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1903 Chronology - Kokomo Daily Tribune

Extracted from the Kokomo Daily Tribune: Friday, January 1 1904, pages 1 & 10


1 - New Year's day quietly celebrated
2 - Prof E.B. BRYAN, a Kokomo man, becomes head of schools in Phillipines.
3 - Freight wreck on Clover Leaf siding on North Washington street.
4 - Sudden death of Louisa HARNESS in Ervin twp.
5 - The safes in the offices of MOULRAY & Co. and of HERRON & BYERS robbed.
6 - County commissioner decide to deed old cemetery to the city for a park.
7 - Last retail saloon quits business in Russiaville.
8 - Indiana general assembly opens with Senator DEHAVEN and Representative MORTON of Howard County, present.
9 - William HENDRIX killed by jumping from a sleigh in front of a street car.
10 - Charles SPEITEL of Frankfort, arrested here for forging J.M. LEACH & Co's signature to a check.
11 - Re-dedication of Main street Christian church.
12 - Death of "Old Doc STEVENS", Kokomo's best known colored character.
13 - Kokomo banks hold their annual elections.
14 - Excitement over shot fired by watchman at APPERSON Bros. factories to frighten coal thieves away.
15 - David SHAKLEY, of Greentown, arrested for bigamy.
16 - Al RIGGS killed at Marion; his mother a guest in Kokomo at the time.
17 - Attempt made to rob general store at Hemlock.
19 - Harry GAMMON, a Kokomo boy, horribly mangled in explosion at Elwood plate glass works.
20 - Frank MUMMERT, of Young America, robs home of a neighbord and leaves the country.
21 - Matilda DAVIS, a former Kokomo woman found blind & starving in Marion.
22 - Father SHERMAN lectures here.
23 - J.A. BECHTAL announced he will retire from Kokomo council.
24 - Movement started to give Kokomo a Y.M.C.A. building.
25 - Jack ROBINSON frightfully injured on a line shaft at FORD & DONNELY factory.
27 - Chas. HANSELL succeeds J.A. BECHTAL as councilman from Fifth ward.
28 - Death of Marion THOMPSON.
29 - Howard County Farmers' Institute in progress.
30 - Kokomo Rubber Co. Wins in big patent infringement case.
31 - Commissioner Jaspter MCDANIEL loses a group containing papers worth $450.


1 - Judge ELLIOT tries celebrated fakir foot race case at Noblesville.
3 - Plate glass employes [sic] present J.A. BECHTAL with a watch.
4 - J.W. BARNES retires as cashier of Kokomo National Bank.
5 - Marriage of Mr. Earl ELLIOTT and Miss Meda B. JONES.
6 - SHONFIELD & STERN clothing store in hands of receiver.
7 - Store of Elbert PERKINS, former Kokomo man, destroyed by fire at Lebanon.
8 - Pearl HOSIER badly injured in a rough-house encounter near pottery works.
9 - J.F. MURRAY sues Panhandle company for $25,000 for loss of a leg.
10 - School board lets contract for Carnegie library.
12 - Wabash College Glee club delights big crowd at SIPE theater.
13 - Sudden death of LeRoy MCCAULEY.
14 - St. Valentine's day; Kokomo mails flooded with usual amount of picture rubbish.
15 - Kokomo school boys made to shell out their pistols and flippers.
16 - The MILLER divorce case on trial; sensational testimony introduced.
17 - Arrest of Frank D. BITTINGER at Chicago for running get-rich scheme.
18 - Guy MAST, a Kokomo boy, commended for gallant service in rescue work on the navy.
19 - Police given orders to make Kokomo a tight town.
20 - Kokomo councilmen decide to hold ward meetings to learn people's wishes on gas situation.
24 - MAHER introduces ordinance in council repealing the gas rates.
25 - "Hunk" DEHAVEN, a Young American man beaten nearly to death for whipping his wife.
26 - Newton PERRY dies in buggy while being driven to his home on South Washington street.
27 - The first effective blanket remonstrance is filed against Third ward saloon men.
28 - The Kokomo-Marion & Western Traction line is financed and formally launched.


