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1904 Chronology - Brief Story of the Year that Closes Today

The Local Events of Chief Interest that Have Happened During the Last Twelve Months Compiled in Form for Reference

Following its custom long established for the closing day of the year, the Tribune today presents a brief review of the local news of the year. The epitome of Howard county happenings will be found in convenient for filing for future reference.

Source: Kokomo Daily Tribune, 31 Dec 1904.


1 – New Year’s Day. New officers take charge of county offices. Pythian ball at the Alhambra.
2 – Cold wave sends mercury to ten degrees below zero.
3 – Surprise wedding for Dr. I.W. RAYBURN and Mrs. Elizabeth SCOTT announced.
4 – The BOWLIN canning factory passes to ownership of the Kokomo canning company.
5 – V.D. ELLIS reappointed metropolitan police commissioner. Marriage of Frank NUTT and Eva MERCER. Death of Amelia POOL.
6 – Jacob HARNESS dies in Cass county infirmary. Fire in Dr. Will SCOTT’s drug store.
7 – Death of William LAYMON. Young America starts movement to get commissioned High school.
8 – The Rev. C. E. DISBRO appointed postmaster for Greentown. Howard County Republicans elect precinct committeemen.
11 – Howard county Republican central committee organizes by electing E.A. SIMMONS chairman and Fred BYERS secretary. Henry SHEDRON hurt near Galveston by falling tree.
12 – George MICHAELS and John BOWEN arrested for dynamiting home of Aaron SHOCK in Ervin township.
13 – F.M. DYCE, special rural route agent, begins establishing complete mail service in Howard county.
14 – June REED concert at Main street Christian church. Farmers’ Institute in session.
15 – M.E. GREESON retires from faculty of local High school. Three men injured while at work on church at Kappa.
16 – MICHAELS and BOWEN bound over to circuit court for alleged dynamiting of Aaron SHOCK home.
17 – Sheriff STANBRO takes charge of the HOPPE general store for benefit of creditors.
18 – Preliminary steps taken to break will of the late Thomas B. JONES who left property of the value of $65,000.
19 – Death of Franklin W. YEAGER, a pioneer resident of the county, at his home near Oakford.
20 – Dissolution of the firm of SMITH & KELLAR. Death of Charles W. THOMAS.
21 – Willis MUMMERT, of the Poplar Grove neighborhood, arrested for maiming the horse and destroying the buggy of the Rev. MORGAN at Sharon church.
22 – Death of Jacob RINEHART, one of the oldest Masons in the state, at Young America.
23 – Heaviest snow storm of the winter hits Kokomo.
24 – Death of William J. FLOYD, a pioneer resident of the county, at his home west of Russiaville.
25 – The town clock freezes up. Most disagreeable day of the winter.
26 – Not a rural route carrier out of Kokomo able to deliver mail on account of drifts in country roads.
28 – Release of Pearl COMER, an incorrigible girl, from local jail through the intercession of her father and the Rev. NAFTZGER.
29 – Epidemic of diphtheria at Greentown closes the schools there.
30 – Child fatally burned in destruction of the William ELKINS home near Greentown.


