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Miami Co., IN cemeteries


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History of early Miami County, Indiana cemeteries  SOURCE: History of Miami County Indiana Chicago, Brant & Fuller 1887

NOTE: A gray background indicates that interments are no longer made in the cemetery.
 A light blue background indicated a cemtery that has been moved.
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Regine Brindle's Cemeteries of Miami County Blog

Miami County Cemetery Board

Cemetery Name

Cemetery Location

Allbaugh-Clingenpeel Cemetery new sec. 25, T28N, R3E, CR 550 N & US 31, Jefferson Twp.
sec. 23, north end of the town of Amboy on S.R. 19 W side, Jackson Twp.
Barnhart Cemetery SR 18 E of T at 450E across from Gerber Cem., sec. 32, Harrison Twp.
Bond Cemetery, aka. Coppick/Coppock  s. side of sec. 2, take S.R. 19 to 850S. Go 2 miles to 700E, turn N at bridge; just N is Bond Cem Road. Follow it 1/2 mile to a jog in the road. Cemetery is SW of the jog and along Pipe Creek, Jackson Twp.
Bowers Cemetery sec. 34 NE of the intersection of 775s and 650E, Butler Twp.
Bowman Cemetery, sec. 25, on the south side of division rd., 1/2 mile west of US 31, Peru Twp.
Brower / Clymer Cemetery
1 mi, SW of Denver, Jefferson Twp.
Butt Cemetery new 1/2 mile W of Wabash o. line, N of Wabash R.R. N of old U.S.24 between 600E and 700E sec. 22, Erie Twp.
Cary Wesleyan Methodist Church Cemetery probably no longer in existence, near the junction of 600E and 1300S, Harrison Twp.
Carvey Cemetery   off site sec. 18 ne. of Macy, Allen Twp.
Cassville Cemetery  SW corner of sec 31 on N side of Cassville, Howard Co., IN on E. side of US 31, Deer Creek Twp.
Chili Cemetery  W side of Chili, sec. 24, Richland Twp.
Chili Baptist Church Cemetery on the bank of the Eel river S of the town of Chili, Richland Twp.
Chittick Cemetery , NE corner of sec. 29; 1 1/2 miles E of Bennett's Switch N of S.R. 18 on 100W, Deer Creek Twp.
Christian Church Cemetery nw corner of sec. 22, Butler Twp.
Christner Cemetery N side of 1400S at about 250E sec. 36, Clay Twp.
Clayton Cemetery sec. 3, North side of road at intersection of 285S and 625E, Butler Twp.
Clymer South Cemetery, SE corner of sec. 15, 1100S at Strawtown Pike, Clay Twp.
Cole or Sayger-Guge Cemetery   off site NE 1/4 Sec 30, Jefferson Twp.
Converse/Xenia Cemetery    off site east side of Converse, actually in Grant Co.
Courter Cemetery  or
Off site link
NE part of sec. 27, N side of CR 550N, Jefferson Twp.
Crider Chapel Cemetery photos on this site sec. 24, SW corner of 500 S and 250 E, Washington Twp.
Deedsville I.O.O.F. Cemetery   off site 1/3 m. W. of Deedsville, Union Twp.
Deer Creek Baptist Cemetery camera - photos on site N side of sec. 23 S of Deer Creek (Once the Churchyard of the Baptist Church formed in 1849) S of 1100S at abt 450W, Deer Creek Twp.
Ebenezer Cemetery    off site NE part of sec 33, Union Twp.
Eel River Chapel Cemetery sec. 2, T27'N, R3E, 1/2 mi. e. of co. line, CR 425W & 300N, Jefferson Twp. - Church History Lots of names here.
Eli West sec. 34 on 100s 1/2 mile E of 550E S side of road back in the woods.
Enterprise Cemetery, (aka Tombaugh)  new sec. 20, Perry Twp.
Fegely Cemetery camera - photos on site S side of New Santa Fe on W side of S.R. 19, Butler Twp.
Finley Cemetery   off site sec. 3, SW of Stockdale corner of CR 975N & 650E, Richland Twp.
Five corners Cemetery   off site sec 23, S side of 1250 N between 400 & 500 W, Allen Twp.
Frances Slocum Cemetery Moved to Wabash Co., Originally in Butler Twp., Miami Co.
Garnand Cemetery N part of the SW quarter of sec 24, Pipe Creek Twp.
Geartic or Gaerte Cemetery   off site sec 4, Perry Twp.
Gerber Cemetery  off site S.R. 18 just E of T at 450E N side of road, across from Barnhart, sec. 29, Harrison Twp.
Gilead Cemetery camera - photos on site  N of Gilead, sec 7, E side of 300E, Perry Twp.
Godfroy Cemetery (sec. 9 - part of the Francis Godfroy Indian Reserve) on S.R. 124, 4 miles east of Peru on south side of road just before 100S, Butler Twp.
Greenlawn Cemetery   camera - photos on site

