Brower/Clymer Cemetery is located in Jefferson Township, Miami Co., IN on Road 400 North
east of Mexico, IN on 100 West, turn left 1 1/2 miles go straight down lane and ask at house.
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One of the oldest cemeteries in the county, it is unknown to most of the citizens of the township.


Linton, Samuel Smith 14 Dec 1836 25y 1m 25d

Bills, Elias 27 Nov 1857 51y

Clymer, Mary 3 Oct 1842 4y 6m 2d; dau. of L. & E. Clymer

Clymer, Sarah 16 Feb 1846 6m 22d; dau. of L. & E. Clymer

Clymer, Joseph 30 Mar 1847 41y 2m

Clymer, Phebe 15 Oct 1856 75y 8m 1d; wife of Henery Clymer

Clymer, Henry 1 Feb 1836 60y 8m 1d; My Note: Rev. War Vet is written in;
This does not seem possible given his age. b) 20 Jan 1776

Clymer, Christian 11 Nov 1847 22y 3m 11d, 13 Jan 1825; son of Henry & Phebe Clymer, h/o
Ann Wolley / Wooley (m) 14 Oct 1947.

Edwards, ?Phebe? 27 May 1850 35y 2m 4d; ?dau of H. & P. Clymer?; wife of Samuel

Burk, Joseph 4 Mar 1866 15y 10m 11d; son of J. & D. Burk

Burk, Martha 20 July 1849 13y 5m; dau. of J. & D. Burk

Burk, Caroline 26 Dec 1848 4m 2d; dau. of J. & D. Burk

Burk, George W 6 Oct 1845 1y 4m 16d; son of J. & D. Burk

Infant 2 Apr 1858 4m; Son of ? & M. Brower

Infant 17 Jan 1850 dau. of J. & D. Burk

Brower, ? 11 Sept 1863 11y

Brower, Francis Stone too deeply sunk to give dates, but it says Mother on top.

Brower, John 28 July 1880 73y 6d

Brower, Catherine 15 Apr 1845 41y 5m 4d; wife of John Brower

Brower, William F. 31 Oct 1862 9y 9m 29d; son of John & Francis Brower

Jackson, Nancy A. 16 Sept 1856 1y 5m 16d; dau. of A.P. & S. Jackson

Howes, John 25 Dec 1875 21y 3m 21d; Largest stone in the cemetery

Howes, Elbert 3 Aug 1872 1y 3m 12d; son of M. & L. Howes

Howes, Howard 15 Mar 1847 2y 4m; son of Henry & Susan Howes

Howes, Susan Too deeply sunk to read dates

Karn, John R. 11 July 1855 1y 9m 15d; son of D. & R. Karn

Unknown Stone broken into several pieces....

Shadinger, Sarah 24 Sept 1869 36y 4m 11d

Infant Just says infant on the stone...

Infant Same as above...

Olinger, Louis Just name, no dates...

Olinger, Clarence

Olinger, Charles

End is southwest corner of the cemetery.

A Visit to Clymer/Brower Cemetery

by Mechele Burbank and edited by Debby Beheler

July 31, 1993
Second Trip to Clymer Cemetery
Macy, Indiana

Today I made my second trip to the Clymer Cemetery a/k/a Brower Cemetery. Along for the experience were my mother and my husband.

We left for Macy, Indiana at 7:15 a.m. and arrived at Mr. Rayburn's home at approximately 9:25 a.m. Mr. Rayburn agreed to be our guide to the cemetery. After my first attempt and failure to locate the cemetery I wrote a letter to Mr. Rayburn asking him to allow me to hire him as a guide in assisting me in locating the cemetery.

He took his weed cutter just in case. His in-laws own the property adjacent to the Mount farm and we climbed the fence into his in-laws property. There was a herd of cows lying 10 feet in the shade watching us climb the fence.

We began our hike and had to crouch under thorn bushes with thorns no less than 2-3 inches in length. We came to a clearing where we had to cross a creek which is fed by the Eel River. We climbed up a small but steep hill (by the way, the path we took is a cow path) and came to a wide open field. Mr. Rayburn climbed a wire fence trimmed with barbed wire and trudged through the overgrown brush and bramble to see if he could locate the cemetery. It did not take him long and he took a walk down to a clearing and called for us to cross outside the woods. We found a section of fence where the barbed wire had been cut previously and we chose that section to climb. We crossed a small section of open field and then into the woods of the Mount farm. (The Mounts used to run cattle back in the 1980s but Mr. Mount took ill in the mid 1980s and passed away about two years ago. Since they stopped having cows on the farm the plants have grown wild). We located the cemetery and Mr. Rayburn used his weed cutter and cleared away all of the plants surrounding the stones to the best of his ability. He did a great job.

For a cemetery that is well over 100 years old and has undoubtedly not been taken care of for quite some time it is in rather good shape. Many stones are over turned (knocked down by the cows most likely) and no longer legible by the eye. We did rubbings of a few of the stones that belong to the relatives that I have definitely traced to us. Those are Henry Clymer and his wife Phebe Wharton Clymer, Phebe Edwards (one of their daughters), Elias Bills, husband of Olinda Clymer (another one of Phebe and Henry's daughters).

The overgrowth is apparent in these photos

of the graves of Henry and Phebe Clymer
There were many thorn trees. My mom pulled three thorns from the trunk of a tree and I brought them home. They are quite frightening.

An example of the Brower / Clymer
Cemetery thorn trees

Tombaugh's Reading of Brower/Clymer
Brower / Clymer Cemetery Index
Recorded by Michael L. Huddleston, (now deceased), Peru, IN; Oct. 15, 1972

transcribed by
Debby Beheler, December 1997
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