1 – Death of Mrs. J.O. THOMAS and Ruth TURNER.
2 – Harry MOORES, a young man with a queer past, quits the town between two days. Death of James CANINE.
3 – Death of Henry SHROCK, forger who returned to his home to die.
4 - L.E.&W. train stuck in snowdrift ten hours, seven miles north of Kokomo.
5 – Asbury COOK sues Clover Leaf Railway company for $6,000 for injuries suffered at Kokomo steel mill siding.
6 – Benjamin HOCKETT killed at Amboy.
7 – H.M. COOPER and C.E. MIDDLETON ex-clerks, given back pay under supreme court decision.
8 – Joseph GRAY, well known and wealthy resident of Galveston, dies.
9 – RUSSELL & Son start new opalescent glass factory.
10 – Charles PUTERBAUGH mangled in rollers at the Kokomo paper mill.
11 – William D. NEVITT of South Kokomo, deserts wife and child and skips with $48 stolen money.
12 – Kokomo High school Basket Ball girls play with Shortridge team at Indianapolis.
13 – Howard County Republicans name delegates to several conventions.
14 – Rabbi FEUERLICHT of Indianapolis organizes local Jewish congregation.
15 – Suit brought to wind up career of Invalids’ Home.
16 – Louis CRISLER, of Galveston, dies of heart disease in a Kokomo saloon.
17 – George MCCORMICK, of Poplar Grove neighborhood, lies bleeding in the woods for hours before he is found by searching party.
18 – Howard County Prohibitionists put full ticket in the field. Death of A.J. GRANT, well known plate glass worker.
19 – The GIROUX residence on South Main street looted by burglars.
20 – Kokomo and Anderson High school boys and Kokomo and Columbus High school girls give grand basket ball meet at Alhambra.
22 – Young America Regulators route a bunch of gamblers.
23 – Howard County Republicans hold primary election.
24 – Gas explosion at home of Thomas TURLEY, fatally injuring Mrs. TURLEY and maims Mr. TURLEY for life.
25 – Howard County Republicans attend Congressional convention at Frankfort.
26 – Postoffice at Sharpsville is burglarized.
27 – Main street Christian church destroyed by fire.
28 – Death of Prof. A.J. YOUNGBLOOD, former Kokomo man, at Canton, Missouri.
29 – The celebrated case of “Mixed Matrimony” of WELLINGER vs. WELLINGER brought from Tipton county and filed in Howard circuit court.


1 – B.L. TATE resigns as constable of Justice MORELAND’s court.
2 – Neal MCCULLOUGH, former Kokomo merchant, dies at Ft. Wayne. Lew HOCK ceases mail deliveries. Formation of military company started.
3 – J.N. LOOP burned in gas explosion. John ROONY, friend of Lincoln, dies.
4 – Removal of bell from Main street Christian church ruins, found undamaged.
6 – Liveryman LERNER recovers stolen horse and buggy. Prohibition party of county reorganizes. Robert MCDANIEL, Western Howard, dies.
7 – The Model grocery closes its doors.
8 – Death of Adam STAHL, prominent farmer. Barney KING dies near Galveston.
9 – Steps toward branch of national colored business league taken.
10 – Street waiver case from Kokomo reversed. Elks and Knights play polo.
11 – Columbus IRBY, near Sharpsville, dies.
12 – District Epworth League at Grace church. Suit brought for death of Ida. M. TURLEY.
13 – Dedication of Friends church at Kappa.
14 – August KLINGSLING dies, effects of an operation.
15 – Carl SANDERS dies at Kappa.
16 – F.H. and Clara KEYS ask injunction against Kokomo-Marion & Western Traction company to prevent explosions in stone quarry of company.
17 – Primary at Markland avenue M.E. church to select representatives to conference.
18 – Thirteenth anniversary of Women’s Christian Temperance Union celebrated.
19 – Victor VAILE buys COATE & RUDDELL shoe store.
20 – J.O. HENDERSON declares for HEARST.
21 – Fannie COOPER given farewell reception by Moriah Rebecca lodge, No. 109, I.O.O.F.
22 – Announcement that Golden Rule store will go out of business. Leslie M. SPRINGER held up.
23 – John KENNY, defendant in divorce suit, creates scene in Judge HARNESS’ court.
24 – Samuel FENTON kills himself, south of Russiaville. Newcomb bridge near New London, wrecked.
25 – G.A.R. love feast and dedication of new Red Men’s hall.
26 – Floods break over Carter street levy, driving many families from homes.
27 – Furnace room of Congregational church submerged with water; lecture room used for services.
28 – John S. LOWE’s second hand store robbed.
29 – Roll M. COOPER injured in a wreck at Peru. W.F. JOHNSON dies at Young America.
30 – Hiram SEWELL acquitted of assault on Patrolman George COPPER.
31 – Mrs. Martin TURNER of Russiaville, taken to the asylum.


