRILLY.

16 - Representative MORTON introduces Kokomo water works bill in the legislature

18 - Firm of SOUDER & Son sells shoe store to J.A. MORRISON.Farmers' Institute in session.

21 - City Library opened in its new quarters in the BLACKLIDGE block.
* Death of Walter MORGAN (26 years old).

22 - Gas explosion in boiler room at Bit works.
* Alice RODMAN, wife of Davis RODMAN, given custody of daughter in divorce.

23 - * Death of Katherine SULLIVAN

24 - * Death of Stella PROCTOR, wife of Harvey PROCTOR.
*Willard MYERS, a young school teacher, disappeared. Retirement of Secretary MCREYNOLDS from Globe Steel Ranges

25 - Prun FRYAR awarded judgement for $900 against Larry KEGAN for injuries suffered at the plate glass works.
* James MOOD married Beulah GLEESON

26 - Death of James W. LOVE (54 years old).
* Death of Katherine HYATT, widow of Levi HYATT. Roy RUSSELL married Edith BROWN.

27 - Death of Elizabeth T. MCCLURG and Mrs. J.M. LOOP.

28 - * 70th birthday of Mark MCTIGUE, sexton of Crown Point Cemetery.
* Birth of baby girl to Mr. & Mrs. George NUTTER. Birth of baby boy to Mr. & Mrs. Edward THOMAS. Birth of baby girl to Mr. & Mrs. Jesse KINCAID.

29 - Frank LUNGREN, a Kokomo barber, convicted of forgery at Elwood.

30 - * Martha WINFIELD celebrates her 80th birthday.
* James NATION talks about his sister-in-law, Carrie NATION. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph NORTON celebrate 31st anniversary.

31 - Death of William L. STEWART. Cora TITUS procures the release of her brother, Fred, who was under arrest at Cincinnati.


1 - Sixteen-year old Roy MCDOWELL kills himself at home, north of the city. The affair is a mystery.

2 - Death of Solomon HEARLD/HEALD

3 - * Henry RICHERT, first manufacturer of cigars in the city.

4 - Bill introduced in the legislature to abolish the Howard-Grant superior court.
*Minnie BASSETT, daughter of Rev. Richard BASSETT is missing.Death of Jennie MARTINDALE

5 -F.W. SHOOK retires from Citizens' Bank and buys interest in the Clinton Hotel.
* Birth of son to Clint KELLEY. Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. DAVISON. Death of Joseph HAWKINS

6 -Sudden death of Mrs. Jackson (Mary) MORROW.

7 - * Birth of Jerry KIRKMAN to Mrs. Lucy CRICHLOW KIRKMAN.
* Death of Anna DICKEY, wife of Charles DICKEY. Death of Emily SIMMONS COOPER, wife of Freeman COOPER

8 - * Cap't Barney BUSBY paid tribute to by Oddfellows.
* Death of Leland HELTON, 16-month old son of William HELTON. Anna PORTER DOUGLAS is 100 years old, living in Frankfort. Death of Earl WILLIAMS, 17-month old son of Samuel WILLIAMS

9 - * Thomas W. PIERCE died in Frankfort.
* Death of John D. APPLEGATE. Sharpsville Methodist Church dedicated.

11 - Firm of DOLMAN & PURDUM sells to COATE Bros.
* Death of William VAN LUE (74 years old).Death of Edith Mildred SORTER, 14 months old. Death of Harry BOLD, 53 years old.

12 - Death of Edward BEATLEY (23 years old)
* Death of A.W. BANTA

13 - Elks give annual benefit entertainment
* David NATION declares that Mrs. (Carrie) NATION will not come to Indiana on saloon smashing tour. Death of Aggie HOOVER, wife of Charles HOOVER. Elmer DICKEY married Carrie B. FAVORS.

14 - Death of Otto BARRETT
* Death of Jerry KIRKMAN, 8 days old.

15 - Harvey JACKSON, a local tinner, badly injured by a fall from a barn, south of the city.
* Death of Ruth BEAMER, 2 years old,daughter of Samuel BEAMER

16 - Charles HELMICK and Bert CHAMBERS arrested for robbing an Ervin Twp. farmer's meat house.
*Funeral of Emily MOSS.

18 - Death of George T. WATKINS.G.O. ROACH sells Kokomo Laundry to the BLACKMORE brothers.

19 - Death of Almon W. BANTA and Mrs. George (Stella) NUTTER.
* Death of Lucinda YOUNG, wife of Benjamin YOUNG. Marriage of Schuyler STOCKTON to Pearl KELLY. Kokomo Glass Manufacturing will begin operation.

20 - The Jenkins glass factory begins operations.
*Marriage license issued to Edwin SMITH and Cora BUCHANAN. Son born to William O'BANION. Marriage of Walter WALTHERN to Della SWISHER. Death of Theresa HAWKINS, wife of Samuel HAWKINS.

21 - Bill passed by legislature giving Kokomo metropolitan police system.
* Birth of son to Pearl IMBLER. Birth of son to Charles WAGGONER. Birth of daughter to Will CLORE. Marriage of Charles BROWN to Nora DISINGER

22 - Rev. T. DeWitt TALMAGE lectures here.
*Marriage of J. Arthur WILSON to Vernie EDWARDS

23 - Death of Mrs. Elizabeth L. SPRINGER, (86 years old)
* Death of Josiah REED

25 - Death of A.K. MCELWEE/MCELWEN
* Birth of daughter to M.D. LASH. Death of Rebecca RAMEY.

26 - Fred KERN (son of John KERN) suicides at Washington.Death of M.I. BOWLBY
* Death of Marion HOLBY. Marriage of Will FREE to Mary BELL

27 - Death of Mrs. Susan TROYER.
* Death of GUGE, 78 years old. Birth of son to Maynard PREST. Death of L. Pearl BROWN.


1 - Death of Esther Mabel HENGER.

* Birth of son to Theodore ALEXANDER. Birth of twin girls to Harry LESLIE. Marriage license issued to Amos CREESON and Myrtle ALLEN.

2 - William "Dago" Mitchell, of Kokomo, stabs a colored saloonkeeper (William JONES) to death at Marion. MITCHELL has never been captured (as of Dec 31, 1901)

3 - Charles BLUE (son of Mrs. Plina [?] BLUE) killed by live wire on Main street bridge.

4 - Claude MCDOWELL escapes from federal prison at Ft. Thomas.
*Marriage license issued to George PRIOR and Minnie W. BUNDY. Marriage license issued to Homer POWELL and Etta E. SPECK. Death of Rosanna MORRIS ALLEN, sister to Mary PRIME. Death of Arthur ECKELBERGER, 15 years old, son of Elias ECKELBERGER. Marriage license issued to Marquis PETTY and Iva C. BAKER. Marriage license issued to William BREEDLOVE and Etta WALKER.

5 - "Coontown 400", a Kokomo show, figures in a college scandal at Greencastle.
* Bruce FREEMAN celebrated 43rd birthday. Arthur ELLEBARGER died at Center.

