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Howard County Indiana Divorces

This list of divorces from the late 1870's - early 1880's was taken from a local newspaper index (originally on cards, now on microfilm) done by the WPA in the late 1930's.
The entire index, as well as the newspapers it refers to, are available at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.
Dis = Kokomo Dispatch -- Dem. = Kokomo Democrat.
Last Name Person Spouse Newspaper, Date, Page & Column
ABBOTT Elizabeth Joseph Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
ARMSTRONG Louisa Willard Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
BEAMER Mrs. Elizabeth   Dem. 7-8-1875 p.3 c.2
BRADFORD Emma Joseph Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.9
BYRKET David Sallie Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
COLESCOTT Nora Wesley Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
COOPER Mrs. Wm. Dr. Dis 1-24-1884 p. 1, c. 6
CORRIGAN Margaret Richard Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
COTTINGHAM Sarah E. Alfred Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.7
DAULBY Anna M. Wiley L. Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
DUKE George W. Mrs. Dora Dis. 10-30-1879 p. 5 c. 1
FIELDING Anna William Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
FOSTER Leila R. John R. Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.5
FRYE Jacob F. Mary J. Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
GANSON Sarah   Dem. 11-19-1874 p.3 c.4
GAUSE Will Laura Dis. 6-19-1879 p.3 c. 3
GIFFORD Lysander W. Abby A. Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.9
GOODWIN Amanda Jacob Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
GRANTHAM Silas Elizabeth Dis. 4-8-1880 p. 5, c.3
GROVES Mrs. R.T. R.T. Dis. 1-17-1878 p. 3 c. 6
HARVEY Sina Nelson Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
HEISER Sarah A. John Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
HODSON Wm. E. Ann Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.6
HODSON William Mary Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
HODSON Susan Robert W. Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
LEARNED Judson Drusilla Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
LINDSAY Margaret Aaron Dem. 10-12-1871 p. 2 c. 3
LINDSAY Ida L. Harry A. Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
MATLOCK Jackson Rebecca E. Dem. 11-6-1873 p.3 c. 1
MAXWELL Mary A. Painter S. Dem. 6-3-1875 p.3 c.1
MOTE Eli   Dem. 7-27-1871 p. 2 c. 1
MYERS Amanda Edward Dis. 4-8-1880 p. 5, c.3
MYERS Emma John F. Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
NEFF Keziah E. Wm. H. Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
OVERHULSER Mrs. Samuel Dis. 11-6-1879 p.3, c.4
PANTHEN Mary R. J. Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
QUICK John S. Sarah Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
QUIN Kate Wm. S Dis. 5-24-1883 p. 5, c. 2
RALSTON Mahala John Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
RATLIFFE Silas D. Mary A. Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
REED Carrie James Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
RICKARD Ida B. Wm. Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
ROBINSON Mary F. Henry C. Dis. 6-19-1879 p.3 c. 2
SAUNDERS Charles Mary Dis. 11-1-1877 p.3 c.4
SAWYER Frances E. S.W. Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
SHEETS Mary Isaac Dis. 1-26-1882 p. 5, c. 4
SMITH Francis M. Lydia Alice Dis. 10-20-1881 p.5, c.2
WALTZ Elizabeth Daniel Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.5
WARWICK John O. Mary A. Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.5
WILDRIDGE Sarah   Dem. 10-29-1874 p.3 c.2
WIMMER Frances J. Andrew J. Dis. 4-8-1880 p. 5, c.3
WOODRUFF Christian Lydia Dis. 1-22-1880 p.1, c.8

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