1 – Disappearance of Joseph RUDKIN.
2 – Prohibitionists nominate city ticket.
3 – Easter services in Kokomo churches most elaborate ever held.
4 – G.W. PUTERBAUGH asks $10,000 damages of Kokomo Paper company for loss of arms.
5 – Captain GARRIGUS demands formulation of platform for city campaign.
6 – Body of missing Arthur JACKSON found in the Wildcat. HUTCHINGS’ hardware store sold to M.W. COATE and J.L. SHADE. Death of Jane D. TOUBY, widow of Peter TOUBY.
7 – Funeral of Arthur JACKSON.
8 – Mrs. George CONNELL stricken with paralysis at Galveston.
9 – Polo season ends in a row. Referee CALEY gives Kokomo black eye. Will KIRK secretly married to Miss Jean STEELE-STEWART.
11 – Death of Mrs. G.W. CONNELL.
12 – Fred ABNEY shot in the leg by Corn GRAY.
13 – J.F. ELLIOTT sells Lewis MEHLIG his drug store block. “Uncle” Billy CHAPMAN dies at the county farm. Samuel HORINE found dead in bed.
14 – Announcement made of the organization of a society to build an old women’s home.
15 – Boisterous convention of Democrats of First ward in which W.S. ARMSTRONG and G.W. STIDGER’s opposition develops. Wrangle between ARMSTRONG and B.C. MOON.
16 – Ann M. GARRETT asks divorce from James GARRETT after forty years’ marriage.
17 – Death of Mrs. Marion F. GILES, Revs. M.E. NETHERCUTT and J.B. MCNARY preach initial sermons.
18 – Wreck of freight cars at Cassville on L.E. & W., heavy property loss. John TREES held up on East Mulberry street.
19 – Book from Andrew Carnegie received at city library.
20 – Leslie SPRINGER waylaid by footpads second time. Elmer CRUME flees with son, Paul, regardless of court’s decision.
21 – Body of Joseph RUDKINS, Kokomo blacksmith, found in a stream near Galveston. Samuel MICHAELS found guilty of dynamiting home of Aaron SHOCK. A.E. & Mrs. PHILIPS of Salt Lake City, call on Kokomo friends.
22 – Papers issued for arrest of Elmer CRUME. Death of Wm. RAWLINGS.
23 – Split in local Democratic party on presidential candidate develops. Constable WELTY and former County Commissioner J.W. WILSON fight in ‘Squire MORELAND’s court.
24 – Mrs. John WALSH dies near Vermont.
25 – Alexander LOUIS arrested for burglarizing the CHANDLER machine shop.
26 – A.B. KIRKPATRICK, in a speech, declares for three, instead of six city wards.
27 – Death of Mrs. John HANCE.
28 – J.S. SCOVEN’s barn burns; incendiary origin of fire.
29 – Mrs. D.A. ALBRIGHT and daughter, Mrs. KINNEY injured in a runaway.
30 – Four suits aggregating $40,000 filed in circuit court on change on venue from Cass county.


1 – Joseph WURNESTON, a Clover Leaf fireman, fatally injured by an accident on locomotive near Sycamore in this county.
2 – W.S. ARMSTRONG issues his Volapuk in support of his candidacy for councilman in First ward.
3 – City election. Republicans elect entire ticket with exception of five councilmen.
4 – Reception of Rev. M.E. NETHERCUTT, new pastor of Grace M.E. church.
5 – Constable WELTY fined for assault on ex-County commissioner J.W. WILSON. Samuel LINDSEY becomes a police officer.
6 – Farewell reception to Revs. NAFTZGER, WILLIAMS and FISHER.
7 – Howard County Democracy bought up “boots and breeches” by HEARST’s managers in county convention.
8 – Ugly encounter in Greentown saloon in which Joseph M. HICKEY is badly hurt.
9 – New officers sworn in.
10 – Four-years-old Charles HUMRICKHOUSE dies in awful agony, after drinking carbolic acid at home of parents on South Union street.
11 – C.M. PIERCY, veteran teacher in city schools, retires from the work permanently.
12 – Ross EARLY arrested for the theft of a dozen bicycles which he had secreted near the City park.
13 – Offer of reward for capture and conviction of murders of Lewis YEAGER renewed.
14 – The family of Joseph CHIESA has narrow escape from death in a wreck at Indianapolis while returning from a visit to Italy.
15 – Kokomo’s new council holds its first session. Large crowd present.
16 – W.S. TAYLOR withdraws acceptance of invitation to deliver Memorial day address in Kokomo.
17 – National Glass Company sues Clover Leaf railway for $86,000 for alleged responsibility for fire that destroyed the company’s factory.
19 – Grace CRUME takes her son, Paul, to Camden to make impossible further attempts of Elmer CRUME to spirit the child away.
20 – Suicide of Samuel T. BENSON, Kokomo’s drilling contractor, at Independence, Kansas.
21 – Henry BRACKNEY seriously stabbed in an affray in a Sycamore street saloon.
22 – Ben G. WHITEHEAD turns the Morning News back to R.L. WILLIAMSON.
23 – Officer EDWARDS captures George DIXON, a horse thief, asleep in a hay mow in a Greentown livery barn.
24 – The officials of Pennsylvania Railway company inspect the company’s properties here.
25 – June REED gives concert at Sipe theatre for benefit of Christian church rebuilding fund.
26 – George C. WOOD sues Panhandle for alleged damages inflicted upon him in the elevator business.
27 – Joseph DAUGHERTY shoots Jasper GRINSTEAD in an encounter at GRINSTEAD’s home in Ervin township.
28 – Marriage of Mr. W.E. BABCOCK and Miss June REED, which had occurred three months before, announced for the first time in Kokomo papers.
29 – Rev. M.E. NETHERCUTT preaches annual Memorial sermon to G.A.R.
30 – Decoration Day. The usual ritualistic ceremonies at Crown Point cemetery. Address by Hon. Dan A. STORMS.
31 – New council starts in to investigate the gas and light companies.