6 - * Howard WHITE, (son of Jacob WHITE) of Ervin Twp. arrested for horse stealing.
*ULRICH Harness manufacturing is enlarging its plant. Frank SCOFIELD sold restaurant building to J.C. BLACKLIDGE. Oldest restaurant in Kokomo. Superintendent OGG makes school report.

7 - * Marriage of John GENNEBECK to Lena MATLOCK.
* Birth of daughter to Daniel HARBAUGH.

9 - Bill for a separate judicial circuit for Howard County vetoed by Governor DURBIN.
* Death of John ZEHNER in Florida.

11 - Sudden death of Abraham SAUL, well known farmer of Taylor Twp.
* Death of Elsie BEMAN, age 21, daughter of John BEMAN. Marriage of Clarence COATE to Mary JACKSON

12 - * Kokomo is being "put in line with union towns of Indiana"
*American Water Works and city are ready to negotiate.

13 - Death of General Benjamin HARRISON. The nation in mourning.

14 -Death of Nellie TORRENCE, age 21, at West Middleton, daughter of Robert TORRENCE.
* Death of Belle WILHEM, age 14, at Ottawa, Illinois. Birth of daughter to Will WARD. Marriage of Baxter BENNINGHOFF to Trottie E. MERRILL. Death of Lloyd KAUFFMAN, 12 year old son of James KAUFFMAN. Pressmen go on strike at Rubber Works.

15 - George MCMANAMA, a Kokomo insurance agent, figures in scandal with a Young America spinster.

16 - * Death of Mary FORD, 74 years old. Perishes in fire near village of Walton.
* Birth of daughter to William DELON. Marriage of Charles CUMMINGS to Ida MCMILLEN

17 - Smallpox appears in Greentown neighborhood.

18 - * Marriage of Jacob DOTTERER to Louisa HUSKINS.
* Birth of son to Elmer CRUME. Birth of son to Charles LANG. Death of Milton BUTCHER, son of James BUTCHER. Death of Sarah BARKER, age 76. Reunion of Asa and James HOCKETT.

19 - * Death of Frank SHERWOOD, age 45.
* Birth of daughter to L.H. FRITZ

20 - William STAMM killed and Isaac MARLOW fatally injured by premature dynamite explosion southwest of this city.
* Birth of son to Gerhart HESSLER. Birth of daughter to Landrum BURDETT.

21 -Death of Mrs. Mary HALL, age 80.
* Death of Rhoda NEWLIN, wife of Rev. James NEWLIN.

22 - * Marriage of Harry STEWART to Minnie MORRIS

23 - J.H. GARRETSON prepares to establish wholesale grocery in Kokomo.
* Birth of son to H.L. ASHLEY

24 - * Mrs. Charles LAFOLLETTE takes poison and lies down among graves in Crown Point Cemetery to die.
* Death of 3 year old son of A.O. SPICER. Britton BASSETT to be dethroned. Birth/death of infant child to Nelson WESCOTT.

25 -Death of Beulah/Huldah WICKERSHAM, age 20
* Isaac MARLOW is second victim of dynamite explosion.

26 - * Death of 4 year old child of John PITZER. Birth of daughter to Lon WOODS. Death of Mike LANGLEY, age 53.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. COOPER.

27 - John and George ALBAUGH sentenced to state prison for larceny

28 - Death of Hiram KLUM

30 - Local Uniform Rank K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] gives annual entertainment.


1 - Warren CRAWFORD shot by his playmate, "Jim" MASON, at Russiaville.
*Marriage license granted to George BELL and Lydia A. CLARK.
*Marriage license granted to Thomas COTTINGIN and Jennie GOPPINS.

2 - Announcement that Messrs. WOOD, ELLIS and TARKINGTON are to be police commissioners.

4 -Sudden death of Joseph STRATTON at West Middleton. Benjamin BURNETT, notorious thief and forger, captured by local officials.

5 -Death of little Ralph WILLIAMS and Woody BENNETT, son of late Arthur BENNETT.

6 - John R. MASON gets find and jail sentence for violating the liquor law at Russiaville.

8 -The GOOD-BRYANT scandal growing out of incident at the Windsor Hotel.
*Obituary of Oliver Theodore BURTON.

9 - The Methodist Conference opens at Elwood.
*Marriage of Leslie DURRER to Lena May MCCORMICK.
* Death of Glenna BASSETT, 2 year old child of Alexander BASSETT.

10 -Dr. HURTY investigates smallpox situation in Liberty Twp.Local merchants' association organized.
*Marriage license granted to John M. BYRKETT and Mary A. BYRKETT.
* 11 - Death of baby of Thomas HAWKINS.

12 - E.H. SHIRK, Tipton millionaire, passes away.

13 - H.M. COOPER goes gunning for burglars.
* Death of Elizabeth BATY CARROLL, wife of J.H. CARROLL.

15 - Raymond SAUL killed on L.E. & W. tracks south of the city.Rev. L.J. NAFTGER assigned to Grace Church.

16 - Death of Sarah ROSWELL. Home of Dr. LOOP at Galveston burglarized.

18 - Wreck of the L.E. & W. at Cassville.

20 - Death of Cora P. HOUSEHOLDER and Alfred GORDON.

22 - Judge BROWNLEE orders Eel River Railroad sold. John R. MASON skips out to avoid serving jail sentence.

23 - The Haynes-Apperson motorcycle wins the long distance endurance contest on Long Island.
*Obituary of Effie May HELMS.

24 - John R. MASON turns up in an Indianapolis wine room but the officers fail to arrest him.

25 - Councilman PUCKETT announces scheme to solve water works situation by buying the LEACH stone quarry.
*Obituary of Josie DUDLEY GARRETT.
*Obituary of Thomas CHANDLER - Civil War Veteran, age 79. (Russiaville News)
* Death of Charlie BROWN, 3 year old son of George BROWN.

26 - Death of Elizabeth BIRCHFIELD. Chicago Gas company asks to introduce the meter system in Kokomo.Unknown man found dead in one of the cars on the SIPE show.

27 - The SIPE show starts its road career.

29 - John R. MASON returns and is admitted to bail.
* Death of Pauline BALLEW.

30 - Local Odd Fellows celebrate the eighty-third anniversary of the founding of the order.


1 - Hattie B. THOMAS, of Taylor Township, fears her husband, Emanuel B THOMAS, brings suit for a divorce and $1,000 alimony. Monkeys at the SIPE show tear clothing from a boy in a boxing contest. Grace M.E. Church elects officers.
* Birth of son to Frank SMITH. Death of Mrs. E.F. ALBERTSON

2 - Miss Lizzie JACKSON injured in a bicycle collision.New city directory issued showing a population of 14,000.Dennis GRANEY and Miss Maggie GORMAN united in marriage. Police appear in new uniforms. Smallpox quarantine lifted in east end of county.
*Russiaville High has 5th annual commencement. List of 6 graduates.
*Kokomo schools list plans for commencement.