1 - Evangelist BITLER at Grace church.
2 - Councilman STIDGER [?] calls meeting of residents of his ward to instruction him how to vote on gas question.
3 - Death of Earl MORTON, son of Hon. Wm. MORTON, representative for Howard County.
4 - Sipe shows are sold to Aaron SIPE>
5 - James H. WATSON gets $5,300 damages for injuries sustained on Southern Pacific Railway.
6 - First ward gas meeting produces lurid oratory in council chamber.
7 - Kokomo sales ladies taken into clerks' union.
9 - Suicide of William BROOKS, a despondent steel mill workman, by drinking carbolic acid.
10 - Market house bill introduced by Representative MORTON becomes a law.
11 - Kokomo grocers organize a Protective association.
12 - Big fight to procure withdrawals from blanket remonstrance started by Third ward saloon men.
13 - Walter F. JACKSON of the Tribune, taken suddenly ill.
14 - W.D. MCCORALE appointed rural route inspector through Congressman LANDIS.
16 - Death of John ALBRIGHT, one of the best known pioneer residents of the county.
17 - Prof. C.W. KNOUFF resigns from Kokomo schools.
18 - Orvill SIMMONS, a Kokomo painter, skips with other people's money.
19 - Roy SAMSE, a Kokomo boy, wins athletic honors for State University.
20 - Council refuses to repeal the gas rate ordinance - stormy session.
21 - C.N. POLLARD appointed police commissioner for Kokomo.
22 - Criticism of Evangelist BITLER's mining stock enterprise given publication here.
23 - J.G. POWELL, Nevada postmaster, disappears from Kokomo.
24 - Lenora MATLOCK, former Kokomo girl, suicides in a Logansport resort.
26 - John PARKHURST, former dairyman, disappears.
27 - Kokomo held liable for board of city prisoners held in county jail.
29 - Will S. ROSIER, a Marion newspaper man, cuts a swath here with young lady in Jeff DeANGELUS Opera Company.
31 - Savage encounter of Noah JAMES and Anna LOOP at LOOP home in Liberty township.


1 - Judge POLLARD installed as member of metropolitan police board.
2 - Fight on blanket remonstrance begun by Third ward saloon men.
3 - Exciting scene in court room during trial of CRUME divorce case.
6 - Steve NICHOLSON, a Kokomo colored boy, fatally injured in stealing ride on Clover Leaf.
7 - Senator J.P. DOLLIVER speaks at Grace church.
8 - Michael THOMPSON assails Superintendent of Police Ross M. TAYMOR in an Elwood paper.
9 - Young America regulators after Frank CONWAY, an adventurer who tried to wed wealthy spinster.
10 - The Columbia Pottery company organized.
11 - Mrs. Frank TATE robbed of her purse at L.E. & W. station.
12 - Easter Sunday observed by Kokomo churches.
14 - Kokomo Telephone company enters big combine of independent companies.
15 - Postoffices at Hemlock and Center robbed.
16 - C.C. SHIRLEY appointed member of Indiana's World's Fair commission.
17 - Death of Walter F. JACKSON. Women's Relief Corps gives "America" at the Sipe.
18 - Leslie Clay BROCK in Kokomo soliciting funds for Caleb POWER's defense.
20 - Over appraisement of Kokomo property found in making of loans from state school funds.
21 - Clover Leaf station at Michigantown robbed.
22 - First steps taken toward providing Kokomo with a polo rink.
23 - Reported that Tod SLOAN, famous jockey hailing from Kokomo is married in Paris.
24 - Saloons and gambling houses ordered to track the law to the letter.
25 - Robert GAMMON Jr. sues Plate Glass company for $5,000.
26 - Frances SUTTON suicides near village of Hemlock.
27 - Ellis BARLOW frightfully injured in an elevator at Nevada.
28 - Claude MCDOWELL, young man of many adventures, returns to Kokomo.
30 - Anti-saloon people fail to get effective remonstrance in First ward.