1 – Kokomo High school commencement. Marriage of Mr. Robert MEYER and Miss Katheryne BURKHALTER.
2 – James CRAGUN attempts to suicide in the City park by drowning.
3 – Congressman Marion GRIFFITH pays a visit to Kokomo.
4 – Bert JOHNSON, former Kokomo man, arrested at Crawfordsville on charge of robbery.
5 – Charge of assault with intent to kill lodged against Joseph DAUGHERTY. He is bound over to circuit court.
6 – City council starts investigation of conditions at water works pumping station.
7 – Spring Mills gas company gets increased flow by sinking a failing well deeper.
8 – Runaway horse crashes into show window at THALMAN & LEVI’s store. James MCHENRY nominated for joint representative at Peru.
9 – Mystery surrounds death of Mrs. Belle BOULT, wife of a High street painter. She died in convulsions after eating hearty meal.
10 – Linsy WARNE, a plate glass employee, attempts suicide by taking strychnine in a fit of despondency.
11 – S.B. PURVIS purchases the LINDELL hotel, real estate and fixtures.
12 – Harry MCLANE, notorious horse-thief, captured by citizens’ posse at Greentown.
13 – Councilmen STEWART and MOORE have controversy in council over the light investigation.
15 – Fight begun in courts to collect life insurance of the late Dr. E.A. HITE.
16 – Drs. MCCLURG and ROSS give the Kokomo Water Works a clean bill of health after investigating pumping station.
17 – Bad freight wreck on Panhandle near Morgan farm just north of this city.
18 – Kokomo Plate Glass works announces that it will install gas producers and that there will be no shut-down during summer.
19 – Friends new church at New London dedicated.
20 – John BOWEN pleads guilty to dynamiting Aaron SHOCK’s home and takes a jail sentence and fine.
21 – Attempt made to wreck Commercial Flyer on Clover Leaf at switch near the Brookside canning factory.
22 – Frank VALENTINE instantly killed at sub-power station on traction line in north part of the city.
24 – The trial of Elmer CRUME charged with child-stealing continued until the September term of court. The SELLERS & HANDSELL grocery sold.
25 – Arthur SEAGRAVES, of Greentown, arrested at Marion on charge of working “short change racket”.
26 – The Panhandle and L.E. & W have picturesque row in north end over right-of-way for a switch.
27 – Kokomo officers capture Perry and Henry TYLER, horse thieves, near Bunker Hill.
28 – Dr. A.J. BATES severely injured by being run down by a street sprinkler.
29 – Kokomo Merchants’ Association organized with large membership.
30 – Marriage of Ralph TUDOR and Addalove JONES.