3 - Rev. Raymond L. SEMANS, of Greentown, was united in marriage to Miss Mary E. HILLER of Galveston.Aunt Betsy RICH celebrates her 85th birthday.
*Marriage of Harry SKENK to Maud Schrock - Plevna News.
* Birth of son to Elmer YOST
* Death of Isaac ABRAM

4 - Jerome O'DELL, of Ervin Twp. was overcome while fighting fire on his farm, was rescued by neighbors.Postmaster SUTTON's residence at Center looted by burglars. "Old Dan", a faithful fire horse, breaks a leg and has to be killed. Kokomo mail carriers appear in shirt waists.
* Birth of son to Bert PROCTOR.

5 - Grandmother Elizabeth ANGSTADT/AUGSTADT passes away, age 79/80. J.W. COTTINGHAM reelected truant officer. William GILLENWATER killed at Sims by a Cloverleaf train.

6 - * Birth of daughter to Will LAUGHLIN
*Marriage of Jesse JESSUP to Louise WILSON.
* Death of Peter KIGER age 48.
* Death of Margaret SANDERS

7 -City council purchases the J.M. LEACH & Co's stone quarry as site for municipal water plant.
* Birth of son to Wallace BAXTER
* Birth of son to Henry GALLOWAY
* Death of Michael ORR, age 77.
* List of 8th year graduates from county.

8 - Roy NAFTGZER, son of Rev. L. J. NAFTGZER made a lieutenant in the state militia.Mrs. Alice SPRINGER (age 23) passes away at her home on west State street.She was the widow of the late Orin SPRINGER who was killed by Wm. BUSBY.
* Death of Samuel COVERY, age 44.
*Divorce of Philip and Clara NAFAKER.

9 - Local lodge of Pathfinders presented a $50 silk flag by State Organizer UHLREY.North Indiana conference quartet sing at Markland avenue church.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. FAIRE
* Death of Bertha TIMMONS in Carroll County.

10 - Henry BRACKNEY (age 76) killed by a train at Anderson.Thomas SHARKEY of Greentown, returns from the oil fields of Ancient Egypt.Mass meeting called to fight the proposed gas meter.

11 - Two boys, Frank ULRICH and Fred RUST, sustain broken legs. the former run over by the Young America hack and the latter fell from a freight car.

13 - Councilman WILLIAMS assaulted by two young toughs.Deaths of two prominent Kokomo ladies, Mrs. O.V./W.C. (Nellie) OVERTON and Mrs. Rebecca WARD (age 69).
* Death of J.T. COLLINS in Kentucky.

14 - Sidney B./Mexico SANDERS and Miss Belle GOOD married. Demented woman of Terrilla, Illinois found at West Middleton.
* Birth of son to Samuel MCCLELLAND.
* Birth of son to Willis WEB at Russiaville.
* Marriage license issued to Daniel MATCHETT and Grace MOSS.

15 - District conference of pastors and stewards at Grace church. Panhandle Agent QUINN injured. Death of Mrs. W.W. (Jeanie) COLES. Bill Clerk D.F. HODGES let out at the Lake Erie station.

16 - David Z. LEE expires suddenly at his home in Ervin Twp. Captain Milton GARRIGUS elected Department Commander of G.A.R.
* Birth of daughter to William FLEMING.

17 - Death of Miss Clara WAYMAN, a popular young lady of the city.Athletic park opened. M.F. (Matthew) ALLEN, (age 63) an old soldier, found dead at his home in Alto.

18 - Uncle John STEWARD celebrates his 88th birthday.Dr. W.D. PARR appointed a delegation to the ecumenical conference to be held in London, England September 4th. Wire nail company decide to double their plant by building a rod mill.

19 - Gas meter movement effectually knocked out by the council. Death of Anna WINBURN/NICHOLSON (age 60).

20 - * Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. THOMPSON.

21 - *Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. PRIDE.
* New London graduation class of nine members - class list published.

22 - Death of Mrs. Lucinda REAGAN (age 62). Wholesale merchants of Cleveland, Ohio visit the city. Oliver LETSINGER and Miss Minnie EICREMAN married at Muncie. Harry DAVIS becomes a member of the mercantile firm of Henry DAVIS & Son.
*Kokomo High School Graduation
*Marriage of John DYAN and Dorothy PATRICK.

23 - Death of William BEACON, aged 87 years of age. Rector J.O. WARD ceases to be the pastor of St. Andrews Episcopal mission.
*Marriage of Peter KEAM to Katharyne FARRELL ANOKER.
* Death of Carrie CONQUEST, wife of Thomas CONQUEST
*Michael THOMPSON celebrated 86th birthday.

24 - Great electrical storm sweeps over the county. Several stock barns burned. Death of Abbie STEWARD/STEWART aged 73. Rev. J.S. BITLER greeted by a great audience at Grace church.
* Death of J.A. RYAN in St. Louis.

25 - Death of Mrs. Carrie E. WELLS (age 60). Jack OSLER badly injured in a runaway. Peru and Kokomo High school field teams met at Athletic Park.
* Death of Leon ANDREWS.

27 - Commencement exercises at Center.

28 - Eighth grade give a splendid entertainment at the SIPE theater. Kokomo Steel and Wire company incorporate capital at $1,500.
* Death of Mrs. George ADE.
*Taylor schools commencement - 24 graduates.

29 - Miss Aggie LONG (age 14) suicides in the pulpit of the M.E. church at Sycamore. Kokomo dry goods company's store gutted by fire. The class of 1901 graduates from the Kokomo High School.
* Fire on East Side court house square - Wilson Block. BROWN Shoe Store and STRICKLAND's Clothing.
* Death of infant child of Enoch CARTER.
* Death of Charles WESTFALL
* Death of Mary Jane MERANDA, age 67.
*Eighth grade commencement list of graduates.

30 - * Clay Twp. 9th commencement.
*Marriage of John IMBLER to Emma BOTTORFF.

31 - Death of Margaret R. DEAL. Joshua C. FREEMAN and Miss Nora B. EAST of Ervin Twp. united in marriage.
* Birth of son to Harry GRUBBS.


1 - Closing of Maplewood Classical School
*DAVIES & Co. started in 1862 - dry goods store.
* Death of George W. FARRAR, age 72. Civil War Veteran.

2 - Glen SEAGRAVES badly cut at Greentown by a fellow townsman named GORE.

4 - Augusta SCHMIDT committed to the asylum for the insane.

5 - * Wintoh Tribe of Red Men Lodge ( # 309) lists current members.

6 - Wordy encounter between Captain GARRIGUS and Henry EDWARDS because the former was paying suit to the latter's ward.

7 - Messrs. DOLMAN, DUKE and KIRKPATRICK made water works commissioners.
* Clay Twp. commencement - 6 graduates.
*Marriage of William CLEMENTS to Nettie WILLIAMS.
*Marriage of Edgar UTTERBACK to Dorothy Pearl SMITH.