1 - Arrest of Leonard HATTON on charge of larceny.
2 - The third blanket remonstrance is filed in the Third ward.
3 - J.M. RITCHIE elected truant officer.
4 - Site bought for the "Alhambra".
6 - Lee SIMPSON puts a cow in shafts and creates excitement at Greentown.
7 - Excitement at Young American over the re-appearance there of smallpox.
11 - Lewis YEAGER found dead in his buggy near the village of Oakford.
12 - Ground broken for new library building
13 - J.G. POWELL, absconding postmaster, is arrested in California.
14 - Arrest of three Taylor township young men for the killing of Lewis YEAGER.
15 - Finding of blood on road south of Hemlock. Ezra HUNT found dead.
16 - G.R. STEWART starts work on new block on East Walnut street.
17 - Methodist ministers of Kokomo district meet at Grace church.
20 - Bogus detectives try to start something in YEAGER case.
21 - Charges against Logan INGLES and the EADES boys dismissed.
25 - Alex SHORT killed by live wire on East Sycamore street.
26 - Third ward saloon before the court.
27 - APPESON Bros turn out their first $5,000 auto.
28 - Suicide of Maude MCCLURE, an East High street girl, by swallowing poison.
29 - Mrs. Mollie JOHNSON arrested for bunco steering.
30 - Decoration Day. Death of Thomas A. OGDEN.


1 - E.E. ROBEY reelected superintendent of schools for Howard County.
2 - The K.M. & W. Traction company asks for a franchise for a double track on Main street.
3 - The Eighth grade commencement exercises held at Sipe theater.
4 - The Kokomo High SChool holds 29th annual commencement, graduating 17 students.
5 - Little son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman DAVIES drowned in a jar near Russiaville.
6 - Judge HARNESS rules adversely to Third ward saloon men on case appealed from county commissioners.
8 - Kokomo receives call to assist the Kansas City flood sufferers.
9 - Lively time in council results from attempt to put the mayor "in the hole" on the gas question.
10 - The U.B. conference begins in Kokomo. Large representation of the church here.
11 - Graduating class of Maplewood school addressed at Congregational church by Hon. C.B. Landis.
12 - Roland E. HOWLAND, a Kokomo soda fountain clerk, departs for the "tall and stout timber" leaving numerous creditors with unsatisfied claims.
13 - Greentown glass factory destroyed, entailing loss of $125,000.
14 - Third ward saloon men take another appeal from commissioners' decision.
15 - Mysterious disappearance of Hiram DEWITT, a farm hand employed on the George STANLY farm south of this city.
18 - Sudden and mysterious disappearance of ex-Constable Finley O'NEAL. Marion STONE uses shotgun to scare away Greentown ball players.
19 - Morris HAWORTH, well known elderly resident of New London neighborhood, found dead in the field.
20 - Eddie EDWARDS, colored, nearly killed by blow over the head received at fight at L.E. & W. station.
22 - Court of inquiry convened to investigate alleged violations of the Sunday law by Kokomo saloon men.
23 - Ike MURPHY, Greentown fakir, arrested in Indianapolis for "luring a girl". W.J. BRYAN passes through Kokomo.
24 - Eleven applications for retail liquor licenses filed with county auditor.
25 - John Gibbs, notorious poultry thief, caught at Frankfort in act of selling stolen cattle.
26 - Alfred BREEDLOVE, a Kokomo boy, reported mysteriously missing. South Kokomo files petition for division into two wards.
27 - Revolved found that is believed to figure into the Lewis YEAGER murder case.
28 - Steps taken to prevent the "drilling to death" of Kokomo's gas bearing territory.
30 - Mysterious disappearance of Building Contractor Lee FORTNER.