at N edge of Mexico, CR 450N & 40W, sec. 31, Jefferson Twp.
Hawes Cemetery In the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 on the bank of Little Pipe Creek in sec. 4, Washington Twp.
Herchberger Cemetery NW corner of S.R. 18 & 450E close to Deer Creek, sec. 29, Harrison Twp.
Herschberger 300E between 1200S & S.R. 18 on E side of road near Copper Creek, sec. 31, Harrison Twp.
Indian Cemetery Reserve 24 100S 3/4 mile E of 550E on the N side of road, Butler Twp. "wife of Benjamin"
Kendall Cemetery, Mennonite Cem., N of 1400S at about 450E, sec. 32, Harrison Twp.
Keyes or Kunkle Cemetery, sec. 20, 550 S. at St. Rd. 19 S side of road, Butler Twp.
Koontz Cemetery sec. 36, 1 m. W of Mexico, Jefferson Twp.
Leedy Cemetery   off site 1 mile S of Deedsville, NW corner of CR 900N & 100 W, Union Twp.
Leonda Cemetery SW of Leonda sec. 29, Pipe Creek Twp.S side of 600S back a lane at 160W
Macedonia Cemetery, (aka Dunkard, German Baptist, Wooley)   off site sec. 3, NW corner of twp., W side of CR 100E between 900N & 1000N, Richland Twp.
Mays Cemetery Camera - photos on site sec. 14, T26N, R3E, NW corner of Pipe Creek Twp. (enter from Cass Co.)
McGrawsville Cemetery was N of Methodist Church in McGrawsville E side of road N of the corner 300E & 950S, sec. 7, Harrison Twp.
Metzger Cemetery   off site NE sec. 14, on south side of Rd. 400S at about 420W, Pipe Creek Twp
Methodist Cemetery near the NW corner of 200N & 700E, old town of Piercton, sec. 10, Erie Twp.
Moss Cemetery  or
off site 
s. of Mexico on s. side of Eel River, Jefferson Twp. (many unmarked graves)
Mount Hope Cemetery, sec. 28, nw edge of Peru, Peru Twp. (Mount Hope Cemetery Association, 411 North Grant Street, Peru, Indiana 46970-1613 Phone: (765)472-2493)
Mount Zion Cemetery   off site sec 16, NW of Denver, Union Twp.
Moyer Cemetery   off site  (AKA Old Niconza / South Niconza) W side of 700W between 1200N & 1300N, Perry Twp.
Musselman Cemetery   off site sec. 1, E side of St. Rd. 19 between CR 925N & 1000N, Richland Twp.
New Hope Cemetery, SW corner of sec. 7 (on 400 S at 400 E), Butler Twp.
Niconza Church Cemetery sec 15 on E co. line, W of Niconza Baptist Church, Perry Twp.
Niconza (Old-South) Cemetery   off site 700 E between 1200N & 1300N, W side of road, Perry Twp.
North Grove Cemetery, NW side of North Grove on 1050S, sec 16, Harrison Twp.
Oak Grove Cemetery to the north and west of Mount Hope, later merged with Mount Hope, Peru Twp.
Old Methodist Church Cemetery long defunct was NE part of sec. 11, Peru Twp.
Old Mexico Cemetery   off site SE 1/4 Sec. 31, E side of U.S. 31, S side of Mexico, and N of the First Brethren Church, Jefferson Twp.
Old Miami Cemetery in sec. 17, about 1/2 mile e of Miami / s. side Deer Creek, Deer Creek Twp.
Old Mort or County Farm Cemetery (only 7 marked graves of over 100 burials), Washington Twp.
Park Lawn IOOF Cemetery   on S.R. 19 and 700E, sec. 14 just NW of Amboy, Jackson Twp.
Paw Paw Cemetery   off site N side sec. 16, CR 800N & 600E, Richland Twp.
Peoria or Woodlawn Cemetery, sec. 9 W of Peoria, Butler Twp.
Perrysburg Cemetery   off site at Perrysburg, Union Twp.
Pipe Creek Friends Cemetery, SE corner of 1200S & 1000E on W bank of Little Pipe Creek NW corner of sec. 30, Jackson Twp.
Plainview IOOF Cemetery   off site W side of Macy, sw 1/4 sec 13, Allen Twp. (began 1890)
Pleasant Grove or Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Part of Mississenewa Memorial Cemetery, Waltz Twp., Wabash County, IN.  Origially located in sec. 34, on S.R. 124E where 675 E forms a T-road, on the south side of the road, Butler Twp. (former church cemetery)