8 - C.C. MUMMERT, of Ervin Twp., charged with stealing cattle.
*Knights of Pythias hold memorial services; list of the dead.
* Ervin Twp commencement - 10 graduates.

9 -Death of John E. CAGE (age 39)

10 - Eel River Railroad sold by Receiver RUDDELL.
* Birth of son to Larry RYAN

11 - City Council declines water works proposition for a renewal of its franchise.
*Cloverleaf creamery - makes "golden butter".
*Funeral of Catherine LORD in Union Twp.

12 - John R. MASON goes to jail, C.C. MUMMERT arrested.
* Death of Benjamin HILLIS, age 43.

13 - Death of Mrs. J.B. PARKER. George MCKINNEY, of Russiaville, arrested by revenue officers.
*Marriage of Clarence BOWEN to Daisy WAGGAMAN.
*Marriage of John T. STRINGER to Francis CUNNINGTON at Salt Lake.
* Death of Clara PARKER, widow of James PARKER.
* Death of Leon HANCOCK, age 4. Grandson of W.H. HANCOCK.

14 - Death of Robert TORRENCE, of West Middleton. (Civil War veteran)
* Death of James STREVER - lived near Waupecong.
* Death of John BROWN.
*Robert CLARK, of Converse, entered guilty plea to manslaughter.

15 - William NOLAN, of Young America, found dead in his bed.
* Cash SLOAN "rivals brother Todd [SLOAN]"
* Odd Fellows - list of departed buried in Crown Point Cemetery.
* Birth of daughter to Charles ECHELBARGER.
* Death of Jesse ELLIS, wife of James ELLIS.
* Death of Della DRUMMOND, wife of William DRUMMOND.
*Wedding shower held for Noda WATSON, who will marry Everett MAPLE of Shelbyville.

17 - Abraham MARNER (age 34) found dead in his room by his wife near Plevna.Dead body of Simeon GUINN found - he had disappeared June 6th and was found swaying from tree in a woods near Sycamore. Death of Jose PARKER (age 72).
*Marriage of Charles Samuel MOORE to Edith CIMIOTT.

18 - * Death of Elizabeth BADGER.
* Birth of daughter to Harley DONAHUE and Agnes GALLANGER.

19 - Norman FRY, of Russiaville, arrested on charges of perjury.
* Death of John BROWN, age 82.
*Marriage of Arthur COYLE to Rose STAHL.
*Marriage of Everett MAPLE to Grace TATE.
*Marriage of Benjamin KRAIG to Verne BRYAN.
* Birth of son to John VERNE.

20 - C.L. HARRY arrested at Meridian, Mississippi. Hard storm in Eastern Howard.
*Kokomo Brass and Iron making railroad supplies.
* Death of Otella FALK, wife of Jacob FALK.
* Death of William MAUDLIN, age 50.
* J.A. KAUTZ to succeed WHITEKER as Postmaster.
* June REED living in Brussels.
*Marriage of Ves. A. BARNGROVER to Addie SHANNON.
* Death of child of W.S. TASH.

21 - * Death of Mrs. Mary HOLT.
*Funeral of Mrs. Samuel HOLLONGSWORTH at Sweetzer, Grant County.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. HINCHO.
*Marriage of John BARLOW/BRRLOW to Olive FISHER.

22 - Lawrence BEESON, of West Liberty, killed by an explosion of alcohol in a freight car at Logansport.
*Marriage of Earl MORTON to Margaret HINER.
*Marriage of M.A. THRASHER to Minnie ROGERS.

24 - Death of William MCMANUS/MCMANNUS and Mrs. Jacob (Hattie) AYERS.
*Marriage of Charles HOWARD to Emma SHALLEY.
*Marriage of Presley RAY to Gertie GOLDING.
* Death of Abbie Marie SWISHER, 3 months old - daughter of George SWISHER.

25 - Omar MILLER arrested on a charge of attempted murder preferred by his wife.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. HAMMOND.
* Death of J.M. SMITH in Tipton.

26 - * Marriage of James KIRKENDALL to Nellie DUNCAN.
* Court appoints guardian for/to Dr. R.Q. WILSON.

27 - Erastus WELSH, well known farmer residing east of city, expires of sun stroke.
*MURRAY reunion held.
*Marriage of Ernest SIMPSON to Maude SPERLIN.
* Death of Ruth HARRISON, 21 months old - daughter of John Westley HARRISON.
* Death of Freeman SALES.

28 - Death of William ALLEN (age 65). Rev. KARSTEDT given a bogus check by a professional crook.
* Death of L.J. BRADLEY, age 74.

29 - Kokomo Business Men's meeting takes such action as secures Kokomo the new steel mill.


1 - Samuel SHERWOOD killed in Panhandle yards. Nail mill committee started out.Hot.
* Death of 2-month old child of H.W. GALLIMORE.
*Marriage of Jud DAR to Lulu Pearl TONEY.

2 - Al RITTER is filled [sic] by a rasp in the hands of Ebert MARTZ. Row in Madison Street resort. Death of James WHITEKER/WHITAKER.

3 - Bad story reported from the west end of county.Death of Jos. "Uncle Joe" DELON, age 76, of Russiaville.
* Birth of son to Mr. & Mrs. PRESTON.

4 - People take to the woods to escape heat. Marriage of Delbert BRANDON and Mazy WILEY.Races at Driving Park draw large crowd.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. CULBERTSON.
* Birth of daughter to George SHEPHERD.
*Marriage of E.G. PULLEN to Lulu GRAFFIA.

5 - Death claims Nancy Jane/Matilda RUDY of Hemlock (wife of Justice HEMLOCK); W.W. (William)GARR of Taylor Twp. and Wm. DYE (age 83). Dan SHENK badly hurt by horse.Saw mill of Seth RATCLIFF, near Russiaville, blown up by dynamiters.
* Death of Mrs. Eliza VAUGHN, Russiaville.

6 -Home of John QUINN entered by burglars. Howard WHITE gets a jail sentence. Kokomo members of Captain ALLEN'scompany arrive home.
* Death of Mrs. Elizabeth KEYES, Howard Twp.
*Marriage of Julius SILVERSTONE to Sarah REYNOLDS.

8 - Death of F.R. MCLAUGHLIN. Charles G. ARMSTRONG passes away (one of Kokomo's oldest residents). Rifle and Revolver club is organized.Rubber works enlarges.

9 - Subsidy to nail mill is raised.Epworth league excursion to California leaves. Mrs. Mary C. TAYLOR ordered to Central Insane Hospital.

10 - Trouble is brewing in the United Brethren church, which fortunately, came to naught.County Commissioners are in joint session with Grant.

11 - death of Mrs. Mary Ann BICKFORD/BLACKFORD. Marriage of Allen S. JACKSON and Mrs. Susan E. GARRIOTT.FOREHAND & THOMPSON go to the east side. Leo GRAHAM, Greentown, fined for malicious trespass. Mrs. Lewis DUNN attacked by a vicious cow.