1 - General search made by family, friends & police for Lee FORTNER, missing contractor.
2 - The Tribune discloses to Kokomo people the identity of Grace RIGHTMOND, the writer. Clarence ELLEMAN found dead in Ervin twp.
3 - Great activity in Kokomo's anti-saloon war.
4 - Fourth of July celebrated with temperance picnic at City park.
6 - George LEWELLEN, of Eastern Howard, is impaled on a harpoon hay fork that passes entirely through his body. LEWELLEN recovered and is now as sound as ever.
7 - Talk of new railroad for Western Howard starts.
8 - Controversy as to who of temperance workers purchased liquor at the MORRIS saloon on Sunday.
9 - Six foot snake killed in front of the Judge POLLARD residence on West Mulberry street.
10 - Kokomo autos win medals in big auto meet at Marion.
11 - Samuel BANNERS, horse thief wanted in Miami county, spotted in Kokomo and arrested in Howard Twp.
13 - The city council decides to divide that portion of the city lying south of the river into two wards.
14 - City refuses to sell stone quarry to K.M. & W. Traction company.
15 - Arrest at Marion of Thomas BARTON upon charge preffered by Ethel BAXTER; beginning of an ugly and sensational case.
16 - Movement started to provide Howard county with home for aged women.
17 - Work of tearing down the old bridge on Main street begins.
18 - Burglars rob the homes of John BROO and John HUMRICK house of cash & jewelry in South Kokomo.
19 - Bloody coat story starts fresh investigation of YEAGER murder.
20 - The PIERSON-PULLEN fight occurs at Young America.
21 - Ordinance introdicted providing for double tracks on South Main street.
22 - John LEE arrested for alleged attempt at criminal assault on little girl in South Kokomo.
23 - Destructive hail storm sweeps over Eastern Howard.
24 - Mayor BROUSE orders prosecution of gas, water and traction companies for damaging the streets.
25 - Thomas MCCRACKEN, former Howard County man, killed in Iowa.
26 - Trotters and pacers arrive in Kokomo for annual race meeting.
27 - Pathfinders hold district meeting in Kokomo.
28 - Indiana Gas company starts maneuvers to get meters into Kokomo.
29 - The SELLS Bros Forepaugh shows in Kokomo. Robbery of American Express office.
30 - Death of Senator Chas. A. DEHAVEN
31 - Third ward remonstrators again victorious.


1 - Col. Taylor, a Kokomo bred horse, wins a sensational race at Kokomo Driving park.
2 - S.E. NICHOLSON, noted anti-saloon leader in Kokomo.
3 - Pete HOSTETLER breaks into the YEAGER murder case.
4 - Myrtle KINCAID elopes with photographer SHAFFER.
5 - Lewis DUNLAP frightfully injured at LEACH & Co.'s brick factory.
6 - William Jennings BTYAN in Kokomo; entertained at Elks' club.
7 - Movement for new bridge on Union street started.
9 - Home of Mike KECK in South Kokomo robbed.
10 - Hon. S.E. NICHOLSON speaks on temperance at Grace church.
11 - Ordinance for double track on Main street passed.
12 - A fire-bug's device found in barns at the Driving park.
13 - Disappearance of Alfred WILSON, of the WRIGHT hoop factory.
14 - Suicide of George W. GONSER at Indianapolis.
15 - Death of Robert MURRAY, Kokomo's noted "Blind Bob".
16 - Patrolman COPPER sued for damages by Morris WALTERS, whom he had arrested.
18 - Henry LUNDGRED killed at Peru.
20 - Kokomo Elks give automobile meet and races.
21 - the FINCH-PENNINGTON Clothing Co. is organized.
22 - Assessment on Howard County; lands lowered by state board.
23 - Kokomo football team is organized.
24 - Howard County Teachers' Institute open.
25 - Movement started for improvement of Palmer street and Armstrong avenue.
28 - Killing of colored teamster by a blacksmith at Sharpsville.
29 - H.L. ASHLEY sells to Hutchings Bros.
30 - Excitement at Sharpsville resulting from row in saloon.
31 - Annual meeting of Christian churches of Howard County.