1 – Army worms appear in Harrison township.
2 – L.W. CONNER calls on Prosecutor COOPER to complain of ill use of son, Morton, Russiaville, from Bungaloo gang. Mrs. William SMYTHERS leaves her home.
3 – Steel embedded for several years removed from hand of Joseph STANLEY.
4 – FEASTER & DAVIS throw up contract on Carnegie Library. Mrs. George HART and daughter injured getting off interurban car.
5 – Russiaville Bungaloo gang arrested.
6 – Tad GRIFFITH, long the postmaster at Kappa, resigns. Merchants’ association organized.
7 – Clover Leaf water tank collapses, damaging surrounding property.
9 – H.H. LEACH’s right foot badly injured in accident at J.M. LEACH & Co’s brick plant. Bert TOWE brought here from Chicago, being injured by a fall from a telephone pole.
10 – Perry and Henry TYLER, horse thieves, Horace MORGAN and George LEWIS charged with larceny, saw out of jail.
11 – Mayor BROUSE and Dr. Frank MILLER robbed of suit cases and Sunday best while at the St. Louis Democratic convention.
12 – Miss Blanche STONE, teacher, arrives from San Juan. Death of J. Ward SUMPTION. T.S. STRICKLAND’s store is robbed. Dr. HATFIELD’s horse and buggy stolen.
13 - High price of meat in Kokomo caused by Chicago strike.
14 – Kokomo-Marion & Western Traction company establishes Midway park. Russiaville’s Bungaloo gang cleared.
15 – A.C. GARRIGUS appointed rural route inspector in Southwestern states. Death of Mrs. Harriett YAGER, grandmother of Louis YAGER, whose death was mysterious.
16 – W.E. HOFF & Co. purchase the I.H. KELLAR store.
17 – Rev. NETHERCUTT preaches able sermon on the “Character of Christ”.
18 – Family troubles of Adolph and Mrs. MEUNIER reach the public, a divorce suit being filed and claim made that their child, Theresa, aged eight years, had attempted suicide.
19 – Will of Anna CAGE probated, leaving farm to Kokomo Hospital association.
20 – W.S. ARMSTRONG declares for ROOSEVELT.
21 – Lewis LEACH, of near Oakford, dies.
22 – Guy OLINGER arrested, charged with passing bad money. Secret wedding of Edward HINSHAW and Lucy MATTIS, occurring July 7, announced.
23 – Death of Eliza Jane, widow of Wm. TODHUNTER.
24 – Oliver BLUNT has left leg broken in a runaway.
25 – Apperson machine leaves Kokomo for speed run between Chicago and New York. DIMMIT & SHENK slaughter house robbed.
26 – Peter WAGNER, Darrough chapel, dies. Gas Belt Racing association opens in Kokomo; Emma L. wins in 2:30 trot.
27 – Henry TYLER, horse thief, returned from Napoleon. Ohio, in custody of Sheriff STANBRO.
28 – Charles BUTLER found unconscious in a barn at Russiaville, falling from a hayloft. Gypsies have a pitched battle near Galveston.
29 – Traffic between Kokomo and Logansport on interurban formally opened.
30 – Marriage of Ralph LINDSEY and Genevieve HOLMAN. Death of A.F. MARTON, a prominent soldier.