12 - Jno. R. MASON is released from jail. Lee CHAFFIN brings in the first wheat of the season. Death of Mary E. WELLS, two miles east of New London.
* Death of William WELLS

15 - Death of Judge Henry Adams BROUSE, age 81. One of Kokomo's first lawyers.
*Marriage of Charles JONES to Mary BRIDENTHAL.
* Death of Buck HARLAN in Michigan State Prison.

16 - Mrs. William (Frances) KELLY died of Addison's disease.Death of Elizabeth GOSSETT, Jackson Twp.
* Death of Edward LEACH in Sullivan County. Father of George LEACH.

17 -Rev. W.D. PARR goes to Atlanta.Elijah BORING is struck by a street car.Glove and Mitten factory is started.
* Death of Mrs. John GOSSETT.
* Birth of daughter to Carl TATEM.
*Mattie GRAFFIN soon to marry Cap't Charles HUBBELL of New York.

18 - Lightning destroys much property in the county.Clarence PRIEST and Earl CHASE arrested for horse stealing.
*Marriage of Riley CLARK to Ella HORN.
*Marriage of Charles JONES to Mrs. Mary TIBBETS.

19 - Clover Leaf station at Russiaville dynamited. Uncle Dan JONE meets with an accident near Russiaville. Fred LADD hurt by a vicious cow, one mile east of the city.Clover Leaf passenger and freight train collide on Brookside switch.Trouble at the home of Hube SOMERS, as Mary SOMERS seeks to abduct her own child.
* Birth of son to Clyde FOY.
* Death of William MCCLAIN, age 77.
*United Brethren at Honey Creek.

20 - W.H. DAVIS buys KENNEDY & WILLIAMS' shoe store.FOREHAND's Gas Light wins a Converse.
* J.R. and Mrs. CRAGUM mistaken for Carrie NATION in Kingman, Kansas.

22 - The clairvoyant "Dr." CLARK and wife part company.Death of Miss George HALL. Clover Leaf kills horse of T.B. HUGHES.

23 - Marriage of Clyde SAILORS and Grace MCELWEE. Traveling man runs amuck of roysterers.O.M. MYERS buys second-hand store of T.P. RUCKER. Wm. SHELTON and Miss Lillian PARKER married. Quarrel of Rev. KARSTEDT and J.F. BARD ended.

25 - Explosion of soda tank badly hurts James FLYNN.
*LAYMON & Co. Grocers closed doors of their big grocery concern at Main & Sycamore St.
* Cash SLOAN "favorite of the czar".
* Lucy WASHINGTON, age 108, oldest woman living in Indiana.

26 - Henry CHISM arrested for polluting drinking fountain at the park.Geo. L. GWINN buys the MATTIX corner.
*Marriage of George Donald ROACH to Grace ROBINSON MARSH.
* Death of "Aunt" Betsy RICH, wife of Thomas RICH.
* Birth of son to Tim HARTS.
* Birth of daughter to Frank MYERS.
* Death of John ARNETT in fatal accident near South Bend.

27 - "Jollification" over location of big wire and nail mills.W.E. BLACKLIDGE buys Home Building and Loan Building.
* Birth of daughter to Dr. & Mrs. HAMILTON.
* Death of Mary MEDLEY, widow of James MEDLEY.
* Death of Zedoe JOLLLIFFE, father of Clark JOLLIFFE.

29 - Asbury WILLITS has suit against him dismissed. Barkeeper John VAN HART shoots Jerry MCCOOL Self-defense is claimed.Maude HOBBS returns. Death of Granville M. WILSON near Oakford.Scoundrels dynamite park waters.

30 - Death of Jno. MORRIS.John STONE's property on West Mulberry street sold to John MITCHELL. Rufus ELLIS, of Ervin, a colored man is turning white.
* Death of Frank BROWER of Flora.

31 - Telephone directory issued by the Tribune; shows 1,100 names.Death of Mrs. Lindley HAWORTH near New London. MASON again makes application for license. Marriage of Victor BURGER/BERGER and Margaret BAUGHMAN.
*Marriage of Henry FOREMANN to Armelia ELLIS.
* Death of Mary Ann GUIRE, wife of Jesse GUIRE.


1 - Asa HOCKETT celebrates his 79th birthday.Judge DAVIS celebrates his 88th birthday.

2 - Omer MILLER and Lizzie COULTER marry in the county jail.Corn crops reported burning up in Howard County.
* Birth of daughter to Adam RECORD.
* Death of William MASSAMAN, age 1, son of George MASSAMAN.

3 - Death of pioneer John HARDIMAN.Daughters of farmer Orin CURLESS injured in a runaway at West Liberty.

4 - I.O.O.F. at West Middleton dedicated. Farmers' Threshing club at Shiloh makes a feast.

5 - William GORE, a Young America wife beater, flogged by white caps.Edwin NEWLIN, of Russiaville, disappears.
* Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. SOLLENBERGER.

6 - Annual Northwestern Christian conference convenes at the Harrison street Christian church.Lone Oak cottage donated by Jane G. TURNER for an Industrial Home for Girls.
*Funeral of Ella HAWORTH in New London.
*Marriage of Omar HUNT to Winona FIELDS.
* Birth of daughter to Frank MUNGER.

7 August 1901 - Methodist church and 4 barns burned at Galveston.Marriage of Herbert/Bert MURDEN and Miss Cora M. PICKETT.Dick FRY arrives home from Klondyke.
* Death of Helen CHAPPEL.
* Birth of daughter to Sherman BUTCHER.

8 - Rev. David KIRKPATRICK dies in Frankfort. Uncle to former Mayor A.R. KIRKPATRICK. Street fair at Greentown closes.
* Birth of son to Godfrey GOSS.

9 - * Death of John PRATT, age 84. One of oldest residents of Tipton county.
* Billy MCCARTY sells Junction restaurant and retires. Junction was oldest restaurant in city.

10 - May SUTER brings suit for a divorce from Charles F. SUTER.Wallace HULL elected custodian of the court house.Death of Mrs. Amanda OGDEN, widow of George OGDEN.
* Birth of son to W.A. KENNEDY.

11 - Captain DONAHUE captures the Porter Hill gang of petty thieves.

12 - D.A. SMITH and W.H. KECK become grandpas.Death of Elizabeth FOUST.
*Marriage of John HUTTO to Nellie Ethel RUSSELL.
* Birth of daughter to Howard ARMSTRONG.
*Marriage of B.C. BAUGHMAN to Mrs. Rosa SMITH.
*Marriage of George WIDENER to Alice CLINE.
* Birth of daughter to Harry KEPPEL.
* Birth of son to Charles WEISER.

13 - Milkmen form combine.Work begun on the big steel mill at the old fair grounds.School war in Ervin Twp. over location of school house.
* Death of Lizzie HENSLEY, lived near Converse.

14 - Wedding of Prof. C. Millsworth ATKINSON and Minnie H. BEALE. Lizzie HENSTER drops dead while churning.
* Death of John ASHLEY, age 73.
*Reunion with Ruben SMITH.
* Birth of daughter to James ALBOUGH.