1 - Officer DICK rescues Charles WRIGHT from L.E. & W railway bridge.
2 - Council committee reports result of meter investigation in neighboring cities.
2 - Death of Charles MORRIS, pioneer resident of county, in Taylor twp.
4 - The anti-saloon war ends with victory for Third ward saloonist.
5 - Death of Mary GANO-COBB, the Howard county centenarian and daughter of the Revolution, near New London.
6 - Congregational church of Kokomo celebrates 40th anniversary of its founding.
7 - Labor day celebration at Driving park.
8 - Gas meter ordinance introduced in Kokomo council.
9 - Patrolman PEEK discharged from police force for conduct unbecoming an officer.
10 - George BROWN, a Kokomo man, in shooting scrape at Peru.
11 - Lewis KNERR paper mill starts with fine new equipment.
12 - County Commissioners decide to abolish orphans' home.
14 - The reunion of the 39th Regiment I.V.I opens in Kokomo.
15 - Gas meter ordinance precipitates hot debate in council.
16 - Terms of the gas meter ordinance finally agreed upon.
18 - "Divine Healer" SCHLATTER drops into Kokomo and strikes a frost.
19 - Carrie STYER interviewed on saloon question in the Chicago slums.
21 - Body of Nelson COOPER removed from old cemetery.
22 - Gas meter ordinance passed by council.
23 - Annual reunion of 89th regiment I.V.I. in progress here.
24 - Mayor BROUSE announces his purpose to veto gas meter ordinance.
25 - Death of Dr. T.V. GIFFORD, head of the Invalids' home.
26 - Hon. A.F. ARMSTRONG, of Kokomo, dies at Indianapolis.
27 - Fire-bugs burn two barns near Russiaville
28 - Mrs. Arthur SWOPE kills herself at her home in Eastern Howard.
29 - Home of Aaron SHOCK destroyed by dynamite. Sensation in Ervin twp.
30 - Poisoned taffy kills little William GEE, a South Kokomo lad.


1 - Elopement of J.M. FLORA and Mrs. CLINGENPEEL, prominent residents of Carroll County; take train in Kokomo. Death of Mrs. S.B. PURVIS.
2 - First car is sent over Kokomo-Greentown line.
3 - Death of August BERNARD, an aged resident of South Kokomo.
4 - Council passes gas meter ordinance over mayor's veto.
5 - Game Warden TATE stirs up trouble in Harrison twp.
6 - Charges led against Fire Chief SHAWMAN but not sustained.
7 - Traction line celebration at Greentown.
8 - Congressman LANDIS comes to Kokomo to look over his fences here.
9 - Equitable insurance men hold banquet at Clinton house.
10 - Discovery made that Mrs. Willard ASHBURN put out poisoned taffy that killed Wm. GEE.
14 - Oscar WELTY reported dead in Colorado; turns up in Peoria Illinois.
15 - Contract let for new bridge on Union street.
17 - Mrs. Finley O'NEAL granted a divorce from her "mysteriously missing" husband.
18 - Mrs. Harry SHERWIN shorn of her hair by an intruder at Russiaville.
19 - Queer church trial in progress at Union street meeting of Friends church.
20 - County Commissioners extend terms of Clerk MIDDLETON and Recorder GROVER to January 1, 1904.
21 - Baby Ruth WEST burned to death near village of Vermont.
23 - Failure of KIRKENDALL store at Young America.
24 - Big fire destroys four business houses at Bunker Hill.
25 - Jesse MCCLURE murders his two children near the Howard-Tipton county line.
26 - Gas company files formal acceptance of meter ordinance.
28 - Maude JOHNSON, taken to Michigan by Salvation Army, is returned by Sheriff STANBRO.
29 - Arrest of Henry HERRON for robbing the Nathan RUSE boarding house in South Kokomo.
31 - Great excitement in Kokomo over occurrence of Purdue wreck at Indianapolis.