1 – Offices called to investigate mysterious strangers frequenting on KEYTON farm.
2 – Officers investigate reported attempt to abduct Edith LADD.
3 – Joint session of Howard and Tipton county commissioners on county road.
4 – Gaddis TERRELL visits state tax commissioners about gas meter assessments.
5 – Philip JAY shoots owl, measuring four and one half feet from tip to tip. James B. RODMAN, pioneer, dies.
6 – Dry weather prevalent throughout the county. Snake six feet long killed in Crown Point cemetery.
7 – Frank B. GILLSEN, Union township, reported missing.
8 – Jessamine WILLIAMSON, a baby of mysterious history, is buried in Crown Point.
9 – Tudor block started.
10 – Kokomo officers complete plan, resulting in arrest of Wm. ROUSEY, murderer, who broke jail at Danville, Kentucky, 7 Nov 1903. First annual reunion of GARR-KELLAR-SMITH and YAGER families at City park.
11 – Sensational street altercation between W.S. ARMSTRONG and H.H. STEWART, councilmen. Homes of Edward BRIGHAM, Daniel WEAVER and H.E. HENDERSON burglarized.
12 – Preston YAGER’s wheat loaded wagon burned and YAGER severely injured.
13 – J.T. MORRIS wins $250 Enquirer prize money. Traction wreck near Miami. Separator wrecked on W.W. HARNESS farm, Young America, by chain in wheat sheaf. Death of D.D. PREBLE.
14 – Calvin HAVERSTICK, victim of a mysterious assault on East Vaile avenue.
15 – Break in water mains; pressure off two hours.
16 – Constable WELTY taken to Ft. Wayne to answer to the charge of extortion. Blanche GAPPINS leaves on a trip of three thousand miles to marry John O. WESE of Alvin Cataline Islands.
17 – Two barns and corn cribs burn on farm of John HARDEBECK, loss $4,000, work of incendiaries.
18 – Ninth Congressional district saloon keepers meet and perfect political organization. W.S. ARMSTRONG publishes letter of exceptions. Reunion of EIKENBERRY families.
19 – Wind storm over county, great damage; five hundred birds killed in court house yard.
20 – Return of Uniform Rank, K. of P. with third money from Louisville.
21 – Much comment caused in Kokomo by editorial in the Indianapolis Star roasting conduct at Kokomo marriage ceremony.
22 – Maplewood hospital opened.
23 – Three patients operated on at Maplewood hospital.
24 – Victor SHERMAN, Kokomo boy, formerly Company L man, kills wife at Hamilton, Ohio.
25 – Service between Kokomo and Logansport on Traction line suspended because of grounded wire. Patrolman HARRISON resigns Metropolitan police force.
26 – Opening bids for Country club home.
27 – George HARNESS robbed of $75 at Old Settlers’ meeting in Burlington,
28 – Officer ASKLEY surprises pigeon thieves at Spring Mills.
29 – Clifford HILL arrested for slashing throat of Greek shine artist.
30 – George STEVENS, of Johnson county, who drove the stakes around the Court House square, visits the city.
31 – Reunion of the 22 nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry.


1 – Kokomo Eagles at Peru. Leroy SAMSE, a Kokomo athlete, wins polo vault at St. Louis exposition.
2 – Howard County teachers’ institute closes. the barn of Mary MCKAY in Taylor township burned by tramps.
3 – Howard county Democrats hold convention. C.R. FORD retires from City clerk’s office.
4 – The Rev. LINVILLE returns to local U.B. church.
5 – Labor day celebration by Kokomo trades unions.
6 – The paving of South Main street is ordered.
7 – The A.M.E. conference of Indiana opens at local church of that denomination. James E. WATSON opens Republican campaign in Howard county.
8 – Howard county council meets and makes appropriations for 1905.
9 – The notorious POUMADE divorce case disposed of in the circuit court.
10 – Death of S.P. LEE, prominent resident of Liberty township.
11 – The Rev. M.S. KENWORTHY closes his pastorate at local Friends church.
12 – The Rev. A.D. ALEXANDER of Alto, disappears, is gone a week, returns repentant and is forgiven.
13 – Movement started that resulted in Ed SHAWMAN’s retirement as chief of fire department.
14 – Victor SHERMAN, a former Kokomo man, held for first degree murder at Hamilton, Ohio, for killing his wife.
15 – William TOPPING killed by traction car near Great Western Pottery works. Firebugs burn two barns at Oakford.
16 – J.O. HARDESTY comes to Kokomo seeking title to old cemetery.
18 – W.S. ARMSTRONG announces his purpose to publish the Democratic Protest.
19 – Show window at HODGIN jewelry store robbed of diamonds.
20 – Suicide of Nellie M. KROH while automobile riding with Dr. W.H. MARTIN.
21 – C.A. SOMERS addresses the society of the army of the Cumberland at Indianapolis.
22 – Conerstone of Main street Christian church is laid. First number of the Democratic Protest is issued.
23 – Common council meets in special session and fixes tax rate.
24 – Local Republicans open headquarters in Jay block.
25 – Gus DAY arrested at Galveston and taken to Ogden, Utah, to answer for obtaining money under false pretenses.
26 – First Democratic speaking of the campaign. Gen. WEAVER and Scott ARMSTRONG “chew the rag”.
28 – Marion HALL, a machinist at the Haynes-Apperson shops, passes a number of forged checks and leaves town.
29 – Corporal TANNER addresses Republicans at the Alhambra.
30 – Contract let for completion of the K.M. & W. traction line.