15 - Death of Mary HERRELL at New London. Death of Eddie MCKEE, who was injured in a fight with small boys.C.M./Mrs. C.M. CASTOR dies at Indianapolis. G.W. (George) AMMON "cowhided" (assaulted) at Russiaville by Mrs. Samuel (Lottie) HOLLINGSWORTH.
* Death of Mrs. Martha MYERS, age 45.
*Marriage of Jefferson GOLDSBERRY to Minnie ROBERTSON.

16 - Kokomo races are on at Driving park. Jerome/Rone HANEY, age 30,falls dead while entering Driving park gate. TARKINGTON family reunion at City Park. Tomato crop ruined.
*Marriage of Forrest HOLLAND to Emma JONES.

17 - Harry O. LOWERS track record at Driving park.Doors of John L. SULLIVAN's grocery closed.STEWART-ENDICOTT family reunion at the park.
* Birth of son to Ovid COOMLER.

18 - Charles FRIDLIN and Miss Maude RICE married.Marriage of Ed W. KLUM and Miss Priscilla GAMMON.

19 -Death of Julius ROSENHEIMER, the well known politician.

21 - Bertha THATCHER elopes with Alonzo GERHART. Marriage of Frank VANDERAHE and Carrie HARDEBECK.

22 - The Haynes-Apperson machine entered in the big automobile race in New York.City teachers are named.

23 - John FLEMMING, a life prisoner, brought home to see his dying father.MCCOY family reunion at City park. Warren YOUNG buys the STEVENS laundry.

24 August 1901 - Jail delivery prevented by Fred APPLEGATE. Suit for $25,000 brought by the ARMSTRONG estate against A.B. ARMSTRONG.

26 - Nelson HARSHBERGER fell from a horse near Plevna and is killed.Annual meeting of Christian churches at West Middleton.WATKINS family reunion at City park.

27 - Big tent meeting begun at Russiaville. Howard Teachers' Institute in session. Prof. E.B. BRYAN writes from Honolulu.

28 - Ernest GEORGE resigns as cashier at Citizens' Bank to accept the same kind of position at the Howard National; is succeeded at Citizens' National Bank by Frank MCCARTY.Councilmen DAVIS and SULAVAN repudiate the Dispatch interview.

29 - Marriage of Smith GUDGELL and Miss Cora B. JUSTICE.A $4,000 school building is completed at Darroughs' Chapel.Martin BRUBAKER killed by lightning in Oklahoma.Rev. E.G. WALK leaves the Christian church and joins the United Brethren denomination. Battle of Tippecanoe at Athletic Park.

31 - Plate glass works closes down for repairs.Lee ALBAUGH mourns the death of "Bud", his faithful ratter.


2 -Kokomo labor organizations observe the day.Benjamin DOTTERER murderously assaulted at his home in Liberty Twp.

3 - City Attorney SHIRLEY goes on record with an opinion on the water works situation.

4 - United Brethren conference opens. Benjamin DOTTERER dies of his injuries.

5 - William FUNK killed on the East Walnut crossing of the Panhandle.

6 - Tribune issues an extra giving an account of the shooting of President MCKINLEY.Two men arrested for the assault on Benjamin DOTTERER are released.

7 - Mysterious disappearance of Miss Reba O'HAIR.Death of Donald COLE.

8 - Deaths of Maria LESTER and John CLINGENPEEL.Miss Reba O'HAIR's romantic story exploded.

10 - Taxpayers petition the council to make a contract with the American water works company.

11 - Fiber board mill sold by Lawrence SNIDER to Messrs. WOOD & MILLER.

12 - Jennie YEAGER, a Kokomo woman, returns from the Klondyke with much of the yellow metal.

13 - Council awards contract for the construction of a water works system to the WAYNE Engineering Company.

14 - Death of President MCKINLEY.Kokomo public buildings and business houses are hung in mourning.

15 - Death of Caroline HOLLINGSWORTH. MCKINLEY memorial services in all Kokomo churches.

16 - Announcement of the extension of street railway line.

18 - Eel River deed filed in recorder's office in counties through which the road passed.

19 - Business suspended in Kokomo as a mark of respect to the late William MCKINLEY.Union memorial service at Grace church.

21 - Mrs. Columbus LONG, of Monroe Twp. dies from the effects of a kick from a cow.

22 - Rev. W.A. KARSTEDT makes demand for back pay on local United Brethren church.Death of Jacob SHAFFER.

23 - The council reduces the city tax levy 15 cents.

24 - William SEWARD, of Alto, assaulted and badly injured by his son-in-law, Orla STRATFORD.

25 - Auction sale of lots in M.M. MARKLAND's addition.

26 - Death of Loren CASTOR and Thomas REMEY.

27 - Rev. W.A. KARSTEDT decides to evacuate the United Brethren parsonage.

30 - State Convention of the W.C.T.U opens at Grace church.


1 - Death of Mrs. Nelson D. [Eitruda] STANBRO [age 50]

2 - * Marriage of James FOUST/FORREST to Mary E. HUFFMAN. Marriage of Reuben SHENK to Flora GASCHO. Marriage of Earl GIBSON to Sarah MAHER. Mrs. Mary CHAPMAN has spend 4 years in bed; she is the widow of George CHAPMAN, one of Kokomo's pioneer shoe makers.

3 - Telephone employees blow up gas line near Greentown.
* A.F. ARMSTRONG is gravely ill.Mr. & Mrs. John WILLIAMS injured in runaway accident. Marriage of James TANNER to Josie PERKINS.

4 - Death of Jane/Matilda CHAMBERS.

5 - Rev. J.F. FLOYD resigns pastorate of Main street Christian church.
* Death of Elizabeth JONES, age 70.

6 - Merrill HARRY badly hurt while repairing trolley wire.

7 - City Attorney SHIRLEY resigns.
*Marriage of Charles MILTON to Rebecca CASE

8 - Death of Mrs. Lyda M.LUCAS. [age 35]
*Adoption of Tessie SMITH by William & Angeline BILLINGS. Marriage of Joseph HICKERY to Lillie VANDENBUSH.

10 - Mr. and Mrs. Aaron FORD celebrate golden wedding.
* Death of Ernest HENDERSON in Kansas City.

12 - * List of all county recorders in history of Howard County.

14 - Jasper C. JACKSON convicted of receiving stolen property.
* Birth of son to S.E. SPURGON.Death of Edwin FINCH, 4 years old son of Will FINCH.

15 - Rev. W.A. HUTCHINSON called to local Presbyterian church.
*Marriage of Charley PITZER to Delila LYBROOK in Russiaville. Marriage of Charles LAWRENCE to Lizzie METZ.

16 - Kokomo Woodmen win state prize at Indianapolis.
*Nathan CRUME goes to prison for working a confidence game in Ft. Wayne. Death of George GAYLE, age 32. Marriage of Walter MCVEY to Lizzie HUGHES.