1 - Jacob GRAFF or Taylor twp., assailed by highwaymen; shots fired through his buggy top.
2 - Suggestion made to convert orphans' home into a hospital.
3 - Complete rural free delivery announced for Howard County and Organizer DICE begins work on it.
4 - Carl MCCOY arrested at instance [sic] of Alice AMOS, whom he had betrayed.
5 - Manager BARNES announces the Kokomo polo team. Orphans' home board makes its farewell report.
6 - Aunt of jockey Tod SLOAN comes to Kokomo to erect monument at his mother's grave. Oscar WELTY, who had been reported dead, shows up in Kokomo.
7 - Laura TURNER, an insane woman, terrorizes Russiaville. Clover Leaf passenger train, bearing several Kokomo people, is wrecked at Frankfort.
9 - Evaline VANDERVUR, of Greensburg, killed on Panhandle crossing in this city.
10 - Death of Thomas MILLIKEN, a well known resident of the county, at the poor house.
11 - Big fire at Kempton. Baby Dee MCCLURE dies of injuries inflicted by inhuman father.
12 - Mrs. Mary POMROY makes sensational flight from her husband and children.
13 - Five people fatally injured in gas explosion at Marion.
14 - Brakeman CLEMENTS killed in a wreck on the belt road, Kokomo plays her first game of polo and loses to Terre Haute.
15 - John LEE escapes from county jail during religious service for the prisoners.
16 - Robber in wrap room at school house at Center is reported.
17 - Will of Thomas JONES admitted to probate, cutting out several of his children with whom he had quarrelled from any share in his large estate.
18 - Al JENKINS, a Logansport attorney, holds up a Panhandle paymaster and relieves him of $20,000 with which to satisfy judgements.
19 - Thomas GORLEY, who had escapted from the Kokomo jail, is recaptured at Bluffton and returned.
21 - Greentown announces the possession of the largest steer in the world. The animal to be a midway feature at St. Louis fair.
23 - Trial of Jesse MCCLURE, murdere of his two children, begins at Tipton.
24 - Cal MCBRIDE seriously injured in a fall at the ARMSTRONG-LANDON Co. place.
25 - Harry BROADLICK, a former Kokomo man, saves a child's life in Muncie; is badly burned in making the rescue.
26 - Findley O'NEAL, one of Kokomo's mysteriously missing individuals, returns very suddenly.
27 - Foot of a woman found in garbage dump west of Kokomo
28 - Big sensation at Burlington over wholesale exposures to smallpox. J.T. KELLEY drowned in Deffenbaugh stone quarry.
29 - Charity the theme of a union service held at Main street Christian church.
30 - Jesse MCCLURE, who had been found guilty of first degree murder, sentences to life imprisonment by Judge J.F. ELLIOTT at Tipton.


1 - Associated Charities begin work for the winter.
2 - Sudden death of Hiram Harrell
3 - Charity card party given by Kokomo ladies.
4 - George FOREMAN, of Kokomo, wanted for alleged job of fleecing.
5 - Big explosion of dynamite in South Kokomo.
6 - Sudden death of Omar GENNEBECK; opening of the Alhambra.
7 - Elks hold annual lodge of sorrow.
8 - Ed WARREN killed by an explosion at plate glass works.
9 - Saloon men get license without any show of fight from temperance forces.
10 - Lieutenant HOBSON, of Santiago harbor fame, in Kokomo.
11 - A Polish laborer fatally injured by a blast on traction line north of city.
12 - Indignation in Young America over the placing of Jacob HARNESS in the poor house.
13 - Sudden death of John GERTON in Union twp.
14 - Death of O.V. DARBY at Chicago.
15 - City Council passes ordinance dividing the Fifth ward.
16 - William FANCHER freezes to death while on a spree near Poplar Grove.
17 - Frank Bittinger fined and imprisoned at Chicago for using mails to defraud.
18 - Sudden death of Charles EVERLINE, a well known old soldier.
19 - Civic League shows opposition to Police Commissioner ELLIS.
20 - Big pottery litigation compromise is announced.
22 - Civic League and police commissioners before the governor.
23 - Carrie BARBOUR, former Kokomo woman, prominent in murder case at Rising Sun.
25 - Christmas; wreck on Clover Leaf in this city.
26 - Arrest of Jesse BODKINS by Marion police.
29 - County council in session.
30 - Vicious assault on Clarence Clark at power house.
31 - Kokomo prepares to see the old year out and New Year in.

Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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