1 – Howard county Prohibitionists open campaign with big crowd at the Alhambra.
2 – an Apperson auto wins first prize in touring car race at Chicago.
3 – Safe of Kokomo Steel & Wire company broken into by burglars who got only $10.
4 – Ed SHAWMAN asked to resign as chief of the Kokomo fire department.
5 – Lydia DAVIS, of Greentown, sues Allen DAVIS for slander.
6 – Fred LANDIS has roaring meeting with Republicans at the Alhambra.
7 – Local postoffice closed as mark of respect to the late Postmaster General PAYNE.
8 – Suicide of Phillip BERND. HANLY and LANDIS at the Alhambra.
9 – Death of Mrs. Wm. COOPER and of Michael S. WATSON, old residents of the county.
11 – Elmer CRUME convicted of child-stealing.
12 – Charles EVANS heavily fined and given four months in jail for assault on Ned RUDDELL.
13 – William Jennings BRYAN speaks in Kokomo to small crowd.
14 – Joseph DAUGHERTY on trial for assault with intent to kill on Jasper GRINSTEAD.
15 – Grand prize awarded to Haynes-Apperson automobile at St. Louis exposition.
16 – The G.E. MECK drug store bought by MURPHY and HUTCHINGS.
17 – DAUGHERTY jury dismissed after failing to agree on a verdict.
18 – Ed SHAWMAN let out of fire department by the council without a hearing.
19 – Santford COX, of Russiaville neighborhood, drowned in creek near Michigantown.
20 – Sand lizard found in ledge of solid stone at Deffenbaugh quarry.
21 – Death of “Aunt Till” SNYDER.
22 – New school building at Russiaville formally opened.
23 – Verne KRAIL, a fugitive from Zion City, suicides here in fit of despondency.
25 – Perry GROVES announces his purpose to retire from Republican township ticket as candidate for trustee.
27 – Death of Lydia MCCALUMENT, aged 96, the oldest female resident of the county.
28 – John B. JOYCE named as successor to Perry GROVES as candidate for trustee.
29 – Kokomo’s anti-Cigarette League organized at Grace church.
30 – Charle WAGNER arrested for passing forged checks aggregating about $500.
31 – Kokomo Republicans go to Tipton to greet Senator FAIRBANKS entour through the state. Hallowe’en observed.


1 – Emily GIBBS, a Kokomo girl, arrested at Indianapolis for stealing articles from traction waiting room.
2 – The Central polo league season opens. Kokomo loses to Ft. Wayne.
3 – Deck MOORE takes charge of freight business for Indianapolis Northern Traction company.
4 – Senator BUTLER of North Carolina, speaks to Republicans.
5 – Death of J.B. HUESTEDDES, well-known stock buyer. Arthur MCFALL hurt at WILSON’s stone quarry.
6 – Death of Mrs. Frank BLACKMORE at Franklin, Indiana. Carrie BARBOUR, of Rising Sun, arrives here for a visit with kinspeople.
7 – Election day. Democrats do a deal of four-flushing in Court street.
8 – Returns show Howard county Republicans by largest plurality in history, 2915.
9 – Four candidates announce for position of prosecutor for Howard county.
10 – Quail law out. Scores of Kokomo hunters out with dog and gun.
11 – Charles WAGONER, charged with forgery, is released from jail, his relatives paying off on the spurious paper.
12 – Mr. and Mrs. William MIDDLETON, pioneer residents of Harrison township, celebrate their golden wedding.
14 – Warren H. NEEDHAM, keeper of a general store at Greentown, fails.
15 – Joe LINDLEY names Dan BROWN for deputy sheriff. Fire destroys ROBBINS’ block at Bunker Hill.
16 – Ninth district Republican politicians in Kokomo in interest of C.B. LANDIS’ candidacy for the United States Senate.
17 – Marriage of Mr. Will OSLER and Miss Dorothy WOOD.
18 – Local G.A.R. holds memorial service for dead of war.
19 – Martin NUNNALLY badly hurt at Petroleum hoop factory.
20 – Hold-up men snatch purse from Mrs. Mary RODGERS on Washington street.
21 – W.R. VOORHIS named by Cleo W. MOUNT for prosecuting attorney for Howard County.
22 – Sam HENDERSON, a tramp negro, robs house where he had been fed and arrested.
23 – Mary E. JOHNSON sues J.T. KEATON for $1,500 for breach of promise.
24 – Evangelist REED begins revival meetings atGrace church,
25 – Thanksgiving. Business suspended. Union services at Presbyterian church.
27 - Tod SLOAN talks to common council on roads of Europe.
28 – Indianapolis joins the Central polo league. Marriage of Albert KOHLMER and Jennie BRIDENSTINE.
29 – Council committee announces there will be no further dismissals from Kokomo fire department.
30 – Kokomo Eagles have gala night and initiate eight members of Gus. SUN’s minstrel aggregation.