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   off site W side of 100E 2/10 mile N of 1500N, Perry Twp.
Railside Chapel Cemetery E of 31 on 800S, S side of road on W side of railroad between tracks and 150W. Triangular patch being farmed, Deer Creek Twp.
Ramer Cemetery sec. 33, ENE of Santa Fe, Butler Twp.
Rankin Cemetery, N side of sec. 34 about 2 miles e. of Bunker Hill, Washington Twp.
Reed/Gettinger Cemetery  sec. 18 sw of Miami and 1/2 mile e. of US 31, s. side Deer Creek, Deer Creek Twp.
Reyburn Cemetery  Just E of St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in Sec. 32, Peru Twp.
St. Charles Catholic Cemetery  se corner of sec. 29, on the far west edge of Peru, Peru Twp.
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, adjacent to St. Charles Catholic Cemetery, Peru Twp.
Salem or Wickler Cemetery, S in sec. 15 on the north side of 500S just west of 00EW (Strawtown Pike), Washington Twp.
Santa Fe Cemetery, SW side of Santa Fe in sec. 5, on the S side of S.R. 218, Harrison Twp.
Sharrel cem./Sharpee/Charpie Cemetery near intersection of 100 W and 250 S back a lane off 250 S, Washington Twp.
Shell Cemetery   off site E side of 450 E across from 1150 N, Perry Twp.
Shoemaker Cemetery   off site sec. 32, 1100N & 450E, Perry Twp.
Shrock Cemetery, sec. 12, on the w side of Country Club Rd. just south of 250N, Peru Twp.
South Grove Protestant Cemetery SE corner of 800E & 840S s. side of sec. 1, Jackson Twp.
South or Old Niconza or Moyer Cemetery   off site sec 22 near E co. line, Perry Twp.
Springdale Cemetery, S side of St. Rd. 218 W of Bunker Hill, sec 31, Pipe Creek Twp.
Stony Point School Cemetery (sec. 9 - part of the Francis Godfroy Indian Reserve) SW corner of the intersection of 100S and 550E on a hill, Butler Twp.
Tilden Cemetery   off site sec 27 W side 50E between 1100N & 1200N, Perry Twp.
Tillett graveyard, sometimes called Hookman's Grave., E side of Chili Rd. in N part of Peru Twp. Southwest corner of Section 14, on the north side of Lover's Lane.
Unknown Cemetery nw part of sec. 8, Harrison Twp.
Unknown Cemetery SW of Waupecong; section 35, at the northeast corner of the intersection of 1350S and 100E, Clay Twp. About 1950 the landowner bulldozed the grave markers into a pond/swamp and plowed the land.
United Brethren Cemetery Town of Erie at the NE corner of Paw paw Pike & 250N, sec. 8, Erie Twp.
United Brethren Cemetery Not known if still in existence. Union Twp.
Unnamed Cemetery sec 29, Perry Twp.
Votaw / Friends North Union Cemetery NE corner of the intersection of 300S and 675E; in the middle of a large woods on a small hill in sec. 3, Butler Twp.
Waisner-Rickard / Deer Creek Cemetery - may also be known as "McIlwain Cemetery." in sec. 36, NW of 1400S and 400W 4/5 mile east of Cass County line and about 1/4 mi. n. of the Howard Co. line on a hill, s. side Deer Creek, Deer Creek Twp. No stones remain.
Walling Cemetery SW part of Jefferson Township, est. 1836, no longer recognizable as a cemetery.
Weasaw Cemetery   off site sec. 7, on N side of 800 N., Union Twp.
Weaver Cemetery E edge of North Grove, sec. 16, Harrison Twp.
Westlawn Cemetery  new W side of Denver, sec 21, CR 75W between 650N & 700N, Jefferson Twp.
Wilkinson, Private Cemetery   off site Sec. 30, Jefferson Twp.
Wilkinson Private Cemetery   off site at Macy. 3 inscriptions (possibly the same as one on NW corner of lot occupied by Macy School sec. 18, Allen Twp.
Yike Cemetery

sec. 3, NW corner of Richland Twp. 25 E and 975 N (in a field) North of Denver, IN

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