17 - Announcement by the Tribune of Allen SHEWMAN's mysterious disappearance.
* Birth of son to Dan LOON.Divorce of Emma CLARK from Robert CLARK.Marriage of Frank HENDERSON to Edna WHITEKER.

18 - John R. MASON convicted and fined again for violating liquor law.
* Death of Henry GEARHEART. Death of William BRANCH, age 68. Marriage of M.Z. HILLIS to Maggie MILLER.

19 - George F. MCCULLOUGH asks traction franchise.

21 - W.C. OVERTON selected city attorney.
* Death of Jane REEDER. Death of Harry WILLIAMS, age 27, son of Thomas WILLIAMS.Peter COLE kicked by cow; "lies at point of death".

22 - Grand jury fails to indict C.C. MUMMERT.
* Birth of daughter to Charles TREES. Marriage of Albert ROGERS to Pearl OLWIN.

23 - * article on Mayor ARMSTRONG and his "ancient" apple tree.Birth of son to David BARNETT. Russiaville News: Marriage of Harry FRY to Lela ILES. Marriage of Adeiljah HEDRICK to Daisy TOBIAS.

24 - Chicago gas company gives notice of boost in meter rates.
* Birth of son to John PARKER.

25 - * Harry WILBUR, former Kokomo saloon man, charged with embezzlement. Birth of daughter to George MITCHELL. Birth of son to George COSTELLO. Marriage of Dr. Arthur Maxwell LINE to Mary SWEETSER in Marion, Indiana.

26 - Death of Mrs. Sallie W. MOSS. Death of Claude HARRIS.
*Marriage of Charles STREET to Clara WALKER of Walton, in Prairie City, Oregon. Anna MORGAN, age 93, is ill at home.

27 - Death of former county commissioner, William MANRING.

28 - Death of Will O. RICE, prominent Ervin township teacher.
*Marriage of Jesse BOWEN to Goldie May AMOS.\\f1Death of Sallie MOSS, age 75. Death of Will RICE, age 30.Michael MCCLYNN has lived 40 years in Kokomo.

29 - Kokomo negro laborers cause strike at Elwood.
*Divorce of Hiram ROSE from Martha ROSA.Death of George PRICE.Marriage of Jud SEIBERT to Mabel ERNEAL.Marriage of Thomas CARVER to India HENRY. Marriage of Oliver CARITHERS to Cora KUMLER. Death of William MANNERING, age 74.

30 - Numerous corn shredder accidents over the county.

* Death of James SALMONS.Birth of son to Ralph SCHERER. Marriage of David SPRAKER to Wilma RAYBURN. Death of Norman WILLIAMS, 1 year old son of Brice WILLIAMS.Death of Hugh BOYLE, age 52.

31 - Suicide of Sylvanus KIDDER. Rev. MCNEIL called to Main Street church.
* Birth of son to Frank KORBY. Birth of twins to Daniel MCGRAIL. Marriage of Charles EASTER to Mazie COLESCOTT.


1 - Word received here of accident to Miss June REED, Kokomo's noted violinist, in the Swiss Alps.
* Birth of son to Will REMY. Marriage of Bentley BELL to Ola MATLOCK. Marriage of Adam GRAF to Mary SOURES. Marriage of Otis S. HOWARD to Anna WOOLEY. William WASSON to Clelia NEWCOMER.

2- Contract awarded for joint road between Howard and Tipton counties.

4- The BROWNING-PERRY scandal at Tipton becomes public.
* Birth of son to E.E. HOLT. Birth of son to Ed SIMMONS. Marriage of Ray TOLLEY to Lulu CORRELL. Death of Lennie MORGAN.

5- Eight Kokomo lads taken in a bunch to the state reformatory.

7- Judge BROWNLEE announces that he may ask superior judgeship again.
* Death of Mary CRILLY, age 68.Death of Stella May DICKEY. Birth of son to Elmer TYLER.

8- Rev. W.D. PARR elected to prominent position in Methodist church.
* Birth of son to Charles MUMMERT. Marriage of Ed WESTCOTT to Jessie ELLIS.Marriage of Paul ROSENTHAL to Blanche CATES. Marriage of Roy MYERS to Grace ALBRIGHT.

10- Gus YETZER badly hurt in bar room encounter.

11- The APPERSONS retire from the HAYNES-APPERSON concern.
* June COOK's face badly burned by carbolic acid.Marriage of Oliver LAMB to Nora ORTMAN.Birth of son to James PATTEN.

12- Local Templars hold celebration.
* Death of Marion ELKINS, age 40. Marriage of Bert JOHNSON to Mrs. Stella GIBSON.Marriage of Martin COADY to Emma THOMAS.

13- Superintendent KELVIE, of fence machine works, badly burned in gas explosion.
*Suicide of Elmer MONTGOMERY, age 27, from Cass county.Death of Solomon HOOVER, age 74.

14- Preserved ALLEN, [age 15] son of Rev. E.A. ALLEN, dies by his own hand.George AMMON suicides at Swayzee.
*Marriage of Charles WINFIELD to Gertrude SWOVELAND.

15- Local Bar Association takes up superior judgeship matter.
* Birth of daughter to George ELLIS.Marriage of Rola REED to Viola SMITH.Marriage of Edward THOMPSON to Mary V. FRIECORT.Marriage of Lewis TURNER to Lelia C. WILSON. Death of Martha MANUEL, age 65. Death of Marion EIKINS, age 40.

16- Sudden death of little Cecil CHAMP [age 10]
*Marriage of Alfred WOLF to Cora THOMAS.Death of Charles HUTSON, age 58.

18- Warm time in council over the water works matter between Councilmen BROUSE and PUCKETT.
*Milton KENDALL, son of Joseph KENDALL, shot by farmer COLE.Death of Jennie HALBERSTADT, age 30.Marriage of Harry GOODWIN to Eva MCCOY.

19 - * Birth of son to Curtis TUCKER. Birth of son to Ora DUNCAN.

20- Mysterious attempt to abduct a Kokomo girl at Marion.
* Birth of daughter to William ZUTTERMEISTER. Marriage of Charles FYE to Sarah VANLUE. Marriage of Patrick GRANEY to Margaret QUINN.

21 November 1901 - * Corydon RICHMOND celebrated 93rd birthday. Death of Thomas EADES of Hemlock. Mrs. William SIMPKINS involved in a railway accident in Elwood.Funeral of Henry ENDERS. Birth of daughter to Charles CURNS.Jack TIERNEY listed as a Kokomo middle-weight fighter.

22- Swindle of Kokomo doctors by one E.L. ANDREWS comes to light.
* Birth of daughter to John GEE. Death of Mrs. Jane RHEA of Russiaville.

23- Man dies on passenger train between Kokomo and Galveston.

24- Debt on Markland avenue M.E. Church liquidated.

25 - * Death of Willard LINDERMAN. Death of Alta HESSLEY, age 21 at Converse.

26 - Birth of son to Omar BATES.Birth of son to C.V. THOMAS. Birth of daughter to Newton SMITH. Marriage of Henry WEAVER to E. May HENDERSON.Marriage of John KAHLENBECK to Mary E. NOAKES. Death of Ethel CONNELL, age 7.