1 – D.T. REIFF moves blacksmith shop after occupying one location 28 years. Trial in Superior court the Marion case of MCLAIN vs Big Four for $7,000 damages for destroying business. Parties for King KENNEDY jr. and Elizabeth PURDUM, aged each one year.
3 – Alf MOTE and I.H. KELLAR form partnership, hardware business. Louis GLUNT arrested, after being held by Charles LUCAS at the point of the revolver. Will and Mrs. SCOTT overcome with gas fumes.
4 – Elks’ lodge of sorrow addressed by Hon. M.M. DUNLAP, of Anderson.
5 – Fine meeting of Matinee musicale at home of H.C. and Mrs. DAVIS, jr.
6 – George V. SHAY makes denial of sensational rumors of his alleged cruel treatment of his daughter, Lucy and of ill usage by his second wife.
7 – The failure of the National Commission company, Indianapolis, closes Morris board of trade temporarity.
8 – Fiftieth anniversary of the Doctrine of Immaculate Conception celebrated at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.
9 – Drought in county attains climax of distress. Singing of Robert CLARK, Indianapolis, converted English sailor, at Evangelist REED’s revival, Grace M.E. church.
10 – Verdict of $1 in MCCLAIN vs Big Four damage suit, instead of $7,000 asked.
11 – Tight closing of saloons and gaming houses.
12 – Jesse YOUNGMAN, over anxious, betrays that he has committed crime of forgery. Council breaks the record by completing business at 9 o’clock. Councilman ARMSTRONG starts Inquiry into solvency of Kokomo Gas and Oil company.
13 – Public interested aroused and expressed in Councilman ARMSTRONG’s position on gas question.
14 – G.M. KELLEY, groceryman, laboring under insane impulse, shoots wife and himself.
15 – Contracts placed for furniture of clubs at Carnegie library.
16 – Charles DAGGETT, father, asks Prosecutor COOPER to procure annulment of marriage of his son, Freeman, to Lulu GAMMONS, alleged to be a woman of colr.
17 – Retirement of “Old Tom”, faithful fire horse, after 15 years of service.
18 – McClelland LEE, 15, accidentally shot by playmate, Arthur MARSH, 14 at home of Frank WAITE, southwest of Russiaville. Death of G.M. KELLEY.
19 – W.T. PARKER, Bennett’s Switch, held up by two men near office of Dr. N.C. HAMILTON and relieved of $19 and watch.
20 – Special meeting of common council on gas question.
21 – Spectacular resignation of C.E. HARVEY, colored janitor of Carnegie library, attaching school board in public statement. death of N.K. ROSS. Death of A.C. STUCK.
22 – John MORRIS, one of COXEY’s army, divorced from Eliza MORRIS.
23 – Death of J.M. DIMMIT, pioneer.
24 – Kokomo Christmas trade heavy. Death of Elizabeth SHAFFER. Earl MUMMERT stabbed by Ed MONTGOMERY at Young America.
25 – President G.P. WOOD, of Metropolitan police board, receives Christmas gift of reappointment for three years.
26 – In a speech in council, H.H. STEWART assails conduct of Kokomo public schools.
27 – Traffic on Indianapolis Northern suspended by weather conditions.
29 – Destruction of plant of Kokomo Furniture company, loss $20,000 and finding of charred body of Lyman EAST, watchman, in the ruins.
30 – Special meeting of the common council to investigate low pressure of water at Kokomo Furniture company.
31 – Disclosure of forgery and substitution of which Dr. Robert ROSS, Cassville, is the victim.
Monument at Crown Point Cemetery
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