27 - * Birth of son to Omer MARTIN.Birth of son to Andrew TAYLOR. Marriage of Andrew GOODNIGHT to Appalena BUDD. Death of Thomas J. JESSUP, age 72.Death of Daisy SUDDOTH LINDERMAN.

28- Thanksgiving day. Kokomo football team completes its record of victories.
* Death of Minta OVERTON. Marriage of Robert SHINGLER to Eva SHINGLER.Marriage of Isaac RIDEMON to Anna RIDEMON.Marriage of Charles SHUCK to France SMITH.

29- Death of Mrs. R.B. HAYES.
* Death of Mary KERWIN, wife of John KERWIN.Marriage of John Edward MOORE to Ella M. JONES.


1 - Rev. SHOUSE resigns pastorate of local Baptist church.Lodge of Elks holds annual memorial service.

2 - Henry BOWLES and Jack MCDOWELL arrested at Peru for stealing hides from the KELLY slaughter house.

3 - Death of Mrs. Rachel ALTER. Welcome to Rev. MCNEIL.
* Death of Claude GALLIMORE, age 21.

4 - Night funeral held over the remains of Claude GALLIMORE.
*Marriage of Emmet DEAVER to Elfva STEVENSON. Funeral of Rachel ALTER, wife of William ALTER.

5 - Finance committee of council stirs up a controversy by announcing it will pay off city bonds about to fall due.
* Death of Mrs. Ruth Allison, age 86.Birth of daughter to William KULOW. Birth of son to Theodore DOTLER.

6 - Discovery made that Henry BOWLES, a prisoner held at the county jail, had stolen diamonds in the Philippines.

7 - Stokes MAXWELL, prominent cattle raiser of east end of county, has one of his prize winners poisoned.

8 - Rev. W.A. HUTCHINSON renews pastorate of Kokomo Presbyterian church, after an absence of 25 years.

9 - Mayor ARMSTRONG grows picturesque and profane in an oratorical outburst in the council.
*Marriage of John CONK to May E. FLEMMING.Death of Louisa DAWSON.Death of Max BREMER, age 27.Death of Lillie HOLLINGSWORTH, wife of Homer HOLLINGSWORTH.

10 - Rev. HERRICK accepts presiding eldership for the Kokomo district.

11 - Kokomo has a distinguished visitor in the person of the ex-bandit Frank JAMES.
* Death of Geneve KULOW, 5 years old. Marriage license granted to Jesse R. GRIFFIN and Lucinda WARE.Marriage of Melvin THURSTON to Daisy SCHACKELFORD.Marriage of Frank BLACKMORE to Jesse May STURGEON.Birth of son to S.S. SHAMBAUGH. Marriage license granted to Benjamin LONG and Margarette JOHNSON.

12 - George KINDER wins long fight for retail saloon license at Russiaville.Frank KEIFER killed in crossing accident on the Panhandle.
*Marriage of Frank GENTRY to Victoria ARTIST. Death of William SECRIST.

13 - Slot machines fired out of town at the order of the police board.

14 - Body of Edward PEDIGO found in a whisky barrel in basement of an Indianapolis Medical College.

15 - Kokomo churches have to suspend services on account of the intense cold.

16 - Council fails again to take final action on the water works situation.
* Birth of daughter to Andrew OSLER.Birth of son to Victor SIMMONS. Marriage of William RIOTH to Mary GRINDLEY. Death of Dollie SIMMONS, wife of Dalton SIMMONS, in Richmond.

17 - County officers given scare by a fire in the basement of court house.

18 - * Death of Eileen CLEMENTS, wife of Joseph CLEMENTS.

19 - Death of John ROBERTSON. Tribune gives news concerning the absurd claim for a bit of stationery furnished the county by E.J. MARSH.
*Marriage license granted to Leonidas AMOS and Elizabeth ALBRIGHT.

20 - Death of James MCCAULEY [age 30]and Benjamin TUCKER.
*Marriage of James CAREY and Ollie Daisy WAGNER.
*Marriage of Moot M. UTTS and Laura HENRY.
*Marriage license granted to Harry BRADLEY and Emma MARKUM.
* Death of C.W. MORTON, husband of Emma LEACH MORTON.

21 - Error in Howard-Tipton joint road specifications becomes public.
* Death of Benjam TUCKER.
* Birth of son to Joe ROSS.
* Birth of son to Samuel HOUSER
* Birth of daughter to H.A. CRUME.

23 - Howard Circuit Court opens for December term.
* Plans being made for a new Elks building on W. Mulberry.
* Birth of son to Brice WILLIAM.
* Death of Mrs. Henry MOHN.

24 - Zachary CHAPMAN killed in gas explosion at plate glass works. Shooting at Judson church in Ervin Twp.
*Marriage of Omar HATTEN to Metta HERCULES.
*Marriage of Ira CRUMLEY to Effie SMITH.
*Funeral of John FLOYD (Russiaville News).
*Marriage of Guy ROSS to Nancy WATKINS.
*Marriage of Ezra GAILLION to Jennie MAINE.
*Marriage license granted to Rutherford SCHERER and Addie NEWLIN.

25 - Christmas Day. Pat O'DONNELL arrested for firing shot at Grant PURNER at Judson church.
*Marriage of Alfred MCCURDY to Lillie WOODRUFF.
* Birth of daughter to Roll HITE.
* Birth of son to Floyd EMBLER.
*Marriage of Robert HARROLD to Alta WATKINS.
*Marriage of Abner HOLLINGSWORTH to Hattie RODMAN.
*Marriage of John KELLY to Essie HAYNES.
*Marriage of Arthur SPICE/STYCH to Libbie WILSON.

26 - Talk of compromise plan among councilmen for disposing of water works muddle.
* Death of Timothy SCOTT (Russiaville News).
* Death of Louisa GARR in Missouri.
* Birth of daughter to P.A. WYLEY.
*Marriage of Waller BURKS to Emma JUMP.
*Marriage of Robert MCCOY to Minnie May JOHNSON.
* Death of J.H. MYERS.
* Death of Mrs. J.O. GARR, wife of Dr. GARR.
* Mr. and Mrs. L.T. TURPIN celebrate 70th anniversary.

27 - Funeral of Homer MYERS, former Kokomo man who died at Richmond.
*Marriage of Webb YOUNT to Effie ARBUCKLE.

28 - Howard County Republican Central committee holds initial meeting and takes action on Howard-Grant superior judgeship.
*Marriage of T.M. MILLER to Carrie WILLCUTTS.
*Marriage of John WOOLEY to Emma SHEPHARD.

30 - Tribune announces the arrest of Swindler SAWYER at Philadelphia. Death of Belle DICKEY.
* Death of Bell DICKEY, age 9.
*Marriage of Thomas SANDERS and Emma LUCAS.

* 31 - Marriage of Roscoe MERCER to Sophia SMITH.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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